Bringing Science Back

Can alumna Kirsty Duncan rejuvenate Canadian discovery and innovation?

Generation T

For trans students at U of T, the fight for rights and equality is about much more than just washrooms

Trans Billionaire Gives to U of T’s Bonham Centre

Jennifer Pritzker’s support will create a new third-year course in trans studies

A Life in Blue and White

From champion student athlete to UTSC’s principal: Bruce Kidd ushers in a new era at the university’s eastern campus

Courtesy of Doug Richards/Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

Revolutionary Road

Forty years ago, an intrepid group of professors and students sparked progress for women across U of T

The Sustainable Chef

Jaco Lokker brings local flavour to student menus

A Constant Quest

For these five professors, great teaching is less about supplying a “magic” answer than encouraging students to ask the right questions

HIV on the Rise in Ontario

U of T study finds rate of increase in HIV diagnoses highest among heterosexuals

Stepping into the Ring

Former premier of Ontario, David Peterson, steps into the role of U of T chancellor

Athletic Centre North

A redeveloped Varsity Stadium would include new track, 5,000-seat stadium and bubble

Tomorrow’s U of T

Ready for a world of change

Wise to the World

Like everything else, higher education is going global

My U of T

The Internet revolution comes knocking

The CEO’s Dilemma

A U of T institute believes companies can be socially responsible without sacrificing profits

Honouring the Black Community

Student essay leads to creation of Canada’s first black alumni association

The Birgeneau Years

For U of T president Robert Birgeneau, excellence and equity went hand in hand

Bench Strength

New interim president brings “impeccable credentials”

Young Achievers

They’re smart, creative, successful and ambitious. Meet the next generation of Canadian leaders

Mark “Dashan” Rowswell

Performer makes his mark in China

Camilla Gibb

Author’s writing both gut-wrenching and hilarious

Colin McAdam

Author’s first book is being credited with “reinvigorating” Canadian fiction

Darlene Lim

Researcher aims to determine whether lakes once existed on Mars

Hana Zalzal

Engineering grad creates make-up for the stars

Rinaldo Walcott

Culture critic analyzes rap and hip-hop music

Ariel Garten

Fashion designer incorporates psychology into her creations

Harley Pasternak

Fitness guru finds fame in Hollywood

Aphrodite Salas

Citytv’s Parliament Hill reporter won’t rule out political career

Vinay Saldhana

Teacher brings AIDS education to Russia

John Maxwell

Dealing with the changing face of HIV and AIDS

Student Affairs

Donor contributions have helped make watershed changes to the student experience. How? Here are just a few of the thousands of stories

Team Players

Through Project Blue, alumni and friends are creating a 
level playing field for student athletes

A Tale of Two Campuses

Suburban knock-offs no more, Mississauga and Scarborough are rapidly emerging as distinct institutions with their own unique approaches to teaching and research

Fighting Words

Hart House debating has prepared generations of U of T students for the rigours of academe, politics, and the law. More important, it reassures anxious frosh that it’s cool to be smart

Star Turns: Daniel Brooks

“Originality can only happen when one begins with love of individual expression and allows it to lead to collective expression.”

Star Turns: William Hutt

“I saw this hemorrhaging of talent across the border. If everyone left, we would never have a cultural picture in this country.”

Royal Adventures

The latest prince to visit campus got the last laugh, but the very first prince most certainly got the last dance. A look at royal visits to U of T

School Ties

Competitive? Talented? Intense? All that and more. They met their equals at U of T and have stayed connected throughout their celebrated careers

Karen Pitre & Kay Worthington

Life lessons learned in sport

Fraser Mustard & John Evans

UTS classmates played Varsity football during medical school

Paul Jones & Rona Maynard

English majors met each other on stage

Michael Ignatieff & Bob Rae

Friends vied for the campus spotlight as student activists in the 1960s

Anthony Burton, Doug Cooper & Atom Egoyan

Trinity College friends

Reality Knocks

The educational system may have given up on them, but these students never gave up on education. The Transitional Year Programme helped them achieve their dreams

32 Short Pieces about Peter Gzowski

A fractured look at the CBC broadcaster’s year at U of T

Road Sage

Put away your aggression and stop leaning on that horn! Baher Abdulhai’s research shows that the average commute time in the GTA can be reduced by 50 per cent

The Age of Dissent

Socialists, peaceniks, feminists, rabble-rousers: They came in search of an education. They left having taught the old school a thing or two

An Intellectual Emergency

In the month following the horror of September 11, and 20 years after her frosh year, writer Margaret Webb returns to U of T, again seeking understanding of the world

Young Offenders

Admit it. You find impressive young people irritating. Prepare to be bugged. Here is the University of Toronto Magazine‘s first-ever list of alumni 40 and under who are taking the world by storm

The Sorcerer

Since leaving tax law, David Ben has become one of the world’s greatest sleight-of-hand artists

Drama Queens

Krista Sutton, Jean Yoon, Kim Gaynor, Elvira Kurt and Kate Taylor

Media Stars

Avi Lewis, Nora Young and Ruby Bhatia

Mad About Science and Math

Rachel Tyndale, Vincent Tropepe, Deborah Fels, Shaf Keshavjee, Ed Doolittle, Akiko Iwasaki

In Their Own Write

Kenneth Oppel, Andrew Pyper, Lynn Crosbie, Cristina Kuok, David Layton and Tim Long

Good Eggs

Maliha Chishti, Bhante Saranapala, Jim O’Mara, Lesra Martin, Bindu Dhaliwal and Duff Conacher

Grand Designs

Banu Khurana, Andrew Jones and Sywa Sung

Author: Margaret Webb