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Force for Change

Crime in Toronto is down, but after five years as police chief, Bill Blair knows he can’t take the city’s safety for granted

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The Big Promise of a Tiny Cell

Stem cell medicine may soon generate new treatments for any condition where cells have been damaged, such as heart disease, diabetes – even blindness

Neena Kanwar

Risky Business

U of T science students are learning how to turn their high-tech ideas into products the world wants

Anand Agarawala

The Virtual Office

With his company Bump Top, Anand Agarawala is transforming the computer desktop

Sonya Amin

Animating the Body

Sonya Amin’s medical animation company has doubled its revenue almost every year since its inception

Darren Anderson

Thinking Small

Darren Anderson wants his nanotech company, Vive Nano, to become one of the next global chemical giants

Neena Kanwar

Healthy Hearts

Neena Kanwar says her company, KMH Cardiology and Diagnostic Centres, is committed to quality patient care, short wait times and state-of-the-art technology

Shawn Qu

Here Comes the Sun

Shawn Qu’s Canadian Solar is already one of the world’s largest solar energy companies. Ten years from now he wants it to be an industry leader

Calling All Businesses

Francis Shen credits luck, good ideas, timing and avoiding complacency for his success with Aastra Technologies

U of T President David Naylor

Tempus Fugit

Some personal reflections on this “great good place”

Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about how we measure society’s progress, ads that watch you, and protecting birds in the city

Scholars at Risk

U of T program supports academics who have experienced political oppression


Send in the Clown

Fiona Griffiths helps students access their inner entertainer at Hart House

New windows in Massey college honour Rose Wolfe and Professor Emerita Ursula Franklin

Wisdom Windows

Massey College honours Rose Wolfe and Ursula Franklin

Revolution from Within

U of T student Nerissa Cariño garners a Peace Medallion for her work fighting violence against women

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What Rankings Reveal

Global surveys place U of T among top universities worldwide in academic and research strength

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Second Opinion

The real world offers many sources of medical advice. Soon virtual worlds may, too

The Better Way? Not So Fast

Tolls are better than transit for easing traffic gridlock over the long term, researchers say

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Birthright Lottery

Why should the accidental circumstances of birth confer almost unlimited opportunity to some and condemn others to a life of struggle?

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The Vitamin D Crisis

Dark-skinned Canadians may face higher risk of disease due to vitamin D deficiency, doctor warns

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Smarter Buildings

A U of T computer scientist is developing a program to help predict – and ultimately reduce – buildings’ energy use

Map by Zara Matheson, Martin Prosperity Institute: Data Source: MPI Calculations: Raw Data: Jeff Potter, ATOF, Inc.

Is Your City Happy?

People living on the east side of Toronto are more neurotic than those in the west, study of cities’ “personalities” finds

Mealtime Patriotism

Writer Sarah Elton argues in favour of local eating

Photo by Wayne Hiebert/Ottawa Citizen, reprinted by permission

Poet in Motion

Dionne Brand releases her new collection, Ossuaries, while serving as Toronto’s poet laureate

Doug Carrick (BLA 1981)

Strokes of Genius

Doug Carrick has designed more than 50 golf courses worldwide

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What a School Can Be

Dr. Alison Kelford finds new meaning for “community” in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Peter Silverman receives the Order of Ontario from Lt.-Gov. David Onley in 2009

60 Seconds With Peter Silverman

The former host of Silverman Helps talks about the perils of pursuing unscrupulous businesspeople

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Skule Idol

Engineering science alumni reveal a talent for opera

Wendy Cecil Wins Volunteer Award

Other accolades: Rotmans named outstanding philanthropists and two honorary degrees awarded

Photo courtesy of University of Toronto Archives/Robert Lansdale Photography Ltd. (B1998-0033[691120-15])

Earthly Pursuits

Sculptor Dora de Pédery-Hunt captures the likeness of Erindale’s principal

Balance? What Balance?

Finding harmony between professional and personal life proves elusive for many, study finds

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