Game On!

Toronto’s Pan Am Games will leave a golden legacy for U of T, its athletes and the city.

Man on the Move

New Toronto mayor John Tory aims to get the city back on track

From Dream to Reality

Canada’s next billion-dollar tech start-up might just come from U of T

Changed by War

A century ago, the First World War changed Canadian society profoundly, and transformed the University of Toronto no less

36 Amazing Facts about U of T

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and factoids from the university’s 187-year history


Drug-resistant infections are a man-made problem. Is it one we can solve?

Town and Gown

A dynamic, world-class city and a top-ranked, global university have a lot to gain from each other, says U of T’s new president, Meric Gertler

A Better University

At the end of David Naylor’s term as president, the student experience is stronger, research and innovation are booming and the global impact of Toronto alumni is greater than ever

Starting Up

They’re tech-savvy, creative and driven. Meet five young grads who have created their own unique careers

Sparks of Brilliance

Meet U of T’s next generation of scientists, thinkers and inventors

Apocalypse How?

The world will end, just probably not this year, University of Toronto experts say

Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Frugal Thinking

How do you bring basic sanitation to two billion people in low-income countries? Inventing a toilet that works for pennies a day is a start

Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Escaping Gridlock

What’s the solution to Toronto’s traffic problems?

Photo by Cindy Blazevic

A World of Possibilities

University of Toronto students are putting their knowledge to work in the global village

Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth

Force for Change

Crime in Toronto is down, but after five years as police chief, Bill Blair knows he can’t take the city’s safety for granted

(Illustration by Robert Hanson)

Is Life Getting Better?

A new measure of “national wealth” would include health, education and other things Canadians consider important


The New Freedom Fighters

Will the Internet help bring democracy to Iran? Professor Ron Deibert and the Citizen Lab champion free speech and human rights online


Out and Proud

How students, faculty, staff and alumni brought queer activism to the University of Toronto and changed the campus forever

Illustration by Tamara Shopsin

The Science of Sleep

Research is pointing to new treatments for the millions of North Americans who suffer from sleep disorders.

Ms. Universe

Astronaut Julie Payette prepares for her second journey into space

Fear of Numbers

Why do so many kids struggle with math?

Countdown to Beijing

Swimmer Colin Russell leads U of T athletes and coaches on a quest for Olympic gold

A Doctor in Kigali

Dr. James Orbinski served as head mission for Doctors Without Borders during the Rwandan Genocide. What he saw there transformed him

The House That Dave Built

How law grad David Shore took one misanthropic doctor, added a large dose of twisted humour and created the hit medical drama House

Witness to War

While visiting Somalia in 1995, doctor and U of T professor Samantha Nutt experienced the hardship and rawness of bloodshed. Now, the founder of War Child Canada says she’s “driven every day” to help children harmed by conflict

Young Grads, Big Ideas

Today’s young graduates are aiming straight for the top

The Problem of Pain

A pioneering Toronto clinic takes a new approach to a baffling medical problem

Show of Faith

U of T’s ecclesiastic alphabet once began and ended with “A” for Anglican, but now embraces everyone from Ahmadis to Zenists

Field of Dreams

For international students, summer at U of T is about much more than learning English, especially during the World Cup

The Nature of Things

Robert Bateman, 76, talks about wildlife art, conservation and the joys of painting predators

After Hours

Campus life from dusk to dawn

Ghost Worlds

The search for other Earths


Where do great ideas come from?

A Cleaner Future

Just how close are we?

What Makes Us Happy?

Science offers surprising new answers

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Are we living in an unethical era?

City of Ideas

Imagining Toronto’s future

Young Achievers

They’re smart, creative, successful and ambitious. Meet the next generation of Canadian leaders

Thanks a Billion!

Six years, 112,819 donors, more than $1 billion

Coming Home

How U of T grads are making a difference – where their help is needed most

Meet the Neighbours

A thriving urban community surrounds and supports the U of T

Meet the Neighbours at UTM

The people, businesses and organizations that make UTM great

Meet the Neighbours at UTSC

The people, businesses and organizations UTSC counts on

Animal Instincts

The evolution of zoology. From an ex-minister who denounced Darwin to today’s research juggernaut, zoology at U of T has come a long way in 150 years. And just look where it’s going now

Paths to Peace

At a time of international tension, U of T scholars are leading the search for alternatives to terror and war

World at the Crossroads

A case for the rule of law

A Month in the Life

As the winds of war howled early this year, here are some ways that U of T faculty, staff and students kept the dialogue going

Road Test

Five U of T students get a lesson in civics, life and tolerance

Star Turns

More than actors, playwrights and directors, these artists are architects who helped create Canada’s thriving theatre scene

Star Turns: Sky Gilbert

“I’m always going to have that bent to read and write and learn new things”

Star Turns: Kristen Thomson

Lying on the U.C. Playhouse theatre floor during a warm-up, Thompson thought, “OK, this is where I belong”

Star Turns: Daniel Brooks

“Originality can only happen when one begins with love of individual expression and allows it to lead to collective expression.”

Star Turns: Charmion King

“Being an actor is like being at university. It opens your mind and your soul and make you tap into yourself.”

Star Turns: William Hutt

“I saw this hemorrhaging of talent across the border. If everyone left, we would never have a cultural picture in this country.”

School Ties

Competitive? Talented? Intense? All that and more. They met their equals at U of T and have stayed connected throughout their celebrated careers

Such a Long Journey

From bank clerk to writer, from obscurity to the Oprah Winfrey Show, Rohinton Mistry’s path as a writer has taken a series of unlikely turns

A Feast of Thought

These 20 thinkers brought their stunning intellect to U of T’s table and enlivened the world of ideas

An Intellectual Emergency

In the month following the horror of September 11, and 20 years after her frosh year, writer Margaret Webb returns to U of T, again seeking understanding of the world

The Seven Stages of Life

A guide to health, from our first entrance on stage to our final act

The Infant

At first, the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms

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