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 Likes: At Canada’s Own Jurassic Park

George Jacob is fascinated with museums: and is heading the new Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Alberta

 Likes: John Lennon and Yoko Ono Rock Varsity Stadium

An iconic Toronto concert in 1969 heralded the breakup of the Beatles and the launch of new acts

 Likes: Are You There Robarts? It’s Me, Joe

You’re rough hewn and intimidating but I respect and appreciate you − and wish more students here did, too

 Likes: 2015 Writing Contest Winners

Read all the winners, runners up and readers’ choice favourites in the U of T Magazine 2015 Writing Contest

 Likes: [untitled]

Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

 Likes: Somnolent Table

Runner-up and readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

 Likes: Boxer’s Bargain

Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

 Likes: Mary

Runner-up and readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

 Likes: A Pilgrimage to Atalaia

Runner-up in the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

 Likes: Man and Mana

Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

 Likes: The Boy on the Streetcar

Readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

 Likes: Standing for Truth

Alumna Dana Wagner aims to keep politicians honest during the federal election campaign

 Likes: Where Do You Go, My Lovelies?

Fred and Norah Urquhart’s lifelong quest for the hidden kingdom of the Monarch butterfly

 Likes: Designer at Play

A standing ovation for an award-winning chair

 Likes: The Vegan Advantage

Vegetable diet a healthy choice for Type 2 diabetics, study finds

 Likes: Students Celebrate the Armistice on November 11, 1918

A diary entry from U of T’s women students on the day the First World War ended

 Likes: Rate Your Happiness

Simple happiness test is considered highly reliable

 Likes: 153 Students Receive Cressy Awards

Eleanore Gann honoured for Darfur advocacy

 Likes: Singing for Her Breakfast

Staff member wins Cheerios vocal search

 Likes: Changed by War

A century ago, the First World War changed Canadian society profoundly, and transformed the University of Toronto no less

 Likes: The Bully Who is Everywhere

The Internet makes it easy to be mean. No wonder cyberbullying among teens has everyone worried.

 Likes: True U of T Ghost Stories

There really are things that go bump in the lab

 Likes: U of T Ranked 20th in the World

University also named tops in Canada in all disciplines

 Likes: 2014 Photo Contest Winners

Once again, there were hundreds of superb entries from around the world and very few easy decisions

 Likes: Sidewalk Surfin’

Professor Mark Kortschot has invented a new kind of skateboard

 Likes: Allen Chan and Matt Davis

Designer Guys transform their clients’ dowdy surroundings into hip spaces

 Likes: Thirsty Lands

Rod Tennyson’s dream of a trans-African pipeline would bring clean water to millions.

 Likes: Wayne Levin and Deborah Fletcher

How two former political rivals created a life together

 Likes: Anatomy of a Makeover

Architect Nader Tehrani talks about his company’s striking design for the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture

 Likes: Elizabeth Hay Wins Giller Prize

Scientist grads awarded honorary degrees, inducted into National Women’s Hall of Fame

 Likes: Not So Gooey After All

Apocalyptic scenario of runaway nanotechnology unlikely, author says

 Likes: Poet in Motion

Dionne Brand releases her new collection, Ossuaries, while serving as Toronto’s poet laureate

 Likes: Instrument of War

First World War era Corona typewriter

 Likes: Ray Hsu

Poet will soon publish his first full-length book

 Likes: How Big is Ford Country?

Rob Ford garnered more support downtown in last fall’s Toronto election than initially thought, analysis shows

 Likes: Africentric Schools

Professor George Dei says parents of black children have been concerned for 30 years that the Toronto school system is not serving their children. “It was time to try a new approach.”

 Likes: Beer Meister

When “hopportunity” knocked, John Gergesha’s chemistry degree made him a top draft choice for a beer tasting job.

 Likes: Eureka!

Where do great ideas come from?

 Likes: The Real World

Four alumni offer advice to graduating students about finding a job and transitioning out of university

 Likes: Reverse Succession

When his son fell ill with cancer, Ian Lightstone stepped up to carry on Jeremy’s business vision

 Likes: The Curious Squirrel

It’s hard to say who’s more fascinated, the photographer or her subject.

 Likes: The Softness of Bodies

After a flood, a woman is haunted by the hundreds of fish stuck in her fence

 Likes: The Lives of Animals

Most animals raised for food in Canada live on industrial sites where they never go outdoors. Under our laws, this is perfectly legal, but is it ethical?

 Likes: Don’t Overdo It!

Women who exercise strenuously may be at greater risk of developing dementia later in life, study finds

 Likes: The Cosmic Speed Limit

Professor emeritus John Moffat is questioning Einstein’s theory of relativity

 Likes: Crossed Wires

A lesson in the pitfalls of cross-cultural communication

 Likes: Knee-deep in Olympic champions

U of T athletes on the podium

 Likes: Iciclology 101

Most icicles have the same carrot shape. But differences in temperature, wind conditions and water composition affect their final form

 Likes: At the Quinte Hotel

Bruce Alcock animates one of the most famous poems of Canadian poet Al Purdy

 Likes: A Creative Director for Toronto?

Jason Logan argues that what the city needs most are innovative, visual, urban design ideas

 Likes: Lawrence Ho

Casino king is making his mark in Macau

 Likes: Alumni Connection

UTAA president Carl Mitchell wants to get to know you better

 Likes: Great Friends for a Great University

A transformative campaign owes its success to thousands of donors

 Likes: OISE’s New Direction

Education faculty to more than double the size of its graduate programs in teacher education, eliminate BEd by 2015

 Likes: Urban Crusader

CivicAction CEO Mitzie Hunter is a champion for a better Toronto

 Likes: The Mud Bowl

Canada Post commemorates an iconic moment at U of T’s Varsity Stadium

 Likes: Consultant with a Cause

John Paul de Silva’s company provides sound – and less costly – business advice to help non-profit organizations raise funds more effectively

 Likes: The Problem of Pain

A pioneering Toronto clinic takes a new approach to a baffling medical problem

 Likes: The Age Barrier

Even with the best medical technology, most women over 40 have little chance of getting pregnant

 Likes: Scholars at Risk

U of T program supports academics who have experienced political oppression

 Likes: Taking on Goliath

A Toronto startup is using technology to reinvent how homes are bought and sold

 Likes: Yes, You can Sing!

Mark Daboll’s website helps people improve their voice

 Likes: Grist for the Mill

Medicine wasn’t always so easy to swallow

 Likes: Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller

Economist Jeff Rubin’s new book contemplates life after the Oil Age

 Likes: Stand and Deliver

Trinity lectern is a “curiosity”

 Likes: How Mindfulness Helps

Studies show that mindfulness meditation improves everything from stress to binge eating

 Likes: Anthony Burton, Doug Cooper & Atom Egoyan

Trinity College friends

 Likes: Reading is Believing

Grad Asim Hussain believes in the power of books to help people reach their full potential

 Likes: A New Era in Public Health

For decades, the medical profession has favoured treatment over prevention. U of T’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health is setting out to change that thinking

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Readers weigh in on roommates, climate change and mental health

 Likes: Forest Warrior

Charlotte Gill reminisces about life as a professional tree planter

 Likes: Why Good People Do Bad Things

Are we living in an unethical era?

 Likes: Urban Explorer

Torontoist editor Hamutal Dotan seeks out stories from the underground

 Likes: I’ll Rassle You for a Dozen Up!

Small-town Ontario English preserves older terms that have fallen out of use in the province’s larger cities

 Likes: Good Eggs

Maliha Chishti, Bhante Saranapala, Jim O’Mara, Lesra Martin, Bindu Dhaliwal and Duff Conacher

 Likes: Alive and Awake

Singer Amy Sky returns with a message

 Likes: Technologies for Aging Gracefully

A University of Toronto lab is harnessing computers to make life better as we age

 Likes: Honouring Matt Cohen

Park at Bloor and Spadina named for Toronto writer

 Likes: What Was I Thinking?

Ecstasy use can lead to memory impairment, study finds

 Likes: Neighbourhood Watch

Students in U of T Scarborough’s City Studies program learn first-hand how local immigrants are adapting to life in Canada

 Likes: Lakeside Views

What principles should guide how a city develops its waterfront?

 Likes: A Fly on the Wall, Literally

Parasitic flies may hold secret to better hearing-aid technology

 Likes: New Student Centre for UTSC

Students vote to contribute $60 a year each to project

 Likes: The President’s Residence

Despite its role as a public venue, 93 Highland is the rambling kind of place that Harry Potter could inhabit quite nicely.

 Likes: Political Insider

At Massey College, Michael Ignatieff teaches students about the hard realities of Parliament Hill

 Likes: Proof of Genius

Only the very best math students excel in the prestigious Putnam competition

 Likes: MDS and Rotman Create $30,000 Award for Leadership

MDS Inc. honours its past president and CEO with leadership award for incoming Rotman student

 Likes: Peaceful Pursuits

Jothi Shanmugam is devoted to bringing together communities for change

 Likes: Changed by War: Objects of Salvation

In the trenches the only criteria for alarm devices were that they be loud and distinctive – but as a bonus, rattles didn’t require use of the lungs

 Likes: Global Leaders

Prestigious new award from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation will enable PhD students to conduct research abroad

 Likes: Waiting for Handouts

Claudio’s Quality Seafood in Sydney draws both human and feathered clientele

 Likes: Rights of Girls and Women

Law student Meghan Lindo worked in Kenya to seek justice for victims of sexual assault

 Likes: Water, Power and the Boardroom

Rotman’s international study tours taught Michael Odam the ins and outs of doing business in low-income countries

 Likes: A Month in the Life

As the winds of war howled early this year, here are some ways that U of T faculty, staff and students kept the dialogue going

 Likes: Sparks of Brilliance

Meet U of T’s next generation of scientists, thinkers and inventors

 Likes: Refugee

Engineering student Fadi Jozif takes a striking portrait

 Likes: Peace and Conflict Studies Centre Named for Trudeau

Former prime minister symbolizes “pursuit of a just society tempered by intellect and compassion,” director says

 Likes: Breath of Life

Bev Bradley is developing technology to give hospitals in low-income countries a more reliable supply of medical oxygen

 Likes: Timing is Everything

Modern life is 24-7, but there may be negative consequences to defying our body’s internal clock

 Likes: Telling the U of T Story

Student Amy Chong wins a global contest with her “We Love U of T” slideshow

 Likes: Great Eureka Moments in History

From Isaac Newton to Sir Paul McCartney, inspiration arrived suddenly

 Likes: A Snowy Occasion

Haseef Agha highlights the charms of U of T Mississauga

 Likes: Singing Star – and Neuroscientist?

Fourth-year student Rudy Silvamer hopes to pursue all of his passions

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

The DSM-5 represents the “medicalization” of psychology, but problems with the mind doesn’t fit into easy categories

 Likes: Boundless!

U of T launches a historic $2 billion fundraising campaign

 Likes: A Head Start for Global Journalists

U of T is partnering with five top media companies to foster a new kind of reporter

 Likes: U of T’s Scientific Heritage

Two students have collected hundreds of the university’s 19th- and early 20th-century scientific instruments

 Likes: U of T’s First-Rate Rankings

English, modern languages, philosophy, computer science and statistics departments all crack top 10 in the world by subject

 Likes: The Troubled Healer

In his tireless quest to conquer contagious diseases, John Gerald FitzGerald, architect of Canada’s modern public health system, sacrificed his own health – indeed, his life

 Likes: The Pilgrimage

Kathy Lawton takes in the sights at Namtso Lake, Tibet

 Likes: Tree of Lost Soles

Charles Hoppner knows a place where the shoes grow on trees

 Likes: Alumni Launch Campaign to Restore Convocation Hall

UTAA hopes its gift serves as a catalyst for other donations

 Likes: Saving Lives, One Death at a Time

What one of the world’s largest mortality studies is teaching us about public health

 Likes: Mehreen and Arsalan Rashid

The heart wants what the heart wants, but Mehreen and Arsalan offer a lesson in the virtues of patience

 Likes: The Tangled Web

Hal Niedzviecki, Eva Lau, Elliot Noss, Tara Ariano and Bobby John

 Likes: Interface Architect

Rebecca Niles turned an opportunity that came up during her thesis into a full-time job at the Folger Shakespeare Library

 Likes: Bar Brawls

It seems young men may fight primarily to gain the approval of … other men

 Likes: Arms and the Prehistoric Man

Discovery suggests human ancestors began hunting with stone-tipped spears far earlier than previously thought

 Likes: Ms. Universe

Astronaut Julie Payette prepares for her second journey into space

 Likes: Voice of Silence

Journalist Andrew Mitrovica meets one of In Cold Blood’s reticent Clutter sisters

 Likes: Do You Want Your Kids to Tell the Truth?

Some children’s stories are much better than others at instilling honesty, research finds

 Likes: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

Intelligence by itself doesn’t make you rational. Thinking rationally demands mental skills that some of us don’t have and many of us don’t use

 Likes: “Urban Girl” Guide

Through her blog, Lisa Ng inspires women to go on road trips, attend rock concerts and scale volcanoes, among other things

 Likes: Building a Virtual Jukebox

UTM entrepreneurs win $2,500 for their eJuked app

 Likes: The Nature of Things

Robert Bateman, 76, talks about wildlife art, conservation and the joys of painting predators

 Likes: What Is Sacred?

