University of Toronto Magazine University of Toronto Magazine
Spring 2004

Great Friends for a Great University

A transformative campaign owes its success to thousands of donors

Publicly launched in September 1997, the Campaign for the University of Toronto reached the $1-billion milestone in December 2003, making it the most successful fundraising campaign in Canadian history.

The campaign has changed the face of philanthropy in Canada, strengthening U of T’s role as Canada’s leading teaching and research university.

Across U of T’s three campuses, the campaign’s impact has been significant:

In 1995, endowment for student aid was $68.7 million – today, endowment for student aid is $500 million

At the start of the campaign, U of T had 15 endowed chairs and five joint-hospital chairs – today there are 175 chairs and 85 joint-hospital chairs

The campaign has transformed programs and centres across campus

The campaign has assisted in the largest building expansion in more than 40 years on all three campuses

The University of Toronto thanks all of its great friends for their generosity and vision. The University of Toronto is now at a new plateau of private support on which it can build for the future.

Great Friends for a Great Future
The Campaign for the University of Toronto was unprecedented among Canadian universities, not only because of its ambitious size and scope but because of the extraordinary participation of tens of thousands of individuals and groups throughout the world. Each campaign commitment has played an important role 
in ensuring that U of T remains competitive with the world’s best public teaching and research universities. The following list recognizes supporters who have made cumulative campaign commitments of $5,000 or more to the University of Toronto and its federated universities between May 1, 1995 and December 31, 2003. These commitments do not include any matching funds from the University of Toronto, the Government of Ontario or the Government of Canada.

* These organizations or individuals have also supported the university through Gifts in Kind

$50,000,000 or more
The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation

25,000,000 to $49,999,999
Ted and Loretta Rogers

$10,000,000 to $24,999,999 

John and Margaret Bahen
The Dan Family and 
Leslie and Anna Dan

Edna M. Davenport

The Honourable Henry 
N. R. Jackman*
Murray and Marvelle Koffler*
Michael Lee-Chin / AIC Limited

Russell and Katherine Morrison
Sandra and Joseph Rotman
Jeffrey S. Skoll
Anne Tanenbaum

Apotex Foundation / 
Honey and Barry Sherman
Canadian Credit
 Management Foundation / Marcel Desautels
Three anonymous donors

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Mark S. Bonham*
Pierre Lassonde and Claudette MacKay-Lassonde
Isabel and Alfred Bader
Terrence Donnelly
Stephan R. Lewar

Barrick Heart of Gold Fund, TrizecHahn Corporation, Peter and Melanie Munk*
Bell Canada
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Nortel Networks*
Vision Science
Research Program

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Margaret L. Anderson
Conrad M. Black / Hollinger Inc.
Andrea and Charles Bronfman
Roel and Dorothy Buck
Vivian and David Campbell *
Clarice Chalmers *
Lloyd and Kay Chapman
Cheng Yu-Tung
Chow Yei Ching
David Chu Shu-Ho
Fran and Edmund Clark
Jack H. and Mary E. Clark
Sydney and Florence
Cooper and Family
The Evans Family
W. Robert and Gail Farquharson
Margaret and Jim Fleck
Roy and Ann Foss
Max and Gianna Glassman
Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky-Gluskin
Ernest Charles Goggio and Family
Warren and Barbara Goldring
Senator Jerry S. Grafstein and Carole Grafstein *
Douglas and Ruth Grant
Ralph and Roz Halbert
William and Nona M. Heaslip *
Gerald R. and Geraldine Heffernan
Sam and Doris Lau
Lee Ka and Margaret Lau
Lee Shau-Kee
K. K. Leung
Dexter Man,
Evelyn Yee-Fun Man, Patricia Man and
Linda Y. H. Chan
Margaret and Wallace McCain
William F. McLean
Robert W. McRae and Canadians Resident Abroad Foundation
Dusan and Anne Miklas
Peter L. Mitchelson / Sit Investment Associates Foundation
W. Frank Morneau, Sr. *
James and Sheila Mossman
Christopher Ondaatje *
Ronald G. Peters *
Eugene V. Polistuk
Norman and Marian Robertson
Barrie Rose and Family
William and Meredith Saunderson
Arthur R. A. and Susan Scace
Lionel and Carol Schipper
Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman
John Patrick and Marjorie Sheridan
Milton Shier and Family
J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff
Robert C. Simmonds
Thomas and Beverley Simpson
Sorbara Family – Sam Sorbara, The Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation, Edward Sorbara, Gregory Sorbara, Joseph Sorbara and Marcella Tanzola*
A. Michael and Monica Spence
Arthur Gordon Stollery
Tom and Marilyn Sutton
Joey and Toby Tanenbaum
Mark M. Tanz
F. Michael Walsh *
Phyllis and Bill Waters
John H. Watson
Rose Wolfe
Gregory Wolfond

Altera Corporation *
Alzheimer Society of Ontario
Archdiocese of Toronto
Associated Medical Services, Incorporated
Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc.
The Atkinson Charitable Foundation
Aventis Pasteur Limited
BMO Financial Group *
Basilian Fathers of Etobicoke
Basilian Fathers of the University of St. Michael’s College
J. P. Bickell Foundation
Bombardier Inc. / J. Armand Bombardier Foundation
Brascan Corporation
The Rudolph Peter Bratty Family Foundation
Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Celestica *
The CIT Group Inc.
City of Mississauga
City of Scarborough
Corus Entertainment Inc.
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Donner Canadian Foundation
The Edper Group Foundation
Edwards Charitable Foundation
Energenius Incorporated
The Full-Time Students of Erindale College
Friends of the Trinity College Library

The Lionel Gelber Foundation
General Motors of Canada Limited *
The Heinrichs Foundation
IBM Canada Limited *
Imasco Limited
Imperial Oil Foundation
The Jackman Foundation on behalf of Edward J. R. Jackman
Petro Jacyk Educational Foundation
Ignat Kaneff Charitable Foundation
The Ben and Hilda Katz Foundation
The W. M. Keck Foundation
Patrick and Barbara Keenan Foundation
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
The Albert and Temmy Latner Family Foundation
The Law Foundation of Ontario
Drs. Richard Charles Lee and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation
Magna International Inc.
Manulife Financial
Maple Financial Group Inc.
Massey College 

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto 

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. 

Ontario College of Pharmacists 

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network 

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP 

Parkinson Society Canada
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario 

The Helen and Paul Phelan Foundation 

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation 

RBC Financial Group through RBC Foundation 

Fondation Baxter & Alma Ricard 

Rogers Wireless 

Dr. Scholl Foundation
SciCan – Division of Lux and Zwingenberger * 

Scotiabank Group 

Shoppers Drug Mart 

Southam Inc. 

Stevelyn Holdings Ltd.
Sun Life Financial
Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc. * 

Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre 

TD Bank Financial Group *
Teck Cominco
Tembec Inc. 

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute 

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Nursing
Toronto Stock Exchange
Torys LLP 

Tripos Inc. * 

University of Toronto Alumni Association 

University of Toronto at Scarborough Students 

University of Toronto Schools’ Alumni Association 

George and Helen Vari Foundation 

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation 

The Wilson Foundation

The Sam and Ayala Zacks Foundation
Nine anonymous donors

$100,000 to $999,999
John R. Alchin
Helen Allen Stacey
Richard M. H. Alway *
Philip and Linda Armstrong
M. Eleanor Austen
Dorothy Margaret Baer
Shane and Marnie Baghai
James Cameron Baillie
James Balsillie
Thomas K. Barber
Ralph M. Barford *
Martin Barkin
Joseph J. Barnicke
Brent Belzberg
Jalynn Bennett
Robert J. and Mary C. Birgeneau
Paul M. Blom
Ronald L. Bloore *
William and Monique Blundell
John C. Bonnycastle
Beverley, Sandford, Irene and Michael Borins *
Walter M. and Lisa Balfour Bowen *
Peter Brock *
Miriam Burnett
Paul M. Cadario
Brendan Calder
Patrick and Marley Carroll *
Victoria and Jim Carson *
Glenn H. R. Carter
Irene Carter
Wendy M. Cecil *
Mahadev Chakravarty
Donald Chapman
Maxime Charette *
Gordon F. Cheesbrough
Timothy Chisholm
Grace Y. K. Chum
Laura Chunosoff
John C. Clark
The Max B. E. Clarkson Family
J. Rob Collins
Tony and Elizabeth Comper
Marsh A. Cooper
James F. Crothers Family
C. William Daniel
W. Thomas Delworth and Pamela Osler Delworth *
Thomas Di Giacomo *
A. Ephraim Diamond
William A. Doherty
Dan Donovan *
William Wai-Hoi Doo
Florence Drake *
Alexander and Carolyn Drummond *
Dennis Duffy *
Janusz R. Dukszta *
Karlo J. Duvnjak
N. Murray Edwards
Veneta Elieff
George A. Elliott
H. Garfield Emerson
Seymour and Gloria Epstein
David Feldberg
Anthony Smithson Fell
Shari Graham Fell
Graeme and Phyllis Ferguson
George A. Fierheller
Jim Fisher
J. Warren Flanagan
Trevor Chin Fook *
William F. Francis
Norman Fraser
Frastacky Family
Patrick Yuk-Bun Fung
Margaret S. Gairns
George Ryerson Gardiner
Marvin Gerstein
Barnett and Beverley Giblon
Donald A. Gibson
Karol J. M. Godlewski *
Paul Godlewski *
David L. Goldberg and Family
Klaus Goldschlag
Seong Lim Gooi
Desmond R. H. and Marjorie C. Gourley
David S. Graham
Roscoe Reid Graham
William C. and Catherine Graham
Al and Malka Green
Phyllis Grosskurth *
Michael Guinness
Robert and Tracy Hain
Mary B. and Graham Hallward
Lynda C. Hamilton
Kurt O. Hani
Milton and Ethel Harris
William B. and Patricia Harris *
William L. B. Heath
Andre and Jocelyn Hidi
F. Marguerite Hill
Stephen J. Hill
James D. Hinds
Gallant Ho Yiu-Tai
Stanley Ho
Marian Patterson Holleman
Ethan Hollingshead
Phyllis Saunders Holmes
Jean Horne *
Richard and Satoko
Shibata Ingram
William H. Irwin *
Edward J. R. Jackman *
William James
Donald K. Johnson
F. Ross and Susan L. Johnson
William Ben Johnson
Karolina Jus *
Leon Katz *
Edward J. D. Ketchum
George B. Kiddell
Maria and Hans Kluge
W. Leo Knowlton
Michael and Sonja Koerner *
Robin W. Korthals
Yvonne Kresge
Tom and Ruth Kritsch
Victor Kurdyak
Sonia and Arthur Labatt
Michael Laine *
Phyllis Lambert
Richard Landon and Marie Korey *
The Langer Family
John B. Lawson
Brian Levitt
John R. Levitt
John Leyerle and Patricia Eberle
Janet and Bill L’Heureux
Stephen D. Lister and Margaret Rundle
Paul F. Little
Kenneth Lo Lok-Fung
Che Anne Loewen
Robert and Patricia Lord
Myrianne Lorincz
Millicent and William Luscombe
David C. W. Macdonald
Leonore Jean MacEachern *
Naim S. Mahlab
Dina Gordon Malkin
Stephen Marshall and Jill Denham
Roger Martin and Nancy Lang
James K. McConica *
James W. McCutcheon
Marion E. B. McKinley
E. Richard S. McLaughlin
Anthony and Valerie Melman
Rose and Louis Melzack *
Frank L. Mersch
Lorne Michaels
Michael Millgate *
Guy W. Mills
Carl O. Mitchell
Carol Mitchell and Richard Venn
Roger D. Moore
Michael M. Mortson
K. Mulhallen *
Harold J. Murphy
Hilary V. Nicholls *
Harvey Nielsen
Gordon Noakes
Iris Nowell *
Edward W. Nuffield
Mark and Edith Nusbaum (Nusbaum Family Charitable Foundation) *
Edmond George Odette *
Louis L. and Patricia M. Odette *
Marion O’Donnell
Lilly Offenbach Strauss *
William E. O’Hara
Earl Orser
Charles S. Pachter *
Shou-Yun Pang
Rose M. Patten
Frank W. Peers *
John Peri
M. Geraldine Phenix
Johanne I. Picard-Thompson
The Honourable Vivienne M. Poy
Paul S. and Suzanna Price
J. Robert S. Prichard and Ann E. Wilson
Patricia I. Proctor
The Honourable Bob Rae and Arlene Perly Rae *
Rebanks Family
Ross A. Rogers
Donald M. Ross
Michael, Sheila and Jonathan Royce
Edward Schafer and Lawrence Schafer
William Scheide
Antony Scherman *
Vlasta Scheybal
Rupert Schieder *
Jane M. Schoonmaker
William C. and Barbra E. Shaw
Daniel P. Shea
Robert G. Shelley
Irving O. Shoichet
Benjamin Shore *
Julie C. Silver
Stanislawa Skrok
Josef V. Skvorecky *
Henry Slaby and Irene Ungar
John G. Slater *
Stephen and Jane Smith *
Irene Mo-Kit So
Doris Sommer-Rotenberg
Arthur Spoerri
Alex Squires *
Paul F. Starita
Margaret E. Stedman
Ruth K. Stedman
Robert W. Stevens
James D. Stewart
Rosemary Sullivan *
John Szeto (RBC Dominion Securities)
Joseph and Marcella Tanzola
Don Tapscott
Kathleen Taylor and Neil Harris Family
Teitelbaum Family *
Martin Teplitsky
Burnett Thall and Chave Langbord Thall
Richard M. and Heather Thomson
David and Nicola Tory
James M. Tory
John A. Tory
Vincent Tovell *
Carolyn Tuohy and The Walter and Mary Tuohy Foundation
Kenneth F. Walker and the Gifford-Jones Foundation
Bruno J. Wall
Dorothy A. P. Walters
Larry and Marla Wasser
Patrick Watson *
F. Bartlett and Lucienne Watt *
Reinhart Weber
Jack Weinbaum
H. Brian and Patricia R. White
Jack Whiteside
William J. Whitla *
Judith R. Wilder
Glynn T. Williams
W. David and Shelagh Wilson
Marilyn and Bert Winberg
William and Elizabeth Winegard *
Eckart J. Wintzen
Tadeusz Witkowicz
Kwan-yiu Wong
Susan Foon Chim Wong
Roy Wood
Marion and Ross Woodman
John D. Yealland
Stephen Yow Mok-Shing
John Zdunic
Janet and Adam Zimmerman *

