The House That Dave Built

How law grad David Shore took one misanthropic doctor, added a large dose of twisted humour and created the hit medical drama House

So You Want to Write for Pictures?

From movies to TV and comedy to animation, here is a small sampling of U of T alumni who wrote their way to success south of the border

Untangling Alzheimer’s

A U of T centre is hunting down the genes that cause this debilitating brain illness, and moving us closer to a cure

Are You at Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s?

Genetic testing may provide an answer – but it’s rarely decisive and can have unexpected consequences

God’s Laboratory

This spring, an international team of physicists, including several from U of T, will launch the most ambitious science experiment ever devised. Their goal: to unlock the secrets of the universe

Our Thanks to You

How do you thank the people who helped U of T become a world-class university? One donor at a time….

Life, the Universe and TV

Three views on scientific investigation

GTA Overload?

Our undergraduate recruitment challenge

When Flattery Rears Its Head

Children as young as four understand that well-placed praise can yield social benefits

Nutrition in a Bottle

Food Engineering Group is creating a drink that will provide protein, vitamins and micronutrients

Seeking Justice for All

Pilot project helps people avoid jail-shelter cycle

When Opposing Thoughts Attract

Roger Martin, dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, illustrates his concept of “integrative thinking” in his new book

Something in the Air

An international research team has found traces of phosgene in the atmosphere

Space Invader

Dr. Dave Williams breaks Canadian spacewalk records

Urban Legend

Celebrated American academic Richard Florida heads up the new Martin Prosperity Institute at U of T

Thinking Big

Chief advancement officer David Palmer lays the groundwork for the next generation of fundraising at U of T

About Face

A popular social networking website is changing how students interact

Constitutional Centre at Law School

U of T’s Faculty of Law receives largest donation ever given to a law school in Canada

Varsity Track Gets New Name

The Davenport Family Foundation supports Varsity Centre campaign in memory of John L. Davenport

Tanenbaums Create Engineering Scholarships

Tanenbaums pledge $1 million to support admission scholarships in the Department of Civil Engineering

Donor Supports “Helping” Disciplines

Nora Post decided to donate to U of T where her money would make the greatest impact for students

Donating BCE Shares Yields Tax Benefit

U of T and donor benefit from donated shares

History Professor Creates Holocaust Essay Prize

Endowed essay prize recognizes academic excellence in Holocaust Studies

University Blues?

Author Jeff Rybak talks about the educational system’s flaws – and how students can play to its strengths.

Elizabeth Hay Wins Giller Prize

Scientist grads awarded honorary degrees, inducted into National Women’s Hall of Fame

Meet the Press

John M.Kelly Library is home to a 6,000-pound, hand-operated flatbed Reliance printing press

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