Two U of T thinkers debate whether we can ever know what is truly “right” or “wrong”

 Likes: Leveraging our Location

A strong university helps build a strong city, and a strong city helps build a strong university

 Likes: Singing It for Themselves

Erin Bardua and Maureen Batt founded an opera company that’s not highbrow or high-cost, but simply fun

 Likes: Our Thanks to You

For the enduring value of your donations to the University of Toronto

 Likes: Delivered

Read the Winner and Readers’ Choice favourite in the 2011 Alumni Short Story Contest

 Likes: Measuring Up

What university rankings do and don’t tell us

 Likes: The Girl in the Flower Dress

Novy Warouw shares a stolen moment with a stranger

 Likes: Enlightened Beings

Tim Bermingham plays with light to capture incredible feats of athleticism and strength

 Likes: Musical Chairs

Event raises funds for the purchase of 30 to 35 ergonomic chairs

 Likes: Wisdom Windows

Massey College honours Rose Wolfe and Ursula Franklin

 Likes: Oscar Gold

Faculty members get nod from Academy, and the inaugural LGBTOUT Student Awards are presented

 Likes: Can Our Forests Stand the Heat?

Scientists discover unusual die-off in sugar-maple leaves due to high spring temperatures

 Likes: Sweet Intoxication

Second-year student Gulzab Nawaz slows down time with her camera

 Likes: Mad About Science and Math

Rachel Tyndale, Vincent Tropepe, Deborah Fels, Shaf Keshavjee, Ed Doolittle, Akiko Iwasaki

 Likes: Star Students

Tilo Kunath, Naana Jumah and Sheila Heti

 Likes: Still Air

Reem Eissa captures raw emotions through photography

 Likes: Class Structures: Erindale Hall, UTM

Bringing the outside in

 Likes: Spy Games

Actor Nazneen Contractor enters 24’s world of espionage

 Likes: Hint Fiction

What can you write in less than 25 words?

 Likes: Solvents Harmful to Unborn

Increased risk of visual impairments, study finds

 Likes: Writing for Rookie Blue

Total immersion in the world of television led Tassie Cameron to screenwriting gigs – and her own show

 Likes: Future Forest

Will higher air temperatures affect Canada’s evergreen forests?

 Likes: Screen Test

Video applications for MBA applicants a hit at the Rotman School

 Likes: Stolen Words

The Internet has made plagiarizing easier than ever. But detection methods have gone high-tech, too.

 Likes: Wendy Yu

Marketing whiz is bringing the NBA to China

 Likes: Selling to the Senses

Companies appeal to hearing, taste and sight to affect consumer perception

 Likes: Through the Leaves

Can photographing someone’s art be considered an art? Chris Cachia thinks so.

 Likes: Concussion Solution

U of T students call on Ottawa to do more to protect athletes

 Likes: 9 Incredible Science Facts about the University of Toronto

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and facts from the U of T’s 187-year history of learning and discovery

 Likes: Easing Depression

Studies find that electrical stimulation to one side of the brain helps improve depression

 Likes: Changed by War: Waging War on Infection

In 1914, 32 per cent of the British wounded contracted tetanus. The British and Allied command looked to the University of Toronto for help

 Likes: Building for the Blues

Kimel Family Field House gets the go-ahead

 Likes: Diversity Adversity

Canada leads in public policy for same sex couples

 Likes: Naturally Cool

An experimental green roof is built atop the Daniels Faculty

 Likes: Tough Love

Dating at university is supposed to be easy. But many of today’s U of T students find campus romance elusive. Enter Love@UofT, a new online matchmaker

 Likes: Odd Jobs

“The work was called ‘weekend cleanup,’ but herding dust is what we did”

 Likes: Are Smartphones Safe?

As we become inseparable from our mobile devices, the risk of identity theft is growing

 Likes: Doodles Not to be Marginalized

Book margins notes reveal the period and the reading habits of the past

 Likes: Graduation Day

Alumni recall the joy, excitement — and relief — of earning their U of T degree

 Likes: A Foot in Two Worlds

3-D printing is creating new opportunities – and raising intriguing questions – as digital and physical realms meld

 Likes: Robert Nichols

Exploring the political implications of disappearing indigenous languages

 Likes: “Shocking” Research May Help Protect Technology

CN Tower helps scientists study effect of lightning on tall structures and how to safeguard electronic equipment

 Likes: Deep Sea Excitement

There is still no machinery for sea floor mining, but the technology exists

 Likes: Tower Power

Toronto mayor picks up U of T plan to green, preserve and beautify the city’s highrises

 Likes: Defying Gravity

Professor Wilbur Rounding Franks developed the first G-suit used in combat

 Likes: Dr. Rahim Hirji

“I dream of writing a book on leadership and self-improvement, and traveling the world as a motivational speaker”

 Likes: Cityscape with Widow

After the death of her husband, and revelations about his double life, Nellie Hood contemplates how to create a new future for herself

 Likes: The Aviator

Brave, dashing and touched by the spirit of adventure, Douglas McCurdy became the first person to fly an airplane out of sight of land

 Likes: Duddy and Me

Ted Kotcheff made almost 20 movies during his career – but it was a pair of small films that really got critics to take notice

 Likes: Wymilwood Café

What does “Wymilwood” mean?

 Likes: The Burger King and the Prime Minister

Scholarship established scholarship in honour of favourite Canadian PM

 Likes: Stories from the Intensive Care Unit

Tilda Shalof’s books unmask the high-pressure world of nursing

 Likes: Our Thanks to You

University is the place where future leaders invent themselves. Thank you for helping U of T make that happen.

 Likes: The Blue and White Society Cheerleaders

“Shout! Fight! Blue and White!”

 Likes: Start Your Engines!

Building your own formula race car? At university? How cool is that!

 Likes: Finding the Fakes

U of T engineers help the TTC uncover counterfeit tokens

 Likes: Islamic Finance

Religion meets banking in a new course at Rotman

 Likes: Enemies of the State

In her book Villa Bel-Air, Rosemary Sullivan asks why totalitarian regimes are so afraid of art

 Likes: Rotman Goes to School

New program teaches integrative thinking to Toronto high school students

 Likes: 60 Seconds With Fred Gitelman

Canada’s bridge champion is trying to save the game from falling off a demographic cliff

 Likes: Testing Turnitin

“How original a writer am I?” wonders Zoe Cormier

 Likes: A Quicker Fix

A new app aims to smooth out the often prickly relationship between residents and property managers

 Likes: Winter Really Is Bad for You

Cold climates are associated with early death and illness, according to new U of T research

 Likes: An Anniversary to Remember

Eighty years ago, insulin began commercial production

 Likes: A Trinity Man

60 years later, Rupert Schieder can still fit into his red college jacket

 Likes: Speaking Out

U of T is working on multiple initiatives to combat homophobia in sport

 Likes: A Neural Network for a New Millennium

Canada’s first Google fellow, Ilya Sutskever, is making breakthroughs in computer science

 Likes: Aging Well

Samir Sinha wants to help keep older Canadians healthy and independent for longer. As the population ages, the viability of our health-care system depends on it

 Likes: The Art of Activism

Naisargi Dave investigates what inspires someone to take up a cause

 Likes: Supporting African Scholars

A $22.5-million donation from MasterCard Foundation will bring bright young students to U of T

 Likes: Field of Dreams

For international students, summer at U of T is about much more than learning English, especially during the World Cup

 Likes: Tanenbaums Create Engineering Scholarships

Tanenbaums pledge $1 million to support admission scholarships in the Department of Civil Engineering

 Likes: The Diversity Connection

U of T’s diversity makes it a great place to learn intercultural competence

 Likes: The Next Internet Sensation?

Donny Ouyang, a second-year commerce student, has high hopes for his online tutoring service. The question is: Will students pay?

 Likes: Our Thanks to You

Every year, thousands of alumni, friends, foundations, community partners, corporations, staff and faculty support the University of Toronto. We are also grateful to our partners in government for helping to keep U of T at the forefront of innovation and discovery

 Likes: Bequest Supports Medical Research

$2-million endowment will fund Banbury Chair in Medical Research

 Likes: The House That Dave Built

How law grad David Shore took one misanthropic doctor, added a large dose of twisted humour and created the hit medical drama House

 Likes: Keeping Kids Safe

Donations will help fight Internet bullying and improve welfare services for children and their families

 Likes: Team Fights Against Parkinson’s Disease

U of T student volunteers assisted at all-star fundraising event

 Likes: Pachter Moose Takes Up Residence

Art gift to Graduate House residence

 Likes: Class Structures: Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building

High-tech with harmony

 Likes: The Science of Mindfulness

Researchers are producing mountains of evidence that meditation can boost satisfaction, improve health and reduce burnout

 Likes: Digging Deep

How many new dinosaur species can one person help find? Professor David Evans is up to eight

 Likes: A Reunion to Remember

Ann Nguyen and Paul Hiscock, two engineers from different worlds, decide to put a ring on it

 Likes: Out and Proud

How students, faculty, staff and alumni brought queer activism to the University of Toronto and changed the campus forever

 Likes: Care for the Aged

Canada faces a shortage of geriatricians for a rapidly greying population, says Dr. Barry Goldlist

 Likes: Heavenly Hvar

Old seafaring town rewards visitors with magnificent views, exquisite local crafts

 Likes: Towards 2030

How will we preserve excellence at the University of Toronto?

 Likes: River Rambler

Helen Mills explores Toronto’s past through its lost waterways

 Likes: Into the Wilderness

Animals in Canada – and how they live, mate and die – inspire an indie concept album by a U of T biologist and friends

 Likes: Ending It All

We run our lives as we wish. Why can’t we have a say in our own death?

 Likes: School Spirits

Tales of the supernatural abound at U of T

 Likes: Dating on the Rebound

For some people, dating right after a break-up may be a good idea

 Likes: Is Having a Job Good for Your Health?

Research finds that young people without jobs are significantly more likely to die of all causes than employed people

 Likes: 60 Seconds With Cass Enright

The founder of the Golden Tap Awards is hopped up on Ontario’s specialty breweries

 Likes: $3.5-Million Gift to Economics

Fortune-building Ira Gluskin honours father, Max

 Likes: A Million Dollars, Baby

Computer science team vies for Netflix prize

 Likes: Feminist Revolution at U of T

Milestones over more than a century

 Likes: Letters from the Past

U of T acquires the personal letters of Major-General James Wolfe

 Likes: Hal Jackman Doubles Gift to the Humanities

Largest commitment ever by an individual to the humanities at a Canadian university

 Likes: Class Structures

Students find space to work, socialize and dream in cutting-edge campus buildings

 Likes: The Beat Goes On

A West African drumming class inspired Kathy Armstrong to make a career out of it

 Likes: Canada’s Research Powerhouse

A cradle for creativity, discovery and innovation

 Likes: 60 Seconds with Aelita Brivins

What you don’t know about how you’re communicating

 Likes: Starting Out

Even the most celebrated careers often have humble beginnings

 Likes: Spring

Joel Wong-Hing substitutes journal entries with photographic storytelling

 Likes: Tasty, Affordable – and Sustainable

Hot Yam serves up the greenest lunch on campus

 Likes: What Happens to Our Digital Selves When We Die?

For Facebook and other technology companies it’s still an open – and troublesome – question

 Likes: Caring for the Elderly

Women often look after their older relatives – for no pay. As populations age, this may have to change

 Likes: A Matter of Degree

Endowing graduate student assistance will ensure that U of T can compete for stellar doctoral students, like the four profiled here

 Likes: A World of Possibilities

University of Toronto students are putting their knowledge to work in the global village

 Likes: Katrina Merrem

Searching for the perfect chocolate

 Likes: A Divine Campaign

Gift will create the Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies

 Likes: How Rational Are You?

Five questions to get you thinking

 Likes: Goodbye to Plastic?

Emma Master imagines a world with much less garbage, thanks to new organic materials she’s researching

 Likes: Almonds Fight Cholesterol

Study finds almonds lower levels of bad cholesterol

 Likes: Genes and Politics

Do our genes influence whom we vote for or whether we vote? They can, says politics prof Peter Loewen

 Likes: The Dog / Pic Mobert

Runner-up in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

 Likes: A Bright Light

Dorrian Porter builds a monument to visionary Nikola Tesla in Silicon Valley

 Likes: Rise Like Lions

Yi Zhao tells a story of Occupy Toronto in photos

 Likes: The Power of Television

A popular sitcom may be changing the way we speak

 Likes: Incredible Impact

U of T’s ambitions to address a range of global needs and issues come to fruition – thanks to four generous gifts

 Likes: Defying Gravity

A strategy for maintaining and advancing U of T’s global standing

 Likes: Gotcha!

