From Good to Great

23 ideas for building an even better Toronto

A World-Leading “Cities” University

U of T’s new urban advisers will forge stronger links between university and city and expand opportunities for students

Mobile City

As Toronto’s population grows, we will have to embrace alternatives to the car

Diverse and Inclusive City

Diversity is one of Toronto’s great strengths, but we can do more to ensure some people aren’t left behind

Co-operative and Productive City

There’s a wealth of knowledge within the university’s walls. It could be shared more often with municipal leaders

Healthy City

How can we improve the health of some of the city’s most vulnerable residents?

Smart and Creative City

There’s a wealth of innovative talent in Toronto. But we can do more to harness it effectively

Sustainable City

Cities are more livable when they’re clean and green

2015 Writing Contest Winners

Read all the winners, runners up and readers’ choice favourites in the U of T Magazine 2015 Writing Contest

Man and Mana

Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest


Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

Boxer’s Bargain

Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

A Pilgrimage to Atalaia

Runner-up in the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

Somnolent Table

Runner-up and readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest


Runner-up and readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

The Boy on the Streetcar

Readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

The Toronto Biomedical Cluster

With U of T as its academic anchor, the region has emerged as a global hub of biomedical innovation

Letters to the Editor

The extraordinary accomplishments of former U of T president John Evans, artificial intelligence and the importance of having time to think

Regenerating the Body

U of T scientists will help usher in a new era of designing and creating cells, tissues and organs, thanks to historic $114-million federal grant

Forward Momentum

Student Alex Harold is a champion fundraiser for muscular dystrophy

Stories of Discovery

Five U of T students create winning SSHRC Storytellers videos

Grande Changement

Three National Ballet dancers go from the barre to the books

Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health

New Dalla Lana centre aims to improve health outcomes for aboriginal communities

Finding Calm in Anxious Times

The Munk School’s new director seeks ways to answer some of humanity’s most nerve-wracking questions

Munk School of Global Affairs Milestones

Timeline highlights philanthropist’s legacy in international studies

New Centre to Fight Cancer

A U of T Mississauga team is tackling some of the most fatal forms of the disease

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

U of T mascot True Blue is a lovable critter with great moves

Poll: How Many Times a Week Do You Exercise?

Half of U of T students get less than the 150 minutes a week that’s recommended

We Lived

One hundred years on, poppies still blow in Flanders Fields

Boundless Campaign Celebrates Record Year

Almost a quarter billion raised to support students, faculty, programs and infrastructure

Blue is Golden — and Silver, and Bronze

U of T students and alumni win 15 medals at the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

A Boost for Med School Diversity

A new course aims to get more black undergraduates on track for medical school by connecting them with Rhodes Scholar mentors

Science Goes Social

Research2Reality, a new social media campaign, digests science for the public

The Hidden Lives of Cells

Novel protein “map” developed at U of T could yield better treatments for many diseases

Safe Passage

A student’s innovative rail car design would greatly reduce chances of an explosion

Lingo: Hyperpalatable

Some foods are engineered to be so tasty they’re difficult to resist, says nutritional scientist Venket Rao

Is Health a Human Right?

Recent cases in international law suggest the idea is gaining momentum

Street Theatre

A design for the Gardiner Expressway illustrates how U of T students are reimagining Toronto

Crazy Talk

Can we restore sanity and reason to politics?

Loan Ranger

Online peer-to-peer lending company hopes to change how Canadians obtain loans

The Medium and Her Message

Investigating attempts to communicate with the dead

Engineering a Human Liver

Liver tissue created in a U of T lab could help reduce the time and cost of drug development

Photo: Ryan Walker

Standing for Truth

Alumna Dana Wagner aims to keep politicians honest during the federal election campaign

Tree Hugger

Geography grad creates a whole new way to see the UTM grounds

Roadmap for Life

Camilla Gibb’s new book, This is Happy, reflects on past moments and intense grief and joy

From Homework to Teamwork

For Anil Persaud and Cynthia Jairam-Persaud, meeting as first-years meant growing up together

Cosmic Twins

Mercedes Richards unpacks an astronomical mystery

Forging a Nation

Adrienne Alison’s sculpture on Parliament Hill shows how cooperation and diversity won the War of 1812

Against Their Will

Being forced into marriage is an all-too-real nightmare for some Canadians

Ninja Power!

Alumni nab deal with Playstation for video game N++

Champion for Human Rights

Renu Mandhane will shape the province as Ontario’s newest Human Rights Commissioner

At Canada’s Own Jurassic Park

George Jacob is fascinated with museums: and is heading the new Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Alberta

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Rock Varsity Stadium

An iconic Toronto concert in 1969 heralded the breakup of the Beatles and the launch of new acts

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