Abbott Laboratories Limited
Aber Diamond Corporation
Ability Health Care Supplies Inc.
The Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Alcon Canada Inc.
Algorithmics Incorporated
Allergan Inc.
Aloha Foundation
Altima Dental Canada Inc.
Murray and Susan Armitage Foundation
Murray and Susan Armitage Foundation Flowthrough Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
The Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation
Arthur Andersen LLP
Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students at the University of Toronto
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited *
Aventis Pharma
The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
Basilian Fathers of Toronto *
Baxter Corporation
Bayer Inc.
Bealight Foundation
Begonia Flowthrough Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Begonia Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Berlex Canada Incorporated
The Dr. Charles H. Best Foundation
The E. W. Bickle Foundation
Biovail Corporation International
Birks Family Foundation
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP *
Bonham & Co. Inc.
Asset Management
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Group
The Edward Bronfman Family Foundation
Buddha Dharma Kyokai Foundation of Canada
Buddhist Compassion Relief
Tzu Chi Foundation of Toronto
C. L. Burton Trusts
Karel Buzek Czech
Cultural Organization
Calea Ltd.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Cardiac
Rehabilitation Foundation
Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)
Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies
Canadian Macedonian Senior Citizens Centre Association
Canadian Opera Volunteer Committee
Canadian Pacific
Canadian-Polish Congress
Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
The Change Foundation
The D. H. Chen Foundation
Arthur J. E. Child Foundation
CIBC World Markets
Cinespace Studios
Clera Inc.
Comart Foundation
ComCare Health Services Inc.
Commemorative Association for Japan World Exposition (1970)
Consulate General of Italy
Co-Steel Inc.
Cray Inc.
The Cryptic Rite Charitable Foundation of Ontario Inc.
Dainippon Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP *
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Delta Gamma Fraternity
Digital Specialty Chemicals Ltd.
Dofasco Inc.
Drug Trading Company Limited *
Edward Dunlop Foundation
DuPont Canada Inc.
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Earhart Foundation
Eastern Construction Company Limited
Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
The Fraser Elliott Foundation
Enbridge Gas Distribution
Engel Canada Inc.
Engineering Class of 4T5
Engineering Services Incorporated Incorporated
Ernst & Young
Faculty Members of the Dept. of Medicine in Honour of Dr. Arnold Aberman
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Ontario) Education Foundation
The Financial Research Foundation of Canada
First Professional Management
Forintek Canada Corporation
Fortran Traffic Systems Limited *
Franco-Nevada Mining Corporation Limited
Friends and Colleagues of Alan Tonks
Friends and Family of Robert M. Smith
Friends of Victoria University Library and Victoria College Book Sale
General Electric Canada Inc.
General Mills Inc.
Generex Biotechnology Corp.
The Genesis Research Foundation
Genpharm Inc. Pharmaceuticals
Grace Gilhooly Foundation
Goodmans LLP
Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation
Great-West Life & London Life
Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors Association
The Greek Community of Metro Toronto Inc.
Green Shield Canada
Hari’s Database Analysis and Consulting Ltd.
Harmonize for Speech Fund – Ontario District SPEB-SQSA
The Joan and Clifford Hatch Foundation
The Heavy Construction Association of Toronto
Heenan Blaikie
H. J. Heinz Company of Canada Limited
Jacob and Dorothy Hendeles Foundation
Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. *
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
HISTOR!CA Foundation of Canada
Hitachi Canada Ltd. *
Hongkong Bank Foundation
The Horsham Corporation
Hospital for Sick Children – Department of Diagnostic Imaging
C. D. Howe Memorial Foundation
HSBC Bank Canada
Hudson’s Bay History Foundation
The K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation
Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited
Inco Limited
Indochina GoldFields Ltd.
International Association for Energy Economics
International Buddhist Progress Society of Toronto
Invest in Kids Foundation
The Ireland Fund of Canada
ISS ‘97 World Telecommunications Congress
iTRANS Consulting Inc.
The Richard Ivey Foundation
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
JDS Uniphase Corporation *
Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Medical Products
Kellogg Canada Inc.
Kellogg Company
The Korea Foundation
KPMG Canada
The Kresge Foundation
Douglas K. Laidlaw Fund
Lewfam Foundation
Loblaw Companies Limited
The Samuel Lunenfeld
Charitable Foundation
The Lupina Foundation
Mayhew + Associates Inc.
McCarthy Tétrault LLP *
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
The McLean Foundation
McMillan Binch *
MD Space and Advanced Robotics Ltd.
Medical Alumni Association, University of Toronto
The Mendelson Family Foundation
Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.
Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.
Microsoft Canada Co. *
Millenium Bureau of Canada / Canada Millennium Partnership Program
Millenium Partners, LLC
Mississauga Board of Chinese Professionals and Businesses
Mississauga Board of Trade
The Kenneth M. Molson Foundation
Moody’s Corporation
The Morrison Foundation
F. K. Morrow Foundation
Motorola Inc.
The Peter Munk Charitable Foundation
Nancy’s Very Own Foundation
National Bank Financial
National Congress of Italian Canadians
National Institute of Nutrition
The Neptis Foundation
Nestlé Canada Incorporated
New College Student Council
Noranda Inc.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
Novopharm Limited
Onex Corporation
Ontario I.O.O.F. Memorial Research Committee
Ontario Library Association
Ontario Power Generation
Organon Canada Limited
Ortho Biotech
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Partners in Research (PIR)
Patheon Inc.
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Pfizer Canada Incorporated
Pharmacia Canada Inc.
PM Global and HOK Canada Inc. and Urbana Architects Corporation
POGO Events
Power Corporation of Canada
Pricewaterhouse Coopers *
Procter & Gamble Inc.
The Prudential Insurance Company of America
Purdue Pharma
The Redemptorists
Right Track CAD Corporation
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust
Roasters’ Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Rogers Communications Inc.
Rohm & Haas Canada Incorporated *
The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation
Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation
Saint Elizabeth Health Care
The Salamander Foundation
Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited
Scholastic Canada
Scotia Capital Markets
Seyton Limited
Shell Canada Limited
The Shore Foundation for Charitable Purposes
Square One
St. George’s Society of Toronto
St. Lawrence Cement Inc.
St. Michael’s College Students
St. Michael’s Imaging Consultants
Starcan Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
Joseph S. Stauffer Foundation
Stelco Inc.
Stikeman Elliott
Students’ Administrative Council of the U of T Students of Trinity College 1997-2003
Sun Microsystems Inc. *
Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre – Department of Medical Imaging
Sunray Diabetes Foundation
Taddle Creek Non-Profit Houses Inc.
Takara Company, Canada Ltd. *
The Lawrence and Judith Tanenbaum Family Charitable Foundation
TD Meloche Monnex
Toronto and Area Road Builders Association
The Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation
Toronto Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital Imaging Consultants
The Toronto Star *
Toronto West Presbytery Corp. of the United Church of Canada
TransCanada PipeLines
The William and Nancy Turner Foundation
Unilever Canada Limited
Universal Studios Canada Inc.
University College Alumni Association
University College Book Sale
University of Toronto at Mississauga Part-Time
Undergraduate Association
University of Toronto Engineering Society
University of Toronto Foundation
University of Toronto (Hong Kong) Foundation
University of Toronto Schools Parents’ Association
Vanbots Construction Corporation
Vancouver Foundation
Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada
Wal-Mart Canada Inc.
We Care Health Services
R. Howard Webster Foundation
Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation
The Winslow Foundation
The Women’s Canadian Historical Society of Toronto
Annie Wong Art Foundation
Woodsworth College Students’ Association
Wu Yee Sun Charitable Foundation
Wycliffe College
Xerox Canada Inc. *
Zimmer of Canada Ltd.
Numerous anonymous donors

