Parents – At Last!

Reproductive science has made huge strides over the past 30 years, bringing hope to millions of infertile couples. But some formidable barriers remain

The Age Barrier

Even with the best medical technology, most women over 40 have little chance of getting pregnant

Who Should Pay for IVF?

Quebec covers three cycles, but most provinces don’t cover infertility treatment

Blue & White & Green All Over

Solar panels at the Athletic Centre, composting in residence, farming on St. George. What next? A back campus wind turbine?

Tasty, Affordable – and Sustainable

Hot Yam serves up the greenest lunch on campus


Residence program seeks to change how students think about energy use and conservation


Beijing Diary

Claude Bissell’s visit to China, at a time of political isolation between the West and China, foreshadowed the spirit of international exchange at U of T today

The Great Good Place

U of T’s eighth president recognized the importance of the university’s global reputation

Claude Bissell on Campus

Claude Bissell’s final term as U of T president ended almost 40 years ago, but his remarkable contribution as a scholar, administrator and leader is recognized on the St. George Campus today, with buildings, portraits and other tributes honouring Bissell’s legacy

Letters to the Editor

Readers weigh in on Toronto police chief Bill Blair, the idea of a “birthright levy,” and congestion fees

U of T President David Naylor

Our Green Future

U of T is rising to the global sustainability challenge

Nature Study

Every year, Arthur Weis welcomes more than 500 undergrads to Koffler Scientific Reserve

Waging Peace

Three of his daughters were killed by Israeli fire. In Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish’s new book, he calls for an end to the violence

Seuss Power!

Student group recruits talented young musicians to perform for children in hospitals

The Dream Maker

Isaac Olowolafe Jr. donates $25,000 to help students in New College’s African Studies program

Northern Light

Trips to the Arctic inspired scholarship for aboriginal students

An Apple for Teacher? How Quaint

Some U of T students go out of their way to express how much they appreciate their favourite prof

The Social Historian

Professor Natalie Zemon Davis gives new life to history’s outsiders

Mapping the Mind

Ambitious 10-year project will create a detailed electronic atlas of the brain

The Dark Master

Caravaggio rebelled against dogma and received wisdom. Is that why we like him so much?

Ending It All

We run our lives as we wish. Why can’t we have a say in our own death?


What kind of films are part of the “mumblecore” movement?

Cheaper Digital X-Rays

Physicist John Rowlands has invented a way to deliver high-quality X-rays at a fraction of the regular cost

Urban Living

Architecture grads imagine new forms of city housing

Addicted to Love

The American Psychiatric Association is considering whether “hypersexual disorder” should be included in its next guide to mental illness

Paying for Prescriptions

An idea for managing the fastest-growing segment of health-care costs

The Outlaw

In a creative rut? Renegade computer designer Bill Buxton advocates less work and more play

Global Learning

Rumeet Toor launches a teacher’s college in rural Kenya

The Lost Left

Westerners who reject mainstream culture as “inauthentic” may, in fact, be status seekers, says Andrew Potter

You Are What You Wear

In artist Luis Jacob’s new exhibition, bodies are framed within the environment and surroundings are incorporated into bodies

Lee Campbell and Peter Forsythe

“We’ve been married for more than 30 years now, and it’s been quite the adventure”

Another Feather for Her Cap

U of T awards Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion an honorary degree

Where Are the Women?

Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay asks why only one-fifth of Canadian politicians are female

60 Seconds With Heather Moyse

Gold medalist Heather Moyse talks to Lisa Bryn Rundle about her Olympic journey

Looking East and West

Campus growth high on the agenda for Governing Council members

Royal Runner

Bruce Kidd participates in the Queen’s Baton Relay – the first of two times

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