Velut Arbor ævo

What does U of T’s motto mean?

In Memoriam: Jack Canfield

A passionate Wittgenstein scholar, he also pursued a spiritual practice in the Zen tradition

Enter the Dragon

Why did this U of T alum build a fire-breathing dragon bus? To go to Burning Man, of course!

Build It and They Will Come

A whole house made out of toy bricks? Kids of all ages love this anthropology grad’s designs

In Memoriam: Paula Goering

This U of T alum and prof helped people grappling with mental illness and homelessness

Children of Earth and Sky

Guy Gavriel Kay’s latest novel takes place during the European Renaissance

Contemplating the Cosmos

Thousands of spectators witnessed a double celestial phenomenon on the St. George campus

The Art of the Brew

Filmmaker Rock Baijnauth’s search for the perfect brew inspired Barista

The Magic and Tragedy of Street Art

Alumna Fathima Mohiuddin takes her art to where the people are

Roadmap for Life

Camilla Gibb’s new book, This is Happy, reflects on past moments and intense grief and joy

Photo by Mike Fergusson (ROM ID # 960.234.21)

Statue Rescuer

Susan Stock cleans the corrosion from ancient metal artefacts so museum-goers can see the original beauty

There’s Nothing Buttery About It

The Trinity College cafeteria draws its name from the French word for “cask” or “barrel”

Suspense on Spaniel Island

Suzanne Kingsmill is a zoologist, carpenter and mystery author — which leads to some unusual storylines

courtesy of Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

Looking for Bears in High Park

In her new novel, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer reimagines a strange episode from Ontario’s past

Inside the Palace

Prof. Chen Shen reveals how life was in China’s Forbidden City

The Big Tasty

How Zella Palmer Cuadra’s MA project became a cookbook


Claire Battershill’s new short story collection, Circus, explores the extraordinary

Writing for Rookie Blue

Total immersion in the world of television led Tassie Cameron to screenwriting gigs – and her own show

Kiss Me, Choose Me

How did locking lips become the ultimate romantic gesture?

How Do You Talk To Kids About Sex? There’s An App For That…

Child psychologist Jillian Roberts creates an age-appropriate way to educate children aged four to eight about their bodies

Teefy Hall

John Read Teefy was the driving force behind the affiliation of St. Michael’s College with U of T

Speaking Out

U of T is working on multiple initiatives to combat homophobia in sport


Second World War rape survivors still call for apology

Telling the U of T Story

Student Amy Chong wins a global contest with her “We Love U of T” slideshow

A Promise to Future Generations

A U of T group encourages participants to protect the Earth for future generations

Silver Screen Gangster

Derek Tsang plays criminals in movies, but directs films about love and family

Activism 2.0

What’s different about today’s environmental activists? Tools of the trade, says Emily Hunter, and a sense that change must happen now

Pipe Dreams

Sarah Svendsen and Rachel Mahon are proving that organ music isn’t just for Dracula lovers

Cupcake Maestro

Tania Grafstein-Ho’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of desserts motivated her to start an artisanal baking business

Sparks of Brilliance

Meet U of T’s next generation of scientists, thinkers and inventors

Asia Rising

As global power shifts to Asia, Canada’s success will depend on seeing more than just business opportunities in the region, says Joseph Wong

Markets Without Borders?

Deborah Cowen investigates what happens when governments sacrifice the rights of their citizens to protect the flow of goods across national lines

Family History Sleuth

As a genealogical researcher, Kristina Bedford’s work runs the gamut from interpreting 11th-century documents to locating family gravestones

Welcome to the “Apopalypse”

The fascination with end times is everywhere in pop culture – including that Britney Spears song on your iPod

String Theory

U of T’s yo-yo master finds the secret to unwinding

The Mud Bowl

Canada Post commemorates an iconic moment at U of T’s Varsity Stadium

Wymilwood Café

What does “Wymilwood” mean?

Music From the Heart

Two U of T alumni make their debut performances with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Faces of ’14: Senior Students

With a little less than two years left to go, six third-year students share their hopes and fears for the future

Holocaust Heroine

Julija Šukys captures the life of a Lithuanian woman who aided the ghetto resistance

Photo by Joel Wong-Hing


Joel Wong-Hing substitutes journal entries with photographic storytelling

Photo by Samir Tushar


Samir Tushar uses partial colours in black and white photography

Fenghuang Fog

Fenghuang Fog

Edward Tse relies on coincidence and a pinch of good luck to create stunning photographs

Photo by Qurrat Ansari

Painting a Better Future

Jose Herrera inspires humanitarian work through photography

Photo by Qurrat Ansari


Photography serves a therapeutic function for Qurrat Ansari

Photo by Aaron Paulson


Aaron Paulson experiments with the aesthetic of Japanese architecture

Photo by Jessica Shane


Jessica Shane finds art in the unexpected

Photo by Xing Yuan Zeng


Xing Yuan Zeng relives childhood memories through pictures

Photo by Paula Opazo-Schofield


Paula Opazo-Schofield uses art to trigger nostalgic remembrances

Photo by Jay Han

Doves Cry

Jay Han shows how art can transcend the limitations of language

Photo by Liat Aharoni

Flight III

Liat Aharoni’s creative vision is fantastical and eerily beautiful

Photo Courtesy of Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics

Transit of Venus

On June 5th, 2012, the planet Venus will pass across the face of the Sun

Photo by Reem Eissa

Still Air

Reem Eissa captures raw emotions through photography

Photo by Catalina Zuleta

la mamá

Catalina Zuleta finds artistic inspiration in the ordinary

Photo by Sarah Angela Nacario

Princess of the Mountains

Sarah Angela Nacario uses photography to frame meaningful experiences

Author: Nadia Siu Van