$25,000 to $99,999
Rona Abramovitch
Harry F. M. and Marian F. K.Ade
Kevin and Jill Adolphe
John E.Akitt
Jameel Ali
Charles and Darlene Allen
Clive and Barbara Allen
Derek P.H.Allen
G. Harvey Anderson
Jamie and Patsy Anderson
Scott Anderson
E. Evangeline (Carson) Andrew *
Philip Anisman *
Elizabeth Anne and Hugh Anson-Cartwright *
Paul Joseph Aquilina *
J. Murray Armitage
Wm. John and Barbara Armstrong
Claude G. Arnold *
Philip D. Arthur *
Leonard and Sue Asper
Roma Auerback
Peter D. Austin
Darius Bagli
Marilyn and Charles Baillie
Diane Bald and Michael Budman
St. Clair and Helen Balfour
Loukritia Lucy Balkos
Mary Barnett *
June Barron
Anne Bassett and the Schizophrenic Research Program
Marion Bassett
Paul and Sally Bates
Percy Albert Batt
Evelyn D. Bayefsky *
Dennis Beallor *
John A. Beament
W. Donald Bean
Allan L. and Beth Beattie
William R.and Shirley A.Beatty
Grace V. Becker
Ruth M. C. Rolph Bell
Gerald E. Bentley Jr. and Elizabeth B. Bentley *
Ruth M. Bentley *
David Bernhardt *
M. Bernstein
Margaret E. Bickle
G. Drummond Birks
Jill E. Black
Ronald B. M. Blainey
Karen Bleasby
Iris Bliss
William Blissett *
Michael Borger
Harvey Botting
Denis Bouclin
Paul A. R. Bouissac *
Izzie Boxen
Margaret R. Brait
Robert C. Brandeis *
Michael Bregman and Louis Bregman / Second Cup
Margaret A. Brennan
Fred Brenneman
Peter Brieger
David G. Broadhurst
William H. Broadhurst
Michael and Patricia Bronskill
Carl and Susi Brown
Derek Brown
R. Craig Brown *
Doris Bryant *
Lois and David Buck
George and Avis Buckley
Michael and Rena Buckstein
Walter J. Buczynski *
Eberhard Buehler *
Thomas A. and Phyllis Buell
Donald G. Bunt
Marcus J. Burnstein
Alice and Grant Burton
Leonard Butler
George and Martha Butterfield
Peter L. Buzzi
William J. Callahan *
Anthony Camisso
Glen Campbell
Mavis O. M. Cariou *
Lesley Carr
M. H. Jacqueline Carver
Luigi Casella
John M. and Mary Cassaday
John and Margaret Catto
Mark Cattral
Josef R. C. Cermak
Douglas Chambers *
Mary Anne Chambers
Anita Chan Lai-Ling
Jerry S. Chapnik
Olwen M. Chappell
Marshall L. Chasin *
Steven Chepa
Robert Nathan Cherniak *
Beverley Chernos
Pierre Paul Childs
Vernon K. Chiles
The Cho Family
Alexander Christ
Peter T. Chu
C. S. Churcher *
David and Sandra Clandfield
Graham Clark
Karen Clark
Lianne Clark
Ruth Hunt Clarke *
Stephen R. Clarke and Elizabeth Black *
Christine M. Clement
Cameron Clokie
Margaret E. Cockshutt
Ian and June Cockwell
Howard Cohen and Ron Soskolne
Zane and Joan Cohen
John Colantonio and Family
Ted and Elaine Cole
Gordon Coleman
Maurice J. Colson *
W. Neville Conyers
Alfreda Mary Cook
William J. Corcoran
Patricia Cordingley
Dick Cousland
F. Gordon and Kay Coyle
George Craig
Margaret A. Craik
Edward and Barbara Crawford
Donald R. Crawshaw
John and Barbara Cronyn
Andrew J. Crooks and Doreen Richards *
E. B. (Ted) Cross
Ross Morley Culbert
Anne C. and Jack G. Dale *
Cathy Daley *
John W. Danahy
Peter Daniels *
Ronald J. Daniels and Joanne Rosen
Robert John Dart
Keith Davey and Dorothy Speare *
John K. Davidson
Virginia L. Davies and Willard B. Taylor
William G. Davis
Umberto De Boni
Hans B. de Groot *
Michael and Honor de Pencier
Adelle S. Deacon
Lorna Dean
William G. Dean *
Dorothy M. Deane *
Jon S. and Lyne Dellandrea *
Ron Dembo
Katherine and George Dembroski
Shashi B. Dewan
Elsie F. Dickhout
Neil H. Dobbs
Peter and Jane Dobell
Anthony N. Doob
Lois Downing
Robert C. Dowsett
James M. Drake
Gail Drummond and Robert Dorrance
Charles and Doreen
Kenneth and Marianne Duggan
Elinor and Ross Dunford
J. Stefan and Anne Dupré *
Harvey L. Dyck
Mike Dyon
David G. Earthy *
James and Elizabeth Eayrs *
Leontine P. Ebers *
Peter B.M. Eby
James Eckenwalder
Sigmund H. Ein
Margaret E. Emmerson
Sharon and Larry Enkin
Bruce and Marie Evans
M. G. Evans and N. R. Evans
James K. Farge
William A. Farlinger
Henry Farrugia
Annie Fecteau
M. F. Feheley *
Michael Fehlings
Philip Feldberg
Madeline M. Field
Jack M. Fine *
Alan and Judy Fleming
C. G. Fleming and Lois Fleming *
Neil Fleshner
The Florio Family
James E. Fordyce
John A. Foreman *
J. Peter Foster
Barbara Fraser
Robin Fraser
Mike Frastacky
J. L. Freeman
Goldwin French *
Jacob Friedberg
Allan and Patricia Friedland
Murray Frum
Stanley J. Fujarczuk
Michael Fullan
Allan Furlong
John Galipeau
Steven and Marsha Gallinger
David and Judy Galloway
Martin and Elizabeth Gammack
David E. Gardner *
Robert F. Garrison
Suzanne Gayn *
Nance Gelber and Dan Bjarnason *
Roy and Beverly Gellatly
F. Gentili
Ted Gerstle
Sam Gertner
Michael Gervers *
Bernard I. Ghert
Alan O. Gibbons
Cecil and Constance Gilbert *
Stephen G. Gilbert *
Joseph and Mary Giordmaine
Paul V. Godfrey
Peter and Shelagh Godsoe
Martin and Susan Goldberg
Blake Charles Goldring
George H. R. Goldsmith
Paul W. Gooch
Lorna Goodison and Ted Chamberlin *
John and Mary Goodwin *
Kamala-Jean Gopie
Barry Gordon
Calvin C. Gotlieb *
Barry and Virginia Graham *
Ian Graham
Jeff Graham
Kathleen Graham *
Robert Grandy
David R. Grant
Patrick and Freda Hart Green *
Morton Greenberg
The Greeniaus Family
Paul D. Greig
Terry and Ruth Grier
Penny and Allan Gross *
Alex and George Grossman
Helena Grossman and Adam Grossman
Joan E. Grusec and Robert S. Lockhart
Abhijit Guha
G.T. (Tom) Gunn
Helen Gurney
H. Donald Guthrie *
Anthony A. Haasz
Ian Hacking *
Robert B. and Jean M. Hadgraft
David Hagelaar *
Douglas C. Haldenby *
Francess G. Halpenny *
Mary C. Ham *
Tennys and J. Douglas Hanson *
Charles and Phyllis Hantho
T.Garth Harvey
Magdy Hassouna
Antonette di Paolo Healey
Lawrence B. Heath
Ewout Heersink
Ann and Lyman Henderson
Sender Herschorn
Gary J. Hewson
Peter Heyworth *
Arthur G. Hiller
H. S. Himal
Stanley Hiraki,
George Y. Hiraki,
Joy Kami Bayashi, and Catherine Heike
Ka Chai Casey Ho, Ka Shi Henry Ho, Ka Keung Keith Ho *
Christopher Hoffman
Brian F. Hogan *
Richard and Donna Holbrook
Patrick Purdy Holden
Philip and Claire Holloway
Taek Ky Hong
Alan J. Horne *
Ernest and Margo Howard
Lynne C. Howarth *
J. Peter and Hélène Hunt
William S. and Jane G. Hunter
Michael and Linda Hutcheon
Frank Hylands
Brian C. Imrie and Carolyn Ellis
Richard Isaac
Frederic L.R. (Eric) Jackman *
Michael J. B. Jackson
Robert P. Jacob
Joseph C. M. James
Keith Jarvi
Michael A. S. Jewett
Alexandra F. Johnston
William Johnston *
Wallace R. Joyce *
Marilyn Kahle
Harold Kalant *
Shashi Kant
Robert P. Kaplan *
Robert Kearns
Michael E. Keenan
William and Hiroko Keith *
Colin Kelleher
V. Maureen
Kempston Darkes
Christopher Brian Kennedy
Ian F.T. Kennedy
Harvey Kerpneck *
Sheryl and David Kerr
Edward P.D. and Ann Kerwin
Joseph Kerzner
Morris K. and Miriam Kerzner
Antoine Khoury
Bruce Kidd *
Peter Kim
Ronald Kimel
Marnie Kinsley
William Klassen *
Pia Kleber *
Lothar Klein *
Laurence H. Klotz
Ronald Kodama
Sui Wong and N. K. Kong
Jarley Koo
Patricia A. and Edward C. Kress
Horace and Elizabeth Krever
Harvey Krueger
Larry and Colleen Kurtz
Eva Kushner *
Kwok Sau Po
Lila M. Laakso *
John Lamacraft
Yves Lamontagne
Michael and Hollis Landauer *
James D. Lang
The Family of David and Theresa Langer
Robert C. Lansdale
J. Spencer Lanthier
Janet Lapensee
Linda I. Laratta *
Robert Law
Donald G. Lawson
Anne and David LeGresley
John D. (Jack) Leitch
David Leith
David Lesk
Norman Levine *
Sheldon H. Levy
M. George Lewis
Mart Liinve
Nancy Link, Rebecca, Jon and Sarah Case
Abbey and Carole Lipson
Rita Liu Tong Wai-Oi
Lynda Livergant
R. Douglas Lloyd *
David Locker
A. Lozano
Antony T. F. Lundy
L. Lundy and E. Julian
John H. Macaulay
Kenzie A. MacDonald
Molly (Patterson) and Bill Macdonald
Margaret B. Mackay
Donald H. H. MacKenzie
Ellen H. MacLean
W. Bruce MacLean
Helen MacRae
Robert J. F. Madden
J. Francis Mallon
Joseph Mamazza
C. P. Man
Ronald Paul Manning
Patricia and Alan Marchment
John Marshall
Luigi, Aldo and Giulio Martellacci
Peter G. Martin
Elizabeth L. Mathews *
Raymond E. Mathews
G. Frank Mathewson
A. E. Matthews
John C. and Margaret Stanley Maynard *
Dipak and Pauline M. H. Mazumdar *
Evelyn Henderson McAndrew
John H. McAndrews
Jean C. L. McArthur
Doris McCarthy *
Michèle McCarthy
James C. McCartney
David McCready
Philip J. McDunnough
Rodney D. McEwan
John and Aileen McGrath
Margaret E. McKelvey *
Kim Mclean
Mark McLean
Robin S. McLeod
Andrew S. McNaught
Jack F. and Vodrie J. McOuat
Ted and Julie Medland
John and Myrna Metcalf *
Rajiv Midha
Margaret Miller
Richard Stanley Miller
Jane Millgate *
David Milne
Murray A. Mogan
Rose Montpetit
Isobel D. Moon
Carole R. Moore
John W. Morden
M. Grace Morgan
Norbert and Patricia Morgenstern
Alan and Flo Morson
Desmond Morton *
Martin Moskovits *
Doris Muckle
Heather Munroe-Blum
Daniel J. Murphy
James Murphy
Paul J. and Elizabeth Murphy
Robert A. Mustard
George E. Myhal
Robert Nam
David and Mary Neelands *
William Neill
Margaret Nicholds
Paul and Nancy Nickle
Michael Nobrega
John and Carol Northwood
Louie J. Nozzolillo
Frank Nulf *
Jacobus and Berthe Nunes-Vaz
David J. and Kathleen Oakden
Martin Offman *
John O’Grady
Peter O’Hagan
Robert T. O’Halloran
Atsumi Ohno
Harvey Olnick *
Brian and Anneliese O’Malley *
Mechtilde O’Mara
Mariel P. O’Neill-Karch and Pierre Karch *
Catharine Opler and Susan Opler in Memory of Paul G. Opler
Joyce and Ben Orenstein
Donald A. Organ
Harvey Bernard Organ
Desmond and Pamela O’Rorke
Kenneth G. Ottenbreit
Willard G. Oxtoby *
Gail Paech
P. K. Page
William N. Palm
Irma and John Papesh
Nora I. Parker
Joel L. Parlow
Norm Paterson
Alexander C. Pathy
Barbara A. Pathy
David G. Payne
Jeffrey and Corinne Pencer and Family
Leo Perkell
Paul and Jacqueline Perron *
The Honourable David R. Peterson
L. Bradley Pett
James Phillips
Paul J. and Patricia R. Phoenix
Helene Polatajko and W.C. (Pete) Howell
Gordon Poole
H.Guy and Eunice Poyton *
Georgia Prassas *
Mary Pratt *
Doris E. Preston
Timothy and Frances Price
Dorothy Pringle
Alexandre Raab
Sidney B. Radomski
Malcolm Rains *
Deepak Ramachandran *
Joan R. Randall *
Jeanne Randolph *
Judith Ransom
Vivek Rao
Carol and Morton Rapp
James H. Rattray
David M. Rayside *
Pauline and Newton Reed
Michael S. Reford and Stephen W. Reford
Peter A. Reich *
Russell A. Reynolds
Richard K. Reznick
Douglas Richards
Paul Richards
Kathleen M. Richardson
Stewart M. Robertson
Michael Allan Robinette
Evelyn Robinson
Isobel M. Robinson
John P. Rochon / Mary Kay Howard and Deborah Rocket
Ron G. Rogers
Richard E. Rooney
David S. Rootman
J. Nicholas and Lynn Ross
Ted Ross
Kenneth Rotenberg
Manny Rotman
Lorne Rotstein
Ori Rotstein
Connie Ida Roveto
Colin Rowland
Robert T. and Francine Ruggles
Roseann Runte *
Nancy Ruth *
James T. Rutka
F. Michah Rynor *
Jeffrey Sack
Raymond R. Sackler
A. Edward Safarian *
George Sandor
Bev and Fred Schaeffer
Christopher M. Schlachta
Thomas T. Schweitzer *
Iain and Barbara Scott
J. Michael G. Scott
Wes Scott
Geoffrey B. Seaborn *
John D. Seagram
Margaret Secor *
Johanna Sedlmayer-Katz *
Adel Sedra
Harold and Marilyn Seigel
Kenneth Selby
R. Dorene Seltzer *
S. Shankman
Isadore and Rosalie Sharp
Roy J. Shephard *
Patrick Shiu Kin-Ying
Morris Shohet
Masood Siddiqui
David P. Silcox and Linda Intaschi *
Meredith and Malcolm Silver *
Patricia Simpson
Gordon R. Slemon
Beverley Slopen *
John E. and Gayle Smallbridge *
Andrew J. Smith
G. H. Clifford Smith *
Jay Smith and Laura Rapp
Kenneth Carless Smith and Laura C. Fujino
Lloyd Smith
Gerry and Franca Sohl
Gregory Sokoloff
W. Speed Hill
Rosemary and J. Murray Speirs *
Godfrey L. Spragge
Michael P. and John Spragge
Arthur H. Squires
Herbert Staneland
David and Colleen Stanley
Volker Stein
Jan Steinsky
Colin Stevenson *
Calvin R. Stiller
Bert and Barbara Stitt
Gerald and Helen Stork *
Sadie Stren
Carol Swallow
Peter J. M. Swan
Thomas Sykes
David A. Szalay
Wayne Tanenbaum *
Charles H.Tator
Bryce Taylor
Douglas and Dana Taylor
Ethel Teitelbaum *
D. Grenville Thomas
Arthur N.Thompson
Christopher D.Thompson
Joan Thompson *
Richard I.Thorman *
Roberta M.Tilbe
Linda Lauren Timbs
J. Michael Tomczak
George Tomko
Martha J.Tory
John Trachtenberg
Michael J.Trebilcock
Vincent J.Tremaine
Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd
William Troost
Christina Ching Tsao
George and Mary Turnbull
Edward T. Unger
David R. Urbach
Martin Usher *
Theodore O. van der Veen
Bruce Vance *
Helen C.Vanderbilt
Bill and Sarah VanderBurgh
Luke A.Vanneste
Ann Louise and Henry Vehovec
Anil Verma
G. Patrick H.Vernon
Hugh H. and Shirley Vernon
Ian Andrew Vorres
Elizabeth (Eastlake) Vosburgh
James P.Waddell
Henry Waks
Marilyn I.Walker
Christopher Wallace
Joyce M. and William L.Wallace
Patricia Wallis
David G. Ward
Douglas Ward *
W. E.Ward *
Shirley Warner
Peter Warrian
David J.Watt
John Wedge and Patty Rigby
Mark Weisdorf and Lorraine Bell
Lilian and Gordon Wells
Peter G.White
Robert G. and Jacqueline White
Lorne T.Wickerson
Arnold L.Wigston
Doreen M.Williams
Lela Wilson *
Mary Alice Wilson *
Michael H.Wilson
Paul R.Wilson
Charles and Libby Winograd
Carol and David Wishart
Carl Witus
Chauncey and Sarah Wood *
Michael J. B.Wood and Valerie N.Wood
Douglas L.Wooster
Don Wright
Larry and Anne Wright
Li Shun Xing
Lawrence Yanover *
Henry Fok Yok-Ting
Morden Yolles
Bill and Janet Young
Eberhard H. Zeidler
Armand Zini
Anthony J. Zwig

