With Restored Sight Comes Opportunity and Hope

A gift from the Nanji family to U of T will help people “see the light of all the world”

The Struggle Is Real

Filmmaker Maureen Judge’s latest project captures stories of millennials venturing out on their own

Seeing New Worlds

How two U of T graduate students built North America’s first working electron microscope

Ice Queens

Hockey was one of U of T’s first women’s sports

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Soldiers’ Tower carillon creates a unique U of T soundscape

Lawyer for the Public Interest

Renatta Austin wanted to help kids in trouble at school. To do so, she’s redefining how a law practice can work

Nature and Nurture

Alexandra Risen untangles her parents’ painful past and her wild garden in a new memoir

Those Things We Do

Relive some of the wonderful, and occasionally weird, traditions that happen only at U of T

Some Enchanted Evening

How the Canadian Officer Training Corps Ball brought sparkle to Hart House

Choose Your Own Adventure

Markian Moyes updates a popular kind of kids’ book for the app generation

Waste Not, Want Not

Andrew White’s company not only cleans bio-gas, but also produces fertilizer

A Room of Their Own

U of T’s first women’s residences launched lively campus traditions

Serial Entrepreneur

To create your own business, Andrew Peek understands the importance of flexibility, risk-taking — and play

Sustainable City

Cities are more livable when they’re clean and green

Stories of Discovery

Five U of T students create winning SSHRC Storytellers videos

Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health

New Dalla Lana centre aims to improve health outcomes for aboriginal communities

Blue is Golden — and Silver, and Bronze

U of T students and alumni win 15 medals at the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

Shelley Gautier Photo by Eric Thibault Canadian Paralympic Committee

Champion for Sport

Paracyclist Shelley Gautier competes for everyone with a disability

Photo: Courtesy of CTV

Sweet Success

Pharmacy student Christopher Siu wins over MasterChef Canada audience

Photo: Elizabeth Do


A ancient tradition is renewed at U of T’s Convocation

Conversations for Change

Aldeli Albán Reyna is excited to share her work, on improving the status of Indigenous Canadians, at the United Nations

A+ in Selfies

A UTSC anthropology assignment gives students a new view of the selfie

Photo by Liam Sharp

Incredible Impact – in Medicine

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Tihitena Negussie Mammo boosted her skills at U of T, then shared what she learned with her colleagues in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy of CTV

Religion, Prayer and The Amazing Race

Muslims Nabeela Barday and Shahla Kara stay true to their faith as they vie to win a race around the world

36 Amazing Facts about U of T

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and factoids from the university’s 187-year history

12 Inspiring People from U of T

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and facts from the University of Toronto’s 187-year history of learning and discovery

10 Record-Breaking U of T Places and Programs

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and facts from the University of Toronto’s 187-year history of learning and discovery

Fighting Math Anxiety

U of T’s Math Outreach instructors are changing hearts and minds about an often-feared subject

In Memoriam: Joan Lax

Joan Lax made her mark in a male-dominated profession

The Heart Truth

Sarah Temple is justly proud of her role in the iconic Red Dress campaign to raise awareness of heart disease in women

Courtesy of Elena Grouios

Chocolate Scientist

Elena Grouios works in a chocolate factory, inventing new treats. Sweet!

Astronomy’s Answer Man

A U of T grad student has created a website where anyone can pose burning questions about astronomy – and receive an expert reply

U of T: Canada’s Best University

U of T sweeps first in Canada and ranks in the global top 30 in four of the world’s most prestigious university rankings

The Play’s the Thing

A PhD student hopes video will spice up Shakespeare for high school readers

Incredible Progress

A century of medicine at U of T

In Memoriam: Ernest Sirluck

Renowned Milton scholar spearheaded plan to build Robarts Library

The Leech Guy

Mark Siddall takes an interest in creatures most of us avoid: leeches

YouTube’s Favourite Doctor

Prof. Michael Evans’ videos on health are viral sensations

At Your Service

Personal librarians help first-year students understand U of T’s libraries

Garbage into Gas

An idea developed at U of T would help turn polluting oilsands waste into clean-burning hydrogen gas

Grousing with Grace

Amy Fish understands the fine art of complaining. Here, she shares some tips to help the rest of us get our way

Leaning Left

Meditation might make you more liberal, according to new U of T research

Blasts from the Past

Fascinating characters populate a new history of the Faculty of Arts and Science at U of T

Housing First

It turns out that a good way to help homeless people is to actually give them a home

YouTube’s Favourite Doctor

Prof. Michael Evans’ videos on health are viral sensations

Apocalypse How?

The world will end, just probably not this year, University of Toronto experts say

End Times

“End-of-the-world” panics go back hundreds of years

Evil Robots

Could the machines we create one day destroy us?

Deadly Pandemics through History

It seems that every era has its scourge

How Stars Die

Some blow out, others just fade away

Fine Art in Fabric

Art history prof Alexandra Palmer goes BIG with a ROM textile exhibition

To Serve and Restore

Richard Iorweth Thorman helps restore the M1917 tank – a rare piece of Canadian history

Lindsay Zier-Vogel

She Loves You

Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s eight-year quest to make strangers’ days a little better – through the magic of love letters

Photo by Tom Arban/Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Open for Business

New Rotman School of Management building opens on St. George Street

James Didonato, Courtesy of No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

Do the Locomotion

U of T’s Knowledge Media Design Institute challenges its students to use media to raise awareness

Photo by Jason KB

An Incubator for Innovation

A new applied science facility will give engineering students a place to develop entrepreneurial ideas

Author: Janet Rowe