Expecting the Unexpected

U of T provides an unparalleled setting in which students can prepare for a world of possibilities

The Best Investment Canada Can Make

To be competitive in the economy of tomorrow, governments should invest more in investigator-led research today

The True Impact of U of T

Help us measure the immense contributions our alumni make to their communities by participating in our first-ever Alumni Impact Survey

A Place to Reimagine the World

U of T’s Boundless campaign is helping the university – and Canada – shine as a beacon of inclusion and hope

The Globally Engaged University

An international strategy to build on U of T’s distinctive strengths

Keep Learning

U of T’s School of Continuing Studies is a powerful engine of opportunity

Toronto Higher

Toronto’s universities are working together to make the region an even better place to live, work and study

Toward a Greener Future

U of T is an international leader in climate change research and teaching

The Toronto Biomedical Cluster

With U of T as its academic anchor, the region has emerged as a global hub of biomedical innovation

The Enduring Relevance of the Humanities

They open our minds to the world – and the possibilities – around us

A Global Talent Destination

U of T’s ability to attract international graduate students is important to our – and Ontario’s – long-term success

Partners in Success

To maintain its top-20 global standing, U of T needs more funding from government

Leveraging our Location

A strong university helps build a strong city, and a strong city helps build a strong university

A Big Step Forward

The Ontario and federal governments have signalled a serious commitment to globally competitive research excellence

Job Ready

U of T is developing new programs to help students succeed after graduation

Defying Gravity

A strategy for maintaining and advancing U of T’s global standing

President's Message


President David Naylor reflects on his years at U of T

President's Message

Online and In Person

Digital synergy for higher education

President's Message

The Myth of the Ivory Tower

New schools show U of T is engaged, adaptable and more relevant than ever

President's Message

Our Ties with Asia

U of T’s long-standing connections with the Asia-Pacific region will serve us well in a future defined by global collaboration

President's Message

Accessible Excellence

U of T’s evergreen commitment to student aid

Photo by Gustavo Toledo

Serendipitous Circumstances

The Toronto region is a great home for a global university

Photo by Gustavo Toledo

Distinctive Strength

Exciting, dynamic growth is happening at U of T’s east and west campuses

President's Message

Boundless Potential

U of T’s new campaign

President David Naylor

The Value of Great Teaching

U of T is committed to providing students with a unique, globally oriented learning experience

David Naylor

Meeting Global Challenges

U of T is teaching future leaders to think creatively across disciplines

President David Naylor

Realizing Our Potential

Growing evidence shows the importance of life’s early years

President David Naylor

Investing in Talent

Scholarships and bursaries transform lives

David Naylor

Start-Up U

U of T is helping to create a culture of innovation

U of T President David Naylor

Our Green Future

U of T is rising to the global sustainability challenge

U of T President David Naylor

Tempus Fugit

Some personal reflections on this “great good place”

A Better Balance

Canada must devise a plan for its universities

U of T’s Unique Advantages

Our size and global reach offer undergrads unrivalled opportunities

Universities and the Innovation Economy

U of T is laying new foundations for prosperity

Going Global

We must prepare U of T for a borderless world

Forward Thinking

Setting U of T’s direction for the next 20 years

Behind the Scenes

U of T couldn’t succeed without its dedicated and talented staff

Athletic Renaissance

U of T is creating opportunities for athletes at all levels

The Topography of Innovation

Are Canadians ready to compete in the new knowledge economy?

GTA Overload?

Our undergraduate recruitment challenge

Towards 2030

How will we preserve excellence at the University of Toronto?

The Innermost Circle

The humanities play a central role at U of T

Our Quiet Revolution

Changing U of T’s undergraduate student experience

The Alumni Connection

There are many ways for alumni to stay engaged with U of T

Canada’s Research Powerhouse

A cradle for creativity, discovery and innovation

University Finance 101

A view from Simcoe Hall

Measuring Up

What university rankings do and don’t tell us

A Great Legacy, A Great Future

Every U of T student deserves an experience worthy of a great institution

Bright Prospects

A new administration heralds the start of a new era for U of T

Enriching Student Life

U of T aims to transform the student experience

The Choice for a Generation

Bob Rae’s post-secondary review

This Great Good Place

We have accomplished a tremendous amount together

Attracting the Best

U of T is committed to hiring a new generation of outstanding professors

Celebrating a Milestone

Donor generosity has created a strong foundation on which we must continue to build

Double Vision

How U of T coped with the cohort

The End of Science?

Hardly. A survey of current researchers finds that the big problems are just starting to be solved

Building for the Future

Our new construction boom is driven by higher enrolment, sound planning and real needs

Make a Difference

Why our faculty, staff and students care about the community

The Diversity Connection

U of T’s diversity makes it a great place to learn intercultural competence

The Students Are Coming

Enrolment increases offer an opportunity for expansion

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