A&P / Dominion / Ultra Food & Drug / Food Basics
Academy for Lifelong Learning at Victoria University
Accenture Inc.
Acres Productive Technologies Inc. – Joseph Yonan Memorial
Adenat Inc.
Advanced Biomaterials and Regenerative Research Unit
Aecon Group Inc.
Alberto-Culver Canada Inc.
Alcan Inc.
Alcon Research Limited
Alpa Lumber Inc.
Alumni Association of Woodsworth College
American Society for Investigative Pathology
American Women’s Club of Toronto
AMGEN Canada Inc.
Anur Investments Ltd.
Aramark Canada Ltd.
Architectural School Products Limited
Architecture Student Union
Arriscraft International
Associates of University of Toronto at Mississauga
Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
J. J. Barnicke Limited
Bausch & Lomb Canada Inc.
The Ian Douglas Bebensee Foundation
Beckman Coulter Canada Inc.*
Big Brothers of Metropolitan Toronto
Blue-Zone Technologies Limited
Borden & Elliot
Bowater Inc.
Bregman + Hamann Architects
Brickstop Corporation
Buddha’s Light International Association of Toronto
Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada
Buhler AG
BVA Systems Ltd. / Vibro Acoustics
Caliente Capital Inc.
Campbell Soup Company Ltd.
Vivian and David Campbell Family Foundation
The Canada Life Assurance Company
Canada Post
Canadian Arthritis Network (CAN)
Canadian Council of Christians and Jews
Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)
Canadian Medical Laboratories Ltd.
Canadian Polish Millennium Fund
Canadian Religious Conference
The Cdn. Soc. of Atherosclerosis Thrombosis & Vascular Biology
Canadian Sugar Institute
Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
Carlton Cards Limited
CBC Radio-Canada
Celtic Arts of Canada Foundation
Chair of Ukrainian Studies Foundation
The Chawkers Foundation
Chinese Dance Workshop Scholarship Fund
Chinook Foundation
Churchill Society for Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy
CIBC World Markets
Children’s Miracle Foundation
Clayson Steel (1988) Inc.
Colgate-Palmolive Canada Incorporated *
Colonial Building Restoration
Concord Camera Canada
Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall
Cott Beverages Canada
Courtesy Associates Inc.
The Harold Crabtree Foundation
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co. Limited
Wolodymyr George Danyliw Foundation
DAO Satellite
Dell Pharmacy
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Dentsply Canada Ltd.
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank Canada
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.
Doris Hosiery Mills Limited
Doubleday Canada Ltd.
Dow Corning Corporation
The Dulverton Trust
Dunlop Architects Inc.
DuPont Pharma
Dupont Protein Technologies
Dutkevich Memorial Trust
The Eaton Foundation *
Eco-Tec Limited
Education Safety Association of Ontario
The Emergency Health Services Branch of the Ministry of Health
Engineering Class of 4T7
Engineering Class of 5T6
ERCO Worldwide
ESRI Canada Limited
Estonian Studies Fund
Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc.
John and Elizabeth Evans Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation
Faculty and Staff of the Department of Physiology
Faculty Members & Friends of the Division of Urology
The Faculty Members of the Department of Medicine
Faculty of Education Alumni Association
Farrow Partnership Architects Inc.
Fidelity Investments Canada
First Quality Hygienic Inc.
FirstService Corporation
Lilian Fitzmaurice Foundation
Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited
The Harry E. Foster Charitable Foundation
Foundation for International Training
Foundation for Support of the Korean Studies at the University of Toronto
Fourth World Conference on Lung Cancer
Franklin Templeton Investments
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
Friends and Colleagues of Bez Taborrok
Friends and Colleagues of Michael E. Charles
Friends and Family of Duncan Perry
Friends of Brian Euler
Friends of Helen J. Rotenberg
General Mills Canada, Inc.
Gerber Products Company
Gillette Canada Inc.
Glen Corporation
Global Strategy Financial Inc.
Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
GlycoDesign Inc.
Goldman Sachs Canada
Golf Town Canada Inc.
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Grant Forest Products Inc.
Graywood Developments Ltd.
Guitar Society of Toronto
Halsall Associates Limited
B. and B. Hamilton Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Harrowston Inc.
Health Research Foundation
Heenan Blaikie, S.E.N.C.
The Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation
Hewitt Associates
Hill & Gertner Capital Corporation
Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
Holt Renfrew & Co. Limited
Home Capital Group Inc.
The Hope Charitable Foundation
Hope for Children Foundation
HSBC Securities
Hudson’s Bay Charitable Foundation
The F. Norman Hughes Distinguished Lecture Fund
Hungarian Helicon Foundation (Ontario)
ICS Parents Association
Inco Technical Services Limited
ING Direct
Harold Innis Research Foundation
Insolvency Institute of Canada
Institute for Work & Health
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loretto Sisters)
Intel Corporation
Interforest Limited
International Mahavir Jain Mission – Siddhachalam
Irish Canadian Aid & Cultural Society of Toronto
Ivanhoe Cambridge Jamieson Laboratories
Jarislowsky Foundation
The Julie-Jiggs Foundation
Kodak Canada Inc.
Kolter Property Company
Korea Press Center
Kraft Canada Inc.
Sunil Kumar / Nita Singh Scholarship
Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects
Laidlaw Foundation
Laidlaw Incorporated
Lander Co. Canada Ltd.
Later Life Learning
Lax O’Sullivan Cronk
The Joseph and Wolfe Lebovic Charitable Foundation
Leddy Exploration Limited
The Lee Foundation
Kenneth Lefolii Enterprises Limited
Leukemia Research Fund of Canada
Lindberg Homburger Modent
LIPTON, a division of UL Canada Inc.
Livent Inc. *
Long & McQuade Limited
L’Oréal Canada
Elsie Gregory MacGill Memorial Foundation
Markwins International Corp.
Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited
The Masonic Foundation of Ontario
Mattamy Homes Limited
McNeil Consumer Health Care
Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Meds 9T5
Meds 9T6 Council
Medicine Class of 0T0
Medicine Class of 0T1
Medicine Class of 0T2
Medicine Class of 0T3
Members of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital
Mentor Medical Systems Canada
Merck & Co., Inc.
The Merck Company Foundation
Meritor Suspension Systems Company
Métis Nation of Ontario
Metropolitan Toronto Pharmacists’ Association
Metropolitan Toronto Police War Veterans Association
Microsoft Research Limited
Mineral Economics Society of CIM
Mississauga Firefighters Benevolent Fund
The Molson Foundation
Molson Inc.
Monsanto Canada Inc.
J. P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley Canada Limited
Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Flora Morrison Research Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Motorola Foundation
National Bank of Canada
National Life of Canada
National Sanitarium Association
National Starch & Chemical Company
New College Class of 9T6 & 9T7
Newell Rubbermaid
Richard John Newman Charitable Foundation
Nexfor Inc.
The Nickel Development Institute
Norbord Industries
Norshield Financial Group
Northwater Capital Management Inc.
Novartis Opthalmics
Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity
Nycomed Amersham Canada Limited
Obus Forme Ltd.
Ohmeda Pharmaceuticals Inc.
OISE/UT Alumni Association
Ontario Association of Architects
Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Faculty Association
Ontario Professional Engineers – Foundation for Education
Orafti Group
Origin International B.V.
The Oshawa Group Limited
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc.
Our People Fund
Page + Steele Architects Planners
Panwy Foundation Inc.
Paramount Pictures
Norman Penlington Trust
Pepsi-Cola Canada Beverages
Perinatal Nurses of Southern Ontario
Petro Partners
Pfizer Inc.
Placer Dome Inc.
Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation
The Plum Foundation
The Plunkett Foundation
Pratt & Whitney Canada
ProScience Incorporated
Quadrangle Architects Limited
Quaker Tropicana Gatorade Canada Inc.
RAM Forest Products Inc.
Random House
Raptors Foundation
The Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities Inc.
J. S. Redpath Limited
Revenue Properties Company Ltd.
Rhodia Canada Inc.
Ricoh Canada Inc.
Rogers Group of Companies
Rotary Club of Mississauga
Rotary Club of Mississauga West
Rothmans Benson & Hedges Inc.
Royal Conservatory of Music
Royal LePage Charitable Foundation
Royal Trust Corporation of Canada
The Ryckman Trust
Salus Mundi Foundation
Sanofi Winthrop
Scarborough York Region Chinese Business Association
Schering Canada Incorporated
W. P. Scott Charitable Foundation
Sears Canada Incorporated
The Gerald Sheff Charitable Foundation
Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners
Shouldice Designer Stone
Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation
Sing Tao Limited
Smith Barney Canada Inc.
The Philip Smith Foundation
Solvay Pharma
Sony of Canada Science
Scholarship Foundation Inc.
Soroc Technology Inc.
Speech Foundation of Ontario
The Samuel W. Stedman Foundation
Steed & Evans Holdings Inc.
R. Ian Story Trust
The Stupp / Cohen Families Foundation
TD Securities
Telemedicine Canada
Thai-Canada Economic Co-Operation Foundation
Robin Tharin Architect Inc
Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club
The Toronto Hospital
The Toronto Hospital – Department of Medicine
Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund
The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation (Canada)
Trow Associates Inc.
The Trustees of the Congregation of Century United Church
U of T Women’s Association
UBS Bunting Warburg Inc.
UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Uni-Dent Dental Laboratories Ltd.
United Steelworkers of America
United Way of Peel Region
University Health Network
University of Tartu
University of Tartu Fund
UTAA Senior Alumni
University of Toronto Faculty Association
Helen Vanderbilt Trust
Victoria College Alumni Bookshop
Victoria University
Victoria Women’s Association
Visteon Canada Inc.
M. & N.Walker Foundation, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Walter Lorenz Surgical Inc.
The Wardens of Camp One
Waste Management, Inc.
Eric T. Webster Foundation
Wellesley Surgeons of St. Michael’s Hospital
Wilmar Heights United Church
The H.W. Wilson Foundation
The Hilda Wilson Group
Women’s College Hospital Foundation
Women’s Musical Club of Toronto
Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Inc.
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Inc.
Yolles Group Inc.
Zellers Inc.
Numerous anonymous donors

