Illustration by Tamara Shopsin

The Science of Sleep

Research is pointing to new treatments for the millions of North Americans who suffer from sleep disorders.

Photo by Frances Juriansz

Head of the Class

U of T’s Institute of Child Study has influenced education in Canada for more than 80 years. A visit to the lab school reveals why.

ICS Seeks $12 Million for Expansion

The 83-year-old institute needs new space

U of T and the Economy

An update on two fronts: the current fiscal climate, and the extraordinary achievements by members of the University of Toronto over the last few years.

Going Global

We must prepare U of T for a borderless world

Gift of a Lifetime

Professor Nigel Edwards received a liver donation from a former grad student

The Ties that Bind

Survey reveals that a large minority of students are caregivers

Business Expansion

Rotman School of Management launches $200-million fundraising campaign.

Marathon Man

Runner Danny Kassap recovers from a near-death event, with a little help from his friends

Etiquette 101

U of T’s Faculty Club serves up a helping of manners to alumni, students and staff.

Philosopher’s Walk

Plans are underway to refurbish the Queen Alexandra Gateway at the walk’s north end.

Thirsty Lands

Rod Tennyson’s dream of a trans-African pipeline would bring clean water to millions.

A Healing Spark

A tiny electrode implanted in the brain may help patients with Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other disorders

Third-hand smoke

Toronto Star reported in January that the alarm is sounding over “third-hand smoke”

All the Young Dudes

Toronto’s gay community favours young, fit, Caucasian men.

Intelligent Paper

Chemical engineer Ramin Farnood is developing “smart” packaging that could warn consumers if a food product is tainted

The D-Word

Q&A with Walid Hejazi, professor of business economics and international competitiveness at the Rotman School of Management.

An Animated History

Read about the creators of Superman, Betty Boop, Popeye and other animated characters at

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Business professor Ming Hu comes up with a new twist on a hard sell

River Rambler

Helen Mills explores Toronto’s past through its lost waterways

Screen Saver

Film savvy helped Brett Hendrie land one of Hot Docs’ top jobs

The World’s First ICBBM

That’s Intercontinental Beer-Burning Ballistic Missile

Fungi Magic

Director Ron Mann pays homage to an unusual obsession

The Finance Crisis and Rescue

What Went Wrong? Why? What Lessons Can Be Learned?

Ben and Larissa Bathgate

A big blue bird brought the law and drama students together

“This Is a Generational Struggle”

Captain Bruce Rolston wonders how long Afghanistan’s calm facade will remain after peacekeepers leave

60 Seconds With Alison Jutzi

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Powerful Women

U of T grads named to the Women’s Executive Network’s 100 most powerful women in Canada

The Bond of Victory

U of T students celebrate triumph in Europe during the Second World War

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