Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Frugal Thinking

How do you bring basic sanitation to two billion people in low-income countries? Inventing a toilet that works for pennies a day is a start

Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Frugal Fortification

A U of T nutritional scientist has developed a low-cost product to fight vitamin and mineral deficiency in developing countries

Photo by Brent Lewin

The Sage of Bay Street

David Rosenberg warned of a financial crisis few others saw coming. So why, amid ongoing global turmoil, is Bay Street’s most noted pessimist ready to change his tune?

Illustration by Gavin Potenzawidth

A Shift in Perception

Discoveries in brain science are prompting new theories about how our senses work – and how they affect our understanding of the world


Selling to the Senses

Companies appeal to hearing, taste and sight to affect consumer perception

Photo Contest

The Great U of T Photo Contest

Three winners each received $500 for their stunning entries

President's Message

Accessible Excellence

U of T’s evergreen commitment to student aid

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers offer insight and alternate solutions to Toronto’s traffic congestion

Photo by Peter Andrew

Digging Deep

How many new dinosaur species can one person help find? Professor David Evans is up to eight

Photo by Orbelina Cortez

Get it? Got it. Good!

A new app lets profs track student comprehension in real time

Photo by Nadia Siu Van

A Puzzling Creation

Ed Barbeau uses math puzzles to encourage analytical and innovative thinking

Photo by Caz Zyvatkauska

A Bold Prescription

Support for medical students is a key plank of the Faculty of Medicine’s campaign

Courtesy of F. Michael Walsh

A Rare Find

A book collector for more than 40 years, Michael Walsh has acquired several thousand antiquarian volumes of western philosophy

Photo by Tom Arban/Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Open for Business

New Rotman School of Management building opens on St. George Street

Photo by Amanda Keenan

Leap of Faith

New degree program designed to promote understanding between Christians and Muslims

Photo by Amanda Keenan

Physics That’s Practically Fun

Students give high marks to a new kind of science lab

James Didonato, Courtesy of No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

Do the Locomotion

U of T’s Knowledge Media Design Institute challenges its students to use media to raise awareness

Blue and White Pride

New chancellor Michael Wilson is pumped to champion University of Toronto spirit

Photo by Jason KB

An Incubator for Innovation

A new applied science facility will give engineering students a place to develop entrepreneurial ideas

Lifelong Learner

Jessie Current believed in the value of education, and created scholarships so others could follow their academic dreams

Illustration by Daniel Stolle

Ingenious Medicine

Genetic testing may soon reveal what pharmaceutical drugs work best for you, with fewest side-effects

Juan Batet/iStockPhoto

Property Value

Toronto’s land-use maps are important planning tools but they lack detail and are often out-of-date. Not for much longer

Illustration by Isabel Foo

The Single Life

Is ‘one’ really the loneliest number?

Cash Mob

Cash Mob

It’s like a flash mob, but motivated to buy

Zmeel Photography/iStockphoto

Watchful Eyes

Security cameras are everywhere. A new app invites Torontonians to help map them

Clash of the Britons

Was the War of 1812 actually a civil war?

Mike Campbell/CKMMPhotographic

Rotary Club

How does one build a human-powered helicopter?

Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Research finds that pop music is getting more melancholy – a sign, perhaps, of the times?

Photo by Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

Digital Prophet

Wattpad co-founder Allen Lau predicts a book publishing revolution

Photo by HarperCollins Publishers

Internet Explorer

Author Andrew Blum follows the wires behind the Web

Breaking in to the Big Time

How Saad Siddiqui used martial arts to kick-start an acting career

Photo by Trevor Haldenby

The Apocalypse Will Be Tweeted

ZED.TO’s interactive narrative experience simulates the end of the world

George and Barbara Rooke

For this Fonthill, Ontario, couple it was a match made in music. And almost 65 years later, they’re still in tune

Courtesy of Rowing Canada

Hunting for Gold

Victoria Nolan is dubbed “The Metronome” for her ability to row perfectly in synch with her teammates

Photo by Diane Aubie

Can Radiohead Be Jazz?

Toronto Jazz Festival’s Josh Grossman wants audiences to open their ears to something new

Photo by Matthew Plexman, Courtesy of the Ontario College of Teachers

60 Seconds with Linda Schuyler

Lisa Bryn Rundle talks with Degrassi co-creator on teaching and television

Courtesy of Victoria University

Rendezvous in Paris

Alumni feel the joie at the Vari home

Courtesy of John Switzer and Andrew Szende

Meet Our Alumni Governors

Governing Council’s alumni members discuss the big issues ahead for U of T

Photo by Orbelina Cortez

Concrete Jungle

How the Medical Sciences Building got its stripes

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