$10,000 to $24,999
Arnold Aberman
Marcy and Leonard Abramsky
Lorna Jane Abray
Carol L. and Albert Abugov
Virginia Acland *
Elaine J. Adair
James H. Adamson
Peter A.Adamson
Susan M. Addario and David R. Draper
John H. Addison
Rasheed Affifi
Najma Ahmed
Hira Ahuja
Francis M. Aimone
Montague Albert
E. Joy Alexander *
Claude Allard
Douglas K. L. Allen
Douglas L. Allen
John B. Allen
Neil H.Allen *
D. Miller and June Alloway
Benjamin Alman
Bert Amato
Ulo Ambus
Ellen Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Edward G. Andrew
Norma Andrews
Anne Angus
Sarah M. Anson-Cartwright *
Rashid A. Anwar
June V. Ardiel
Robert P. Armstrong
Robin L. Armstrong *
Suzanne M. Armstrong
Gordon and Reta Arnell
Stephen V. Arnold
T. Christie Arnold
Kathleen Arpin
James and Penny Arthur
John H. Astington
Chiu Au-Yeung
Terry S. Axelrod
Edward and Jocelyn Badovinac
Nancy Bailey-Bligh
John Bajc
Gerald I. Baker
R. Roy Baker
Richard J. Balfour
William Balfour
Reza Banai
Salvatore Bancheri
Patricia M. M. Baranek
Hugh Otter Barber
Peter F. Barker
Timothy D. Barnes *
Richard Blair Barnhouse
Roderick F. Barrett
Gillian and Kenneth Bartlett *
C. Derek S. and Catherine E. Bate
Birgit and Robert Bateman
Marcia and David Beach *
John Beattie *
Peter G. and H. Joan Beattie
Robert Beattie
Roger and Janet Beck *
Ernest E. and Susan Beecherl
Pierre J. Belanger
A. Phelps and Judy Bell
H. Bernice Bell
Robert S. Bell
June Benenson
Beatrice Bennett
Diana L. Bennett
John A. E. Bennett *
John and Diana Bennett
R. M. Bennett *
Christie J. Bentham
Paul E. Bernick
Stan Bevington
Wojciech L. Bialkowski
Joseph I. Bielawski *
Andrew R. Bigauskas
Walter H. Bilbrough
Herbert R. Binder
Joel and Trish Binder
William Ian Corneil Binnie
Ann Birch
Richard J. Bishop
Christine F. Bissell *
G. Bisztray *
John Bitove, Jr.
David R. Bloom
Earl R. Bogoch
Brian Boigon and Susan Speigel *
Jean C. Borden
Diana and George Borowski
H. Donald Borthwick
John Bossons
John C. Bothwell *
Harriet Botta
Gerald F. Boulet
John A. Bowden
Erin Boynton
Carro Braunlich *
Kenneth Ira Bray
George Brazier
Yetta Bregman and Michael Bregman
Jamie Brenzel and Lisa Dinnick *
Joan (Shepley) Breukelman
Irvin Broder
Myer Brody
James D. B. Bromley
Herbert Brown
Robert and Wendy Brown
Russell M. Brown *
John W. Browne
Stephen B. Browne
Edith Bruce
Heather and Charles Bryan
Judy and Murray Bryant
Carolyn and Robert Buchan
Howard W. Buchner *
Gloria Buckley
Martin Buckspan
Michael Burtniak
Susan Busby
Geoffrey E. Butler
James C. Butler
Kenneth R. Butler
Richard C. Byers
Patrick N. Byrne
Shirley Byrne
Arnold L. Cader
William E. Cahoon
Christina Caldarelli
Ann Graham Calderisi
Anne Callahan
Edward Joseph Calnan
John D. Cambridge
Ann Cameron *
John C. Cameron
Wendy Cameron
Marco Francesco Caminiti
Colin Campbell
Vern Campbell
Robert and Anne-Marie Canning
H. M. Carioni
Barbara Carney
Brian R. Carr
James Carscallen *
Paul H. Carson *
A. Hiles Carter
François R. Casas *
L. Murray Cathcart *
Leo and Bayla Chaikof
John R. G. Challis
Anson Chan
Johnny Chan Kwong-Ming
Pearl Chandler *
James and Teresa Chang
Robin G. Charlwood
John and Vera Chau
Florence and Joseph Chiappetta
Gemma M. Ching
Julia C. Ching *
Mary and John Chipman *
Yuh Min Chook
Eugene J. and Helen J. Chorostecki
Nanda K. Choudhry
Ester Chow
Susan Christie
Elaine Chu
Gustav Ciamaga *
E. Ritchie Clark *
Richard M. Clarke
Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson
John H. C. Clarry
Audrey and Delmar Cobban
Fraser and Jennifer Code
Martha Cohen
Russell J. Cohen
William Cole
Gerald F. Coleman
Margo Coleman
Frank E. Collins
George and Sheila Connell
Helen M. Connolly
Eleanor Cook *
John Cook
Marsh and Doris Cooper
E. Kendall Cork
Murray A. Corlett
Linda W. and Brian Corman
C. Graham Cotter *
Evelyn Cotter
Randolph W. Cousins and Anne E. Condie
Jean Couture
Purdy Crawford
Anne Marie Crescenzi
Gordon C. Cressy and Joanne Campbell-Cressy
Nola Crewe and Harold Nelson
The Critchley Family
William F. Crothers
Irene Crowe
Elaine James Culiner
Frank Cunningham *
Walter Curlook
Hugh D. Curtin
Carole Curtis
Cusimano Family
Alan Dackiw
D. Aleck Dadson
Susan Dahlgren
Robert G. and Mary Dale
Fay Dalfen
Terence Dalgleish
Alexander and Ann Dalzell *
Daniel and Elizabeth Damov *
Paul L. Dandeno
Ian H. Daniel *
Lois Darroch
Michael Davey *
Rod Davey
Murray G. K. Davidson
James W. Davie
Bryan P. Davies and Andra Takacs
Irma and Richard Davies
Marion E. Davies
Miranda Davies
Yvonne and Leonard Davies
Robb Davis
Arthur C. Dayfoot *
Derrick and Marnie de Kerckhove
Rose De Luca
Joseph de Pencier
Victor De Zen
Hans Deichmann
Jonathan Deitcher
Helen Demshar
Ron and Lynn Denham
Pearl Dennis
Linda Deshman *
Sherwin Desser
Robert Devenyi
Janet Elizabeth Dewan
Nicholas R. Di Giuseppe
Bernard M. Dickens
William B. Dingwall
Levente L. Diosady
Peter Dirks
Sergine (Dosne) Dixon
Janice and Anthony Dobranowski
Earlston and Elizabeth Doe *
Cora Donely
Gail J. Donner
Richard B. Donovan
Dean and Rosemary Dover *
William J. Dowkes
Anne Marie Doyle
Daniel Drake
Ann MacIntosh Duff *
John Duffy
Robert A. Dunford
Klaus and Marjut Dunker *
Gerald Dunlevie
William B. Dunphy *
Alexandra M. Easson
George W. Edmonds
Mary Clarke Egan
Konrad Eisenbichler *
John S. Elder
Stephen L. Endicott
James M. Estes *
The Honourable J.Trevor Eyton
Andrew J. Faas
Eugene R. Fairweather
Elaine Fantham *
Walid Farhat
Gordon Farquharson
John H. Fee
Bela and Dianne Fejer
William O. Fennell and Jean Fennell *
G.Wallis Field
Kenneth E. Field
David G. Findlay
Joel A. Finkelstein
Mary Finlay and William Riddell
Michael G. Finlayson *
Joseph A. Fischette
Paul T. Fisher
Janet E. FitzGerald *
Beata and Leo FitzPatrick
John L. Flaherty
Ab and Phyllis Flatt
J. Bruce Flatt *
John F. Flinn
Thomas and Alice Flynn
Ha Chung Fong
David K. Foot
Ronald and Sybil Foote
Lynd Forguson *
Shirley E. Forth
Joseph W. Foster
Zoran Fotak
Ronald Paul Fournier
Paul Fox and Joan Fox *
Alan Frank *
Roberta Frank *
Rivi M. Frankle
William Fredenburg
Lorna Freedman
Ellen B. Freeman
Eric Freeman
Stephen Fremes
Albert and Nancy Friedberg
Allan and Patricia Friedland
and Marla and Ilan Saksznajder
Harvey H. Frisch
The Honourable Douglas C. Frith
David Frum
Natsuko Furuya *
John Roberts Fydell
John C. Gallagher
J. H. Galloway
William George Gansler
Vera M. Gardiner
Babs Gardner *
Douglas G. Gardner
Harold B. Gardner
John and Encarnita Gardner
H. Roger and Kevin Garland
Gayle Garlock *
S. David Garshowitz
John Gartshore
Rochel Gelman
Lawrence Geuss
Geva and Kroyanker Families
Heather Gibson
Jean and Donald Gibson
Thomas Gilas
Kathleen M. R. Gilling *
Gillian S. Gillison
Julie F. Gilmour
Louise H. Girard *
Susan C. Girard
Garth M. Girvan
Bernard Glazier
George C. Glover Jr.
Jessie M. Glynn *
Albert Gnat
Susan Goddard
The Honourable J. M. Godfrey
Sheldon J. Godfrey *
Walter A. Goffart *
Fran and Bernie Goldman
Murray Goldman
Ronald N. Goldstein
Alan M. Gordon *
J. Peter Gordon
Lynn M. Gordon
Avrum I. and Linda Gotlieb
Stephen T. Goudge
Michael J. Gough *
Nikolai I. Gourianov
Eleanor Gow
Laurence and Rebecca Grafstein
Alexander E. Graham
Betty C. Graham
Brent Graham
David R. Graham
John D. Graham
Michael and Nancy Graham
Natalia Graham
J. Fred Green
Marion Greenberg
Edward L. Greenspan
Anthony D. B. G. Griffin
Bruce Griffith
George Grossman
Jonas S. M. Grossman
Richard William L. Guisso
Paul H. M. Guo, Helen M. H. Guo, Peter C. H. Guo and Hans C.T. Guo
H. Donald Gutteridge
Ray Guyatt
Jack Gwartz
Philip Haigh
Gerald Halbert
Mary C. and James Milton Ham
Ronald R. Hamann
E. John Hambley
David C. Hamilton and Elizabeth D. Hamilton
Jeffrey W. Hamilton
John P. Hamilton *
Robert J. Hamilton
Richard Hamm
William B. Hanna *
Roger I. C. Hansell
Betty D. Hardie
C. M.Victor Harding
Robert J. Harding
Barbara M. (Harris) Hardy
and Eric Hardy *
Tom Harmantas
Brian A. Harris
Donald H. Harron
Ian Crichton Hart
Richard Hart
Gerald G. Hatch
George Hayman
Donall and Joyce Healey
Douglas Hedden
Elisabeth Heinen *
Johan Hellebust
Ellen Henderson
Mary Frances and Keith Hendrick
Robert W. Henry
Cordula Herbst-Stenger
Garrett Herman
Jeffrey S. Herold
John S. and Catherine E. Heron
William E. Hewitt
E. Murray Higgins
Lauri J. Hiivala
Gordon W. Hilborn
Robert Doan Hill *
James Hillier
Mark Hilsom
Anthony Y.W. Ho
David Ho-A-Yun
David and Mary Hodgson
Shirley Hoffman
David Hogg
Ruth E. Hood
Cecil J. Houston
Vahe Philip Hovnanian
Jean K. Howarth
Richard Varcoe Howson
Audrey Hozack
Yu-Leung Hsu
Robert Y. M. Huang
Arthur C. Hudson
Karen L. Hughes
James N. P. Hume
Robin P.Humphreys
John Hunkin and Susan Crocker
Brian and Nancy Hurd
Bernard and Betty Hurley
Roger C. Hutchinson *
Carol Hutchison
Edward and Margaret Huycke
George A. and Barbara V. R. Hylands
Jerome B. Hyman
Frank and Nancy Iacobucci
Morimitsu Inaba
Malcolm M. Inglis
Hugh L. Innes
Arnold Beatty Irwin
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Donald G. Ivey *
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Christine H. Jain
Sushil K. Jain
Peter E. S. Jewett and Robin A. Campbell
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Helle-Mai Jogi
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Louisa Keith *
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Helen and Arthur Kennedy
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Paul G. Kennedy
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Neil J. Kernaghan
Donald Kerr
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Lawrence C. Kerslake
Shafique Keshavjee
Elizabeth Kilbourn-Mackie and Richard Mackie *
Crad Kilodney *
Kathleen King
E. Douglas Kingsbury
Edwin S. Kirkland
J. Michael Kirkland
John J. Kirton *
John Robert Knebel
Albertina M. Koetsier
H. F. Koetsier
Mary Margaret Koreen
Jacques Kornberg *
Alfred Koslowski
William Kraemer
Ubby Krakauer
Wanda J. Krane
Hans J. Kreder
Victor and Brenda Kruklis
Ulrich and Carol Krull
Naresh Kumar
James S. Kyles
Steven Robert Lamb
Allen and Marion Lambert
Byron G. Lane
Helen E. Langford
Robert W. Langford
Cynthia and Brian Langille
Dennis Lanigan
Ellen A. Larsen
Alan and Martha Ann Latta *
Betty Lau
Ching Lau
K. C. Laird Laundy
Kenneth and Jean Laundy
Calvin Law
Elizabeth Law
Ross Douglas and Ruth Lawrence
Brian Lawson
Clifford and Joan Lax
Robert M. LeBlanc
Geor-Ming Lee
Jean Lee
M.Owen Lee
Mary Lee
Young Woo Lee
Suzanne Leggett *
Monique Léon
Suen Fung Leung
Trevor H. Levere *
Dayle Ann Levine
Enid and Kurt Levy *
Al Libfeld
H. Lavina A. Lickley
David R. Lindsay
Maurice W. Lister
An Te Liu
Yuen Chi Liu
Andrew C. L. Lo and Nick Lo
Donald J. Lococo *
William H. Loewen
Lee A. Lorch *
Gage and Betty Love
Stanley E. Lovell
Alexander and Anne Lowden
Stephens B. Lowden
Ron Lowman
John W. Lownsbrough
Jerry and Joan Lozinski
Tin Yick Lung
Sally MacDonald *
James and Constance MacDougall
Lorn G. Macdougall
Diana and Ronald MacFeeters
Dorothy MacHattie
Garfield and Janet (Macrae) MacInnis
John R. MacInnis
Robert Mackenzie
George A. Mackie
Catherine Y. MacKinnon
Sarah MacLean *
Linda E. MacRae
Andrea M. Maechler
Robert and Kathy Maggisano
Dennis W. Magill
Gianni Maistrelli
Barbara A. Manrique
Peter Manson-Smith
Timothy C. Marc
Mimi and Frank Marrocco
Colin Hal Marryatt
Janet Marsh
Douglas R. Marshall
Grant Marshall
Wayne Marshall
Joan A. and John C. Marshman
James F. and Kathleen E. Martin
John C. Martin
Elizabeth Mason
Geoffrey Matthews
R. B. Matthews
Victoria Matthews
Philip O. Maude
John T. and Melinda Mayhall *
Dave Mazierski *
Boyd McAdam
Joseph B. McArthur
Jack McAteer
Robert J. McBroom
Christina McCall and Stephen Clarkson *
J. Andrea McCart
David McCarthy
Margaret M. McClelland
Anne E. McClure
Don McCrossan
Muriel G. McCuaig
William C. McDowell
Ivan and Harriet McFarlane
William J. and Mary K. McGanity
John B. McGeachie
Carol A. and Bruce McGillivray
Malcolm McGrath
Barbara J. McGregor
Wayne McIlmoyl
Michael D. McKee
Hugh D. McKellar
Ross McKenzie
Julia M. McLaughlin
Paul and Martha McLean
Donald McLeod *
John T. McLeod *
Wallace and Elizabeth McLeod *
Gordon McLorie
Jim McMahon
Kathleen McMorrow
Peter A. McNabb
Paula and Robert McNutt
Catherine McQueen
Robert McQuillan
Donna I. McRitchie
Howard Mednick
Noah and Rochelle Meltz *
Mary Mershein
Detlef Mertins
Johanna L. Metcalf
Murray R. Metcalfe
Lionel Metrick
Frederick Robert Meyer
Hugh J. Middleton
Eric J. Miglin
Mary Anne and W.O. Chris Miller
Frank G. Milligan
Donald S. Mills
Milne Family
Elliott Arthur Milstein
Thomas Minehan
Anthony Miniaci
Jack Mintz
David N. Mitchell
Donald E. Moggridge *
Bibhuti B. Mohanty
Stefan Moldovan
The Honourable Hartland de M. Molson
Jan and Ben Monaghan *
Edward J. Monahan
Neville B. Monteith
Arthur B. B. Moore *
David and Joan Moore
J. Mavor Moore *
Keith L. and Marion Moore *
Paul Mansell Moore
Kenneth and Barbara Morgan
Valinda Morris
Walter Morris
Hugh Whitney Morrison *
Clive and Sue Mortimer *
Richard J. Moulton
Thomas P. Muir
Paul J. Muller
Peter Munsche
A. June Murdoch
Harri Murk *
John Murnaghan
Sherrie C. Murphy
Allan D. Murray
Kenneth Murray
Robert K. Murray
Johanne Myles
Yosef Nahmias *
Gerald Nash
Satbir S. Neelam
Anne and James Nethercott
Thomas R. Nettleton
Irmgard Neumann
Grace K. Nicholls
RobertW. A.Nicholls
Peter C. S. Nicoll *
John C. Ninfo
Donald K. Norris
Mark Noskiewicz and Heather Floyd
George Nowak
Dora E. Noy
Mark and Edith Nusbaum (Continent-Wide Enterprises Ltd.) *
Mary Catherine T. O’Brien
Darrell Ogilvie-Harris
Jean O’Grady
Edward H. and Jean C. (Meraw) O’Keefe
Geraldine O’Meara Burke
Erin O’Neill-Berg and Melvin Berg
Ernst M. Oppenheimer
Ian Orchard
William K. Orr
Simon Ortiz
W. Niels F. Ortved
William J. H. Ostrander
Stephen A. Otto *
Robert and Dorthea Painter *
Jocelyn Palm
Barbara D. Palmer and John M.Wasson
Ulysse E. Pare
Chong-Sue and Hai-Kyung Park *
Graham Parker *
Kathleen Thelma Parker
Mary A. Parker
R. Brian Parker *
Tom Parker *
Joan W. (Dixon) Parkes
Donald W. Parkinson
H. G. Campbell Parsons
David G. Partridge *
Filoteo Pasquini
Peter R. Paterson
Barbara A. Pathy, Carolyn M. Pathy and Diane Pathy
G.Alexander Patterson
Antonio Patullo
Teresa Patullo-Bosa
Jocelyn J. Paul *
Alina Payne *
Michael B. Pedersen
Winsor and Ruth Ann Pepall
Carol E. Percy
John R. Percy
Richard G. Perrin
Walter Peters
Larry R. Pfaff *
Doug and Jackie Philp
Patrick Pichette and Tamar Pichette (Smith)
Lloyd Montgomery Pidgeon
Aileen M. Piper *
Paul and Ruth Pitt
Sheila Pollock *
P. Porter
Robert J. Potts
Eric Poulin
Cyril H. Powles *
Komala Prabhakar
Siliva Prii
Charles Principe
Douglas Pringle
Angelina and Alex Prokich
Joel Prussky *
J.D. and B. J. Pudden
Bruce R. Pynn *
J.A. Raftis
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Stephen Ralls
Doreen Rao *
Ritendra Ray
Margaret E. Read
Paul Read and Felicity Smith
Jerry Reckless
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Ruth Redelmeier
William and Elizabeth Redrupp
William C. Reeve
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Ernest John Revell *
Ruth Reynolds
John A. Rhind
Larry Wayne Richards *
Robin R. Richards
Lewis J. Richardson *
Thomas A. Richardson
E. Brock Rideout *
Lesley Riedstra and Rian Mitra
L. Isobel Rigg
John and Mary Louise Riley
Herald L. Ritch
Donald B. Rix
Edward D. Roberts
E.A. Robinson
Ann Robson *
Gerrard P. Rocchi
Allen Angus Rodgers
Alan Rodgman
John S. Rodway
Donald H. Rogers
Stephen J. Rogers
Wendy L. Rolph *
Simon A. Romano
Patricia Romans
T. Iain Ronald
Glorianne V. Ropchan
Thelma B. Rose *
Arnold Rosen
Irving and Helen Rosen
Walter W. Rosser
Ruth Wolfish Rotman
Wally Roueche and Claire Bennett
John and Ethel Rumball
Erika Rummel *
Aubrey and Nancy Russell
E. J. Russell
Peter H. Russell *
John William Rutter
Edward and Stella Rzadki
Elizabeth Anne Sabiston *
Harold R. Saddington
Richard Sadleir
Donald Sadoway
Robert B. Salter
Steven J. Sandoz
Andrew Sarlos
Linda and Gordon Sato
Mary N. Sauriol
Louis Savlov
Timothy J. Scale
Ralph and Joyce Scane *
Ezra and Ann Schabas *
Victor and Sandi Schacher
Ricky K. Schachter
Emil Schemitsch
Vernon B. Schneider
Walter J. Schroeder
Blair and Carol Seaborn
Victor Seabrook
Pavel Sectakof
Jack A. and Margaret Seed
John V. Selby
Magda J. Seydegart and Edward T. Jackson
Rae Shapiro
Robert J. Sharpe *
Richard A. Shaw
Virginia L. Shaw
Gerald Sheff
Robert A. Shiley
Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe
Jeffrey C. Shin
Holton B. Shipman
Ron Shuebrook *
Barbara Shum and Manos Vourkoutiotis
Saul Sidlofsky
Robert L. Sillcox
L. Robert Silverston
Katherine A. Siminovitch
Louis Siminovitch
Judith L. Simmonds
P. J. (Rocky) Simmons
John Simpson
Donald A. Sinclair
Pamela and Irwin Singer
Wilfred V. Sinitsin
Margaret Sisley
Misha Sivan
Anita Slone
Annie Smith
Derek A. Smith
L. Lois and Leonard Snelling
Richard Soberman
Howard Sokolowski *
Peter H. Solomon *
Hyman and Ruth Soloway
John and Gisela Sommer *
Mario C. Sommer *
Edward Sonshine
Kara Spence
Mickey and Annette Convey Spillane
Rob and Marilyn Spindler
Ernest Spratt
Miriam H. Squires
Penny St. Louis
F. Gordon Stanley *
Martin I. Starr *
Don Start
Taylor Statten
Barbara Stein
Robert Steinberg
Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz
J. Stuart Stephen
Robert A. Stevens
Donald J. Stewart
Duncan J. Stewart
Ian and Christine Stewart
John David Stewart
William J. Stewart
Ian W. J. Still *
Edward H. Stock
Boris Stoicheff *
Frederick C. Stokes
Peter Strangway
David Stren
Kate Suback
Berul Sugarman
M. Lynne Sullivan
Nancy Sullivan
Philip Sullivan
Robert and Peggy Sum
Winnie Sung
C. Burke Swan
Brenda A. Sweeney
John H. and Constance A. Sword *
Andras Z. G. Szandtner
Leontyna Szmelter
Mary Elizabeth Tacon
Nabil Tadros
Kenzie Takahashi
Wayne R.Tanner
J. Stephen Tatrallyay
Allan S.Tauber
Charles P. B.Taylor
George S.Taylor
Ian and Kathleen Taylor
Howard C.Tenenbaum
Joseph L. J.Tersigni
Kamal Thapar
J.W. Nevil Thomas
Stan Thomas
R. Paul Thompson
Helen McConkey Thomson
John W.Thomson
Nancy G.Thomson
Wayne D.Thornbrough
James Timmins
James Henry Ting
Mary J.Tinmouth
Wai-Yee Chan To and Yu-Lim To
Claudio Tocchio
William G.Todd
L. Douglas Todgham
Hazel J.Tomlinson
Calvin Torneck *
Ed Tossell
Olev Trass
Thaddeus J.Trenn *
Gwenn R.Trout
John Tsihlias
Robert G.Tucker
William S.Tucker
Gregory G.Turnbull
David L.Turner
Peter M.Turner
Vernon G.Turner *
Robert James Tweedy
Elizabeth M.Tytler
Michael Ukas *
Walter P. Unger
Jean Vale *
Peter Van Schaik
Ruth E. Vanderlip
Michael Vertin and Margaret O’Gara *
Sheila and Victor Vierin
John Voss and June Li
Stephen M. Waddams *
Tom and Lisa Waddell
John and Margie Wagner
Edward J. Waitzer
Conrad Walker
David Walker
John C.Walker
Norris W. Walker
Olwen Walker
Peter R. Walker
Paul B. Walters
Flora M.Ward
Kathleen Graham Ward
James and Deborah Ware
Germaine Warkentin *
Gordon Watson
William R.Watson
Alex R. Waugh
Mary-Margaret Webb
John Harvey Webster
Peter J. Weiler
J. Roy Weir
John A. West
Bruce M. Westwood
Margaret L. Whyte
Donald and Gloria Wiebe *
Blossom Wigdor
William P. Wilder
J. Scott Wilkie
Isobel and John Wilkinson *
M. Isabel Wilks
Bill Williams
Nancy Williams
Patricia Williams
William G.Williams
Mary F. Williamson *
Shane R. Williamson
Donald C. Wilson
Donald R. Wilson
Dorothy J.Wilson
Elizabeth and Tom Wilson
George Wilson
Gordon A. Wilson
L. R. Wilson
Milton T. Wilson *
Thomas A. Wilson *
Milton Winberg *
Frederick and Joan Winter *
William C. Wonders
Barton S. N. Wong
Desmond and Eva Wong *
William Wong
Simon Woo
Lawrence W. Woodhead
Frank W. Woods
Ron Wootton
Rosalyn Wosnick
James G. Wright
Joan and Robert Wright
Nigel Wright
William Wright *
Henry Wu
Jay S. Wunder
Lynne Wynick *
J. R. Wynnyckyj *
Adrienne Yamaguchi
Man-Chiu Yang
Kim Yee
Cindy and Paul Yelle
Alain Yip
Cecil C. Yip
John and Betty Youson
Laetitia Yu Kit-Wai
Lilian Yuan *
Bernadette K.W.Yuen
Eberhard and Jane Zeidler
Robert A. Zeldin
Boris Zerafa *
George A. Zuckerman
Stelio Zupancich

