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Campus Stories
Alumni recall their days at U of T

Students Celebrate the Armistice on November 11, 1918

A diary entry from U of T’s women students on the day the First World War ended

True U of T Ghost Stories

There really are things that go bump in the lab

Illustration by Francis Blake


Love can bloom anytime and anywhere on U of T’s three campuses

Illustrations: Francis Blake/ Three in a Box

First Impressions

Alumni recall their initial days at U of T

Photo by Caz Zyvatkauskas

Graduation Day

Alumni recall the joy, excitement — and relief — of earning their U of T degree

Illustration by Francis Blake/ Three in a Box

Odd Jobs

“The work was called ‘weekend cleanup,’ but herding dust is what we did”

Illustrations: Francis Blake/ Three in a Box

Reunited and it Feels So…

U of T alumni reconnect with old school friends

Illustration: Francis Blake / Three in a Box

After the Last Exam

Grads reminisce about their final days of university and the start of working life


Students love pranks — and for some, every day is April Fool’s

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