Through the Leaves

Can photographing someone’s art be considered an art? Chris Cachia thinks so.

Photo by Aida da Silva

The Sea

This artwork created by Philip Beesley – and photographed by Aida da Silva – transformed Brookfield Place in Toronto


Albert Tan uses the Brenizer method to get a new photographic effect on a familiar subject

Photo by Yi Zhao

Rise Like Lions

Yi Zhao tells a story of Occupy Toronto in photos

Photo by Benjamin Jakabek

Waiting for Handouts

Claudio’s Quality Seafood in Sydney draws both human and feathered clientele

Photo by Tea Hadziristic

The Resting Place

Tea Hadziristic explores a beautiful place for the dead

Photo by Chia Barsen

Web of Light

Chia Barsen catches a spider in the city’s glow

Look Down

Erica Sum finds beauty on the street

Image by Philip Johnson

Sneaky Dee’s

A Toronto music and late-night-snacking institution

Photo by Michael Yu

This Robot Gets Around

This cardboard robot has a penchant for travel, adventure, and distracting Michael Yu from his studies

Photo by Warren Davis

The Imposter

Warren Davis experiments with photo editing software

Photo by Alex Quick

Rare Bird

Alexander Quick captures the John P. Robarts library in its natural habitat

Bowie Tribute

Bodi Bold creates an homage to Aladdin Sane

Photo by Nikita Nikolaev

Wedding Crashers

Nikita Nikolaev finds himself unexpectedly at a wedding in a monastery

Photo by Matteo Mencarelli

The Sheikh

Matteo Mencarelli bears witness in Beirut

Photo by Gary Baker

Something Old, Something New

Lifetime Toronto resident Gary Baker documents a changing cityscape

Photo by Dan Epstein

A Happy Accident

Dan Epstein gets lucky working with film

Photo by Alexandra Auger

Cat Scratch

Alexandra Auger photographs her grandfather, his kitten, and a scratch reflex

Photo by Kathy Lawton

The Pilgrimage

Kathy Lawton takes in the sights at Namtso Lake, Tibet

Photo by Charles Hoppner

Tree of Lost Soles

Charles Hoppner knows a place where the shoes grow on trees

Photo by Annabelle Haudry

Taking the Plunge

Post-doctoral fellow Annabelle Haudry explores what lies beneath the sea

Photo by Gulzab Nawaz

Sweet Intoxication

Second-year student Gulzab Nawaz slows down time with her camera

Photo by Barbara Konecny

Arbore Family

Alum Barbara Konecny captures the way tourism is changing a way of life

Photo by Janine Riviere

Water Lilies

Janine Riviere captures one of many beautiful sights on the island of Mauritius

Photo by Nick Merzetti

Dirty Blonde

Nick Merzetti proves that complicated equipment is not what makes a great photo

Photo by Gerald Law

It Just Grows Back

Alum Gerald Law snapped this photo of an elderly man who gave up on shaving

Photo by Jing-Ling Kao-Beserve

Fleeting Days

A new mother discovers her child’s infancy doesn’t last long

Photo by Benson Kua

Freshly Fallen

Pharmacy student Benson Kua finds an upside to cold weather

Photo by Fadi Jozif


Engineering student Fadi Jozif takes a striking portrait

Photo by Lip Liew

Balancing Act

Someone spent a lot of time making these “men of stone” near Toronto’s Humber River Bay

Photo by Daniel Kukla

At the Fair

Daniel Kukla finds an unusually coloured horse

Lighthouse on Land

In curating part of this year’s Nuit Blanche, visual studies prof Christof Migone looked for work that could be seen (or heard) from afar

Photo by Sasi Shanmugarajah

Religion, Philosophy, Glamour

Sasi Shanmugarajah finds elegance in an unexpected place

Photo by Yuyi Ful

Doggy in the Window

Yuyi Fu captures a rare moment of canine reflection

Photo by Jose Castro

Power Surge

Jose Castro discovers that lightning does indeed strike twice

Enlightened Beings

Tim Bermingham plays with light to capture incredible feats of athleticism and strength

A Moment in Florida

Sarah Lee Walker discovers the joy of connecting with her environment through photography

Project 365

Anthropologist Sarah Gould has challenged herself to take one photo a day for a year

Photo by Victoria Fisher

Shadow Commuters

OISE graduate Victoria Fisher keeps her camera handy and waits for good luck

Photo by Remi Carreiro

Blue Night Bridge

Aspiring architecture student captures pedestrian bridge from an unusual point of view

Photo by Ren Hui Yoong

A Walk in the Park

Foggy weather makes for a dramatic image by fourth-year student Ren Hui Yoong

The Caledon Badlands

Aspiring photographer Mark Shannon was out driving when this landscape caught his eye

Puppy Love

Art history student Clare Somerville likes to take pictures of dogs and other beautiful creatures

Photo by David Pike in Urbane Magazine

Arte Povera

Urbane Magazine hopes to fill a campus niche with its mix of fashion and politics. Photo by David Pike.

Stairway to Heaven

Matthew Langford takes an interesting perspective on an unusual building

The Chandelier

Joel Bedford’s special effects turn this image of a chandelier into a rocket

A Heartbreaking Stumble

Naushad Ali Husein caught Chanice Taylor-Chase as she fell – a step away from winning gold in the 2009 Ontario high school track and field finals at Varsity Centre

Art from Above

David Padgett captures beauty in a skylight

Photo by David Farrant (BSc 1994 Victoria)

Monkey Business

Hart House tries out a new receptionist

Photo by Jackson Loi (MA 2002)

Film Noir

Jackson Loi captures a wintry St. George campus the old-fashioned way

Photo by Louis Tam (BA 2009 UTSC)

Head Over Heels

The Varsity Blues Dance Team keeps spectators entertained at half-time. Photo by Louis Tam.

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