Students love pranks — and for some, every day is April Fool’s

 Likes: Doyenne of Diversity

As U of T’s 31st chancellor, Senator Vivienne Poy will serve as the university’s ceremonial head – and as a unique role model for students

 Likes: Philosopher’s Walk

Plans are underway to refurbish the Queen Alexandra Gateway at the walk’s north end.

 Likes: The Gay Voice

Some men may subconsciously adopt certain female speech patterns

 Likes: Reaching Higher

The Gordon Cressy Awards recognize new graduates who have made outstanding contributions to U of T. For these past winners, helping others has become a way of life

 Likes: Honouring the Black Community

Student essay leads to creation of Canada’s first black alumni association

 Likes: What Rankings Reveal

Global surveys place U of T among top universities worldwide in academic and research strength

 Likes: The Imposter

Warren Davis experiments with photo editing software

 Likes: Books Outbound

A new campus group wants to send leftover books from college book sales to schools that could use them

 Likes: How to Build a Sustainable City

Can Toronto cut emissions by 80 per cent? If it’s up to Nadine Ibrahim, yes

 Likes: Doctor on Call

Between her teaching and her practice, Dr. Miriam Rossi has dispensed a huge dose of guidance and inspiration to minority students

 Likes: Nano Space Invaders

Tiny satellites will conduct innovative experiments

 Likes: Road Thrill

Art profs create a sparkling underside to the Gardiner Expressway

 Likes: Flood Control

As New Orleans rebuilds, U of T students are helping the city rethink its approach to water management

 Likes: A Financial First

New long-term debentures will help finance new residences for the double cohort

 Likes: In Memoriam: Joan Lax

Joan Lax made her mark in a male-dominated profession

 Likes: Different but Equal

Toronto parents can choose to send their children to a variety of specialized schools. But is it possible to have too much choice in alternative education?

 Likes: Secrets of Arabic

Award-winning professor Abdel-Khalig Ali shares the rewards and challenges of teaching Arabic

 Likes: Moot Point

Practising courtroom skills was a lot more fun in the days of student pranks

 Likes: A Home for Innovators

New Innovation Complex will prepare next generation of entrepreneurs

 Likes: The $100 Artificial Leg

The simple, inexpensive device matches the function of far more costly technology

 Likes: The Choice for a Generation

Bob Rae’s post-secondary review

 Likes: Beyond the Group of Seven

Grad student Sara Angel has an ambitious idea to make Canadians more aware of our rich visual arts heritage

 Likes: The Finnish Connection

Begun in the aftermath of war, U of T’s oldest student exchange is just the ticket for 21st-century learning

 Likes: Building for the Future

Our new construction boom is driven by higher enrolment, sound planning and real needs

 Likes: Sophisticated Security

Prof’s encryption technique could lead to more secure documents

 Likes: In Transit

Commuter students find places to idle at U of T

 Likes: The Virtual Office

With his company Bump Top, Anand Agarawala is transforming the computer desktop

 Likes: Guitar Hero

Jowi Taylor tours with unique instrument composed of 64 symbols of Canadian culture

 Likes: A Meditative State of Mind

What are people really doing when they’re meditating?

 Likes: Redemption Songs

U of T’s Gospel Choir gives the closing performance at the Toronto Jazz Festival

 Likes: God’s Laboratory

This spring, an international team of physicists, including several from U of T, will launch the most ambitious science experiment ever devised. Their goal: to unlock the secrets of the universe

 Likes: A Newsroom of One’s Own

Betsy Mosbaugh braved the war era, snowstorms and typos as the first female editor of The Varsity

 Likes: A Cleaner Future

Just how close are we?

 Likes: The Future As We See It

Five intriguing technologies that could change your life by 2025

 Likes: Mark “Dashan” Rowswell

Performer makes his mark in China

 Likes: The Streak Ends

U of T’s football team snaps string of consecutive losses at 49

 Likes: 10 Record-Breaking U of T Places and Programs

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and facts from the University of Toronto’s 187-year history of learning and discovery

 Likes: A Robot That Helps Make Babies

Micro device developed at U of T could dramatically boost IVF’s effectiveness

 Likes: Dennis Smith Pioneered Biomaterials in Canada

Leading scientist brought together experts from chemistry, medicine and dentistry to advance innovative new field

 Likes: Faces of ’14: Frosh Week Approaches

They’re smart, globally aware, tech savvy — and still a little nervous about starting at U of T

 Likes: Buddhism and the Brain

Foundation gives $1.8 million to innovative New College program

 Likes: Evil Robots

Could the machines we create one day destroy us?

 Likes: Private Practice and the Public Purse

“We need to rethink the scope of out public health-care system,” says law prof

 Likes: Levelling the Playing Field

Undergraduate student aid ought to be based on need

 Likes: Quidditch Craze

Harry Potter’s favourite sport is sweeping Canadian campuses

 Likes: Why does a poet envy the death of a martyr?

Philosophy and romance are intermingled in Moshiur Rahman’s poetry

 Likes: 150 Years of Varsity Football

Gala fundraiser at Great Hall in Hart House will mark Blues milestone

 Likes: Total Support for TYP

Staff of the Transitional Year Programme create award for students

 Likes: Sun Smiles

Arih Struger-Kalkman explores the hardships of leaving the past behind

 Likes: Close-Up

He’s snapped Victoria’s Secret models and Hollywood celebs. So why has hot New York photographer Richard Phibbs turned serious?

 Likes: Puppy Love

Art history student Clare Somerville likes to take pictures of dogs and other beautiful creatures

 Likes: Chasing Happiness

In his new book, Ray Robertson contemplates what makes life worth living

 Likes: Sage of Aquarius

Marshall McLuhan holds court at the Centre for Culture and Technology

 Likes: Treasure Box

Students learn forensics at one of Canada’s few maggot ranches

 Likes: Fast, Safe Fibroid Removal

New treatment for fibroids

 Likes: How Cities Compare

Urban centres have a huge impact on their residents’ well-being. So how can we make them better?

 Likes: Bridge Over Time

U of T Mississauga landmark is popular among newlyweds

 Likes: Star-Struck!

Why Hollywood loves U of T

 Likes: 75 Things You Didn’t Know about U of T

A peek at some characters, quirks and curiosities of our history

 Likes: Join Us!

U of T’s high-tech recruitment strategy is yielding more top-notch applicants

 Likes: The Future of Regent Park

Will low-income tenants benefit from the neighbourhood’s redevelopment?

 Likes: The Real Backbone

Alumni and friends are providing the solid support that the university will need in the future

 Likes: U of T and the Economy

An update on two fronts: the current fiscal climate, and the extraordinary achievements by members of the University of Toronto over the last few years.

 Likes: Fleeting Days

A new mother discovers her child’s infancy doesn’t last long

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Not in our backyard, the politics of eating, and culture and the law

 Likes: New Sculpture Honours Norman Bethune’s Legacy

The U of T-educated doctor had a huge impact on health

 Likes: When Opposing Thoughts Attract

Roger Martin, dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, illustrates his concept of “integrative thinking” in his new book

 Likes: Cyst

Finalist in the 2013 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

 Likes: An Urban Science Partnership in New York City

New York’s applied sciences research hub inspires new thinking in higher education

 Likes: Farewell to the Master

Outgoing Massey College master John Fraser decodes the unusual traditions and unique contributions of U of T’s only graduate college

 Likes: This All-Star Party Show Goes On

Behind the scenes at the U of T lipdub video shoot

 Likes: Nature Study

Every year, Arthur Weis welcomes more than 500 undergrads to Koffler Scientific Reserve

 Likes: The Chronic Struggle with Anorexia Nervosa

Patients have high risk of relapse up to two-years after treatment, study finds

 Likes: Protecting the View

Should towers be visible behind Queen’s Park? An architecture grad fights to safeguard the view of Toronto’s most important heritage building

 Likes: A Commanding Force

Alumni wanted an organization to keep them in touch with their alma mater, and the wife of the president recognized that there is strength in numbers. The time was right to establish the University of Toronto Alumni Association

 Likes: Jennifer Smith

This marketing whiz made a smart call on the Dummies books

 Likes: Mark Schatzker

The journalist and traveller aims to “see, feel and taste differences in the land”

 Likes: The Political Circus

Gabe Thirlwell gives new meaning to the term “puppet regime”

 Likes: Water Lilies

Janine Riviere captures one of many beautiful sights on the island of Mauritius

 Likes: Earthly Pursuits

Sculptor Dora de Pédery-Hunt captures the likeness of Erindale’s principal

 Likes: Sweet Legacy

The University of Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Diabetes Association carries on a proud U of T tradition

 Likes: A Classicist’s Legacy

The M.B. Wallace Memorial Graduate Award in Classics

 Likes: A Great Legacy, A Great Future

Every U of T student deserves an experience worthy of a great institution

 Likes: An Artist’s Legacy

Doris McCarthy’s life’s work finds a permanent home at U of T Scarborough

 Likes: A Researcher’s Rare Legacy

Family creates fellowship in honour of PhD student Eric Hani

 Likes: Making Literary Noise

Award-winning author Rosemary Sullivan to head up master’s program in creative writing

 Likes: Jewison’s Legacy

Director’s gift supports cinema studies students

 Likes: Seuss Power!

Student group recruits talented young musicians to perform for children in hospitals

 Likes: The Urban Forest

“Neighbourwoods” uses Google Earth to share info about the health of city trees

 Likes: Ode to Joy

Master’s student Eric Wan helped develop software that allows anyone, including people with severe physical disabilities, to make music

 Likes: Chariots of Godiva

Engineering students use smarts and sabotage in a grand old race

 Likes: An Explosive Performer

Andrea Sella uses nature’s elements to create crowd-pleasing spectacles

 Likes: Pole Star

Top-ranked pole vaulter Jason Wurster hits the European circuit

 Likes: The New Regent Park

A university community helps a neighbourhood transform

 Likes: Religion, Prayer and The Amazing Race

Muslims Nabeela Barday and Shahla Kara stay true to their faith as they vie to win a race around the world

 Likes: The Vitamin D Crisis

Dark-skinned Canadians may face higher risk of disease due to vitamin D deficiency, doctor warns

 Likes: A Doctor in Kigali

Dr. James Orbinski served as head mission for Doctors Without Borders during the Rwandan Genocide. What he saw there transformed him

 Likes: Hong Kong Scholars

Foundation assists Hong Kong students pursuing undergraduate studies at U of T

 Likes: The Future of Marriage

Institution is being transformed and reinvented, according to Trinity’s dean of women

 Likes: Sugar Rush

Foods that seem healthy often aren’t, and sugar is the latest culprit

 Likes: Poy Elected New Chancellor

Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university and ambassador to all alumni

 Likes: Eye in the Sky

Ophthalmologist James Oestreicher circles the globe to treat patients in a converted DC-10

 Likes: In Memoriam: J.N. Patterson Hume

As a co-founder of the computer science department, Hume helped usher in the Information Age

 Likes: Green Power

A 1969 article in The Varsity ignited students to start the Canadian environmental movement

 Likes: Stepping into the Future

Cutbacks in government funding for postsecondary education have eased off in the last couple of years; the Campaign for the University of Toronto is producing remarkable results, and a quarter of a billion dollars will be invested in new buildings and initiatives over the next decade.

 Likes: The Great U of T Photo Contest

Three winners each received $500 for their stunning entries

 Likes: Oxford’s New Companion

Vice-president Jon Dellandrea is leaving U of T for Oxford

 Likes: Helping Hands

Volunteers do everything from mentor students to organize book sales. U of T wouldn’t be the same without them

 Likes: An Education

In 1940, Joyce Taylor graduated in physiotherapy – and soon set off to war

 Likes: A Whole New World of Study

U of T Scarborough to launch planetary science program

 Likes: Flash Physics

Prof’s online animations help students prepare for experiments

 Likes: Mini-Med School Mighty Successful

U of T experts discuss various health topics in public program

 Likes: Blocking the Buzz

New device provides better “masking” for tinnitus sufferers

 Likes: Superbugs

Drug-resistant infections are a man-made problem. Is it one we can solve?

 Likes: Overqualified − and Stressed Out

Immigrants who are overqualified for their Canadian jobs might not just be bored. Their mental health might be suffering as well

 Likes: A Protein Worth Probing

New research in colorectal cancer

 Likes: Combatting Drug Resistance

Making it easier for scientists to target drug therapy

 Likes: The Damage Done

Hilary Davidson’s first crime novel keeps you guessing till the last page

 Likes: A Do-It-Yourself Legal Kit?

Monica Goyal’s company helps people avoid hefty lawyer’s fees

 Likes: Rinaldo Walcott

Culture critic analyzes rap and hip-hop music

 Likes: Alzheimer’s Vaccine?

Study by researchers in the Faculty of Medicine

 Likes: Shadow Commuters

OISE graduate Victoria Fisher keeps her camera handy and waits for good luck

 Likes: A Better Path to Drug Discovery

Making pharmaceutical research more open could shave years off the time it takes to bring a new drug to market

 Likes: The Business Unicorn

Companies that attain a $1-billion market valuation before their 10th year are vanishingly rare

 Likes: True North

What does Canada stand for now? Have we lost our international reputation as a nature-loving, peacekeeping haven for newcomers?

