Detail, north side of the gabled ceiling, Mogao Cave 249, Dunhuang. From  Dunhuang Research Institute of Cultural Relics ed., Zhongguo Shiku: Dunhuang Mogaoku, vol. 1 (Fig. 107, Wenwu Press, 1982)

East-West Art Feast

Collaboration between U of T, China will create new perspectives on art

Global Outlook, Local Roots

Fifty years on, UTSC has forged a unique identity

Slam Dunk!

The newly opened Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport will be a boon for campus and community athletics

Screen Test

Video applications for MBA applicants a hit at the Rotman School

A Medal for Mettle

Police Sergeant Jeffery Alderdice wasn’t sure how he’d react to the dangers of Afghanistan, but he more than passed his test of courage

What the Red Army Did

Soviet officers’ attitudes during the Holocaust depended on where they were stationed, grad student finds

Scales of Justice

Law Gets Down to Business

New global law degree is designed for execs who can’t take time off work

Lifelong Learning

Barbara Dick wants to ensure that grads can build on their academic experience throughout their lives

Last Stop: Pula

One can imagine Romans walking among the ruins of this northern Croatian city

Heavenly Hvar

Old seafaring town rewards visitors with magnificent views, exquisite local crafts

Glittering Dubrovnik

Bombed by Serbian forces during the Yugoslavian War in 1991, this ancient city has regained its former glory

Island Living

On Day 2 of her adventure, Elaine Smith encounters the charms of Korcula and samples wine made from an unusual local grape

Cruising Croatia

Join U of T writer Elaine Smith on her week-long alumni travel adventure down the Dalmatian Coast. She’ll be blogging regularly until the end of June

(Lunch Time Test)

The Lunchtime Cancer Test

BlackBerry-sized device developed at U of T can identify cancer type and severity in 30 minutes

Art in Venice

U of T curator Barbara Fischer is headed to the 2009 Venice Biennale with artist Mark Lewis

U of T Nabs Record Number of Juno Nominations

University members accrue 15 nods in seven categories

The Awful Tooth

Dental injury prevalent among young people, study finds

Workplace Smoking Bans Work

Smokers light up less often daily when they can’t indulge at work

Faculty of Medicine Honours Surgeon

Dr. Bernard Langer created the surgeon scientist program

Exam Shy

South Asian immigrant women less likely to have regular breast examinations

Hope for Diabetics

Researchers discover potential stem cells in the pancreas

An Investment with Kick

Football team asks business and community leaders to “adopt” players

Author: Elaine Smith