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Pastway Planing Limited
Pathology Associates SMH
Pearson Education Canada Inc.
Pfizer Canada Inc – A Pfizer Consumer Group
Pfizer Global Research and Development
Pharma Plus Drugmarts Ltd.
Mimi and Sam Pollock Foundation
PowerLung Inc.
Prairie Peers
Procon Mining and Tunnelling Ltd.
Prudential Securities
Quality Home Products
Reckitt and Benckiser Inc.
Richards Packaging Inc.
RICKCO Holdings Limited
Rio Can Financial Services
RJK Resources Limited
Robin Hood MultiFoods Inc.
Roche Vitamins Canada Inc.
Rotary Club of Mississauga – Airport
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Ruv Management
Rx&D Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies
The Sacks Partnership
SAP Canada Incorporated
Sayal Charitable Foundation
The S. Schulich Foundation
Scott Paper Limited
Sensor Chem International Corporation
Serbian Brothers’ Help, Inc.
Shaare Zedek Medical Centre
Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.
Sisters of St. Joseph
Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto
SKF Canada Limited
SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.
The Sobey Art Foundation
The Society of Management Accountants of Ontario
C.D. Sonter Management Inc.
Jean M. Southam Foundation
Southern Ontario Surgical Orthodontics Study Group
St. Michael’s/Wellesley Psychiatric Associates
St.Vladimir Institute
Stiefel Canada Inc.
Students Law Society
Sun Media Corporation
Synthes Canada Limited
Szechenyi Society Inc.
Janet & Herb Tanzer Charitable Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Taxi Advertising and Design (Toronto) Inc.
TBWA Chiat Day
TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation
Teknion Furniture Systems
Teplitsky Colson
Ted Thomson Management Limited
Tippet Foundation
Toronto Academy of Dentistry
The Toronto Board of Trade
Toronto Construction Association
The Toronto Hong Kong Lions Club
The Toronto Hong Kong Lions Foundation
The Toronto Hospital – Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Toronto Notes – McCqe 2001 Review Notes
Toronto Public Library Board
Towers Perrin Inc.
Tracon Industries Corporation
Triathlon Leasing Inc.
Trinity Club of Ottawa
Tye-Sil Corp Ltd.
UNICEF – Jakarta
University Lodge 496 Awards Fund
University of British Columbia
University of Pittsburgh
University of St. Michael’s College
University of Toronto at Mississauga Alumni Association
University of Toronto – Trinity College
University Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
U of T Medical Class 2002
William H.Vanderbilt Trust
Van-Rob Stampings Inc.
Vinylgraphics Custom Sign Centres
Vita Health Products Inc.
Voorheis & Co.
Wellington Square United Church
Westhall Investments Ltd.
Whitshed Holdings Limited
The Wiegand Memorial Foundation Inc.
The Wolseley Foundation
Women in Capital Markets
Women’s Art Association of Canada
The James Shaver Woodsworth Homestead Foundation
Sam Yakubowicz Family Foundation
Yen Chuang Foundation
York Uniforms Ltd.
The Youssef-Warren Foundation
Numerous anonymous donors

