Ms. Universe

Astronaut Julie Payette prepares for her second journey into space

A New Era in Public Health

For decades, the medical profession has favoured treatment over prevention. U of T’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health is setting out to change that thinking

The Dalla Lanas Make Their Mark

$20-million gift to the U of T will help refurbish Canada’s role as an innovator in public health

Stolen Words

The Internet has made plagiarizing easier than ever. But detection methods have gone high-tech, too.

Testing Turnitin

“How original a writer am I?” wonders Zoe Cormier

Our Thanks to You

Imagine denying even one promising student an education. Impossible. For donors like you.

Forward Thinking

Setting U of T’s direction for the next 20 years

Towards 2030

Planning for U of T’s third century

To Boldly Go

U of T’s Dunlap Institute will step up the search for worlds beyond our solar system

Women Wanted

Engineering faculty hopes mentorship, new image will reverse slide in female enrolment

The Bicycle Messenger

Métis law student Joshua Sutherland has something to say to native youth

Restoring Robarts

$40-million renovation will boost study space, upgrade technology.

Building for the Blues

Kimel Family Field House gets the go-ahead

All in the Family

The Drakiches are likely the only brother-and-sister combo coaching volleyball at a university in Canada

Stay Awhile!

New rules let international students reside in Canada for longer after graduating

Healing the Heart

Specially engineered tissue patches could help heart attack patients fully recover

All Roads Lead to …Madaba?

Small Jordanian city was ancient metropolis, U of T field researchers find

Tower Power

Toronto mayor picks up U of T plan to green, preserve and beautify the city’s highrises

Up Against Google

With BlogScope, a U of T computer science group is taking on the search titan in the realm of public opinion

Environmental Toxins

Q&A with Miriam Diamond, co-chair of Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Scientific Expert Panel

Climate Detectives

A northern lake may offer clues about the future of global warming

The City That Never Was

In Unbuilt Toronto, Mark Osbaldeston explores an alternate civic destiny

Our Own Jackie O.

Former alumni governor encourages grads to consider “life-changing” role with U of T

Front Campus Field

My Favourite Place

Seamstress to the Kings

Innis alumna suits up Elvis tribute artists

Outliers: The Story of Success

Author Malcolm Gladwell looks beyond individual traits of the wildly successful

My Generation

Twixters take on 20-something stereotypes

Sitting Pretty

Architecture alumni create product design studio

60 Seconds With Jessi Cruickshank

A Q&A with the MTV Canada host

Crossed Wires

A lesson in the pitfalls of cross-cultural communication

Chariots of Godiva

Engineering students use smarts and sabotage in a grand old race

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