Reading is Believing

Grad Asim Hussain believes in the power of books to help people reach their full potential

Rob Ford, the Opera

In which God may or may not be Margaret Atwood

Remembering the Nanking Massacre

Diana Tso’s play Red Snow focuses on the “forgotten holocaust”

Toronto’s Waterfront Conundrum

Why can’t Toronto’s waterfront emulate Chicago’s? Land ownership, says political science student Gabriel Eidelman

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Anti-Prejudice Campaigns Can Backfire

They may have reverse effect of what they intend, U of T Scarborough psychologists find

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Land Speed Record

A bicycle that can exceed 110 km/h? U of T engineering students have designed and built one

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The Real World

Four alumni offer advice to graduating students about finding a job and transitioning out of university

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This All-Star Party Show Goes On

Behind the scenes at the U of T lipdub video shoot

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The Sweetest Tour

Audrey Ooi leads a sampling of the world’s most interesting desserts in Toronto’s Kensington Market

Bad Drivers?

U of T study shatters myth that recent immigrants cause more car accidents than other Canadians

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First Impressions

Alumni recall their initial days at U of T

Caring for the Elderly

Women often look after their older relatives – for no pay. As populations age, this may have to change

Gay or Straight?

Do some cultures have better “gaydar” than others?

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Diary of a Globetrotter

From India to Thailand, Vijaya Selvaraju has filmed her travel and culinary adventures

Seeing Red

Colours affect our emotional state, and maybe our motor control as well, new research has found

Last Stop: Pula

One can imagine Romans walking among the ruins of this northern Croatian city

Heavenly Hvar

Old seafaring town rewards visitors with magnificent views, exquisite local crafts

Glittering Dubrovnik

Bombed by Serbian forces during the Yugoslavian War in 1991, this ancient city has regained its former glory

Island Living

On Day 2 of her adventure, Elaine Smith encounters the charms of Korcula and samples wine made from an unusual local grape

Cruising Croatia

Join U of T writer Elaine Smith on her week-long alumni travel adventure down the Dalmatian Coast. She’ll be blogging regularly until the end of June

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Graduation Day

Alumni recall the joy, excitement — and relief — of earning their U of T degree

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Faces of ’14: After First Year

What six first-year students have to say about their experiences at U of T so far

An Explosive Performer

Andrea Sella uses nature’s elements to create crowd-pleasing spectacles

New Parliament Is U of T Blue

Grads elected in several conservative ridings, Liberal caucus is now one-fifth U of T alumni

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What Is Sacred?

Two U of T thinkers debate whether we can ever know what is truly “right” or “wrong”

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Greasers versus Aliens

A Brooklyn turf war goes galactic, and a screenwriter goes to Cannes

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Bar Brawls

It seems young men may fight primarily to gain the approval of … other men

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Odd Jobs

“The work was called ‘weekend cleanup,’ but herding dust is what we did”

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Reunited and it Feels So…

U of T alumni reconnect with old school friends

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After the Last Exam

Grads reminisce about their final days of university and the start of working life

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Green Keys

Frank Horvat plays piano in the dark to raise awareness of environmental issues


Students love pranks — and for some, every day is April Fool’s

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How Big is Ford Country?

Rob Ford garnered more support downtown in last fall’s Toronto election than initially thought, analysis shows

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The Living City

Engineers are using the idea of “urban metabolism” to design more sustainable neighbourhoods

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Tough Love

Dating at university is supposed to be easy. But many of today’s U of T students find campus romance elusive. Enter Love@UofT, a new online matchmaker

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Folic’s Effects

The synthetic version of a micronutrient found in broccoli may have role in breast cancer, study finds

Finding the Fakes

U of T engineers help the TTC uncover counterfeit tokens

Quantum Physics: The Dance

U of T grad student Krister Shalm cut the rug to explain his thesis in the “Dance Your PhD” contest

Easing Depression

Studies find that electrical stimulation to one side of the brain helps improve depression

Start Your Engines!

Building your own formula race car? At university? How cool is that!

Overqualified − and Stressed Out

Immigrants who are overqualified for their Canadian jobs might not just be bored. Their mental health might be suffering as well

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A Walk on the Wild Side

In her debut novel, Hilary Davidson asks what causes otherwise good people to do something terrible

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Faces of ’14: Frosh Week Approaches

They’re smart, globally aware, tech savvy — and still a little nervous about starting at U of T

The Age of a Face

The culture and language you are raised with can affect your ability to judge the age of people’s faces

The Green Revolution, One Year Later

Iranian students and professors reflect on the future of their home country

“You Are Your Own Microphone”

For talented young opera singers, a four-week program in Italy is music to the ears

Does Dieting Affect How You Think?

Yes, and not always in expected ways, research shows

Planetary Mysteries

Discoveries of new planets outside our solar system are forcing astronomers to rethink theories of how planets form

Protecting the View

Should towers be visible behind Queen’s Park? An architecture grad fights to safeguard the view of Toronto’s most important heritage building

The Shapes of Bones

New technique using X-rays could help forensic scientists identify the dead

The Accidental CEO

Computer engineering student Vincent Cheung’s photo software has become an Internet hit

The Polite Party

Psychology research finds that conservatives are more concerned with order, liberals are more compassionate

Books Outbound

A new campus group wants to send leftover books from college book sales to schools that could use them

Water Pressure

Canadians feel no urgency to conserve water, but they should, says architecture prof

Is Having a Job Good for Your Health?

Research finds that young people without jobs are significantly more likely to die of all causes than employed people


Now that the Large Hadron Collider is working, U of T physicists are preparing to sift through mountains of data in search of the elusive Higgs boson


How did first-year student (and former tomboy) Anna Cunningham end up writing a fashion column online?

Tweet the Vote

Social media will be a force in this fall’s Toronto election, if a group of recent grads have their way

Winter Really Is Bad for You

Cold climates are associated with early death and illness, according to new U of T research

The Media’s Fault?

Tiger Woods doesn’t think personal sins should require public confessions. Media ethics prof and U of T alum Tom Cooper half agrees