 Likes: Michael Morgan Named Moss Scholar

UTAA honours students, staff and faculty with Awards of Excellence

 Likes: Facing an Emergency?

Traumatologist Dr. Homer Tien advises that you don’t waffle

 Likes: Diary of a Globetrotter

From India to Thailand, Vijaya Selvaraju has filmed her travel and culinary adventures

 Likes: Someone to Watch Over Us

Victoria welcomes back a familiar face

 Likes: 60 Seconds with Murray Foster

A Cocksure Lad

 Likes: Can a Brain Change?

Dr. Norman Doidge argues that the brain is far more malleable than previously thought

 Likes: Our Thanks to You

Imagine denying even one promising student an education. Impossible. For donors like you.

 Likes: Meet the Neighbours

A thriving urban community surrounds and supports the U of T

 Likes: Escaping Gridlock

What’s the solution to Toronto’s traffic problems?

 Likes: Activism

While on a mission to save the Borneo rainforest, Emily Hunter realized environmentalism needs a rethink

 Likes: Up from Slavery

Bryan Walls raises a monument to the Underground Railroad

 Likes: In the Name of the Daughter

In her literary debut, lawyer Emma Ruby-Sachs wonders about the personal costs of activism

 Likes: Seeking a Single E-male?

Digital dating is becoming a convenient alternative in the single scene

 Likes: The Single Life

Is ‘one’ really the loneliest number?

 Likes: One Patient, One Record

There are plenty of compelling reasons for health records to go digital. So why are some doctors resisting?

 Likes: Modern-Day Tintin

Much like the Belgian reporter, cinematographer Michael Boland has dodged peril and travelled the world to get a scoop

 Likes: The Social Historian

Professor Natalie Zemon Davis gives new life to history’s outsiders

 Likes: Ben Land and Trish De Luca

They flirted during undergrad but eventually lost touch. Then along came Facebook

 Likes: Onwards

President David Naylor reflects on his years at U of T

 Likes: Restoring UC’s Glory

University College is embarking on an ambitious 10-year plan to renovate one of U of T’s most iconic buildings

 Likes: Out of the Blue

$1.5-million gift surprises Emmanuel College principal Peter Wyatt

 Likes: The Smell of Success

Prof is researching bacteria that could “eat” air pollutants

 Likes: Honouring St. Clair Balfour

Gift in the week of his death will enhance journalism fellowships

 Likes: X-Files Icon

William B. Davis, who played Cigarette Smoking Man, doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories. But most of his fans do

 Likes: Cause Celeb

Do Hollywood stars change the public’s perception of issues?

 Likes: Look Closely!

Award-winning photojournalist Rita Leistner shines a light on North American native communities

 Likes: Preventing Postpartum Depression

Key is identifying women at risk early, says prof

 Likes: A Global Affair

Armed with $80 million in new funding, the Munk School aims to become one of the top international relations programs in the world

 Likes: A Spark of Genius

U of T engineers use playing cards to replicate a Paris landmark

 Likes: Machine Translation

Understand and speak Mandarin? If not, a computer may soon do it for you

 Likes: Frye’s Anatomy

To his English students, Northrop Frye, the brilliant literary critic, was an intellectual god and a master lecturer. One-on-one, though, he could be difficult to read

 Likes: Deadly Pandemics through History

It seems that every era has its scourge

 Likes: History’s Turning Points

A major gift to Trinity College will help bring recent events into sharper focus for students

 Likes: Derek Penslar

“Look at the Jewish history books on my shelves written in the prewar period. Tremendous erudition, but encased in a mythological framework so thick that it severely limits their usefulness”

 Likes: The Evolution of Medicine

Donation creates the Pauline M.H. Mazumdar Chair in the History of Medicine

 Likes: An Island History

Gift to Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library honours of former UC principal

 Likes: Shedding Light on Dark Matter

Scientists find that galaxies are surrounded by huge halos of dark matter

 Likes: Restoring One Spadina

$1-million gift from a Toronto businessman will help create a state-of-the-art academic facility

 Likes: Something Rotten In the State of the Arts?

Purists claim the arts should not be sullied by business. Pragmatists devalue the BA for failing to impart job skills. A pox on them, for they are all wrong. A defence of the liberal arts degree

 Likes: Digital Nip/Tuck

Software simulates plastic surgery

 Likes: To Baldly Go…

Scarborough campus students go bald to raise money for cancer research

 Likes: Freedom to Surf

The Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre takes on growing worldwide Internet censorship and surveillance

 Likes: Party Out of Bounds

In the late 1980s, photographer John Simone captured New York City’s outrageous counterculture on film

 Likes: Why They Give

Giving back to U of T

 Likes: Journey of a Lifetime

Bequest will fund annual lecture at Joint Centre for Bioethics

 Likes: The Lives of Others

Learning to sew or wield a chainsaw is all in a day’s work for writer Ian Williams

 Likes: Al Jazeera’s Bridge-builder

Shereen El Feki is host of current affairs show, People and Power

 Likes: Building Boom

Since 2005, a total of 37 major building projects have been completed or are now underway

 Likes: About Face

A popular social networking website is changing how students interact

 Likes: Boosting Medicine and Science at UTM and UTSC

A new academy of medicine in Mississauga and groundbreaking held for science building at UTSC

 Likes: First Impressions

Alumni recall their initial days at U of T

 Likes: Welcome to the Club

Faculty Club celebrates 40th anniversary

 Likes: The History of the Skule

Book looks back on the history of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

 Likes: The Complete Cowboy Junkies

Media Commons collection spans 20 years of Canadian band’s history

 Likes: The 2,000-Year Info Revolution

“Computers” have assisted humans through history

 Likes: The City That Never Was

In Unbuilt Toronto, Mark Osbaldeston explores an alternate civic destiny

 Likes: Fighting Words

Hart House debating has prepared generations of U of T students for the rigours of academe, politics, and the law. More important, it reassures anxious frosh that it’s cool to be smart

 Likes: UC @ 150

University College celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2003. Here’s how U of T’s founding college got started and is still growing

 Likes: 175th Anniversary Gala

U of T celebrates 175 years

 Likes: Kiss Me, Choose Me

How did locking lips become the ultimate romantic gesture?

 Likes: Making Law Accessible

Barrier-free classroom opens at U of T law school

 Likes: Going Up…

Elevator makes Hart House more accessible

 Likes: An Esthetic Marvel

The Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building doesn’t open till September, but it’s already turning heads

 Likes: 17 Things Every U of T Student Should Do Before They Graduate

Stroll Philosopher’s Walk, peer through a telescope, hear the Gospel Choir and much more!

 Likes: Property Value

Toronto’s land-use maps are important planning tools but they lack detail and are often out-of-date. Not for much longer

 Likes: Urban Farmer

Ran Goel is leading an agricultural revolution

 Likes: Stewards of Our Forests

Forest certification promotes sustainable practices

 Likes: Cupcake Maestro

Tania Grafstein-Ho’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of desserts motivated her to start an artisanal baking business

 Likes: Beaux-Arts Beauty

Alumni and friends support Convocation Hall’s construction

 Likes: In the Loop

Ronnie Yip transforms a water park into a surreal setting

 Likes: A Community Mourns Andrew Frow

Hundreds gather at memorial service for engineering student

 Likes: There’s Nothing Buttery About It

The Trinity College cafeteria draws its name from the French word for “cask” or “barrel”

 Likes: The Exxon Factor

Reputations can carry weight over supporting data

 Likes: The Virtual Search for the Perfect Roommate

A new U of T service helps students avoid Codomesticus noxious

 Likes: The Sound of Silence

New technology for cellphones filters out background noise

 Likes: Beauty in Numbers

Nadia Amoroso helps clients interpret complex data quickly and present it memorably

 Likes: Canada’s Next Tech Success?

Three Techno participants share the vision for their companies

 Likes: Class Structures: Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Attracting the best researchers

 Likes: Our Thanks to You

How do you thank the people who helped U of T become a world-class university? One donor at a time….

 Likes: Subway to Mecca

The Saudi Arabian city is wrestling with a transit problem of Koranic proportions

 Likes: Urban Jungle

Photojournalist Brent Lewin captures the plight of Thailand’s city elephants

 Likes: Hummel Named to Order of Canada

In other award news, curator Ydessa Hendeles receives an honorary degree

 Likes: A Huge Presence

Through the lens of Lee Miller

 Likes: Memorial Fund Will Aid Disabled Students

Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at Robarts Library remembers friend and colleague

 Likes: Fighting Tooth Decay

A new way of peering inside teeth could find lesions before they become cavities and eliminate the need for “drilling and filling”

 Likes: Public Policy’s Crucial Role

Paul Cadario has given $1 million to support scholarships and a visiting fellowship at the School of Public Policy

 Likes: Father Figure

Bryan Friedman’s award-winning documentary charts his dad’s quest for bodybuilding supremacy

 Likes: Incredible Impact – in Engineering

Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms foster collaboration, active learning and accelerated innovation

 Likes: Playing Politics

Authors say popular English theatre troupe of 1580s was supported by the Crown

 Likes: Addicted to Love

The American Psychiatric Association is considering whether “hypersexual disorder” should be included in its next guide to mental illness

 Likes: Here Comes the Sun

Shawn Qu’s Canadian Solar is already one of the world’s largest solar energy companies. Ten years from now he wants it to be an industry leader

 Likes: Law Gets Down to Business

New global law degree is designed for execs who can’t take time off work

 Likes: At the Top of Her Game

Last year, Nancy Lee forged the largest sports-rights contract in Canadian broadcast history

 Likes: Tweet If You Love Monet

New technologies are taking art directly to the people, forcing galleries and museums to adapt

 Likes: Security in a Heartbeat

Tired of typing in passwords? A new device can identify you by your unique cardiac rhythm

 Likes: Risky Business

U of T science students are learning how to turn their high-tech ideas into products the world wants

 Likes: Seeing Into the “Soul” of Cells

A technology developed at U of T to analyze cells could lead to earlier disease diagnoses and more targeted treatments

 Likes: Scholarship Will Support New Canadians

Thillart Family Scholarship in Management recognizes the challenges new immigrants face

 Likes: A Healing Spark

A tiny electrode implanted in the brain may help patients with Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other disorders

 Likes: World-Class Scientists Unite

In October, U of T will host the Gairdner symposium, featuring the world’s top medical researchers

 Likes: Witness to War

While visiting Somalia in 1995, doctor and U of T professor Samantha Nutt experienced the hardship and rawness of bloodshed. Now, the founder of War Child Canada says she’s “driven every day” to help children harmed by conflict

 Likes: Polar Express

Architecture prof’s Arctic designs include proposed Russia-Alaska rail link

 Likes: The Ads Have Eyes

Software uses tiny cameras to track who’s watching digital ad displays

 Likes: Blue & White & Green All Over

Solar panels at the Athletic Centre, composting in residence, farming on St. George. What next? A back campus wind turbine?

 Likes: The Shapes of Bones

New technique using X-rays could help forensic scientists identify the dead

 Likes: Ali Saeed – In Memoriam

The ambitious student’s sudden death rocked his wide circle of friends and inspired many to emulate his generosity

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about U of T’s queer history, rationality, the ongoing struggle in Afghanistan and academic integrity

 Likes: Herb Appeal

Scientists aim to isolate and harness marijuana’s pain-killing properties to create more effective medicines

 Likes: Behind the Music

John Tuttle looks at each convocation performance as a mini-concert

 Likes: The Heart Truth

Sarah Temple is justly proud of her role in the iconic Red Dress campaign to raise awareness of heart disease in women

 Likes: The End of the Rivi Era

Rivi Frankle, who has retired after 39 years at U of T, forged friendships with countless U of T grads

 Likes: Comic Book Hero

Peter Birkemoe went from engineering to running a comic book store

 Likes: “Proud to Support their Efforts”

Richard Rooney was always a staunch defender of New College’s “rather unusual design.” Now he’s helping students build a new plaza

 Likes: Making You Proud

How we’re retooling this magazine to make it yours

 Likes: Project 365

Anthropologist Sarah Gould has challenged herself to take one photo a day for a year

 Likes: First Contact

A professor at the Dunlap Institute is trying to answer one of the biggest questions in all of science: Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

 Likes: The Autonomous Rebel

Like the rest of his generation, Environics co-founder and author Michael Adams has no plans to spend his twilight years in a rocking chair

 Likes: Send in the Clown

Fiona Griffiths helps students access their inner entertainer at Hart House

 Likes: Stem Cell Pioneers

Discovery by James Till and Ernest McCulloch stands as “one of the most remarkable medical-research achievements of the 20th century”

 Likes: Poll: Do You Unplug from the Net When You Go on Vacation?

A large minority of members of the U of T community report they have difficulty disconnecting — even when they’re taking time off from work

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Applause from readers for U of T’s “Step Forward” plan and a caution about invisibility

 Likes: Trivia Pursuit

Alum’s book of Canadian factoids contains six tidbits about U of T

 Likes: A Crack Team of Coders

U of T computer science students win top honours at largest-ever Canadian university “hackathon”

 Likes: Incredible Impact – in Education

The Katherine Ballantine Coutts Admission Scholarship is one part of a bigger strategy by U of T to provide more financial support to its students

 Likes: All the Young Dudes

Toronto’s gay community favours young, fit, Caucasian men.

