Robert Pontisso

Lexicographer helped produce the first Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Anne Swift

Glamour magazine names student one of “10 college women who will change the world”

Robert Nichols

Exploring the political implications of disappearing indigenous languages

Catherine Manoukian

Violinist debuted with Vancouver Symphony at age 12, and is now working on her fourth CD

Samuel Chow

Artist and activist tackles racism and homophobia

Swimming with Sharks

Marine biologist takes danger in stride

Proponents of Peace

The Dalai Lama awarded honorary degree at Convocation Hall

Awards of Excellence

Alumni Association honours faculty, staff and students

Green City, China

Architecture grad wins international design competition for mammoth project

Calling Senior Volunteers

Lots of short- and long-term assignments to choose from

Helping Hands

An astonishing 112,819 donors gave to the Campaign for the University of Toronto. Here, a few explain why they contributed so generously

Miller Rising

Mayor plans to work with U of T on the shared goal of revitalizing Toronto


Filmmaker Ron Mann chronicles Woody Harrelson’s hemp-fuelled journey down U.S. West Coast

Class Structures

Students find space to work, socialize and dream in cutting-edge campus buildings

Class Structures: Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research

A revolutionary approach to academic collaboration

Class Structures: Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building

High-tech with harmony

Class Structures: U of T Scarborough Student Centre

Bright, open, accessible

Class Structures: Erindale Hall, UTM

Bringing the outside in

Class Structures: Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Attracting the best researchers

Class Structures: Morrison Pavilion

New study space fills up fast

The Family Business

Law grad Jean Teillet continues the fight of great-granduncle Louis Riel – in the courtroom

Paradise Regained

AGO curator embraces range of art, from popular to esoteric

Unearthing Past Glories

Archeologists find the “story behind the fact”

Honouring Matt Cohen

Park at Bloor and Spadina named for Toronto writer

Celebrating Past and Future

First women to perform in the UC Follies receive Chancellor’s Medals

Bravo, Miss Brown!

With the help of a devoted tutor who acted as her eyes and ears, Mae Brown became Canada’s first deaf-blind university graduate

Chew on This!

David Jenkins and Janet Polivy both explore the power of food. 
He probes its impact on the body, while she studies its connection to the mind

High Marks for Icing

An urban art assignment results in a outdoor rink on front campus

Eye in the Sky

Ophthalmologist James Oestreicher circles the globe to treat patients in a converted DC-10

Author: Megan Easton