A Revolution in Artificial Intelligence

Toronto’s Vector Institute aims to attract the world’s leading minds in a booming field

Student Chefs Do Battle

Tasty appetizer earns U of T second place in international cooking competition

Action for Indigenous People

The university aims to hire more Indigenous faculty and staff, recruit more students


The name of this U of T Mississauga business accelerator refers to three “i” words central to entrepreneurship

U of T Gains Global Edge

Applications from several countries soar as international students rethink where to attend university

How Do You Eat in Space?

UTM students design educational games about life on the International Space Station

Open, Playful Student Commons on the Way

“We’re incredibly excited to see it come to fruition,” says UTSU president Jasmine Wong Denike

Poll: Does the idea of starting your own business appeal to you?

The students we asked liked the greater autonomy and creativity that running their own show allows

In Memoriam: Rose Wolfe

Former chancellor remembered for her wit and warmth

Gerard Charles Frost Exemplified the “Greatest Generation”

U of T alumnus cultivated a legacy of service and a commitment to family and community

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