Decade of the Dynamo

Inspired, energetic, driven – nothing ever stopped Robert Prichard in his tracks during 10 years as president, not even a near tragedy

The Cast of Presidents

From dramatic to subtle, 13 men have given us their interpretation of the leading role at U of T

Of Murder and Magic

The inspiration for the fanciful novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Caroline Roe sprang from the U of T campus

Did Someone Say ‘Eureka’?

The great idea is just the first step – that’s when the Innovations Foundation steps in. Now it’s looking for alumni who can help take new discoveries to market

The Art of Change

The University of Toronto Art Centre has reopened as a mature gallery, with U of T’s own collections and travelling exhibits on view

A Huge Presence

Through the lens of Lee Miller

The True North?

J.E.H. MacDonald’s view of the Algoma region


William Holman Hunt’s portrait of Henry Wentworth Monk


Italo-Byzantine crosses part of the Lillian Malcove Collection

A Good Time to Say Goodbye

Incoming president takes office at a very promising moment in the history of the university

More Than Meets the Eye

Glaucoma affects major vision centres in the brain, as well as eyes

Doodles Not to be Marginalized

Book margins notes reveal the period and the reading habits of the past

A Taxing Question

Income near equal for one-earner and two-earner families with children

Life on Mars?

Finding the answers to how humans could possibly explore Mars

Painful Truth

Study shows women with severe arthritis are half as likely to undergo surgery than men

The Cosmic Speed Limit

Professor emeritus John Moffat is questioning Einstein’s theory of relativity

Six Big Awards

Killam Prizes and fellowships from the American Guggenheim Foundation

1 Degree = 20 Credits

Governing Council votes to eliminate the three-year A&S undergraduate degree

Honorary Degrees

Honorary doctorates given at spring convocation ceremonies

Architects of the World

Dean emeritus of architecture establishes fellowship for study at Taliesin West

Support for Aches and Pains

U of T’s Centre for the Study of Pain

Why They Give

Giving back to U of T

Chair for Bill Davis

Chair in Community College leadership

Class of ’47 Engineers

Giving to future engineers

Open the Gates

Architectural feature will enhance the university and the city

School Ties

Poll of recent grads

Awards of Excellence

University of Toronto Alumni Association’s awards


Appointments to the Order of Canada and other award recognitions

The President’s Gown

The magnificent robe was created in 1985

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