The Softness of Bodies

After a flood, a woman is haunted by the hundreds of fish stuck in her fence

Cityscape with Widow

After the death of her husband, and revelations about his double life, Nellie Hood contemplates how to create a new future for herself

Another Subway Ride

Emily Glazer writes about the exhilarating effects of love

Fish Market

Emily Paskevics writes about a vivid encounter at the market in Sonsonate, El Salvador

Burning Ambition

Nancy Marcotte writes about a fateful summer of 1959 in Keewatin

Sun Smiles

Arih Struger-Kalkman explores the hardships of leaving the past behind


Rita Chen writes about a future where “perfect” artificially made children can be purchased

The Darkness Didn’t Take You

Melody Playford uses poetry as an outlet for sharing memories

A Fall Day

Cáitrióna Giles writes about past wounds – and liberation from them


Mohsin Mohammad writes about a dystopian future in this sci-fi piece

Stone World Love

David Nichols triggers sensory experience with words

Down, Across

Anupama Mohan’s writing has both quirky and serious overtones

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At the War Memorial

Britta Elmberg writes about the losses incurred by war

Shapwick Heath

On Shapwick Heath

Ewan MacPherson turns to the natural world for poetic inspiration

Monarch Butterfly

A Butterfly on the Rhubarb Leaves

Brandon Marlon uses vivid imagery in his poetic verses

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Patsy Cunningham writes about the evacuation of faculty and families from the American University in Cairo in 1942

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Why does a poet envy the death of a martyr?

Philosophy and romance are intermingled in Moshiur Rahman’s poetry

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Self-published poet Aracely Reyes often uses dark imagery in her work

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Dreamtime and the What of the Shadow

Cory Ingram’s creative exploration of life evokes a dreamlike quality

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Status: Indian

Jeff Dupuis writes a poetic commentary on Aboriginal Affairs

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