Thanks a Billion!

Six years, 112,819 donors, more than $1 billion

Dollars & Sense

Deans, directors and principals report on how your campaign money has been put to work to create a better U of T

Great Friends for a Great University

A transformative campaign owes its success to thousands of donors

Back to Our Roots

At the heart of Canada’s largest urban centre, U of T’s landscape plan is creating a verdant oasis

A Gift That Grows

A $750 donation pays for the cost of purchasing and planting a tree

Helping Hands

An astonishing 112,819 donors gave to the Campaign for the University of Toronto. Here, a few explain why they contributed so generously

Student Affairs

Donor contributions have helped make watershed changes to the student experience. How? Here are just a few of the thousands of stories

Team Players

Through Project Blue, alumni and friends are creating a 
level playing field for student athletes

Progressive Programs

These three campaign-funded programs are enabling U of T students to experience unique learning opportunities

The Corporate Connection

Do corporate donations influence what goes on in the classroom? Campaign chair Tony Comper feels that everyone’s a winner when business supports higher learning

A Commanding Vision

Yes, the campaign raised $1 billion. But it also created a community committed to seeing U of T stand tall with the best in the world

Mapping U of T’s Success

A sampling of new programs, chairs and buildings that are changing the face of U of T, thanks to campaign dollars

Temple of the Tome

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library illuminates 4,000 years of Western history and culture

Celebrating a Milestone

Donor generosity has created a strong foundation on which we must continue to build

Decoding SARS

Organism combined mammalian and avian viruses, researchers find

Trading Spaces

Women aren’t entering skilled trades, despite shortage of workers

A Hero in Her Own Right

Jamaican-born nurse tended to wounded soldiers during the Crimean War

Mixing Therapies Can Hurt

Natural-health products and may cause adverse reactions with cancer treatments

The Power of Television

A popular sitcom may be changing the way we speak

Two Degrees of Separation

Maritimers are better connected than other Canadians, survey finds

Sophisticated Security

Prof’s encryption technique could lead to more secure documents

Miller Rising

Mayor plans to work with U of T on the shared goal of revitalizing Toronto

Street-Smart Nurse

Cathy Crowe fights for the health needs of the homeless

Double Vision

Vivienne Poy gets degree, then begins conferring them

Hong Kong Convocation

800 guests attend ceremony at Grand Hyatt Hotel

Doctor Awarded Meritorious Service Medal

Physician established foundation to raise awareness about Fragile X

Delicate Devotion

“Love plate” was created to celebrate the centenary of Wesleyan Methodism

Category: Spring 2004