Where do great ideas come from?

Great Eureka Moments in History

From Isaac Newton to Sir Paul McCartney, inspiration arrived suddenly

Can Machines Be Creative?

The question is challenging both computer scientists and psychologists

One on One

With University of Toronto president David Naylor

A Dissident’s Diary

Can a blogger bring political change to Iran?

The Infinite Library

Researchers are welcoming Google’s plan to digitize millions of books, but the implications for libraries are profound

All That’s Fit

How we decide what appears in U of T Magazine

Lines of Defence

Embryonic stem cell lines will give scientists new potential for curing diseases

Home Cheap Home

Pay more for energy efficiency up front, save more in the long term, says prof

Why Kids Keep Quiet about Abuse

Social isolation and rigid gender roles within the family are two factors, says prof

African Queen

A museum studies prof is working to unearth the ancient leader’s complete life story

Foiled Again

Prof develops quantum cryptography method that could improve Internet security

Preventing Postpartum Depression

Key is identifying women at risk early, says prof

Teamwork Differs for Men and Women

Study finds that men prefer more hierarchical groups

Behind the Music

John Tuttle looks at each convocation performance as a mini-concert

Before Night Falls

Two U of T staff members aim to raise awareness about Uganda’s 19-year civil war

U of T Profs Win Teaching Fellowships

Kenneth Barrett and David Dunne among 10 recipients of national prize

Learning about Learning

The Institute of Child Study kicks off a fundraising campaign as it marks 80 years

Science Librarianship Established at UTM

AstraZeneca Canada provides $250,000 for reference librarian

Educating CEOs

Centre for Integrative Thinking gets $10-million boost from Marcel Desautels

A Divine Campaign

Gift will create the Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies

A Room of Her Own

Law faculty will name a room after Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella

Fantastic Voyage

High school students made a birchbark canoe and sent it to U of T

Keeping Kids Safe

Donations will help fight Internet bullying and improve welfare services for children and their families

Tales from the Crypt

Rod Gudino runs his horror empire from a former funeral home

All Violent on the Western Front

David Cronenberg’s new film is a relatively “normal” story of man killing man

And the Honorary Degree Goes To…

Former United Church of Canada moderator among several who received award at spring convocation

Embroidered Tales

Handwoven tapestry tells quite a story

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