 Likes: Preventing Concussions

Dr. Charles Tator is trying to promote awareness of the dangers posed by even mild head injuries.

 Likes: Slam Dunk!

The newly opened Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport will be a boon for campus and community athletics

 Likes: Start-Up U

U of T is helping to create a culture of innovation

 Likes: Global Village

Once a private residence, Cumberland House is now a thriving social centre for almost 4,000 international students

 Likes: University Finance 101

A view from Simcoe Hall

 Likes: Overcoming Resistance

Professor Leah Cowen is researching a way to lower drug resistance in fungi

 Likes: Retiring to the Office

Managers are more likely than clerical or blue-collar workers to find another job after retirement

 Likes: Calm Before the Chaos

Yannick How Wong catches a glimpse of peaceful front campus before U of T’s annual chariot race

 Likes: Mark Slade

“The global financial crisis is forcing everybody to think differently about business”

 Likes: Spreading Smiles

Johanna Schaeffer and Harold Isaacs brighten many lives through their volunteer work

 Likes: Messenger of Peace

Student journalist Jasmeet Sidhu is named one of Glamour’s Top 10 College Women

 Likes: Honouring a Mentor

Ophthalmologist Agnes Wong supports an award named for a doctor who inspired her

 Likes: Hana Zalzal

Engineering grad creates make-up for the stars

 Likes: Mentoring a Part of Social Work

Program brings back master of social work alumni to help new grads develop job search strategies and make contacts

 Likes: Open for Business

New Rotman School of Management building opens on St. George Street

 Likes: The Green Revolution, One Year Later

Iranian students and professors reflect on the future of their home country

 Likes: Universities and the Innovation Economy

U of T is laying new foundations for prosperity

 Likes: ROM Campaign Architect Named Chief Advancement Officer

Other recent appointments include Bill Graham as Trinity’s 12th chancellor

 Likes: Bicycle Power!

Why not use exercise bikes to supply electricity back to the grid?

 Likes: Religion Versus the Charter

Canada’s commitment to multiculturalism is being tested in new and unexpected ways

 Likes: Even Better Than the Real Thing?

What’s the ongoing appeal of reality TV? “It’s an adrenaline high-speed version of real life,” says Murtz Jaffer

 Likes: Clear and Present Danger

ABC correspondent Muhammad Lila reports from Pakistan and Afghanistan

 Likes: Battle on Vimy Ridge and Other Stories

What a bullet-scarred book and eight other intriguing objects tell us about U of T

 Likes: Preventing the Worst

Women who undergo preventive double mastectomies suffer low psychological distress

 Likes: Arctic Sea Ice in Century-Long Decline

U of T scientist uses long-lived algae to track annual changes in northern climate back to 1300s

 Likes: The Campus Guide to Architecture

New book by former architecture dean offers stunning photos of the University of Toronto’s three campuses

 Likes: YouTube’s Favourite Doctor

Prof. Michael Evans’ videos on health are viral sensations

 Likes: End Times

“End-of-the-world” panics go back hundreds of years

 Likes: A Vision for Tomorrow

Victoria University, the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Tanz Centre recently launched their own campaigns

 Likes: Regal Reception

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth enjoy a visit to U of T in May 1939

 Likes: Personalized Medication

Genetic testing may reveal what pharmaceutical drugs work best for you, with the fewest side effects

 Likes: Dirty Blonde

Nick Merzetti proves that complicated equipment is not what makes a great photo

 Likes: In Memoriam: Warren Goldring

Mutual-fund guru Warren Goldring was an outstanding volunteer and caring philanthropist at U of T

 Likes: Friends of the Library

Heggie bequest will support the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

 Likes: What Toronto Needs

A real transit strategy, a solution to its financial troubles, better urban design – and mayoral candidates willing to discuss these things

 Likes: Fungi Magic

Director Ron Mann pays homage to an unusual obsession

 Likes: Keeping the Faith

In a time of tight budgets, U of T’s Jewish Studies program succeeds by combining faith, scholarship and private funding

 Likes: Heart and Soul

$1-million gift in honour of bank chairman will support scholarships at Rotman

 Likes: Jewison picks up GG

Pitblado couple honoured for longtime commitment to arts advocacy

 Likes: Freedom 60?

Seniors benefit from public programs when retiring between the ages 60 and 61

 Likes: Do You Drink Too Much?

A behavioural scientist offers new criteria for defining how much is too much

 Likes: At Your Service

Personal librarians help first-year students understand U of T’s libraries

 Likes: Search and Discovery

If you think Google has made doing scholarly research a cinch, U of T’s chief librarian Larry Alford has news for you

 Likes: A Real-Life Cloaking Device

Invisibility appears possible as researchers use an electromagnetic field to hide objects

 Likes: LGBTQ Wants You!

U of T’s LGBTQ alumni are building a stronger community

 Likes: What Is a Planet?

Recent discoveries force astronomers to rethink long-held definition

 Likes: How Do You Talk To Kids About Sex? There’s An App For That…

Child psychologist Jillian Roberts creates an age-appropriate way to educate children aged four to eight about their bodies

 Likes: Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims

Innovative treatment helps foster movement in arms and hands

 Likes: Is Air Quality Affecting Your Health?

A U of T prof is looking at the relationship between traffic emissions, health and how close people live to major roads

 Likes: Canada Post Honours Moriyama

Seven alumni and one student appointed to Order of Canada

 Likes: Just “Rosie”

How does Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella find time to be an author and pianist and a judge? “Every day is a gift,” she says. “I do what I can to make the most of it”

 Likes: When Germs Get Tougher

An Internet-based surveillance system gives physicians the ability to track dangerous new strains of tuberculosis in real time

 Likes: Harley Pasternak

Fitness guru finds fame in Hollywood

 Likes: Woman’s Time

Around the world, there’s a shift happening for women and girls, says activist Sally Armstrong

 Likes: Green Grass, Cleaner Harbour

Mayor David Miller shares his dreams for Toronto

 Likes: Miller Lash and the Millennium

Restoring historic house at UTSC

 Likes: The Benefits of Fast Food

Low-grade or even recycled food grease can be turned into a usable diesel fuel substitute

 Likes: Taking Stock of SAD

Sufferers of seasonal depression appear more willing to take financial risks in winter

 Likes: Averting Disaster

BP oil spill could have been avoided if the company had used the “precautionary principle,” says prof

 Likes: Gift on the Ground

A $1-million donation supports environmental research in Scarborough’s Rouge Park

 Likes: On Guard

The University College gryphon

 Likes: Miracle at Sick Kids

Zimbabwean twins Tinashe and Tinotenda Mufuka were born conjoined. A marvel of international co-operation brought them apart

 Likes: Game of Kings and Queens

U of T’s chess club – Canada’s oldest – is undergoing a 21st-century revival

 Likes: Red Shoes

Susan Cromwell shares her perception of the world through photography

 Likes: Checkmate!

The Hart House Chess Club makes some strategic moves at the Pan American tournament

 Likes: The Cast of Presidents

From dramatic to subtle, 14 men have given us their interpretation of the leading role at U of T

 Likes: 60 Seconds with Robert Herjavec

Advice from the Dragon’s Den judge: don’t be cutthroat, but don’t be a pushover, either.

 Likes: Subjunctive Moods

Runner-up in the 2013 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

 Likes: Star Turns: Daniel Brooks

“Originality can only happen when one begins with love of individual expression and allows it to lead to collective expression.”

 Likes: Women’s Advocate

Christine Kung’u fights for the rights of abused women in her native Kenya

 Likes: A House Divided

Creating “thermal zones” in a home could reduce energy costs by as much as 80 per cent

 Likes: Mentoring Young Moguls

Yasmin Razavi helps students start their own businesses

 Likes: Kudos

Order of Canada appointments

 Likes: Steve Dennis

“My goal isn’t to end global conflict, but to end the suffering of people who live in places where conflict takes away their basic human rights”

 Likes: Kieran Hayward

“My dream is to be one of the inspired citizens who shape Toronto for the better”

 Likes: Tuning in to the Past

Faculty of Music library acquires first tune book in Upper Canada

 Likes: Changed by War: Letter from the Front

The day after his right forearm was “slightly wounded,” Captain Frederick Banting used his uninjured left hand to pen a wobbly note home

 Likes: The Politics of Suspicion

Ideas-oriented periodical explores the politics of suspicion in a post-9/11 world

 Likes: Bringing Up Baby

Adult moms more affectionate toward infants, study finds

 Likes: Curing Injustice

Brilliant and determined, three U of T trailblazers challenged the prejudices of their day and changed the profession of medicine

 Likes: Going Back

Returning to university after 20 years can be scary and bewildering. But it can also be wonderfully enriching

 Likes: Decade of the Dynamo

Inspired, energetic, driven – nothing ever stopped Robert Prichard in his tracks during 10 years as president, not even a near tragedy

 Likes: Service With a Smile

Smiling can improve your work life

 Likes: Thanks a Billion!

Six years, 112,819 donors, more than $1 billion

 Likes: Elementary, My Dear Watson

Computer science students are developing a legal application for IBM’s Jeopardy-winning computer as part of $100,000 contest

 Likes: An “A” for Teamwork

You’ve heard of crowdfunding. With crowdmarking, a U of T prof hopes to change how students are evaluated

 Likes: Rooftop Gardener

Sarah Wilson was one of 177 graduating students to win a Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award this year for extracurricular contributions

 Likes: Making Canada Heard

Benefactor Peter Munk hopes school bearing his name will help transmit Canadian values around the world

 Likes: Stepping into the Ring

Former premier of Ontario, David Peterson, steps into the role of U of T chancellor

 Likes: A Walk on the Wild Side

In her debut novel, Hilary Davidson asks what causes otherwise good people to do something terrible

 Likes: Get Better, Sooner

Seamless Mobile Health aims to reduce hospital readmissions following surgery and save millions in medical costs

 Likes: Force for Change

Crime in Toronto is down, but after five years as police chief, Bill Blair knows he can’t take the city’s safety for granted

 Likes: Leaders & Mavericks

Exceptional political alumni

 Likes: Green Gadfly

Tom Rand has opened what he calls North America’s most environmentally friendly hotel

 Likes: Stay Tuned

The spirit of Edward S. Rogers Sr. is energizing a new wave in communications

 Likes: You Say Tomato…

Retiring linguistics prof identified unique characteristics of Canadian speech

 Likes: Fear of Numbers

Why do so many kids struggle with math?

 Likes: A Shiver of Recognition

The best stories and poems reveal something about human experience that hasn’t occurred to us before

 Likes: The children of fishermen

Winner and Readers’ Choice favourite in the 2011 Alumni Poetry Contest

 Likes: Breese Davies

“The privilege of living and working in Canada comes with the duty to protect the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable.”

 Likes: Pinocchio Parenting

Even parents who consider honesty extremely important frequently lie to their kids

 Likes: Exit Strategy

This fall, the City of Toronto will test a U of T program that offers youths alternatives to gang life

 Likes: Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux

Pérez-Leroux wants to break down prejudices about bilingualism. She notes that some immigrants, sadly, do not pass their native language on to their children

 Likes: Renowned Scholar Joins Dentistry

Nobel Biocare Chair in Prosthodontics

 Likes: Teamwork Differs for Men and Women

Study finds that men prefer more hierarchical groups

 Likes: A Capital Achievement

In nearly half a century at U of T, economics prof Michael Hare has touched thousands of students’ lives

 Likes: The Great Good Place

U of T’s eighth president recognized the importance of the university’s global reputation

 Likes: The Case of the Generous Mystery Writer

Author donates her manuscripts to Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

 Likes: Star Turns: Charmion King

“Being an actor is like being at university. It opens your mind and your soul and make you tap into yourself.”

 Likes: 60 Seconds With Heather Moyse

Gold medalist Heather Moyse talks to Lisa Bryn Rundle about her Olympic journey

 Likes: A Tale of Two Campuses

Suburban knock-offs no more, Mississauga and Scarborough are rapidly emerging as distinct institutions with their own unique approaches to teaching and research

 Likes: Garbage into Gas

An idea developed at U of T would help turn polluting oilsands waste into clean-burning hydrogen gas

 Likes: Headz over Heels for Hip Hop

Student club Hip Hop Headz is devoted to all aspects of hip hop culture

 Likes: Shinjuku

Aaron Paulson experiments with the aesthetic of Japanese architecture

 Likes: Grand Role Models

Grandparents are important emotional guides for adult grandchildren

 Likes: Caring for Caregivers

Study results suggest need for more in-home support services for grandparent caregivers

 Likes: Princess of the Mountains

Sarah Angela Nacario uses photography to frame meaningful experiences

 Likes: Digital Books Look Great on Paper

Students haven’t embraced electronic textbooks, but a rumoured device from Apple could change everything

 Likes: Idea Bank: Open Late

Next Einstein runner-up Deep Prasad shares tips for coming up with winning ideas

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about U of T’s Institute of Child Study, the war in Afghanistan, academic integrity and VE-Day on campus

 Likes: Wiki Science

Faster and more open collaboration among scientists could yield a wealth of discoveries

 Likes: Parents – At Last!

