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Bringing Sci-Fi to Life

Illustration of a rocket ripping through the poster of outer space and a space station.

Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas.


A New Generation of Spacecraft, Powered by Light [1]
Solar sails could propel ships to other planets – and even stars – with much less fuel


Tiny Robots, and the Future of Drug Delivery [2]
Microscopic machines may soon swim through our bodies, delivering cancer drugs to tumours and assisting with difficult surgeries


Scientists Can’t Read Your Mind. But They’re Working on It [3]
Prof. Tom Chau’s lab can already tell what word you’re thinking of, or if you’re singing a song to yourself


Surfing the Net Is Old School. Soon, We May Inhabit It [4]
A computer science alum has created a technology that turns the web into a virtual world


Suppressing Our Most Fearful Memories [5]
Research on mice reveals that specific memories can be weakened. Could this one day help treat the effects of trauma in humans?


With Damaged Organs, a Chance for “Regrowth” [6]
Prof. Michael Sefton imagines being able to treat diabetes with a single injection


A Way to Make Things Disappear [7]
Prof. George Eleftheriades is developing a radar-evading technology that he thinks could be used one day to make anything invisible