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Plan B: The Power of Reinvention

Illustration by Remie Geoffroi.

Earlier this year, U of T nursing student Emma Taylor (a pseudonym) was seriously injured in a car crash. Taylor’s story, “With a Student in Crisis, a Faculty Rallies [1],” highlights an unsettling truth: our lives can be upended in a moment. In this issue, we explore the idea of “Plan B” – of pursuing change, either by choice or because life demands it – and how knowledge and education can help us achieve the dreams we have, or chase new ones.
There Is No Magic Formula When Quitting an Addiction [2]
By 28, Marc Lewis been arrested, convicted and kicked out of grad school. But it took him another two years to end his love affair with drugs.
After the Shooting, a Search for Salvation [3]
U of T sociology professor Jooyoung Lee spent time with 40 people who had been shot – in some cases, multiple times – to find out how they coped and to record how their lives had changed. Their stories are harrowing and instructive. This is just one.
A New Life After Loss [4]
Over more than two decades, Rena Arshinoff built a successful career in medical science. Then she felt a spiritual call 
Business Threats Can Arise at Any Time. Are You Ready? [5]
It’s easy to say “be prepared.” Scouts learn it. Even Scar in The Lion King sang it. So why do executives so often avoid it?
Ghost Effects [6]
Social psychologist Michael Inzlicht launched his academic career on the study of “ego depletion.” His research suggested it was real. Then came doubts.
Finding Comfort in Food [7]
Edna Staebler was 55 when her marriage ended. She thought she would grow old alone, impoverished and unhappy. Then she wrote a cookbook.
Make No Mistake [8]
Can a group of Toronto hospitals eliminate medical errors?
Mind Games [9]
Economists have long known that consumers can make confounding choices when presented with too much selection. But they’ve never agreed on why. Enter neuroscience.