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Summer 2013

Starting Up

They're tech-savvy, creative and driven. Meet five young grads who have created their own unique careers

Earlier this year, a group of U of T engineering grads unveiled the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb. A few weeks later, a computer science student launched a new kind of virtual keyboard. Countless other young grads are abandoning the traditional job route to create their own companies. “Technology is making it easier for a new generation to bootstrap,” observes David Berkal, a 2011 arts grad who started his own ethical travel enterprise.

He and the four other young U of T entrepreneurs profiled here may be harnessing new technology to different degrees, but they all share a desire to build their own legacy and work by their own rules. What else drives them? Read on.

(All photos by Liam Sharp.)


Cybill Lui (BBA 2002 UTSC)
Dream Job

Shayan Hamidi (BSc 2006 STM)
Rokham Fard (BSc 2007 NEW)
Taking on Goliath

David Berkal (BA 2011 UC)
Backpacking with a Purpose

Nadia Amoroso
Beauty in Numbers

Stephen Piron (BSc 2003 VIC)
Uncovering Fraud

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