Our New Look

A fresher, more assertive visual style for U of T Magazine

City Builders

Two grads who have helped shaped today’s Toronto

Be the Change

Hopeful news on a few fronts

Life, the Universe and TV

Three views on scientific investigation

Reaching Out

The University of Toronto community engages in civic life

A Shiver of Recognition

The best stories and poems reveal something about human experience that hasn’t occurred to us before

Global Warning

Universities will help solve climate change

Days of Service

The benefits of volunteering

What Inspires Us

Little things sometimes mean a lot

Forest Friendly

U of T Magazine goes green

Beating the Odds

Drug researchers are helping to develop new weapons in the fight against cancer

Everything Is Possible

Making the student experience count for more

All That’s Fit

How we decide what appears in U of T Magazine

The Evolution of an Idea

Reinventing the automobile

Taking Stock

Creating a greener U of T Magazine

A Corporate Challenge

Finding profit in virtuous behaviour

Outward Bound

U of T forges new links with the city

What Students Really Think

“If you crave challenge and excellence you will end up here”

First Day of School

The fine art of turning frosh into scholars

Making You Proud

How we’re retooling this magazine to make it yours

The Trouble with Scholars

…is that they insist on real data

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