$5,000 to $9,999
Rosalie Abella
J. Louis Abello
Mort and Shirley Abramsky
Art Acharya
Susan Adam Metzler
G. Chalmers Adams *
Lee Adamson
Kim M. Adamson-Sharpe
Leon Adomavicius
Asheesh Advani
Sophia M. Ahmed
Syed W. Ahmed
Johan L. Aitken
Melanie L. Aitken
Elie Ajram
David Martin Aldea
Deborah M. Alexander
Ruth (Manning) Alexander
Alan Alexandroff
Barbara M. Allen
Douglas S. Allen
Norman Altstedter
Paul H.Ambrose
Barbara J. E. Amiel Black
Dimitri John Anastakis
Farel Anderson
John Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
Robert S. Anglin
Aldo A. Anzil
Bram and Bluma Appel
Eric B. Appleby
John Craig Applegath
Marvin Arbuck
E. Kay Armatage
Ann Armstrong
Mary Pat Armstrong
Bruno Arnold
Doris A. Arnold
Hugh J. Arnold
William G. Arnold
John M. Arnott
Abraham Aronowicz
Augustine M. Arrigo
Robert G. and Elizabeth Arsenault
Murray Asch
Sidney Aster *
Marlene C. Auspitz
Don Avery
James M. Babcock
Walter Bachinski *
David J. Backstein
Melanie G. Bailey
Richard A. Bain
Andrew D. Baines
Edward L. Baker
Lawrence R. Baldachin
Jean A. Ballinger
Frieda Derdeyn Bambas
G. M. Bancroft
Joanne M. Bargman
W. Donald Bark
F. Michael and H. Ann Barrett
Milton J. and Shirley Barry
Lee R. Bartel *
Bernard Baskin *
Alice Bastedo
Thomas G. Bastedo
Derek A. Bate
Graeme Bate
Michael John Baur
David E. Bawden
Randall Baxandall
Colin Bayliss *
Jim and Jane Bayly
Jonathan E. Bays
Chester D. Beatty
D. S. Beatty
James D. and Susan Elliott Beatty
John Becker and Gwenne Becker
Patricia L. Belier
David William Roy Bell
and Gwendolyn Bell
Thomas A. B. Bell
Walter E. Bell
David Esmond Belyea
Clara and John Bender
Sheldon Dean Benner
Howard A. Bennett
Judith Berg
Howard and Carol Bernick
Tamara Bernstein *
Henry Berry
Roland Bertin
Eleanor S. Besen
Helen Best
R. Alfred Best
Samuel Bianco *
Rob Bicevskis
Sander Biderman
Wanda A. C. Bielawski
William J. Biggar
John N. and Miranda Birch
C.W.D. Birchall
Edward T. Bird *
George Bird
Monica E. Biringer
Gail (Craig) Birnie *
Neville E. Bishop
Claude T. Bissell
Harris J. and Ann (Blain) Bixler
Thomas H. Bjarnason
Paul Francis Black
Robert M. Black
William D. Black
Mary-Jill Blackman
James Blackmore
David and Anita Blackwood *
William J. Blainey
Barbara Anita Blake
Philomena Blake
J. Barrie Blanshard
J.W. Michael and Elizabeth J. Bliss
Jack Bloomberg
David A Blostein *
William and Marian Blott *
Aldo Dominic Boccia
John C. Bodwell
Rosemary Bolitho
Patrick Bollenberge
Archibald W. Bond
Margaret Isabel Bond
Anne Adela and Ray W. Bonnah
Woody Borenstein
Robert and Gail Corbett Bothwell *
Elizabeth M. Bowden
John D. Bowden
William and Martha Bowden
William R. Bowen *
Arnold A. Bowers
Justin C. Bowler
Clement W. Bowman
Stephen W. Bowman
J. Gilbert Bowness
T. Rodney H. Box
Richard J. G. Boxer
Wilfred A. and Marion Boyce
Katherine Anne Boyd
Robert W. Boyle
Barry Brace
John H. Brace
Helen Bradfield
Deborah Gail Bradley
Sharon and Jim Bradley
Brendan C. Brady
Charles G. and Alice I. Bragg
William J. Braithwaite
E. Marion Brancaccio
Keren Sophia Brathwaite
Mark Brennan
Heidrun Breslauer
Harold Dixon Bridge
Dudley A. Bristow
M. L. Britt
Peter A. Broadhurst
Donna M. Brode
Elsa Broder
Leonard J. Brooks
Helmut G. Brosz
Al G. Brown
Alexander J. Brown
Barry F. Brown *
Helen and David W. Brown
Dudley G. Brown
Ken,Virginia and Bill Brown Walkerton
Marion E. Brown *
Robert S. Brown
Schuyler Brown *
Aubrey Browne
John D. and Joan Brownlie
P. Brubaker-Poulin
Kathleen Bruce-Robertson *
Patricia C. Bruckmann *
John W. P. Bryan
Rorke B. Bryan *
William Francis Buckley
Walter P. Bulas
Bruce and Emily Burgetz
Ken Burke
Mary Ellen Burns
Wayne L. Burns
John William Burrows
Edward and Rita Bush
Jack H. Bush and M. Elaine Bell *
Jan Bush
David Butler
Helen Butler
John E. Byrne
Barrie Cade
J. Leo Cahill
Linda Cahill and Erwin Psotka
John F. X. Callahan
Kevin J. Calzonetti
Donald M. Cameron
Linda Cameron
Barbara Campbell
David Campbell
David A. Campbell
Robin Campbell
Ross Campbell *
Francean Campbell-Rich
Lee Cantor
John Caravaggio
Marcia Cardamore
Donald H. and Janice K. Carlisle
Donald A. Carmichael
Ted and Janice Carolin
Betty Carr
Douglas A. Carrick
Roger L. Carruthers
J. Olga Case
Alfie P. Cevraini
Andrew Hee Chan
Benjamin Chan
Hung Sun Chan
Michael Man-Fai Chan
Priscilla Chan
Ascot Chung-Fai Chang
Morey Chaplick *
Michael and Barbara Charles
W. Bruce Charles
Catherine R. Charlton Yocom
Louis Charpentier
Peter Chauvin
Basil R. Cheeseman
Mable Cheng
Peter G. Cheng
Chi-Yiu Cheung
Damon Francis Chevrier *
Rudy Darius Chiarandini
Frank Ching
Kenneth J. Chisholm
Wing Chiu
Yvonne and John Chiu
Aubrey Choi
Norma Wendy Chou
Kian T. Chow
Kirby Chown
Helen Christo
Betty Chu
Priscilla Ching Chung
Virginia Cirocco
John and Lynn Clappison
Brian G. Clark
Charles F. Clark
Glenn R. Clark
Karen Clark
Lyn and Ian M. Clark
E. G. Clarke
Howard M. Clarke
Joan D. Clayton
Tony P. P. Clement *
Paul Clubbe
Alec K. Clute
James S. Coatsworth
Anne M. Cobban
William Arthur Cochrane
Mary E. Code
Charlotte A. Coffen
Jon S. Cohen
Steven Cohen
Joseph James Colangelo
Joanne M. Cole
Margaret and John Coleman
John G. Coles
Kennedy J. L. Coles
Teça P. (Court) Coles
Maria and Terry Collier
Cecil and Jean (Hamilton)
Graham B. R. Collis
Lionel T. Colman
Julia Conn Watt
Paula Connell
Thomas Connell
John T. Connor
J. Adam Conyers
Edward B. Cook
George Ramsay Cook
John A. Cook
Clive H. J. Coombs
C. F. Alexander Cooper
Laura F. Cooper
W. Jack Cooper
W. I. M. Copel and Stephanie A. Corbet *
William A. Corbett
Derek and Barbara Corneil
Carl M. Corter
Abraham and Beth Costin
Paul Barry Cotter
David Cowan
James Cowan *
William A. and Sheila Cowan
H. S. M. Coxeter
Collin M. Craig
W. Hardy Craig
William James Craig
Peter O. Crassweller
C. Douglas Crawford
George B. Crawford
Denton D. Creighton
Terry L. Creighton
J.Willison Crichton
Mary C. Crichton
John Crispo
Tony J. Crncich
Donna Crossan
Jean Crowe
Mimi G. Cruickshank
William Cruse
Robert M. Culbert
Shirley Cunningham
Jessie S. Current
Robert James and Jacqueline Cusimano
Stephanie Hansen Cuskley
George H. Cuthbertson
Myron Cybulsky
Joe Dachuk
William S.A. Dale
Helen A. Daley
G. Ross Dance
Andrew Danson
Michael Daren
Gail Darling
Shirley A. Darrach-Pearse
Elizabeth Dashwood *
Gwen M. Davenport
Keith and Dorothy Davey
Tirone David
Hal Davies
In Memory of Geoffrey M. Davies
John A. Davies
Larry Davies
Michael N. Davies
Deborah L. Davis
Douglas A. C. Davis
Franklin Lorie Davis
Harold Bruce Davis
Jeanie A. Davis
Ruth M. Davis *
F. George Davitt
Sandra E. Dawe
John A. Dawson
Paul M. Daykin
Donald Robins De Laporte
William De Laurentis
Benjamin A. De Rubeis
Ronald De Sousa *
Thomas P. Dea
John S. Deacon
Mark F. Deacon
Alan V. Dean
Bruce Dean
J. Homer Dean *
Thomas Dearie
Eleanor DeJong
Elsie A. Del Bianco *
Lloyd Delaney
Lucien P. Delean
Susan Delean and Larry Norris
Rockey M. Delfino
Frank DeLuca
Ann P. Deluce
Elvio DelZotto
Reuben R. Dennis
William A. Devereaux
Joseph A. Devine
Susan Dewhirst
Thomas DeWolf
Mandeep S. Dhillon
Barbara Dick and Malcolm Burrows
Nancy Dignam
Thomas A. Dillon
David A. Diltz
John G. Dimond
Michael A. Disney
Sarma R. Dittakavi
Walter Dobrovolsky
David R. Dodds
Eric W. Domville *
Edward L. Donegan
Ann E. Donovan
Frank A. Dottori
John Robert Dow
H.W. Doyle
Kristine Drakich
Mary L. Drakich
Lorraine Drdul
Mario O. D’Souza
Howard Alexander Dube
I. Dubinsky and A.Wertman
Natalie N. Dugas
Marko D. M. Duic
J. Bruce Duncan
W. Gordon Duncan
W.T. Erskine Duncan
Peter D. Dungan *
Donald S. Dunlop
J. Bruce Dunlop *
Mary and Bruce Dunlop
Thomas J. Dunne
Gerard Dunnhaupt
Sean F. Dunphy
Ronald Durand
Larry Durr *
Ian Ross Dutton
Maria Dyck
John Dzurka
Pamela and Brian Eden
Moray and Sally Edwards
C. Harold Eisler
Jean Griffin Elliott *
Amelia and Keith Ellis
Brigid Elson *
H. H. Engell
Alexander Epstein
Harry Erlich
Jaime Escallon
Eric Etchen *
Nigel J. Etherington
Bernard Etkin *
Donald and Eleanor Ewing
Ronald Fabbro
Hope Fairley
Catherine A. Fallis *
J. Bruce Falls
Leonard Fantin
Lorne R. Farquhar
Robert Farquharson
Fred C. Farr *
Grant Angus Farrow
Michael A. Farrugia
Kuno W. Fasel
John Fasken
Margaret Falkner
Lyle S. Fauteux
Joseph Anthony Bernard Fava
Christopher Feindel
Saul Feldberg
Victor Feldbrill
Albert P. Fell
Aaron and Patricia Fenton
Lorand and Veronica Fenyves
Christopher W. Field
Jane E. R. Field
John C. Field
Robert M. Filler
Jeffrey Fineberg
Abraham and Geula Finkel
David N. Finkelstein
Donald F. Finlay *
Eleanor M. Finlayson
Keith Finnie
Alice F. S. Fischel
Gale Fisher *
Florence FitzGerald
Magnus J. Fjalldal
Gerald A. Flaherty
Ian B. Flann *
David and Yvonne Fleck
J. F. Ross Fleming
Patricia Fleming *
Betty M. Flint *
Olga Flowers
Steven Fong
Samuel D. Foote
Michael Ford
M. P. Forestell and D. E. Forestell
G. David Forney
Warren D. Forrester
Joyce Forster
Paul E. Foulds
Gray Fowler
Rodney S. Fowler
Douglas Fox *
Norman D. Fox
C. Lloyd Francis
Lou Frangian
Sydney Gerald Frankfort
Lynda A. H. Franklin
M. Constance Fraser
Brian D. Freeland *
Arnis Freiberg
Declan French
Esther Friede
Martin L. Friedland
Joseph Friedlich
Shimon Friedman
Lynn From
Toshihiko Fujii
Laura Chizuko Fujino
Kan-Ying Fung
Kwok-Chak Fung
Colin D. Furness
John F. Futhey
William P. J. Gagnon
James D. Gallagher
Patrick Gallois *
Peter and Marie-Paul Gallop
Ruth and Richard Gallop
Charles T. P. Galloway
Bing Siang Gan and Pearl Langer
Sydney and Anna Gangbar
Amit Garg
George Garland
Rosemary I. Gartner
John Gay
Mary L. Gemmill
Michael Paul Gendron
Peter J. George
Carl Georgevski
Nasir Ghanny
Kathleen Gibb
Alan and Margaret Gibson
Ian Gibson
Robert Gibson
J. S. (Steve) Gilchrist
Joseph F. Gill
Drew Gillanders
Alfreda Glass
Robert G. Glover
Diana Goad
J. Lawrence Goad
Bert Godfrey
Peter Gold
Bryna Goldberg
Gary Goldthorpe
Gittie Gollish
John M. Goodings
Crawford Gordon
Myron J. Gordon *
Olive L. Gordon
Max Gotlieb
Masami Goto
Ian R. Graham
William H. Graham
Toddy B. Granovsky
Alan and Cynthia Grant
Emily L. Grant
John W. Grant
Margot Grant
Cyril Grasso
Robert S. Gray *
Thomas E. Gray
Anne Greaves
Arthur B. Green
Duncan Green
Joel I. Greenberg
Jack and Anna Greenblatt
Randy L. Greenman
Brian H. Greenspan
Linda F. Greenwood
William N. Greer *
William John and Imogene Gregg
Wilfrid P. Gregory
Anthony J. E. Grey
N. David Greyson
Patrick V. B. Grieve
John W. F. Griffin
P. Allan Griffin
Tim and Darka Griffin
Peter R. Grillo *
Aaron Grinbaum
James H. Grout
Warren Grover
Camilla and Chester Gryski
J. Frank Guenther
Harry E. Gunning
Ronald S. Gurak
K. Gordon Gwynne-Timothy
Daniel A. Haas
Meta Haladner
Hamilton Hall
James Hall
May S. Hambly
Edward Hamer and Marsha Werb
Elizabeth M. Hamilton
Yvonne Han
Peter and Susan Hand
Rita M. Hanlon
Thomas James Hanrahan
W. Jason Hanson
John D. Harbron *
Jennifer Hardacre *
J. David Hardwick
F. Kenneth Hare *
Ian J. Harrington
Catherine Harris
Maureen I. F. Harris *
Penny and Bill Harris
Peter D. Harris *
Douglas F. Harrison
Gerald Hart
John J. L. Hartley *
Lawrence H. Hartnett
William Haslehurst
John E. F. Hastings
Joan F. Hatch
Patricia Haug
George F. Hawken *
Elaine M. Hayden
Ruth Hayhoe
David M. Hayne
Richard H. Hayward
Frederick Heath
Roy Heenan *
Eithne Heffernan *
Douglas C. Heighington
Murray Heinbuch
Gary Heinke
George T. Heintzman
Mary G. Heintzman
Michael P. Heirwegh
Gerald and Georgia Helleiner *
Bruce M. Henderson
Graham Henderson
Edward N. Herberg *
Winnifred A. Herington
Lawrence L. and Beatrice Herman
Donald G. Hewson
John R. Hicks
Michael K. Hicks *
Margaret M. Higgins
V. J. Higgins
Angela Hildyard
Alan R. and Susanne Hill
Daniel G. Hill
James Hill
W. Alan Hill
W. Godfrey Hill
K. Martin Hilliard
James and Rebecca Hilton
R. Christopher Hinde
John Hinds
Samuel J. Hirsch
Alan B. Hockin
M. Isabel Hodgkinson
Frank P. Hoff *
Liz Hoffman
Theo Hofmann
Edward T. Hoganson
Robert W. Hoke
John S. Holladay
Ian W. Hollingsworth
Emmy and Walter Homburger
Christopher and Karla Honey
Elizabeth B. Hope
Mary Horan
Noble Hori
Dorothy Horn *
Clay B. Horner
Mary M. and C. Roy Horney
Lorne D. Horton
Dennis E. Houghton
Andrew Howard
Ian G. M. Howey
Shirley Hoy
Shikai Hu
Martin Hubbes
Kathleen Huckabone
Steven K. Hudson
Andrew Hughes *
F. Norman Hughes
Ivor M. Hughes
J. David Hulchanski
John Hull
Kathleen E. Hull *
A. Murray Hunt
Gordon A. Hunter
J. Martin and Judith Hunter
John J. L. Hunter
Robert P. Hutchison and Carolyn Kearns
William L. E. Huth
Patrick Hwang
James J. Hyland
Raafat and Lobna Ibrahim
Masanori Ichise
Thomas H. Inglis
Robert Inksater
Kenneth W. Inkster
Roland Inniss
Leah Ioffe
Ka-Biu Ip
Howard Irving
Barbara E. Irwin
Grace L. Irwin
Elaine M. Ishibashi
Milton Israel *
Richard and Donna Ivey
Tom Iwanowski
Mary Izawa
Helen (Albright) Jackson
Karen Jackson
Robin and Heather Jackson *
A. Jacobs
Karl Jaffary
Nasir Jaffer
Raj K. Jain
Surinder Jain
Nadina Jamison
Kaz Jana
Alexander J. Jancar
Hudson N. Janisch
Robert S. Jaques
Edith T. Jarvi *
Margaret A. Jarvis
C. Douglas and Ruth (Crooker) Jay *
Paul J. Jelec
Peter Jensen and Sandra Stark
Marion Kaye Joachim
Kingsley Joblin
Wing Joe
Jon R. Johnson
S. Ross Johnson
Charles C. Johnston
K.Wayne Johnston
Donald P. Jones
Richard Jones
Robert H. J. Jones
Roberta Jong
Jean H. G. Joy *
Paul W. Joy
Douglas Joyce *
Christopher Alexander Jyu
Anneliese Kabisch
Sidney M. Kadish
Peter G. Kalman
Viiu Kanep *
Jon J. Kanitz
Howard L. Kaplan
Joel Kaplan
Allen Karp
Fred and May Karp
Edward E. Kassel
Timothy J. Kastelic
Benjamin E. and Estelle A. Creed Kaufman
Nitin S. Kawale
Kenneth Kay
Benjamin G. Kayfetz *
