A Better University

At the end of David Naylor’s term as president, the student experience is stronger, research and innovation are booming and the global impact of Toronto alumni is greater than ever

Building Boom

Since 2005, a total of 37 major building projects have been completed or are now underway

Boundless Mission

The university’s current fundraising campaign will create a legacy for tomorrow’s students, faculty and staff – and for Canada

A Great Cause

David Naylor talks about the past eight years and his plans for the future

Duddy and Me

Ted Kotcheff made almost 20 movies during his career – but it was a pair of small films that really got critics to take notice

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers discuss climate change, traffic in Toronto and the history of Regent Park

President's Message


President David Naylor reflects on his years at U of T

Public Health Gets a Promotion

The Dalla Lana School becomes the university’s newest faculty

YouTube’s Favourite Doctor

Prof. Michael Evans’ videos on health are viral sensations


Hart House’s choir members only use one instrument: their voices

At Your Service

Personal librarians help first-year students understand U of T’s libraries

A Home for Innovators

New Innovation Complex will prepare next generation of entrepreneurs

Making Boardroom Equality a Reality

Rotman’s programs for women help bolster careers and leadership abilities

Path of Excellence

Outgoing provost Cheryl Misak on U of T: “We need to preserve this gem”

A Promise to Future Generations

A U of T group encourages participants to protect the Earth for future generations

Athletic Champion

Kevin Reed supports the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport because he believes in the life-altering benefits of athletics

Incentive for New Donors

Ottawa recently made charitable giving much more attractive for first-time donors

In Memoriam: J.N. Patterson Hume

As a co-founder of the computer science department, Hume helped usher in the Information Age

In Memoriam: Roxana Ng

Roxana Ng’s focus on human rights and social justice shaped the field of immigration studies

An “A” for Teamwork

You’ve heard of crowdfunding. With crowdmarking, a U of T prof hopes to change how students are evaluated

The Augmented Body

A learning tool that combines gaming software, 3-D modelling and a CT scan could change how students learn anatomy


From making golf clubs stronger to designing water repellant garments

When Germs Get Tougher

An Internet-based surveillance system gives physicians the ability to track dangerous new strains of tuberculosis in real time

The Geography of Pollution

A PhD candidate’s low-cost sensors could be deployed across cities to gather highly local air-quality data

Eyes Everywhere

Recent revelations about governments spying on their citizens should have us all concerned about abuse of power

First Contact

A professor at the Dunlap Institute is trying to answer one of the biggest questions in all of science: Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

Garbage into Gas

An idea developed at U of T would help turn polluting oilsands waste into clean-burning hydrogen gas

Flights of Peace

Antoine Pappalardo is the CEO of a Toronto-based airline that flies aid missions to many of the world’s hot spots

Song and Dance

At Derrick Fung’s site, fans buy more than music – they buy musical experiences

Tour de Force

In Normandy, U of T students teach visitors about Canada’s role in the Second World War

Silver Screen Gangster

Derek Tsang plays criminals in movies, but directs films about love and family

International Love Affair

For Francesca Valente, an Italian cultural mediator, and Branko Gorjup, a Croatian scholar of Canadian literature, shared passions have resulted in a truly international love affair

Breaking Away

For most of us, 27,000 km would be an unbearably long flight. Ali Burke is cycling that far

Cycling from Alaska to Argentina

Ali Burke shares her cycling experiences – midway through her 27,000-kilometre ride


While on a mission to save the Borneo rainforest, Emily Hunter realized environmentalism needs a rethink

Grousing with Grace

Amy Fish understands the fine art of complaining. Here, she shares some tips to help the rest of us get our way

Domestic Doyennes

Household Science students learn the art and science of cooking

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