Islam and the Bible

Islam and the Bible

What do Arabic translations of Christianity’s holy book reveal about three of the world’s great religions?

Photo by Michael Monastyrskyi

How Big is Ford Country?

Rob Ford garnered more support downtown in last fall’s Toronto election than initially thought, analysis shows

Downtown Sao Paulo, by Fernando Stankuns

How Cities Compare

Urban centres have a huge impact on their residents’ well-being. So how can we make them better?

Photo by Lorne Bridgman

The Autonomous Rebel

Like the rest of his generation, Environics co-founder and author Michael Adams has no plans to spend his twilight years in a rocking chair

Illustration by Hennie Haworth

What Toronto Needs

A real transit strategy, a solution to its financial troubles, better urban design – and mayoral candidates willing to discuss these things

Illustration by Graham Roumieu

One Patient, One Record

There are plenty of compelling reasons for health records to go digital. So why are some doctors resisting?

Paying for Prescriptions

An idea for managing the fastest-growing segment of health-care costs

Water Pressure

Canadians feel no urgency to conserve water, but they should, says architecture prof

Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth

Force for Change

Crime in Toronto is down, but after five years as police chief, Bill Blair knows he can’t take the city’s safety for granted

The Better Way? Not So Fast

Tolls are better than transit for easing traffic gridlock over the long term, researchers say

Pay Now, Medicate Later

Economist proposes pension-like system to pay for drugs as Canada’s population ages

(Photo courtesty of Daniel H. Birman Productions Inc.)

Star Turn

Wendy Freedman earns major cosmology prize for her research into the Hubble constant

Anatomy of a Makeover

Architect Nader Tehrani talks about his company’s striking design for the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture

The Paperwork Burden

Helping high schoolers fill out financial aid forms could boost post-secondary enrolment


The Future of Regent Park

Will low-income tenants benefit from the neighbourhood’s redevelopment?


Exit Strategy

This fall, the City of Toronto will test a U of T program that offers youths alternatives to gang life

Photo by Shi Yali

Connecting Communities

Investing in high-speed rail and clean electricity could help lift Toronto out of the recession – and set the stage for a sustainable future

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly / Alliance Films

Mind Reader

An infrared ray may help caregivers decode the wishes of people with severe paralysis

Intelligent Paper

Chemical engineer Ramin Farnood is developing “smart” packaging that could warn consumers if a food product is tainted

The City That Never Was

In Unbuilt Toronto, Mark Osbaldeston explores an alternate civic destiny

Brain Gain

Many talented Canadian researchers are returning home from the U.S. And it’s not for the maple syrup.

Gum Control

The case for universal dental care

Smoke and Mirrors

So far, Canada has taken no real action on climate change. It’s time to get serious about Kyoto

Is Global Warming Immoral?

Religious groups are seeking to influence the debate over climate change

Leading the Green Revolution

Forestry scientists are at the forefront of environmental research

Trash Talk

Can new technology make Toronto’s garbage problem disappear?

How Much Are Drugs Worth?

A fledgling medical science attempts an answer

A Cleaner Future

Just how close are we?

Fields of Gold

Chemist David Boocock has developed a clean-burning fuel from organic waste

Hydrogen Village

Pierre Rivard imagines an “Internet of energy” on Toronto’s Port Lands

U of T Aims to Meet Kyoto Targets

Sustainability Office will spearhead greenhouse gas reduction plan

City of Ideas

Imagining Toronto’s future

Dropouts No More

An innovative program is creating a “culture of achievement” in Regent Park

Author: John Lorinc