Autumn 2016

Fan tweets for U of T alum Jonathan Sun, a word about “transgenderism,” and kudos for our summer cover story


Infographic: The Office of Gilbert Li

We tried something a little different with our “Letters” section this issue, since a lot of the feedback we get these days arrives by social media. For example, readers tweeted many responses to our all-digital summer issue.

Some loved the profile of U of T engineering grad Jonathan Sun, who has gained a huge Twitter following as “Jomny Sun, an aliebn confuesed abot humamn lamgauge.” Some, it seemed, just really loved him.

You’re a great tweeter. One of the best who ever twote.
Emma B @Emm_Belle

I was not aware you went to U of T. That’s awesome! Didn’t even know you were Canadian!
Wade Stokan @WadelyWade

Congrats, you are truly a gem and one of the absolute highlights of my Twitter experience.
I am Irony Man @met2art


Others told us that they appreciated our cover story on trans students…

+1 to @uoftmagazine for featuring @Kinnon_Ross and covering experiences of #trans students and faculty.
emmy @_saskeah


… and that the piece about sociology prof Jooyoung Lee’s study of aspiring L.A. hip-hop artists got them thinking.

Nice story about @theyoungjoo+hiphop/youth culture in @uoftmagazine – wondering sims/diffs w/ youth + sports
John Paul de Silva @jp9desilva


Some readers submitted comments on stories via our website …

Update Your Vocabulary

Regarding the cover feature “Generation T” (Summer 2016), please stop using the word “transgenderism” if you value your progressive reputation. The medical profession uses terms like “transgenderism” and “transsexualism” to pathologize trans people. Why not just write “the neuroscience of being trans”? It would be more humanizing.

Amanda Peet
Department of Physics, U of T

Surviving the Crash

The Time Capsule story in the summer issue mentioned the dim prospects for new grads, especially women, following the market crash of 1929. In June 1930, my mom had completed her second year in household science at Victoria College. She was able to get summer employment in the dining room at Bigwin Inn on Lake of Bays, a favourite Ontario vacation spot for still-wealthy Americans.

Ken Koehler
BComm 1963, MBA 1964, Dorset, Ontario


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