Autumn 2017 / Feature

Setting out on a new path takes courage. But it’s a risk that often turns out to be its own reward

U of T's front campus gates at dawn on the left, and a student with a backpack walking on the right

Illustration: Matt Murphy.

The first day of school. A new job. Moving to a different country. We feel alive to possibility – to renewal and reinvention – but also anxious or fearful: What if it doesn’t work out?

It requires courage to choose a new path. And in taking a chance, as many of the U of T alumni, students and faculty profiled here have done, we grow stronger. That, in the end, is its own reward.
On a Mission of Compassion
The recipient of a Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, Deborah Emilia Solomon wants to devote her engineering career “to the service of others”
Teaching Kids How to Code
U of T undergrads are bringing the language of computers to youth in Toronto’s low-income neighbourhoods. Will it “future-proof” them?
Minor Key
During one of life’s darker moments, alumna Camilla Gibb took comfort in learning something new
An Indigenous Musician Turns to the Law
First-year student Conlin Delbaere-Sawchuk is interested in how cultural appropriation affects Aboriginal artists
Architecture’s Spectacular New Home
The stunning new Daniels Building has thrown open its doors to students
For this Syrian Grad Student, a Fresh Start
Denied re-entry into the U.S. to complete his studies in public health, Khaled Almilaji finds a warm welcome at U of T
Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?
The health-care system isn’t foolproof, and it’s time to open up about it, says U of T alumnus Dr. Brian Goldman
It Was 50 Years Ago Today
Ken Luckhurst first set foot at UTM at the height of the hippie era. Touring a transformed campus with a recent grad, he finds not everything has changed
A Refuge from the Streets
Having spent time homeless herself, Prof. Suzanne Stewart envisions a new kind of shelter – one that truly understands and cares for Indigenous women
Taking Centre Stage
As the theatre world grapples with change, U of T Mississauga student Muhaddisah Batool prepares for the spotlight
When Getting a Job Is Mission Impossible
Laws to end workplace discrimination against people with disabilities have mostly failed to boost employment. Sociologist David Pettinicchio wants to know why
How Did the Universe Begin?
Professor Barth Netterfield’s lifelong journey into faith, physics and astronomy


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