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Winter 2012

A World of Possibilities

University of Toronto students are putting their knowledge to work in the global village

Michael Odam (MBA 2011), Farrah Chanda Aslam, a master's student in social work and community development, and Sarah Richardson, a PhD candidate in art history, all pursued international experiences at U of T

What’s it like to work on the world’s largest physics experiment? Or experience the challenges of doing business in India? Or seek justice for women in Kenya? In this series of stories, you’ll meet seven students, and one recent grad, who are exploring their interests – and contributing to the world – in ways they might never have imagined when they started at U of T.

Breath of Life
Bev Bradley is developing technology to give hospitals in low income countries a more reliable supply of medical oxygen

Conflict Zone
In Jerusalem, Sara Lee discovered that everything in Israel connects with the Palestinian question, even the food

Neighbourhood Watch
Students in U of T Scarborough’s City Studies program learn first-hand how local immigrants are adapting to life in Canada

Water, Power and the Boardroom
Rotman’s international study tours taught Michael Odam the ins and outs of doing business in low-income countries

Rights of Girls and Women
Law student Meghan Lindo worked in Kenya to seek justice for victims of sexual assault

The Universe in a Lab
Physics undergrad Aysha Abdel-Aziz is making her own unique contribution to a massive international research project

Real Life 101
Humanities for Humanity brings U of T students and Toronto residents together to explore life’s “big ideas”

The Statue and the Monk
Sarah Richardson gets an insider’s perspective on the rise of religious monuments in India

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