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Is Life Getting Better?

A new measure of “national wealth” would include health, education and other things Canadians consider important

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Georgia Coffee Star

A typhoon bears down on a travelling couple in the winning entry in the 2009 Alumni Short Story Contest


Remorse and the Post-Op Denver Convention

Runner-up and Reader’s Choice Winner in the 2009 Alumni Short Story Contest.



Winner in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

(The Dog)

The Dog / Pic Mobert

Runner-up in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

(In Rocco's House)

In Rocco’s House (My Grandmother’s Poor Beginning)

Reader’s Choice winner in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

(Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest)

About the Judges

A panel of eight judges selected the winners and runners-up in the 2009 Alumni Short Story and Poetry contest

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Look Closely!

Award-winning photojournalist Rita Leistner shines a light on North American native communities

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Our Thanks to You

University is the place where future leaders invent themselves. Thank you for helping U of T make that happen.

A Better Balance

Canada must devise a plan for its universities

(Letters to the Editor)

Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about “Out and Proud,” elections in Iran and cycling in the city

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Boosting Your Cultural IQ

U of T programs help immigrants such as Norma Mendez re-establish their careers in Canada

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Messenger of Peace

Student journalist Jasmeet Sidhu is named one of Glamour’s Top 10 College Women

Mining Gift

Mining Innovations

Entrepreneur Pierre Lassonde and Goldcorp help fund a new mining centre

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Double Threat

Two new hockey recruits use their “twin telepathy” on the ice

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Champion of Accessibility

Professor Rod Michalko works to eradicate prejudices associated with being disabled

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At a Loss for Words

Did Alzheimer’s kill crime novelist Agatha Christie?

(Illustration by Marco Cibola)

The Ads Have Eyes

Software uses tiny cameras to track who’s watching digital ad displays

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Lives Lived

A project 50 years in the making tells Canada’s story through its people


Converts say that VB6 can do wonders for you


Blocking the Buzz

New device provides better “masking” for tinnitus sufferers

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Genes and Politics

Do our genes influence whom we vote for or whether we vote? They can, says politics prof Peter Loewen

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Road Thrill

Art profs create a sparkling underside to the Gardiner Expressway

(Lunch Time Test)

The Lunchtime Cancer Test

BlackBerry-sized device developed at U of T can identify cancer type and severity in 30 minutes

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Star Turn

Wendy Freedman earns major cosmology prize for her research into the Hubble constant

(Carl Mitchell)

Alumni Connection

UTAA president Carl Mitchell wants to get to know you better

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Stories from the Intensive Care Unit

Tilda Shalof’s books unmask the high-pressure world of nursing

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Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

Giller Prize winning book adapted for TV series

(Ed and Florence Gross)

Ed and Florence Gross

“Our main advice is: marry young and don’t die.”

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The Political Circus

Gabe Thirlwell gives new meaning to the term “puppet regime”

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Prisoners in Tehran

Treatment of political detainees hasn’t changed – but technology offers hope

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60 Seconds with Robert Herjavec

Advice from the Dragon’s Den judge: don’t be cutthroat, but don’t be a pushover, either.

(Arbor Awards)

Atom Egoyan Establishes Innis Scholarship

U of T Arbor Awards recognize volunteers for their outstanding personal service to the university

(Photo by Russell Monk)

Chemical Reaction

Professor John Polanyi’s groundbreaking work earns him a Nobel Prize

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