Marshall’s Laws

Fifty years after the publication of his most famous works, we’re still making sense of all Marshall McLuhan had to say

Global Nerve Centre

$1.8-million campaign will revitalize U of T’s culture and technology program and build on McLuhan’s legacy

Mind Games

Doctors have been trying for decades to classify mental illnesses. So why do precise definitions still elude us?

Timing is Everything

Modern life is 24-7, but there may be negative consequences to defying our body’s internal clock

President David Naylor

The Value of Great Teaching

U of T is committed to providing students with a unique, globally oriented learning experience

Letters to the Editor

How much of our lives is really determined in the first four years?

Photo of Donny Ouyang by Vince Talotta/

The Next Internet Sensation?

Donny Ouyang, a second-year commerce student, has high hopes for his online tutoring service. The question is: Will students pay?

Scales of Justice

Law Gets Down to Business

New global law degree is designed for execs who can’t take time off work

Ode to Joy

Master’s student Eric Wan helped develop software that allows anyone, including people with severe physical disabilities, to make music

150 Years of Varsity Football, Photo: University of Toronto Archives

150 Years of Varsity Football

Gala fundraiser at Great Hall in Hart House will mark Blues milestone

Rotman Goes to School

New program teaches integrative thinking to Toronto high school students

Late Bloomer

A unique scholarship helps Trevor Crowe continue his education, long after he left high school

Lifelong Learning

Barbara Dick wants to ensure that grads can build on their academic experience throughout their lives

Calling All Alumni

Fatema Pardhan phones grads for U of T’s Annual Fund. She, like many students, also benefits from the fund

Say the Right Thing

Student-developed app helps people with speech problems express themselves – at a fraction of the cost of other devices

Always the Victim?

A criminology student questions long-standing assumptions about women and domestic violence


Why did the term “cybrarian” go out of style?

Seeing Into the “Soul” of Cells

A technology developed at U of T to analyze cells could lead to earlier disease diagnoses and more targeted treatments

Meet Brian, the Social Robot

Advances in technology are bringing us robots that can interact naturally with humans

Europe’s Debt Troubles

With the markets betting on a Greek default, and the situation in Spain deteriorating, a second global financial crisis looms

Overcoming Resistance

Professor Leah Cowen is researching a way to lower drug resistance in fungi

Translator to the World

Entrepreneur David Lucatch is tearing down online language barriers

Finding Joy in Movement

Dancer-turned-nurse Coralee McLaren helps children with physical disabilities

Chasing Happiness; Photo by Sandy Nicholson

Chasing Happiness

In his new book, Ray Robertson contemplates what makes life worth living

War and Peace

In her new book, Damned Nations, Samantha Nutt reflects on foreign aid and armed conflicts abroad

Wayne Levin and Deborah Fletcher

How two former political rivals created a life together

Vaulting to Fame

Gymnast Alexandra Borowik was one of 12 Varsity Blues athletes inducted recently into the U of T Sports Hall of Fame

The Face on the Plate

Dyniss Roland Rainer dishes on becoming a vegetarian

TV's Troubled Surgeon - Photo of Caterina Scorsone by Raphael Mazzucco

TV’s Troubled Surgeon

Caterina Scorsone explores mental health issues while playing Dr. Amelia Shepherd on the show Private Practice

Sewing for Solidarity

From bedding to kit bags, U of T women make items for the war effort

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