Feature / Spring 2018
Bringing Sci-Fi to Life

From virtual worlds to brain-­ computer interfaces — seven  intriguing technologies that U of T scientists are working on right now

Illustration of a rocket ripping through the poster of outer space and a space station.

Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas.


A New Generation of Spacecraft, Powered by Light
Solar sails could propel ships to other planets – and even stars – with much less fuel


Tiny Robots, and the Future of Drug Delivery
Microscopic machines may soon swim through our bodies, delivering cancer drugs to tumours and assisting with difficult surgeries


Scientists Can’t Read Your Mind. But They’re Working on It
Prof. Tom Chau’s lab can already tell what word you’re thinking of, or if you’re singing a song to yourself


Surfing the Net Is Old School. Soon, We May Inhabit It
A computer science alum has created a technology that turns the web into a virtual world


Suppressing Our Most Fearful Memories
Research on mice reveals that specific memories can be weakened. Could this one day help treat the effects of trauma in humans?


With Damaged Organs, a Chance for “Regrowth”
Prof. Michael Sefton imagines being able to treat diabetes with a single injection


A Way to Make Things Disappear
Prof. George Eleftheriades is developing a radar-evading technology that he thinks could be used one day to make anything invisible


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