Rhodes Scholar an Anti-Violence Advocate

Kofi Hope founded the Black Youth Coalition Against Violence

Boosting Medicine and Science at UTM and UTSC

A new academy of medicine in Mississauga and groundbreaking held for science building at UTSC

Nano Space Invaders

Tiny satellites will conduct innovative experiments

Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims

Innovative treatment helps foster movement in arms and hands

The Iceberg Cometh

Ocean tides dislodged huge Arctic icebergs, contributing to climate cooling thousands of years ago

Anywhere but Here?

U.S.-based multinational companies are bypassing Canada, study finds

Channelling Nerve Cells

Procedure could help repair spinal cord injuries

Waste Not, Want Not

Could sewage be the energy of the future?

Greener Roofs

Cement terrace at family-housing residence becomes rooftop oasis

Going Up…

Elevator makes Hart House more accessible

Animal Instincts

The evolution of zoology. From an ex-minister who denounced Darwin to today’s research juggernaut, zoology at U of T has come a long way in 150 years. And just look where it’s going now

Your U of T Health & Fitness Guide

What’s the truth about your health? Take it from the experts

Author: Laura Pratt