Field of Dreams

For international students, summer at U of T is about much more than learning English, especially during the World Cup

Making Language Come Alive

U of T’s English language program teaches 2,000 annually

A Constant Quest

For these five professors, great teaching is less about supplying a “magic” answer than encouraging students to ask the right questions

Great Profs

To be one, I’d have to emulate one

A Newsroom of One’s Own

Betsy Mosbaugh braved the war era, snowstorms and typos as the first female editor of The Varsity

What Inspires Us

Little things sometimes mean a lot

Canada’s Research Powerhouse

A cradle for creativity, discovery and innovation

Deep Sea Excitement

There is still no machinery for sea floor mining, but the technology exists

Museum of the Missing

An estimated 100,000 works of art have disappeared


Frequency of instant messaging language amongst teens

Drug Provides Key to Halting Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice

Researchers discover new breakthrough in fighting Alzheimer’s disease

The Agony of Ecstasy

Long-term study of the cognitive effects of regular ecstasy use

Shiny Happy People

Newmindspace duo bring community and fun to public spaces

Will That Be a Master’s or a Doctorate?

Expanding graduate enrolment at U of T

Spring Reunion Shakeup

Young alumni network at global Shaker

City Idol

U of T students and alumni have fresh ideas about municipal politics, and Order of Canada recipients announced

$3.5-Million Gift to Economics

Fortune-building Ira Gluskin honours father, Max

He’s Our Man

Leonard Cohen contributes parts of his past to U of T library

Taking Stock

New federal rules allow donors to give stock without tax

MDS and Rotman Create $30,000 Award for Leadership

MDS Inc. honours its past president and CEO with leadership award for incoming Rotman student

The Origins of English

Grant will support research and writing of dictionary entries for the earliest English words

Al Jazeera’s Bridge-builder

Shereen El Feki is host of current affairs show, People and Power

Scene Stealer

Michelle Ong’s jewelry plays a starring role

Top 40 Under 40

Alumni and faculty recognized in the annual top executives list by The Caldwell Partners

African Writer Honoured

Chinua Achebe, the “father of the modern African novel,” receives honorary degree

A Night at the Opera

Faculty of Music’s wardrobe room houses over 50 period dresses

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