Reproductive science has made huge strides over the past 30 years, bringing hope to millions of infertile couples. But some formidable barriers remain

 Likes: Healthy Hearts

Neena Kanwar says her company, KMH Cardiology and Diagnostic Centres, is committed to quality patient care, short wait times and state-of-the-art technology

 Likes: Starving Cancer Cells

Many scientists work for years to find a cure for a single type of cancer – Patrick Gunning has his sights set on four

 Likes: It Just Grows Back

Alum Gerald Law snapped this photo of an elderly man who gave up on shaving

 Likes: Investing in Talent

Scholarships and bursaries transform lives

 Likes: Why Kids Keep Quiet about Abuse

Social isolation and rigid gender roles within the family are two factors, says prof

 Likes: Give Us a (Tax) Break!

Prof advocates eliminating corporate tax to spur investment by Canadian companies

 Likes: Another Subway Ride

Emily Glazer writes about the exhilarating effects of love

 Likes: Flights of Peace

Antoine Pappalardo is the CEO of a Toronto-based airline that flies aid missions to many of the world’s hot spots

 Likes: U of T Idol

Second-year student Patrick Simeon is crowned champion of Hart House’s tri-campus singing competition

 Likes: Our Ties with Asia

U of T’s long-standing connections with the Asia-Pacific region will serve us well in a future defined by global collaboration

 Likes: Translator to the World

Entrepreneur David Lucatch is tearing down online language barriers

 Likes: Playbook

Inner worlds unfold in Anne Michaels’ new poem

 Likes: All Clear

Surveillance and surgery could both get a boost from a new kind of video camera that can focus on near and distant objects at the same time

 Likes: Psum!

Patsy Cunningham writes about the evacuation of faculty and families from the American University in Cairo in 1942

 Likes: Our Thanks to You

Because the world turns to us, we turn to you

 Likes: Helping Hands

An astonishing 112,819 donors gave to the Campaign for the University of Toronto. Here, a few explain why they contributed so generously

 Likes: Poplar Science

An international team has decoded the genetic sequence of a tree

 Likes: Eyes Everywhere

Recent revelations about governments spying on their citizens should have us all concerned about abuse of power

 Likes: Power Walker

How lawyer Randy Pepper discovered that walking 100 km in 48 hours is a powerful way to raise funds.

 Likes: It Happened One Night

For Tanya Koivusalo and Adam Nayman, it was a “blockbuster” beginning for a slow and steady romance

 Likes: Remembering the Fallen

Soldiers’ Tower committee seeks funds to renovate tower

 Likes: Adversity in Old Movies and a Haircut

Finalist in the 2011 Alumni Poetry Contest

 Likes: Master of Medieval Combat

David Cvet teaches U of T students the finer points of grappling and single-hand sword work

 Likes: Photo Contest Winners

Kyle Ng picks up top prize for his shot of King’s College Circle during Nuit Blanche

 Likes: Underwater

Ian Poon goes to great lengths to capture his perfect shot

 Likes: Athletic Renaissance

U of T is creating opportunities for athletes at all levels

 Likes: Renaissance Man

Dominic Man-Kit Lam’s World Eye Organization has improved countless lives. He’s also a successful artist. Next on his list: edible vaccines

 Likes: 60 Seconds with Linda Schuyler

Lisa Bryn Rundle talks with Degrassi co-creator on teaching and television

 Likes: Let’s Do the Time Warp

Music teachers rely on traditional songs, old-fashioned rehearsals, prof says

 Likes: The Age of Dissent

Socialists, peaceniks, feminists, rabble-rousers: They came in search of an education. They left having taught the old school a thing or two

 Likes: Tales from the Crypt

Rod Gudino runs his horror empire from a former funeral home

 Likes: Physics That’s Practically Fun

Students give high marks to a new kind of science lab

 Likes: At a Loss for Words

Did Alzheimer’s kill crime novelist Agatha Christie?

 Likes: What You Eat Says about You

People who eat “good” foods are perceived as more trustworthy, study finds

 Likes: A Cure for Red Tape

Instead of fighting bureaucratic inefficiency, why not go around it?

 Likes: Art in Venice

U of T curator Barbara Fischer is headed to the 2009 Venice Biennale with artist Mark Lewis

 Likes: Remembering Lois Marshall

Chair in voice studies established in Marshall’s memory

 Likes: Thinking Outside the Package

Canadians need to push back against the processed-food industry, says author Jeannie Marshall

 Likes: The Lunchtime Cancer Test

BlackBerry-sized device developed at U of T can identify cancer type and severity in 30 minutes

 Likes: #daring-career-move

Can Kirstine Stewart, a former CBC executive, boost Twitter’s fortunes?

 Likes: Master of Play

As director of Arkadium, Jean-Guy Niquet is diving into the fast-moving world of mobile games

 Likes: Lifelong Learning

Barbara Dick wants to ensure that grads can build on their academic experience throughout their lives

 Likes: Peter Tan and Christine Ho Ping Kong

Architecture grads designed and built a house together in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood

 Likes: Year of the Activist

A debate 40 years ago marked the start of a greater say for students at U of T

 Likes: First Day of School

The fine art of turning frosh into scholars

 Likes: The Memory Keeper

Mingjin Lu is finding connections between early Chinese and Western thought

 Likes: BA Changing by Degrees

U of T’s 15-credit program eliminated

 Likes: Islam and the Bible

What do Arabic translations of Christianity’s holy book reveal about three of the world’s great religions?

 Likes: The Tenor Returns

Renowned singer Ben Heppner teaches a master class at U of T

 Likes: Women in Law

Some women leave the legal profession to raise a family. A new Faculty of Law program helps them return

 Likes: Revolution from Within

U of T student Nerissa Cariño garners a Peace Medallion for her work fighting violence against women

 Likes: Cruising Croatia

Join U of T writer Elaine Smith on her week-long alumni travel adventure down the Dalmatian Coast. She’ll be blogging regularly until the end of June

 Likes: The Awful Tooth

Dental injury prevalent among young people, study finds

 Likes: Opera Star Wins $25,000 Prize

Measha Brueggergosman among several grads to win awards recently

 Likes: Mapping the Mind

Ambitious 10-year project will create a detailed electronic atlas of the brain

 Likes: The Evolution of an Idea

Reinventing the automobile

 Likes: The Sage of Bay Street

David Rosenberg warned of a financial crisis few others saw coming. So why, amid ongoing global turmoil, is Bay Street’s most noted pessimist ready to change his tune?

 Likes: Does Dieting Affect How You Think?

Yes, and not always in expected ways, research shows

 Likes: Stress Buster

How personal changes led Bailey Vaez to promote wellness at work

 Likes: Beijing Diary

Claude Bissell’s visit to China, at a time of political isolation between the West and China, foreshadowed the spirit of international exchange at U of T today

 Likes: Goldrings Give $15.1 Million to Varsity, Victoria, Soldiers’ Tower

Gift to Varsity will support the construction of centre for high-performance sport

 Likes: How Stars Die

Some blow out, others just fade away

 Likes: Star Turns

More than actors, playwrights and directors, these artists are architects who helped create Canada’s thriving theatre scene

 Likes: Rock Star

Chemist André Arsenault finds an intriguing use for artificial opals

 Likes: Munk Centre Receives $5 Million Endowment

Gift will create new programs

 Likes: Institute of Child Study Marks 75th

600 alumni of the lab school gather to mark an historic occasion

 Likes: Screen Saver

Film savvy helped Brett Hendrie land one of Hot Docs’ top jobs

 Likes: A Woman on the Run

As her 50s approached, Margaret Webb set out to run her fastest-ever marathon… and write a book about aging and fitness

 Likes: Act of Defiance

In her new book, Denise Chong profiles one of the men who, 20 years ago, dared to lob eggs at a portrait of Mao. As Western businesses vie for access to Chinese markets, do such political gestures still matter?

 Likes: Defending the Arts

Chancellor Hal Jackman helps create $45-million endowment for the humanities and social sciences

 Likes: Restoring Soldiers’ Tower

After years of gradual wear and tear, the 87-year-old monument has received some much-needed TLC

 Likes: Thinking Small

Darren Anderson wants his nanotech company, Vive Nano, to become one of the next global chemical giants

 Likes: Building for Your Health

Tye Farrow is creating architecture that can actually prevent disease

 Likes: Honest Lying

Brain dysfunction can cause us to make false statements that we believe to be true

 Likes: Blood Work

Portable device would offer hospitals a quicker way to test patients for infectious diseases

 Likes: Classic Carson

The past is always intensely present for poet, novelist and classicist Anne Carson

 Likes: Water Pressure

Canadians feel no urgency to conserve water, but they should, says architecture prof

 Likes: A Rare Find

A book collector for more than 40 years, Michael Walsh has acquired several thousand antiquarian volumes of western philosophy

 Likes: What Are the Odds of That?

In his new book, math prof Jeffrey Rosenthal gives us the tools to assess life’s chances

 Likes: Spectacular

Claire Battershill’s new short story collection, Circus, explores the extraordinary

 Likes: When Flattery Rears Its Head

Children as young as four understand that well-placed praise can yield social benefits

 Likes: A Man with a Plan

Urban designer Robert Freedman wants to beautify Toronto

 Likes: 36 Amazing Facts about U of T

A celebration of unique, extraordinary and record-breaking feats and factoids from the university’s 187-year history

 Likes: Aquabot

Engineering students build a robotic “submarine”

 Likes: Barrier to Entry

Canada’s process for screening potential immigrants for HIV is opaque and unfair, says prof Laura Bisaillon

 Likes: Premature Births Linked to Dieting

Undernutrition could have an impact on development

 Likes: Solid Support

John Strachan received this epergne from his students

 Likes: Forensic Engineer

Bob Banks trained as both an engineer and a doctor… and now he investigates plane, car, and even space crashes in order to prevent future accidents

 Likes: Early Impressions

The University of Toronto Press got its start printing exam booklets and is now the second-largest public university press in North America

 Likes: Stepping Up

HSBC Bank Canada Steps to University program opens the door to post-secondary education

 Likes: Best of the Blues

U of T’s Sports Hall of Fame names its 2009 inductees

 Likes: Cycling from Alaska to Argentina

Ali Burke shares her cycling experiences – midway through her 27,000-kilometre ride

 Likes: Healthier Cooking

U of T students are collaborating with an Indian social enterprise to reduce the health hazards of indoor smoke

 Likes: The D-Word

Q&A with Walid Hejazi, professor of business economics and international competitiveness at the Rotman School of Management.

 Likes: Time Machine

Machine gun of Soldier’s Tower, one of two captured at Vimy Ridge

 Likes: The Northrop Frye You Never Knew

Book explores renowned prof’s personal life

 Likes: Balkan Journey

Living on the fringes of Europe

 Likes: Life Before Shakespeare

Records of Early English Drama marks milestone at U of T

 Likes: Premier Painter

Governor General’s Award-winner Shirley Wiitasalo says “I didn’t choose painting, it chose me”

 Likes: Discovering Homecoming

U of T hosts the first Alumni Homecoming in nearly a decade

 Likes: Why Day Care Matters

New report by U of T economists support advocates of publicly funded child care

 Likes: UTAA President Brings International Perspective

Paul Cadario sees an opportunity to raise the U of T Alumni Association’s profile globally

 Likes: Sky Line

Gondolas for the lakeshore: U of T students share their award-winning transit vision

 Likes: The Leech Guy

Mark Siddall takes an interest in creatures most of us avoid: leeches

 Likes: Help in a Heartbeat

Toronto’s public defibrillators could save more lives if they were placed in better locations, U of T researchers find

 Likes: Safer Births

Equipping health workers in Kenya with smartphones could bring better care to pregnant women and their infants

 Likes: In Vino Veritas

An anthropology degree adds depth to Adrian Marquez’s work as a sommelier

 Likes: The Woodsworker

Peter Schleifenbaum and his one-of-a-kind Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve show that well-managed forests can serve the needs of commercial logging and conservationists. We can have our timber and trees, too

 Likes: Hark the Heraldry

A display in the Great Hall is Alexander Scott Carter’s masterpiece

 Likes: The Constant Donor

Guy Mills contributes to the National Scholarship program every year

 Likes: Star Turn

Wendy Freedman earns major cosmology prize for her research into the Hubble constant

 Likes: Northern Light

Trips to the Arctic inspired scholarship for aboriginal students

 Likes: Prejudice in the Penitentiary

Aboriginal women unfairly deemed higher security risks, study finds

 Likes: Birth of a Collaboration

Institute for Indigenous Health opens at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health

 Likes: What Do the Adrenal Glands Do?

