Ghost Worlds

The search for other Earths

What Is a Planet?

Recent discoveries force astronomers to rethink long-held definition

A Whole New World of Study

U of T Scarborough to launch planetary science program

U of T’s Oddball Charms

16 unusual, outrageous and delightful tales of campus life

Just “Rosie”

How does Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella find time to be an author and pianist and a judge? “Every day is a gift,” she says. “I do what I can to make the most of it”

Our Thanks to You

Every year, thousands of alumni, friends, foundations, community partners, corporations, staff and faculty support the University of Toronto. We are also grateful to our partners in government for helping to keep U of T at the forefront of innovation and discovery

A Great Legacy, A Great Future

Every U of T student deserves an experience worthy of a great institution

Everything Is Possible

Making the student experience count for more

Of Mice and Men

U of T team finds that few protein-coding genes remain to be discovered, but a single gene can spawn thousands of different proteins

Nano Space Invaders

Tiny satellites will conduct innovative experiments

Meet the SIMs

Computer-operated mannequins can tell nursing students “That hurts!” or “I feel dizzy!”

What Are the Odds of That?

In his new book, math prof Jeffrey Rosenthal gives us the tools to assess life’s chances

Foiling the Warren Harding Syndrome

Structured interviews help weed out bias in job selection

Dangerous Liaisons

Zoologist Maydianne Andrade makes an intriguing discovery about the bizarre mating habits of redback spiders

Yesterday’s News

A look back at 125 years of The Varsity

Stem Cell Scientists Win Lasker Award

Researchers also honoured in mental health research and engineering

Waves of Support

U of T community responds to Hurricane Katrina, South Asia earthquake

Centres of Discovery

Three new facilities provide cutting-edge venues for biomedical research, public health and the arts

Twelve Times Tops

U of T ties with McGill for first on Maclean’s list among medical-doctoral universities

Stepping Up

HSBC Bank Canada Steps to University program opens the door to post-secondary education

New Home for University College Students

Russell and Katherine Morrison’s gift to student life on campus

Bringing Good Skills to Life

Academic Skills Centre at the University of Toronto at Mississauga receives gift from three community partners

Seeds of Hope

Gift to U of T will help students make the most of their opportunity

Learning to Lead

Seminars and workshops bring alumni back share their expertise with students

A Farewell Gift to Last Forever

Award named in honour of Interim President, Frank Iacobucci

Sweet Devotion

Dawn Wilkinson’s first feature film wins Audience Award at the 2005 Reel World Film Festival

Wikipedia Wonderboy

Victoria College alum is a daily contributor to the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia

Arbor Awards

Annual awards recognize voluntarism at U of T

Law Grad Wins Emmy

David Shore honoured for medical drama House

U of T’s Black Alumni Association awards gala

And the Award Goes to…

Stumbling Upon Cedar

Totem stands guard in University College’s east staircase

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