The Silver Streak

U of T rowers battled “Yale’s great crew” at the 1924 Paris Olympics

Bridge Over Time

U of T Mississauga landmark is popular among newlyweds

Meet the Press

John M.Kelly Library is home to a 6,000-pound, hand-operated flatbed Reliance printing press

Heavens Above

The ceiling in Flavelle House is a great example of art nouveau

Hark the Heraldry

A display in the Great Hall is Alexander Scott Carter’s masterpiece

Stand and Deliver

Trinity lectern is a “curiosity”

Clock Wise

The Hipp chronoscope enabled scientists to assess how quickly people respond to stimuli

A Night at the Opera

Faculty of Music’s wardrobe room houses over 50 period dresses

Grist for the Mill

Medicine wasn’t always so easy to swallow

Instrument of War

First World War era Corona typewriter

Stumbling Upon Cedar

Totem stands guard in University College’s east staircase

Embroidered Tales

Handwoven tapestry tells quite a story

Time Traveller

14th-century helmet was worn by Turkish archer

Mightier than the Sword

Gerald Larkin commissioned stained glass window for Strachan Hall

Doorway to the Past

Entrance once fronted the three-storey home of businessman Mandel Granatstein

Golden Boy

Cast of Walter Laidlaw was modelled in clay by artist Palmo Dolzelli

Up, Up and Away

Mural celebrates human-powered flight

Delicate Devotion

“Love plate” was created to celebrate the centenary of Wesleyan Methodism

In Sickness and In Health

Dentistry mural could be U of T’s Guernica

Time Machine

Machine gun of Soldier’s Tower, one of two captured at Vimy Ridge

On Guard

The University College gryphon

Memorial Chair

A great debater is remembered at Hart House

Mistress of the Hall

The mysterious bronze maiden of Knox College

The Sound of Silence

Bugle honours a fallen soldier

Carry a Big Stick

U of T’s mace is gold-plated and silver and was unveiled at convocation in June 1951

Solid Support

John Strachan received this epergne from his students

Dental Floss

The Rolls Royce of dentist’s chairs, circa 1880

Lend Me an Ear!

Former president James Loudon purchased this papier mâché ear from a leading medical model maker in the 19th century

A Trinity Man

60 years later, Rupert Schieder can still fit into his red college jacket

Early Impressions

The University of Toronto Press got its start printing exam booklets and is now the second-largest public university press in North America

Royal Gems

Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the founding of Victoria College

Bell Époque

The chime of the St. Michael’s College bell

The President’s Gown

The magnificent robe was created in 1985


The trophy presented to Henry Crawford Griffith, champion of athletics

The Naughty-Naughts

Celebrating the creation of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

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