A Class Reunion

The kid who used to wow adults with his math prowess has returned from the halls of Yale, Oxford and MIT to take on the presidency of his Alma Mater. For Bob Birgeneau, coming home could be his greatest challenge yet


In addition to his administrative duties, the new president will continue his research on high-temperature superconductors. To do all that, he may have to be one himself

Alphabet Soup

More than a decade ago, a bunch of U of T characters began to dine from A to Z using the Yellow Pages as a restaurant guide

Claude Bissell (1916-2000)

(BA 1936 University College, MA 1937, LLD Hon. 1977)

Light Heavyweights

A team of U of T scientists has won an international fight to control light and make it dance like electrons. A new era in telecommunications and computing is about to enter the ring

Welcome to the Club

Faculty Club celebrates 40th anniversary

Getting to Know U

Stepping foot on campus again after 37 years is both a return to the past and a challenge for the future

Ethnic Isolation

Ethnic communities risk being at a disadvantage

The Skinny on Smoking Less

New research in nicotine addiction

Fast, Safe Fibroid Removal

New treatment for fibroids

Urban Grime Rate

Study finds hazardous pollutants

A Protein Worth Probing

New research in colorectal cancer

U of T Against Sweatshops

Landmark licensing policy, a first for a Canadian university

Lessons of the Holocaust

Chancellor emerita establishes chair in Holocaust Studies

Swimming for Gold

Keeping swimming at the forefront of U of T sports

Why They Give

Giving back to U of T

Remembering Lois Marshall

Chair in voice studies established in Marshall’s memory

The Wounds of War

Over 6,000 connected with the university served in the active forces during WWI

The Artful Annie

Collaborative fine art program offered by UTM and Sheridan College


Order of Canada appointments

Stompin’ Tom’s thesis

Canadian singer awarded honorary degree

Bell Époque

The chime of the St. Michael’s College bell

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