The New Freedom Fighters

Will the Internet help bring democracy to Iran? Professor Ron Deibert and the Citizen Lab champion free speech and human rights online


The Troublemaker

Ron Deibert’s inclination to thumb his nose at authority started young


Act of Defiance

In her new book, Denise Chong profiles one of the men who, 20 years ago, dared to lob eggs at a portrait of Mao. As Western businesses vie for access to Chinese markets, do such political gestures still matter?


A World of Opportunity

Spending a term abroad used to be considered an expensive frill. Now many students see it as their key to a rewarding career

U of T’s Unique Advantages

Our size and global reach offer undergrads unrivalled opportunities

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about U of T’s queer history, rationality, the ongoing struggle in Afghanistan and academic integrity


Follow the Green Path

University of Toronto Scarborough program helps students from China adapt to a new culture

A.F. Moritz

Poetic Justice

A.F. Moritz takes home the Griffin Prize for The Sentinel


The Campus Guide to Architecture

New book by former architecture dean offers stunning photos of the University of Toronto’s three campuses


Redemption Songs

U of T’s Gospel Choir gives the closing performance at the Toronto Jazz Festival


Buddhism and the Brain

Foundation gives $1.8 million to innovative New College program


Pole Star

Top-ranked pole vaulter Jason Wurster hits the European circuit


World-Class Scientists Unite

In October, U of T will host the Gairdner symposium, featuring the world’s top medical researchers


Revelations from Qumran

Ancient peoples may have viewed the Dead Sea scrolls much as we see the web – fluid, social and open to change


The Future of Regent Park

Will low-income tenants benefit from the neighbourhood’s redevelopment?


Idaho Stop

Idaho lingo for slow down and yield


Computer Vision

Want to know where an unidentified picture was taken? A computer program being developed at U of T can help

(Photo by Jose Luis Pelaez Inc./Getty Iimages)

Africentric Schools

Professor George Dei says parents of black children have been concerned for 30 years that the Toronto school system is not serving their children. “It was time to try a new approach.”



Engineering students build a robotic “submarine”


Exit Strategy

This fall, the City of Toronto will test a U of T program that offers youths alternatives to gang life

(Ian Brown Photography)

Spy Games

Actor Nazneen Contractor enters 24’s world of espionage

(Random House of Canada/"The Boy in the Moon")

The Boy in the Moon

Journalist Ian Brown offers a profoundly honest portrayal of life as a parent of a disabled child

John Switzer

Meet Your New Alumni Governors

William Crothers and John Switzer join U of T’s senior governing body

(Design by PAD Inc./Samer Hoot)

Architecture’s New Frontier

U of T architecture grads submit designs for Inner Mongolian cultural district

Kristen Courtney

Breaking the Cycle

The City of Toronto is not doing enough to make the streets safe for cyclists

Photo by Adam Smith

60 Seconds with Hal Niedzviecki

“The more we entertain ourselves by looking at other people’s lives, the less we connect to them as human beings”



Eleven U of T alumni and faculty named to the Order of Canada

Photo by Theresa Frizzell

Melanie Moore and Brad Tapson

“Sometimes Brad plays his guitar, I play the piano and we sing together. I swear, we’ll wind up being the von Trapp family someday.”

Photo by Hayley Walker

That’s One Way to Chop Lettuce…

Astrophysics-and-math grad Aidan Koper’s latest stunt dazzles Ellen audience

Photo: University of Toronto Archives/Robert Lansdale Photography Ltd. (B1998-0033/[731096-2])

Character Builders

Dedicated craftsmen carved the majestic entrance to University College

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