Something Rotten In the State of the Arts?

Purists claim the arts should not be sullied by business. Pragmatists devalue the BA for failing to impart job skills. A pox on them, for they are all wrong. A defence of the liberal arts degree

Brave New Worlds

In the fresh vocabulary for teaching the humanities, the old must mix with the new

Keren Rice

Rice’s research has led to mapping out Dene grammar, a learned book on Athapaskan verbs and a training program for native teachers in Dene languages

George Elliott Clarke

Our expanded view of literature

Derek Penslar

“Look at the Jewish history books on my shelves written in the prewar period. Tremendous erudition, but encased in a mythological framework so thick that it severely limits their usefulness”

Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux

Pérez-Leroux wants to break down prejudices about bilingualism. She notes that some immigrants, sadly, do not pass their native language on to their children

Lodes of Culture

U of T researchers are unearthing the A-Æ-B-Cs of cultural history from medieval times to the present

There Are No Small Potatoes

To New Yorker scribe Malcolm Gladwell, little things make a huge difference. Right now, he has his eye on his next big idea – french fries

Classic Carson

The past is always intensely present for poet, novelist and classicist Anne Carson

Stage Presence

Ensconced below grade, Hart House Theatre provided a foundation for Canadian theatre, but recently it almost disappeared entirely

The Great Divide?

The truly educated should be able to navigate the boundary where art and science meet

Don’t Pressure Me!

Study finds that unhappy marriages increase blood pressure

Go with the Flo

The writing of Florence Nightingale brought to light

Seeking a Single E-male?

Digital dating is becoming a convenient alternative in the single scene

Breast Milk a Baby-Booster

Breast milk protein jump-starts the immune system in newborns

Show and Tell

Instruction manual to “how to” film

Healthy Diets Go Straight to the Brain

Lowering fat intake is good for your brain

Rocks of Ages

Discovering the path of granite magma

Theatre of Love

Alfred Bader donates $6 million for the construction of Victoria College theatre

Mission to MaRS?

U of T supports MaRS, a non-profit innovation centre

Stars Above

Asteroid named in honour of professor emeritus

The Emperor’s New Scholarship

Annual scholarship for Sexual Diversity Studies program

In Support of Multiculturalism

Researchers to study how new immigrants overcome difficulties and settle in Canada

Why They Give

Supporting education

Compete and Prosper

Rotman creates the J. Douglas and Ruth Grant Chair in Competitiveness

Celebrating 100

Grad sent the university $25 for the construction of Alumni Gates

A Lifetime of Study

Alumna earned a U of T degree at age 87


Distinguished Educators Award and the Helmut Kallman Prize

Youth Revisited

Seniors’ group shows no signs of slowing down

Early Impressions

The University of Toronto Press got its start printing exam booklets and is now the second-largest public university press in North America

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