The Summit

U of T PhD student Tad Ferreira captures a striking image of hikers trekking across the top of Mont Blanc

U of T’s 191st Birthday Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things U of T in honour of the university’s 191st anniversary on March 15!

Leap Frog

Toddlers at play catch U of T grad Prachy Mohan’s photographic eye

Girl in Mosque

A beautiful accident: U of T alumna Busra Yildirim captures her niece in silhouette

Top of the Class in Canada

Across international rankings, U of T remains one of the top publicly funded universities in the world

Women Are in the House!

A unique U of T program that takes 100 female students to Parliament Hill aims to encourage more women to enter politics

Poll: Have You Ever Switched Majors?

Many students change programs to pursue newfound interests

Splash of Colour

Reflecting on an iconic U of T building

Bright Lines

This colourful forest stirs with the slightest breeze

Margaret Addison Hall

This grad devoted much of her career to supporting young women at U of T, so Victoria University named a residence after her

Poll: How Much Do You Spend Monthly on Housing?

Many U of T students live with roomies to manage the rent

Paint Party

Frosh week fun at U of T Mississauga

Purple Haze

U of T alumna Kate McGartland risked injury, and her dignity, for this twilight shot of iconic UC

March of the King Penguins

U of T alum Maria Clauss meets some of the locals in sub-Antarctic South Georgia

Dream Study Space

UTM alum Sarah Khan captured this sunny spot during the quiet lull of post-exams

Student Chefs Do Battle

Tasty appetizer earns U of T second place in international cooking competition


The name of this U of T Mississauga business accelerator refers to three “i” words central to entrepreneurship

How Do You Eat in Space?

UTM students design educational games about life on the International Space Station

Open, Playful Student Commons on the Way

“We’re incredibly excited to see it come to fruition,” says UTSU president Jasmine Wong Denike

Poll: Does the idea of starting your own business appeal to you?

The students we asked liked the greater autonomy and creativity that running their own show allows

Sunset Over the Black Sea

U of T doctoral student Ben Ouyang on what he considers his luckiest shot

Cat’s Eye

U of T student Amr El Maghrabi takes advantage of a still moment involving unsuspecting pigeons

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented by U of T Alumni

The list includes everything from life-saving innovations to everyday conveniences

Cloud Nine

A kiss, an iconic sculpture, a moment captured

Where Earth Meets Sky

UTM alum Rishabh Dev captured this heavenly view from an abandoned house

U of T: A Top-Tier University

“These results demonstrate our world-class performance in teaching,” says U of T president Meric Gertler

Poll: Do You Generally Prefer to Read Text in Print or Online?

U of T students have spoken: Print is far from dead, but online has its place, too

The Cavalcade

Finding calm amid the swirling storm at a festive City Hall

Staring at the Sun

Crowds gathered at Nathan Phillips Square to observe the birth, life and death of the sun

Tree Lovers

Student Benjamin Lappalainen makes photographic art with a friend’s helping hand


When the going gets tough, U of T alum Daisy Qin gets going – with her camera

Rainbow Connection

U of T was decked out in bright colours in June to celebrate Pride

Poll: How Many Languages Do You Speak?

U of T students typically know at least two. That’s deux, dos, or dois


Reflecting on a lakeside view before a storm – a penny for your thoughts

Magic in the Air

U of T engineering alum’s lifelong fascination with bubbles

Poll: What Social Media Platform Do You Spend the Most Time On?

Students favour Facebook for connecting with family and friends

Luella Massey Studio Theatre

A tribute to a much beloved administrator

July Talk

U of T alum attends concert, accepts singer’s challenge

Spidey in the 6ix

The masked hero seems poised to catch Toronto in his web


U of T alum Stephen Attong gains photo perspective by looking down

Creative Destruction Lab

Rotman’s innovation lab is all about disrupting the status quo

Poll: Should Marijuana Be Completely Legalized in Canada?

“Yes!” say many U of T students, who believe the drug is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes

Reading Room

New law library bridges rich history and a bright future

The Poet

Aniqa Rahman starkly captures the close of a spellbinding performance

Puppets and Politics

In the fight against environmental degradation, a photo is worth a thousand words

Bird Watcher’s Eye View

Not in love with life? Dr. Nigil Haroon prescribes bird watching.

Graffiti House

Anthropology student Arnold Lan finds beauty in the broken-down

Taking Flight

Barbara Konecny captures the beauty of an unexpected moment in Istanbul

Author: Sally Choi