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Autumn 2017

How Did the Universe Begin?

Professor Barth Netterfield’s lifelong journey into faith, physics and astronomy

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# 1
Posted by Scott Anderson on September 25th, 2017 @ 4:52 pm

This comic by Prof. Barth Netterfield is eloquently phrased, and the illustrations by Jonathan Dyck are ingenuous and will delight all, including small children.

Growing up in scientific household with a very devout father (Donald S. Ainslie, a 1927 grad who became a physics professor at U of T), I often asked him how science affected his religious beliefs. He always replied that the more he learned about science, the more he believed that the universe was the design of a higher power or “God.”

Your article reinforces the very ideas that my father talked about many years ago, and I was delighted to be reminded of them.

Margaret (Ainslie) Tuer
BA 1955 Trinity

# 2
Posted by Scott Anderson on September 25th, 2017 @ 4:55 pm

Like Prof. Netterfield, I’m a lifelong believer in the Creator. And like him, I’ve never felt that my faith has come into conflict with my intelligence, my understanding of science, or my ability to think critically. Bravo for including a view about the creation of the universe that at best is often misunderstood in western countries and at worst condemned.

Kathryn (Pequegnat) Kuehl
Dip DH 1973
Elmvale, Ontario

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