U of T team’s video wins Scientific American challenge

 Likes: Fertile Foundations

After 30 years of flat growth, new buildings are beginning to pop up all over

 Likes: Seeds of Hope

Gift to U of T will help students make the most of their opportunity

 Likes: Marathon Man

Runner Danny Kassap recovers from a near-death event, with a little help from his friends

 Likes: Restoring Robarts

$40-million renovation will boost study space, upgrade technology.

 Likes: Watchful Eyes

Security cameras are everywhere. A new app invites Torontonians to help map them

 Likes: A Hero in Her Own Right

Jamaican-born nurse tended to wounded soldiers during the Crimean War

 Likes: Smokers More Prone to TB

Researchers find that male smokers in India are four times more likely to contract TB

 Likes: Kudos

Alumni named to the Order of Canada and other honours

 Likes: Fresh Obsessed

U of T to bring local farmers’ produce to campus

 Likes: Cash Mob

It’s like a flash mob, but motivated to buy

 Likes: Band of Brothers

Fraternity sets up scholarship from house proceeds

 Likes: The Thousand-Year Itch

How do you get 10 scholars to wax anything but bored about the millennium? Scratch the surface of the Y2K hype and ask them to predict the future of their fields

 Likes: Salt-water solution

Isolation of a gene could improve farming productivity in areas of the world where crops are compromised by saline irrigation water

 Likes: Ethnic Isolation

Ethnic communities risk being at a disadvantage

 Likes: Life Recovered

A neuroscientist recounts his personal experience with drug addiction

 Likes: Changed by War: Farmerettes Help at Home

In 1917 and 1918 hundreds of U of T “farmerettes” signed up for national service on Ontario farms

 Likes: Accessible Excellence

U of T’s evergreen commitment to student aid

 Likes: Emotional Welfare

Ontario’s social assistance program too complicated, impersonal, study suggests

 Likes: What Can Patients and Physicians Do?

Dr. Allison McGeer gives advice on the use of antibiotics

 Likes: Show of Faith

U of T’s ecclesiastic alphabet once began and ended with “A” for Anglican, but now embraces everyone from Ahmadis to Zenists

 Likes: What’s a CEO Worth?

Rotman dean Roger Martin says executive pay shouldn’t be tied to a company’s stock price, after all

 Likes: Incredible Impact – in Media

U of T’s Fellowship in Global Journalism is the first program in the world that specifically trains professionals and academics to be reporters

 Likes: Rhodes to Success

U of T Scarborough grad Wojciech Gryc is named a 2008 Rhodes Scholar

 Likes: Good Neighbour

Nicolas Koff is helping crowdfund community improvement projects

 Likes: Playground

Xing Yuan Zeng relives childhood memories through pictures

 Likes: Domestic Doyennes

Household Science students learn the art and science of cooking

 Likes: Doorway to the Past

Entrance once fronted the three-storey home of businessman Mandel Granatstein

 Likes: The Outlaw

In a creative rut? Renegade computer designer Bill Buxton advocates less work and more play

 Likes: Housing First

It turns out that a good way to help homeless people is to actually give them a home

 Likes: Who Is @kirstinestewart?

Learn about Kirstine Stewart from her tweets

 Likes: The Meaning of Mandela

A South African reflects on the life and legacy of a human rights champion

 Likes: Second Opinion

The real world offers many sources of medical advice. Soon virtual worlds may, too

 Likes: The Great Divide?

The truly educated should be able to navigate the boundary where art and science meet

 Likes: Model Critiques

Legendary architects Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind review graduate student designs

 Likes: A Polar Mystery Solved

A big piece in the puzzle of the lost Franklin ships has been found

 Likes: A Medal for Mettle

Police Sergeant Jeffery Alderdice wasn’t sure how he’d react to the dangers of Afghanistan, but he more than passed his test of courage

 Likes: Crystal-clear Photonics

New optical material could revolutionize the telecommunications industry

 Likes: Portrait of Generation Y

Shot in just 10 days, Julian De Zotti’s first feature film was selected for the Montreal World Film Festival

 Likes: Internet Explorer

Author Andrew Blum follows the wires behind the Web

 Likes: Love Story

Rasha Mourtada’s story placed first in University of Toronto Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

 Likes: The Artful Annie

Collaborative fine art program offered by UTM and Sheridan College

 Likes: Changed by War: Nothing Lacking but the Roar of Battle

While nothing could prepare recruits for the grim realities of trench warfare, the University of Toronto did what it could to equip its student soldiers for what was coming

 Likes: Towers of Song

A U of T music grad runs an innovative program to bring affordable music lessons to Regent Park youth

 Likes: Rhodes Scholar an Anti-Violence Advocate

Kofi Hope founded the Black Youth Coalition Against Violence

 Likes: New Year’s Revolution

A proposed new calendar would give February an extra week and start every month on a Monday.

 Likes: Khalid Ahmed

Sudan native wants to bring peace to his home country

 Likes: Shakespearean Simpleton

Donald Sutherland performs in Hart House Theatre’s The Tempest

 Likes: Hell on Reels

Dante’s Inferno has huge impact on modern-day writers and filmmakers, prof finds

 Likes: Healing the Heart

Specially engineered tissue patches could help heart attack patients fully recover

 Likes: Holocaust Heroine

Julija Šukys captures the life of a Lithuanian woman who aided the ghetto resistance

 Likes: Markets Without Borders?

Deborah Cowen investigates what happens when governments sacrifice the rights of their citizens to protect the flow of goods across national lines

 Likes: Golden Boy

Cast of Walter Laidlaw was modelled in clay by artist Palmo Dolzelli

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Readers offer insight and alternate solutions to Toronto’s traffic congestion

 Likes: Buzzing about Bees

What’s the buzz around urban beekeeping? Gurushabd Khalsa tells all

 Likes: Fighting Math Anxiety

U of T’s Math Outreach instructors are changing hearts and minds about an often-feared subject

 Likes: Rotary Club

How does one build a human-powered helicopter?

 Likes: Letters to the Editor

Readers share thoughts on the Charter of Quebec Values, psychiatric medication and international aid in conflict zones

 Likes: Of Murder and Magic

The inspiration for the fanciful novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Caroline Roe sprang from the U of T campus

 Likes: Rahnuma Panthaky

Drama grad is the founder of two theatre companies

 Likes: Matthew Cimone

“It is amazing to me the encouragement we get from those we are ostensibly trying to help”

 Likes: Grace Under Pressure

A U of T grad student and alumnus created music for the launch of the Boundless campaign in just three weeks

 Likes: Young Pioneers

Eight U of T faculty and alumni named to Canada’s “Top 40 under 40”

 Likes: The Price of War

International aid fuels corruption in a conflict zone and may keep war going, says political science professor Aisha Ahmad

 Likes: To Our Health

$10 million Bloomberg gift will transform nursing faculty

 Likes: Welcome to the “Apopalypse”

The fascination with end times is everywhere in pop culture – including that Britney Spears song on your iPod

 Likes: U of T’s Biggest Class Ever

Coursera brings online learning to the masses

 Likes: School Ties

Competitive? Talented? Intense? All that and more. They met their equals at U of T and have stayed connected throughout their celebrated careers

 Likes: The Mynah

Runner-up in the 2011 Alumni Poetry Contest

 Likes: Mapping U of T’s Success

A sampling of new programs, chairs and buildings that are changing the face of U of T, thanks to campaign dollars

 Likes: Scarborough Rising

UTSC seeks $35 million to bolster its position as intellectual and cultural hub for the eastern GTA

 Likes: Sex and the Single Guy

Actor David Julian Hirsh draws on his university experience to bring his TV character alive

 Likes: In the Mood for Love

Women more likely than men to experience physical arousal without thinking that they’re aroused, study finds

 Likes: The True Nature of Time

A century after Einstein proposed his theory of relativity, scientists are still debating how time works

 Likes: From Science to Screen

Biology major, David Alpay, plays a pivotal role in Egoyan’s latest film

 Likes: Lonely

Photography serves a therapeutic function for Qurrat Ansari

 Likes: Raja Khanna

Self-described “digital media pioneer” is bringing television to cellphones

 Likes: Leading the Green Revolution

Forestry scientists are at the forefront of environmental research

 Likes: Iron Granny

Louise McGonigal is a two time half-Ironman champion

 Likes: The Sea

This artwork created by Philip Beesley – and photographed by Aida da Silva – transformed Brookfield Place in Toronto

 Likes: Youth Revisited

Seniors’ group shows no signs of slowing down

 Likes: New Parliament Is U of T Blue

Grads elected in several conservative ridings, Liberal caucus is now one-fifth U of T alumni

 Likes: U of T Profs Win Teaching Fellowships

Kenneth Barrett and David Dunne among 10 recipients of national prize

 Likes: Prisoners in Tehran

Treatment of political detainees hasn’t changed – but technology offers hope

 Likes: The Students Are Coming

Enrolment increases offer an opportunity for expansion

 Likes: The Corporate Connection

Do corporate donations influence what goes on in the classroom? Campaign chair Tony Comper feels that everyone’s a winner when business supports higher learning

 Likes: Umbrella Girls

Alexandre Combessie documents his adventures through travel photography

 Likes: Debugging

A forestry prof believes a local parasite could help protect Ontario’s ash trees from a deadly invader

 Likes: Aphrodite Salas

Citytv’s Parliament Hill reporter won’t rule out political career

 Likes: The Simpsons in Scarborough

Husband and wife will head up new centre

 Likes: Rent Anything!

Many of us have valuable stuff we rarely use. Now you can rent it out, thanks to a peer-to-peer platform from grad Martin Wong that works just like Airbnb

 Likes: Dinner with Friends

Restaurant owner Roberto Martella believes in building community by breaking bread together

 Likes: The Geography of Pollution

A PhD candidate’s low-cost sensors could be deployed across cities to gather highly local air-quality data

 Likes: Fenghuang Fog

Edward Tse relies on coincidence and a pinch of good luck to create stunning photographs

 Likes: The Stories She Tells

Filmmaker Sarah Polley’s advice for students who want to get into the movie business? Just do it

 Likes: Up Against Google

With BlogScope, a U of T computer science group is taking on the search titan in the realm of public opinion

 Likes: T is for Trans

It’s time to cast off dated notions about masculinity, femininity and “opposite” sexes

 Likes: Bringing the Universe Down to Earth

Student scientists at Astronomy Summer School learn how to design the instruments that show us the cosmos

 Likes: Awards of Excellence

Alumni Association honours faculty, staff and students

 Likes: From Stage to Screen

Measha Brueggergosman hits gold with a new album, a TV show and an opera

 Likes: A Commanding Vision

Yes, the campaign raised $1 billion. But it also created a community committed to seeing U of T stand tall with the best in the world

 Likes: Global Learning

Rumeet Toor launches a teacher’s college in rural Kenya

 Likes: Where People Pedal

Why are some wards more popular among cyclists than others?

 Likes: The Sixth Age

The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered Pantaloon, with spectacles on nose and pouch on side

 Likes: A Walk in the Park

Foggy weather makes for a dramatic image by fourth-year student Ren Hui Yoong

 Likes: The Infant

At first, the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms

 Likes: Rare Bird

Alexander Quick captures the John P. Robarts library in its natural habitat

 Likes: Foiling the Warren Harding Syndrome

Structured interviews help weed out bias in job selection

 Likes: Sneaky Dee’s

A Toronto music and late-night-snacking institution

 Likes: Vincent Lam

Prize-winning author captures extremes in human behaviour

 Likes: The Art of Stage Fighting

Daniel Levinson wants his students to fight like they mean it, but without getting hurt

 Likes: Life Ever After

Years of university – then what? As John Fraser discovered, first jobs can lead in unexpected directions

 Likes: Chocolate Scientist

Elena Grouios works in a chocolate factory, inventing new treats. Sweet!

 Likes: Astronomy’s Answer Man

A U of T grad student has created a website where anyone can pose burning questions about astronomy – and receive an expert reply

 Likes: Mona Gauthier Revealed Estrogen’s Role in Breast and Ovarian Cancers

U of T scientist helped discover key factor in risk for breast, ovarian cancers

 Likes: Harley Pasternak Inc.

