Star Turns

More than actors, playwrights and directors, these artists are architects who helped create Canada’s thriving theatre scene

Star Turns: Sky Gilbert

“I’m always going to have that bent to read and write and learn new things”

Star Turns: Kristen Thomson

Lying on the U.C. Playhouse theatre floor during a warm-up, Thompson thought, “OK, this is where I belong”

Star Turns: Daniel Brooks

“Originality can only happen when one begins with love of individual expression and allows it to lead to collective expression.”

Star Turns: Charmion King

“Being an actor is like being at university. It opens your mind and your soul and make you tap into yourself.”

Star Turns: William Hutt

“I saw this hemorrhaging of talent across the border. If everyone left, we would never have a cultural picture in this country.”

The Big Picture

U of T cosmologists are piecing together the epic table of how the universe has evolved over 14 billion years

A Meeting of Greek Minds

They are grad students, retired profs, a diplomat, a vet. They read Plato in ancient Greek, for fun. Deinos!

The Family Business

Law grad Jean Teillet continues the fight of great-granduncle Louis Riel – in the courtroom

Royal Adventures

The latest prince to visit campus got the last laugh, but the very first prince most certainly got the last dance. A look at royal visits to U of T

The Diversity Connection

U of T’s diversity makes it a great place to learn intercultural competence

Combatting Drug Resistance

Making it easier for scientists to target drug therapy

Almonds Fight Cholesterol

Study finds almonds lower levels of bad cholesterol

Sound Directions

New electronic devices that use sound navigation

The African-Canadian Experience

George Elliott Clarke explores the African-Canadian experience in a new collection of essays

Is Depression on the Rise?

Increasing use of antidepressants in Canada

Ad Nauseam

Repetition in advertising confusing consumer memory

New Hope

U of T researchers are refining an experimental Alzheimer’s vaccine

From Science to Screen

Biology major, David Alpay, plays a pivotal role in Egoyan’s latest film

Grand Openings

U of T opens two new buildings for students and researchers

A House on Higher Ground

Tree house competition challenges architecture students to think creatively

Tops Times Nine

U of T ranks top again in Maclean’s annual University rankings

Mini-Med School Mighty Successful

U of T experts discuss various health topics in public program

Team Fights Against Parkinson’s Disease

U of T student volunteers assisted at all-star fundraising event

Poy Elected New Chancellor

Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university and ambassador to all alumni

Prize Writer

Austin Clarke wins $25,000 Giller Prize for his latest novel, The Polished Hoe

At the Top of Her Game

Last year, Nancy Lee forged the largest sports-rights contract in Canadian broadcast history

Remembering the Fallen

Soldiers’ Tower committee seeks funds to renovate tower

Arbor Award Winner Produces Memories

Alumnus helps produce a memory book for New College

Discovering Homecoming

U of T hosts the first Alumni Homecoming in nearly a decade


Alumni named to the Order of Canada

Mistress of the Hall

The mysterious bronze maiden of Knox College

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