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A Global Affair

Armed with $80 million in new funding, the Munk School aims to become one of the top international relations programs in the world

New home of the Munk School

Planetary Observatory

The Munk School’s new headquarters on Bloor Street will provide a unique window on the world

Peter Munk

Making Canada Heard

Benefactor Peter Munk hopes school bearing his name will help transmit Canadian values around the world

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What Toronto Needs

A real transit strategy, a solution to its financial troubles, better urban design – and mayoral candidates willing to discuss these things

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The Lives of Animals

Most animals raised for food in Canada live on industrial sites where they never go outdoors. Under our laws, this is perfectly legal, but is it ethical?

Factory Farming

Want to learn more about the ethical treatment of farm animals? Check out the following resources

David Naylor

Start-Up U

U of T is helping to create a culture of innovation

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Our readers weigh in on matters of birth and death

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A Faculty Looks Ahead

Arts and Science proposal would enhance undergraduate learning and eliminate deficit, says dean

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Physicians in Training

Landmark donation brings medical academy to Mississauga

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A Year in Mumbai

Normand Labrie coped with sweltering heat and noisy classrooms to bring Canadian teaching techniques to India’s largest city

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The Mobile Revolution

U of T libraries and bookstore adapt to the iPad era

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A Month in Medicine

Mentorship offers high schoolers a close-up look at a career in health

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Can Our Forests Stand the Heat?

Scientists discover unusual die-off in sugar-maple leaves due to high spring temperatures

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Do You Drink Too Much?

A behavioural scientist offers new criteria for defining how much is too much

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One Patient, One Record

There are plenty of compelling reasons for health records to go digital. So why are some doctors resisting?

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All Clear

Surveillance and surgery could both get a boost from a new kind of video camera that can focus on near and distant objects at the same time

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Averting Disaster

BP oil spill could have been avoided if the company had used the “precautionary principle,” says prof

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Polar Express

Architecture prof’s Arctic designs include proposed Russia-Alaska rail link

crescent and star

Islamic Finance

Religion meets banking in a new course at Rotman

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Funny Bones

Hart Hanson blends crime and comedy on his hit Fox TV show

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Rock Star Lawyer

Erika Savage is helping to pioneer a new kind of recording contract at Universal Music Group

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Crimes Against Women

Shelley Saywell explores so-called “honour killings” in her new film

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Learning to Let Go

In her new book, author Marni Jackson searches for the right level of involvement in her adult son’s life

60 Seconds With Autumn Haag

What information studies grad won a spot on Jeopardy, got her Daily Double right and found out something surprising while on set?

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The Architecture of a Life

Out of hardship, Raymond Moriyama built the foundation of his career

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“My Captain, My Matelot”

Tuan Nguyen and Richard Bingham have weathered both fair and rough waters together

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Fixing Up Soldiers’ Tower

The first phase of renovations to the 86-year-old monument is now underway

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Training Days

Cadets get ready to serve in the First World War, on St. George Campus

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