The Hollywood fitness guru and former U of T grad student turns his marketing game up a notch

 Likes: Inside the Palace

Prof. Chen Shen reveals how life was in China’s Forbidden City

 Likes: Death Becomes Him

Novelist Andrew Pyper goes in for the kill

 Likes: Setting the Scene

Professor Dan Silver comes up with a new way of looking at cities

 Likes: Paul Jones & Rona Maynard

English majors met each other on stage

 Likes: Wedding Crashers

Nikita Nikolaev finds himself unexpectedly at a wedding in a monastery

 Likes: Remembering Churchill

Reading room named after the former British prime minister

 Likes: Sleuthing Toronto’s Odd History

How a history degree led Cameron to a job designing scavenger hunts in downtown Toronto

 Likes: A Shift in Perception

Discoveries in brain science are prompting new theories about how our senses work – and how they affect our understanding of the world

 Likes: East Meets West

Gift will fund scholarship for students from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

 Likes: The Dalla Lanas Make Their Mark

$20-million gift to the U of T will help refurbish Canada’s role as an innovator in public health

 Likes: Changed by War: An Artist at War

Wounded soldiers drolly referred to “the beauty parlour,” a humorous defense against the terrible possibility of ever being sent to a hospital’s plastic surgery department

 Likes: Screen Time

Online courses are big, bold and potentially game-changing for higher education

 Likes: Workplace Smoking Bans Work

Smokers light up less often daily when they can’t indulge at work

 Likes: Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies Receives $1 Million

Centre receives its largest donation since the undergraduate program was founded

 Likes: Meet Brian, the Social Robot

Advances in technology are bringing us robots that can interact naturally with humans

 Likes: The Sorcerer

Since leaving tax law, David Ben has become one of the world’s greatest sleight-of-hand artists

 Likes: Pipe Dreams

Sarah Svendsen and Rachel Mahon are proving that organ music isn’t just for Dracula lovers

 Likes: Hats Off to Nurses

Bluma Appel’s donation will provide nursing students with infectious disease training

 Likes: Ingenious Medicine

Genetic testing may soon reveal what pharmaceutical drugs work best for you, with fewest side-effects

 Likes: Diabetes and Driving

U of T study finds that diabetics who keep strict control of their blood sugar are more likely to be involved in a car accident, not less

 Likes: Seamstress to the Kings

Innis alumna suits up Elvis tribute artists

 Likes: N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre

The meaning behind the name of the N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre at U of T Scarborough is as interesting as the person who helped name it

 Likes: A Single Leaf

Amarpreet Kaur showcases nature at U of T Mississauga

 Likes: Hot Tubbing

In the world of law, hot tubbing is a common practice

 Likes: Incredible Impact – in Medicine

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Tihitena Negussie Mammo boosted her skills at U of T, then shared what she learned with her colleagues in Ethiopia

 Likes: Power Plants

A blueprint for an “artificial leaf” could lead to solar cells that generate a lot more power

 Likes: In Pictures: the Amazing Collection of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

A slideshow of rare and intriguing items from the library’s digital treasure trove.

 Likes: Countdown to Beijing

Swimmer Colin Russell leads U of T athletes and coaches on a quest for Olympic gold

 Likes: Changed by War: Forgotten Warriors – Animals at War

Millions of animals served on both sides of the conflict. Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae developed close bonds with his horse Bonfire and dogs Bonneau and Mike

 Likes: Brew Crew

Lee Tseng’s craft beers are a hit in Shanghai

 Likes: The Real Students of U of T

Reality television comes to U of T as students vie for chance to compete in Big Brother-like show

 Likes: The Apocalypse Will Be Tweeted

ZED.TO’s interactive narrative experience simulates the end of the world

 Likes: In Memoriam: Michael Hough

The founder of landscape architecture at the University of Toronto was an eco-pioneer

 Likes: The Mighty Pen

The War of 1812, as seen by political cartoonists

 Likes: Spontaneous Success

Learning to stay in the moment gave Madeleine Bisson the key to great improv acting – and to her first film role.

 Likes: “Innis Was My Oasis”

Mark Weisdorf took no classes at Innis, but the college’s Town Hall became the heart of his U of T community

 Likes: Faces of ’14: Graduation!

What happens after life at U of T?

 Likes: A Woman’s Place

Dorothy Shekter was often told she didn’t belong at university. But she persevered — and did some amazing things as a social worker

 Likes: Steve Petranik and Ann Auman

A Varsity romance is still going strong after more than 30 years

 Likes: Helping the Heart

U of T scientists identify two genes associated with heart function that could lead to new therapies for heart disease

 Likes: The Imagined City

In her new book, writer Sarah Elton aims to put Toronto on the literary map next to New York, Dublin and Paris

 Likes: One on One

With University of Toronto president David Naylor

 Likes: Global Citizen

Remi Kanji transforms her sense of global citizenship into action

 Likes: City of Ideas

Imagining Toronto’s future

 Likes: African Queen

A museum studies prof is working to unearth the ancient leader’s complete life story

 Likes: Abuse Is Not Just Physical

National study reveals that most child welfare investigations are due to neglect and emotional abuse

 Likes: Hamlet 2.0

Writer Ryan North raised more than half-a-million dollars through social media to publish his Shakespeare-adventure book

 Likes: Lighting a Revolution

Three grads have developed an LED that uses a fraction of the electricity of other light bulbs

 Likes: New Look and New Features for Alumni Website

Social networking comes to the university’s online alumni presence

 Likes: Bajan Sensation

Lifelong friends realize the dream of qualifying for the Olympics

 Likes: Pathways’ Progress

A homework support program involving OISE students has more than doubled high school graduation rates in Regent Park

 Likes: Luis Jacob

Toronto artist is one of two Canadians invited to documenta 12, a massive international art exhibition

 Likes: Who’s the Smartest of Them All?

Laura Suen, a recent U of T grad, placed second in the CBC show Canada’s Smartest Person

 Likes: Breathing Lessons

Nurse Almir Alicelebic brings an element of kung fu to the bedside

 Likes: Star Turns: William Hutt

“I saw this hemorrhaging of talent across the border. If everyone left, we would never have a cultural picture in this country.”

 Likes: Malcolm McGrath Retires

Assistant engineering dean helped start U of T Day and established the Leaving Class Pledge

 Likes: A Great Cause

David Naylor talks about the past eight years and his plans for the future

 Likes: Skule Idol

Engineering science alumni reveal a talent for opera

 Likes: The Flying Photographer

89-year-old Lou Wise has dedicated much of his life to shooting images of the Earth from above

 Likes: Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Research finds that pop music is getting more melancholy – a sign, perhaps, of the times?

 Likes: Golden Glow

Alumna Laura Inward outclassed all competition in beach volleyball at the World Masters Games in August

 Likes: Dive Right In

Volunteer opportunities at the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

 Likes: The Challenge of Building in the Arctic

How should architecture adapt to the Far North’s unique climate and culture?

 Likes: Bowie Tribute

Bodi Bold creates an homage to Aladdin Sane

 Likes: Vivek Rao

Surgeon buys patients critical time while they wait for a donor heart

 Likes: Solar-Powered Flight

A new kind of aircraft could fly 1,000 km powered only by the sunlight that shines on its back

 Likes: Tales of Residence Life

Readers share their most memorable stories

 Likes: Your Loss is Your Gain

Should people get paid for shedding weight and pursuing a healthier lifestyle?

 Likes: A Century at Convocation Hall

The educational experience has changed dramatically in the past 100 years, but U of T grads from all generations still share one thing in common: a degree bestowed at Con Hall

 Likes: Dollars & Sense

Deans, directors and principals report on how your campaign money has been put to work to create a better U of T

 Likes: Virtual Thrills, Real Gains

Computer games may help children with cerebral palsy, study finds

 Likes: My Generation

Twixters take on 20-something stereotypes

 Likes: Another Feather for Her Cap

U of T awards Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion an honorary degree

 Likes: Whose Values?

Does the proposed Quebec Charter guarantee a secular society, or more votes for the Parti Québécois?

 Likes: Games of Chance

Math prof and amateur comic Jeffrey Rosenthal embraces randomness – both on stage and in class

 Likes: Notes from Underground

Prof compiles stories about strange worlds beneath our feet

 Likes: Gay Studies Branches Out

In a single decade, U of T’s Sexual Diversity Studies program has become one of the largest of its kind in North America

 Likes: Our Own Jackie O.

Former alumni governor encourages grads to consider “life-changing” role with U of T

 Likes: Everyone Is Interesting

Toronto author Sheila Heti finds literary inspiration all around her

 Likes: Calming First-Year Jitters

Workshops help incoming students deal with stresses of university life

 Likes: Body Double

A U of T team finally settles the question of where Tom Thomson was buried

 Likes: The Sustainable Chef

Jaco Lokker brings local flavour to student menus

 Likes: What, Me Worry?

Anxiety affects a person’s sense of life satisfaction less than depression, prof says

 Likes: And the Winner Is…

1941 grad finally receives award she won more than 60 years earlier

 Likes: Popular Scientist

Eugenia Duodu wins award for her research into targeting cancerous cells, and for teaching kids science

 Likes: C-sections Safest For Breech Births

New study comparing planned c-sections with planned vaginal births

 Likes: Why Drinkers Smoke

Nicotine in cigarettes can promote alcohol consumption

 Likes: Royal Gems

Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the founding of Victoria College

 Likes: The Joe College-Betty Coed Consciousness-Raising Blues

Myrna Kostash reflects upon the new women’s studies course at the University of Toronto in a 1972 Miss Chatelaine article

 Likes: Drawn to the Rhythm

Commerce student Alexandra Orlando wins six gold medals at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games

 Likes: Clock Wise

The Hipp chronoscope enabled scientists to assess how quickly people respond to stimuli

 Likes: Lord of the Loaves

Steve Gibson’s final MBA project has left him rolling in dough

 Likes: Home Cheap Home

Pay more for energy efficiency up front, save more in the long term, says prof

 Likes: Star Turns: Kristen Thomson

Lying on the U.C. Playhouse theatre floor during a warm-up, Thompson thought, “OK, this is where I belong”

 Likes: A Good Time to Say Goodbye

Incoming president takes office at a very promising moment in the history of the university

 Likes: Go Argonautes!

Julie Claycomb is researching a group of proteins that may yield new treatments for a variety of genetic and viral diseases

 Likes: Miller Rising

Mayor plans to work with U of T on the shared goal of revitalizing Toronto

 Likes: Analyzing Freud and African Literature

Applying key concepts of Western psychoanalysis to the prose and journalism of Africa

 Likes: Food for Thought

Nick Saul serves up healthy meals and civic engagement at The Stop

 Likes: Wasting Talent

Canadian employers and immigrants would both benefit from better “mutual orientation,” study finds

 Likes: Power Down

Conserving energy on the St. George campus

 Likes: School of Jazz

For U of T Music students, it’s all about the passion and the desire to play

 Likes: Storm Warning

Conditions are brewing for a major epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes

 Likes: From Toronto to St. Louis on a Litre of Fuel

U of T engineering students place second in international competition to create most fuel-efficient car

 Likes: Theatre of Love

Alfred Bader donates $6 million for the construction of Victoria College theatre

 Likes: Kindling a Spark

Victoria College establishes professorship in honour of writer and activist June Callwood

 Likes: A Big Step Forward

The Ontario and federal governments have signalled a serious commitment to globally competitive research excellence

 Likes: Building a Better Heart

Milligan gift will fund graduate fellowships in biomedical engineering

 Likes: Great Expectations

With a new billion-dollar campaign goal, the only way for U of T is up

 Likes: Michael Serbinis

Internet entrepreneur experienced tech boom and bust

 Likes: Business Expansion

Rotman School of Management launches $200-million fundraising campaign.

 Likes: Computer Says No

The challenge to improve online dating

 Likes: The Evolution of the Book in Canada

New volume traces print back hundreds of years

 Likes: A Farewell Gift to Last Forever

Award named in honour of Interim President, Frank Iacobucci

 Likes: The Book Shredder

Northrop Frye kept three personal libraries, but wasn’t above throwing away books he was finished with

 Likes: Medical Pioneer

Dr. Vera Peters saved lives with her treatments for breast cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma

 Likes: When Animals Worry

Chronic stress affects reproduction and survival levels

 Likes: 60 Seconds with Vass Bednar

Vass Bednar talks about making public policy fun – including policy-making activities while grocery shopping

 Likes: Realizing Our Potential

Growing evidence shows the importance of life’s early years

 Likes: Star Turns: Sky Gilbert

“I’m always going to have that bent to read and write and learn new things”

 Likes: Nutrition in a Bottle

Food Engineering Group is creating a drink that will provide protein, vitamins and micronutrients

 Likes: The Real CSI

Students in UTM’s forensic science program learn quickly that art does not always imitate life

 Likes: Championing Canadian Art

From the moment she arrived in Canada, Katerina Atanassova was drawn to the Group of Seven

 Likes: Star Power

Hart House’s notable theatre, film and television personalities

 Likes: A Puzzling Creation

Ed Barbeau uses math puzzles to encourage analytical and innovative thinking

 Likes: A Home for High Performance Sport

Ground broken on Goldring Centre, opening expected early in 2015

 Likes: Highs and Lows

The Glycemic Index, developed at U of T, offers a dietary plan for controlling diabetes

 Likes: Can Diabetes be Prevented?

Even modest changes in diet and exercise reduce risk for Type 2 Diabetes by more than half, study finds

 Likes: Meet Our Next President

World-renowned urban expert Meric Gertler will succeed David Naylor and serve as U of T’s 16th president

 Likes: Student Affairs

Donor contributions have helped make watershed changes to the student experience. How? Here are just a few of the thousands of stories

 Likes: Secular Hecklers

Protesting the world’s blasphemy laws

 Likes: Maritime Men

Two U of T alumni are putting their nautical know-how to work international waters

 Likes: Not Just Black and White

U of T debaters were unbeatable at North American championships

 Likes: Bench Strength

New interim president brings “impeccable credentials”

 Likes: Taking Care