Photo of Ophthalmologist Arun Lakra, taken by John Shin

Double Vision

Ophthalmologist Arun Lakra explores luck, science and faith in his hit play, Sequence

World’s Easiest Book Club

This Hart House Library literary club is stress-free

What Do Hip Hop and Beowulf Have in Common?

Gilbert Perkins uses urban music to teach students about literature

Hail to the Chef!

A golden borscht soup helped alumna Mary Berg win the title of MasterChef Canada. She now serves up her recipes on CTV’s “Your Morning” show

Just My Type

For indie bookstore owners, Joanne Saul and Samara Walbohm, connecting readers with great books is a dream job. Hanging with author Michael Ondaatje isn’t bad either

The Inner Lives of Gang Members

Professor Randol Contreras spends time with the Maravilla in Los Angeles

“The Stars Are Aligning for Our Nation”

Margaret Froh is the first woman to lead the Métis Nation of Ontario

Art’s Healing Power

A residential schools assignment led student Lisa Boivin to take up digital painting

The Children’s Crusader

One billion kids experience violence worldwide each year. Susan Bissell has devoted her life to ending the abuse

U of T to Take Action on Truth and Reconciliation Commission

There is a window open now – but it won’t stay open forever, says James Bird, an indigenous student at U of T

All the Light We Cannot See

As New York actor Ben Mehl deals with vision loss, he finds brightness amongst the shadows

Space Odyssey

Rocket scientist Natalie Panek designs technology bound for Mars

A New Way to Give

Shawn Ahmed’s Uncultured Project reinvents charity for the digital age

The World in a City

Beautiful portraits of U of T grads are part of Cosmopolis — a unique project to celebrate diversity in Toronto

(Photo by Vanessa Herman-Landau)

Stories from the Intensive Care Unit

Tilda Shalof’s books unmask the high-pressure world of nursing

A.F. Moritz

Poetic Justice

A.F. Moritz takes home the Griffin Prize for The Sentinel

Photo by Clay Stang

Our Home and Native Land

Recently, students travelled across Ontario to learn about the province’s First Nations

River Rambler

Helen Mills explores Toronto’s past through its lost waterways

My Generation

Twixters take on 20-something stereotypes

A Meditative State of Mind

What are people really doing when they’re meditating?

Deep Sea Excitement

There is still no machinery for sea floor mining, but the technology exists

Museum of the Missing

An estimated 100,000 works of art have disappeared

The Agony of Ecstasy

Long-term study of the cognitive effects of regular ecstasy use

Spring Reunion Shakeup

Young alumni network at global Shaker

Al Jazeera’s Bridge-builder

Shereen El Feki is host of current affairs show, People and Power

Scene Stealer

Michelle Ong’s jewelry plays a starring role

Top 40 Under 40

Alumni and faculty recognized in the annual top executives list by The Caldwell Partners

African Writer Honoured

Chinua Achebe, the “father of the modern African novel,” receives honorary degree

Experiments with Violin

Faculty of Music graduate, Owen Pallett, composes new rules for classical music

At the Quinte Hotel

Bruce Alcock animates one of the most famous poems of Canadian poet Al Purdy

Awards of Excellence

U of T Alumni Association (UTAA) Awards of Excellence ceremony

Hong Kong Convocation

10th anniversary of the University of Toronto (Hong Kong) Foundation’s scholarship program

Culinary Conquerors

Students compete in Sodexho challenge

Living off the Grid

Every day is Earth Day in the Ketchum’s custom-built sustainable home

Meet the President

Michael Deck takes the helm of the UTAA

On a Good Note

Composer James Rolfe wins $10,000 Ontario award

Sociology Alumni Unite

Sociology launches their Alumni Association at Spring Reunion

Dangerous Liaisons

Zoologist Maydianne Andrade makes an intriguing discovery about the bizarre mating habits of redback spiders

Yesterday’s News

A look back at 125 years of The Varsity

Waves of Support

U of T community responds to Hurricane Katrina, South Asia earthquake

Centres of Discovery

Three new facilities provide cutting-edge venues for biomedical research, public health and the arts

Arbor Awards

Annual awards recognize voluntarism at U of T

Before Night Falls

Two U of T staff members aim to raise awareness about Uganda’s 19-year civil war

They Say They Want a Revolution

Internet organization assists young social activists

What Makes Us Happy?

Science offers surprising new answers

Feeling Good vs. Doing Good

The meaning of happiness has changed over time

Stranger Music

Two alumni push musical boundaries

Robert Pontisso

Lexicographer helped produce the first Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Anne Swift

Glamour magazine names student one of “10 college women who will change the world”

Robert Nichols

Exploring the political implications of disappearing indigenous languages

Catherine Manoukian

Violinist debuted with Vancouver Symphony at age 12, and is now working on her fourth CD

Samuel Chow

Artist and activist tackles racism and homophobia

Swimming with Sharks

Marine biologist takes danger in stride

Proponents of Peace

The Dalai Lama awarded honorary degree at Convocation Hall

Awards of Excellence

Alumni Association honours faculty, staff and students

Green City, China

Architecture grad wins international design competition for mammoth project

Calling Senior Volunteers

Lots of short- and long-term assignments to choose from

Helping Hands

An astonishing 112,819 donors gave to the Campaign for the University of Toronto. Here, a few explain why they contributed so generously

Miller Rising

Mayor plans to work with U of T on the shared goal of revitalizing Toronto


Filmmaker Ron Mann chronicles Woody Harrelson’s hemp-fuelled journey down U.S. West Coast

Author: Megan Easton