Short Story and Poetry Contest

Finalist in the 2013 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

A long night, another long trek
stretched west by the bus: Montreal
to Kingston, to Toronto and home. Hour
follows hour after hour, and then flow
three more. I sew. I sleep: keen

needlepoint dreams. At a more precise
hour, they come to carve my little lump
of fear right out: soft flesh, fruit pulped
at the curved edge of the knife. Slit.
Peel me to a slim core, pit. Deep

but quick and clean, antiseptic. Stitch
my skin together from the inside again
– the surface hemmed, seams pinched shut
like lips. A closed mouth, silent violence,
afraid to speak in case something

else mutates, or breaks. Instead, your hand
is a hook around mine when I wake –
and now a scar, this long final
stretch of red thread.


Listen to a poetry reading of “Cyst” by Emily Paskevics


Emily Paskevics (BA 2010 VIC) graduated with a degree in history from Victoria College.



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