Jonathan M. Kearns *
Nancy Keays
Sean Patrick Keenan
Brendan G.A. Kelly *
A. E.T. Kemp
Brian E. Kennedy *
Ross L. Kennedy
Ruth Kerbel
Katherine D. Ketchum
Gordon L. Keyes
Robert H. Kidd
Gregory M. Kiez
M. Marling Kilgour
J.D. King
Lloyd Sherman King
Allison B. Kingsmill
Stewart E. and Peggy Kingstone
Ray Kinoshita
David H.W. Kirkwood
John Kirkwood
Kevin J. Kirley *
Susan Kitchell
Bill Kitchen
Julian David Kitchen
Margaret Jean Kitchen
David N. Klausner *
Peter Klavora
Victor J. Klopp
Hal A. Koblin
Richard S. Kollins
Richard Komorowski
Arthur Konviser
Marianna Korman
Eric Koslowski
Patricia Kraemer
John R. Krall
Ron and Helen Kramer
Michael Krashinsky
Merle Kriss
Leorah Kroyanker
Sigmund Gerald Kuperstein
Paul and Rasa Kuras
Stanley Kwan
Johny Kwong
Barbara Lace
Manjinder S. Lalh
Philippe V. Lalonde
David Lam
Mary Susanne Lamont
Anne Lancashire *
R. Brian Land *
Leslie and Jo Lander
Martin F. Landmann *
Terry Landry
David Lang
Michael J.T. Lang
Thomas J. F. Lang
Nora J. Langley
Faye E. Langmaid
Colm Lanigan
E. L. Lansdown
Jennifer D. Lanthier
Douglas and Ethel (Upton) Lapp
William E. Large
Margaret Large-Cardoso
John B. Laskin
Tak Lau
John S. Laughton
Mary W. Laurence
Paul R. Laurent
Peter D. Lauwers
Rita M. Lawlor
Douglas M. Lawson
Laurie M. Lawson
Michael K. Lawson
W. H. Le Riche *
A. L. Leboeuf
Mark Lebovic
John C. L. Lee
Joseph Arthur Lee Kai-Choi
Lap Cheung Lee and Maria Lee
In memory of Lucille S. S. Lee
Wah Hung Lee
William E. Lee *
Douglas Leeies
Kenneth P. Lefebvre
Kenneth Crosby Legge
Balfour Legresley *
Alfred Lehman
Allan Leibel
Charles Leland
Francois Lemieux
Thomas E. Lennox
Wey Leong
Douglas V. LePan
Tina Leslie
Peter Letkemann
Danki Leung
Patrick C. Leung
Jonathan Arlen Levin
Robert Levit
Enid Levy
David A. Lewis
Ruth and James Lewis
Ming C. Li
Mingchu Li
Corey Libfeld
Jay Libfeld
Mark Libfeld
Sheldon Libfeld
Enid C. Lichter
Lien Thi Lien
Evert A. Lindquist
T. F. Lindsay
Gunnar K. Lindvik
John Arthur Line
Irving Lipton
Rhoda Lipton
Derek J.W. Little
Martin Littlefield
Brian W. Livingston
William R. Livingston
John W. Loach
Frank and Azniv Lochan
V. Joyce Lock
Bessie Lockhart
Lenny Lombardi
Norman Donald Long
Deborah Lonsdale
Karyl J. Louwenaar
Gary S. Love
Mary E. Love
Norman C. Loveland
Larry P. Lowenstein
Frederick H. Lowy
Louis Lukenda
A.A. Lynch *
J. Michael Lynch
Lawrence E. M. Lynch
Mary C. Lyne
Carl and Barbara Lytollis
Donald L. and Elizabeth S. MacDonald
H. Ian Macdonald
James and Jan MacDonald
Dorothea Macdonnell
Avon MacFarlane
Bruce and Barbara MacGowan
Frank MacGrath
James C. J. MacKenzie
Michael A. MacKenzie
Hugh G. MacKinnon
Susan MacKinnon
Patrick Macklem
Harold L. Macklin
William M. MacKrell
Margaret (McRoberts) MacLeod
Margaret O. MacMillan *
William C. MacNeill
Gary K. MacPhee
George M. G. Macri
Wayne J. Maddever
Dorothy J. Madge
Marion E. K. Magee *
Michael W. Magee
Terry Maguire
Michael B. C. Mah
Nizar N. Mahomed
Ellen N. Mak
Mankin Mak
Ted Maksimowski
Kenneth D. and Sandra G. Malamed
Ronald D. Manes
Marg and Ralph Manktelow
Katherine and Paul Manley
John M. Mansell
Edith G. Marchant
Milton Margulies
James P. Markham
Karal Ann Marling
Anne M. Marrin
Michael and Randi Marrus *
Ann Y. Marshall
Lawrence H. Marsland
Joe Martin
Santo Martini
Maria M.V. Marujo
John G. Maskey
Mary Willan Mason
William J. A. Mason
Thomas E. Mathien
Ruth Matisko
Donald J. Matthews
James N. Matthews
Jerry W.T. Matthews
Mary McDougall Maude
Armand Maurer
Mary Ann Mavrinac
John Maxwell
William J. Maxwell
William May
Douglas A. McAuley
Dena McCallum
Heather McCallum *
J.A. McCallum
Derek McCammond
Paul McCann
D. Dale McCarthy
Leighton W. McCarthy
Ian McCausland
Dorothy McComb
Alen M. McCombie
Ian McConnachie
Roxanne E. McCormick
Ruth W. McCuaig
William W. McCuaig *
Ernest A. McCulloch *
Donald F. McDonald
Kenneth M. R. McDonald
Drew McDougall
Ian L. McDowell
Judith E. J. McErvel
Andrew E. C. McFarlane *
Bernie McGarva
Patricia and Barry McGee
Ian D. Mcgilvray
John A. McGinnis
Michael S. McGrann
Adele D. McIntyre
J.A. (Sandy) McIntyre
Murray McIntyre
Thomas McKean
Nancy H. McKee
Kevin McKenna
C. Michael and Jeryn McKeown
Robert D. McKeracher
Donald McKerron
Alastair McKinnon *
David and Patricia McKnight
Duncan McLaren *
R. Peter and Virginia McLaughlin
Bruce M. and Elaine F. McLean
E. Hugh McLellan
Jane McLeod
Donald A. McMaster
J. Douglas T. McMullan
MacKenzie McMurray
James and Jane McMyn *
Beverley E. McNaught *
Pamela and Thomas McPherson
Ronald J. C. McQueen
Aidan McQuillan *
Dorothy McRobb
David H. Medland
Anthony Meehan and V. Saing
Thomas Melady
Michael N. Melanson
Dennis I. Melnbardis
Rochelle L. Meltz
G. G. Lee Ann Mercury
John Mercury
Brian Merrilees *
Stephen J. Messinger
Gilbert Meyer
Kosta Michalopoulos
Lynda Mickleborough
Susan E. Middleton and Christopher D. Palin
Irene R. Miller
Lesley Miller
Marla Miller *
Matthew Miller
James Ralph Mills
Jim and Sheila Milway
Brian A. Miron
R.W. Missen
Philip G. Mitchell
John J. Mitchinson
David Mock
Ruth Moeser
Ronald T. Moir
Andrew and Alice Mok
Ching Mok
George C. K. Mok
Leo Mok
Michael J. Moldaver
Jearld F. Moldenhauer *
James A. Monaghan
Madeline Jean Monaghan
Margaret Moon
John H. Moore
Lilo Moore
Hugh and Phyllis (Foreman)
Frances Moran
Stephen Michael Moranis
Ruth Morawetz *
Katrin Morgan
Keith Morley
Paul H. Morris
Theodore F. Morris
Catherine Morrison
Donald F. Morrison
George and Robina Morrison
John M. Morrison
Ruth Moses *
Rachele C. Muia
Gertrude Mulcahy
Anthony Munk
Andrew Munn
John M. Murray
Cliff Mutton *
Elizabeth Myles
John Naccarato
Nicolina Nam
Unni Gopalakrishnan
Isadore I. Nash
Stuart R. Nayman
Desmond Neill *
Albert P. Neilson
Joan M. Neilson
Peter Neligan
Dennis John Neufeldt
Shirley C. Neuman
Richard and Florence Newman
Virginia R. Newman
Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng *
Mairin Nic Dhiarmada
Christopher Nichols
Dorothy E. Nicholson
Garry W. Nicholson
Graeme A. Nicholson *
William D. Nicholson
Solomon A. Nigosian *
Phillip Nimmons *
Brad Nixon *
Richard J. Nixon
Vidar J. Nordin
Jennifer L. Northcote
Arthur Northover
Carol Diane Nunn
Roger G. Oatley
Peter J. and Jane H. Obernesser
Miles Obradovich
Frank O’Brien
James A. (Tim) and Mary A. O’Brien
Colm O’Carroll
Charles D. O’Connell
Tim O’Connor
Fabian A. O’Dea
Paul H. M. O’Donoghue
Melville J. B. O’Donohue
J. G. O’Driscoll
Richard Ian Ogilvie
Michael P. and Jennifer A. O’Hara
Colmán O’Hare
Cristina Oke
Elizabeth Ann Oliver (Malone)
Maurice E. O’Loughlin
Philip Olsson
Bohdan S. Onyschuk
Jacqueline C. Orange
Gordon Martin Organ
Marietta Orlov
Stan T. Orlowski
Clifford Orwin
Gloria Orwin
Sylvia Ostry *
Daphne Brooke O’Sullivan
Kenneth R. Oswell
Mirek Otremba
David P. Ouchterlony
Richard C. Owens
Loreen Paananen
Kenneth T. Pace
Claude Andrew Joseph Page
Denis J. Page
Emil Pai
Maryanne Palmer
Nick Pantaleo
M.Vesta Papafagos
Roger Parkinson
James M. Parks
Caroline Balderston Parry *
H. Rosemary and David Partridge *
Rob M. Pasch
Tom Pashby
Mary Ann Pathy
James C. Paupst
Frances P. M. Peake
T. Olivier F. Peardon
Thomas P. Peardon
Stan Pearl
Frederick G. Pearson
Geoffrey and Landon Pearson
William H. Pearson
Sean Peel
James A. Peers
Todd P. Penner
Jane S. Penney
James Penturn and Kathleen Crook
N. Jane Pepino
John D. Pepper
John R. S. Pepperell
Raymond Peringer *
Alan B. Perkin
Raam S. Pershadsingh
Jack W. Person
John F. (Jack) Petch
Niels Petersen
O. Ruben Pettersson
Barbara Elizabeth Phelps
Gregory O. Philps
Edward and Frances Phoenix
Charles T. Pick
Mary E. Pickford
Michael Piehler
Frank W. Pindar *
Mim and Jack Pinkus
Ian H. Pitfield
Dora Burke Playfair
Jacob N. Ploeg
Beryl A. Plumptre
Michael Plyley
Irene Podolak
T. Podolsky
John C. Polanyi
Brett A. Polegato
Michael S. Pollanen
J. Luke Pollard
Yannick Portebois *
Julian Porter
Ian Potter
Dawn and Joe Potts
Michael Power
Alfred Powis
David W. Pretty
Nancy and Walter Pridham
Virginia M. Priscus
Wilbur Pritchard
William J. Prost
Christine J. Prudham
Helen A. R. Prudham
Linda V. Prytula
Guido Pugliese *
Olga L. Pugliese *
Norman and Sharon Puhl
Brian M. Pukier
Eric Purdy
Mark R. Purdy
Harold Pushie
Robert G. Putnam *
Linda Pygiel
David Pym
Lloyd Gordon Queen *
John J. Quinn
Mary Quirt
Cecil and
Robert Rabinovitch
Evelyn M. Rahilly
James Rainer
Warren G. Ralph
Anthony Ralph-Edwards
Viggo B. Rambusch
Grant J. Raney
Prema Rao
Michael Rasminsky
Edward B. Ratcliffe
Charles Rathé *
Arthur E. Read
Paul E. Read *
John Reddy
Shirley Redrupp
Donald and Nita Reed
Michael Jan Reedijk
Kenneth C. Reeves
Daniel T. Regan
F. Vincent Regan
Aaron Regent
Timothy J. Reibetanz *
Frank J. Reid
Margaret E. Reid
Timothy H. E. Reid
Mel Reingold
James A. Rendall
Raymond H. Reynolds
Darla Rhyne
Leeds Richardson
Robert P. Richardson
Susan J. Richardson *
Doris J. Richmond
Donald Albert Riddle
Robert P. Ritchie
Sandro Rizoli
John D. Robb *
Emmet I. Robbins *
Edward Roberts
R. J. Roberts and E.C. Roberts
John M. Robertson
Joseph H. Robertson
Dale Robinette
John J. Robinette
Ross Robins and Doreen (Johnson) Robins
Andrew M. Robinson
Harold M. Robinson
Linda D. Robinson
Robert V. Robinson
Sidney P. H. Robinson
Rosanne T. Rocchi
Carol Rodgers
Thomas Rohlen
John M. M. Roland
Shauna Rolston *
B. J. Romans
John F. Rook
Jack Martin Rose
John Rose
Leslie H. Rose
Ethel and Larry Rosen
J. Mark Rosenhek
Steven F. Rosenhek
Donald M. Ross
Eleanor Ross
J. Douglas Ross
Victor Ross
W. Grant Ross
Brian Rotenberg and Marcus Law
Stuart Rothenberg
Linda Rothstein
Abraham Rotstein
F. David Rounthwaite
Ian Rowe
Neil J. Roy *
Barry Rubin
Edward Rumble *
John M. Rumble
O. John C. Runnalls
Kathleen M. Russell
Helen Rutherford
Peter J. Ryan
Mary Ryrie
Robert M. Sabga
Peter Sabiston *
Samuel Lyon Sachs
Ann Saddlemyer
Gobind Saha
Isaac Sakinofsky
Shia Salem
Paul T. Salo
W. Millet Salter
H.Thomas Sanderson
Elizabeth Sandlos and Elizabeth Buller
Muhammad J. Sarwar
Beatrice Saunders *
Norman and Lynn Saunders
Elvino Sauro
Roger M. and Kathleen Savory *
James D. Scarlett
Roy E. Schatz *
Joseph Schatzker
Arthur L. Schawlow
Alexandra L. Schepansky
Norman H. Schipper
Ken Schnell
Louise Schryver
Cornelia Schuh and Michiel Horn *
Doreen and Robert Scolnick
Brian and Gail Scott
C. Bruce Scott
Grace W. Scott *
Hugh E. Scully
Norman M. Seagram
Harry R. Secor *
Frank J. Seger
Joe Seidner
Fred H.W. and Roswitha Seliger *
Leo and Nadia Semeniuk
Paul H. Serson
Kasia Joanne Seydegart
Banasha Shah
Shantichandra Shah
James W. Shakley
Patricia M. M. Shand
Bertha Shaw
Ian A. Shaw
Joseph W. and Maria Shaw *
J. Brian and Maureen Sheedy
Andrew Sheiner
Irving Shendroff
Jim Shenkman and Denise Zarn
Theodore Shepherd
F. Arthur Sherk
Charles Sherkin
John M. Sherlock
Richard Shibley
Owen B. Shime
Noritsugu Shiono
James Shipton
Noah N. Shneidman *
Norman and Roberta Shnier
Tillie Shuster
Surinder S. Sidhu
Hanif H. Sidi
Parin Sidi
James E. Sidorchuk
Lynn and Skip Sigel
Eugene Siklos
Mark Silver
Monty and Judy Simmonds
Wayne L. L. Simmons
Carolyn Jean Sinclair
MacGregor David Sinclair
Jeffrey Singer
David Sisam
Carl E. Skay
Krista E. Slade
Ronald G. Slaght
James Slater
Helen Slattery
Douglas T. Sloan
Kenneth A. Sloan
William W. Small
Thomas A. Smiley
David G. Smith
Donald Smith
Foster Smith
Frederick T. Smith
George T. Smith
H. Austin Smith
Margaret G. Smith
Robert M. Smith
Izzy Snyder
Jordan Sobel
Jaroslav Sodek
Gerald Ronald Soloman
Jean and John Somerville
Hwang In Soo
G. Hamilton Southam
Rex and Martha Southgate *
Joyce Sowby *
Linda V. Sparrow
Malcolm A. Sparrow
Karen Spence
M. Margaret Spence *
Wishart F. Spence
Christopher Spencer
Erik J. Spicer
Manuel Morton Spivak
Scott St. John
E. Jan Stacey
Ronald G. Stagg
Anne Stanfield
S. Orest Stanko and Xenie Smith-Stanko
Peter F. Stanley
Brian S. Steele
Catherine I. Steele
Donald R. Steele
Catherine J. Stefan *
Janice G. Stein
Marvin Steinhardt
David Stephen
Bill Stern
Edward Sternthal
E.Ann Stevens
Elizabeth M. Stewart
Jim and Maryln Stewart *
David G. Stinson
Allan J. Stitt
George Stock
Cecily E. Stone
Patricia E. Stone
Mark Strang
Merrily Stratten
Louis A. Strauss
Margaret Streadwick
Richard Eli Stren
A.Alan H. Strike
Donald E. Stringer
H. Jean Strong
Peter O. Struthers
Larry Stubbs
Kevin Sullivan
Bashir Surani
Mark A. Surchin
Rence Sussman and Irving Sussman
Brent William Swanick
Eva V. Swenson
Karel J. Swift
John and Helen Swinden
Sally Switzer
W. John Switzer
Henry W. Sykes
Philip D. Symmonds
Tibor A. B. Szandtner
Sui S. Szetu
William Szuch
Theodore Tafel
Burton and Judith Tait
Janis (Rose), George and Natalie Takach
Richard Tan
T. K. and Michelle Tan
Egils Tannis and Ingrid Raminsh-Tannis
Herbert Tanzer
John (Jay) G.Tapp
Eric and Susanne Tappenden of Chapel Ridge Funeral Homes
Sydney Tattershall
Kenneth Douglas Taylor
Kenneth E.Taylor
Noreen Taylor
Norma June Taylor
Robert A.Taylor *
Worden A.Teasdale
Matthew Teitelbaum *
Eugene V.Thaw
Gordon Thom
Mary and Robert Thomas
Barbara J.Thompson
John D.Thompson
Kenneth R.Thompson
Margaret W.Thompson
Pauline A.Thompson
James Thomson
Hugh Thomson
Laurie Thomson
Roger D. B.Thomson *
Ron B.Thomson *
Craig Thorburn and Cindy Caron Thorburn
E. M.Thring
Janet Coutts Tieman
J. Harry Tims
Robin Tityk
James C.Y.To
Stephen S.Tobe *
Joanne Tod *
Etsuko Toguri
Walter S.Tomenson
David Fooksun Tong
Suzanne Tory
George Tostowaryk
Denton Tovell *
David Townsend
Gilda Tozman
Dora and Alan A.Track
Vivian I.Treacy
Murray Treloar
Edward W. H.Tremain
Lorraine N.Tremblay
Leon Tretjakewitsch
Howard Trifler
Donald and Elaine Triggs
Isabella W.Troop
Graham E.Trope
Guy Trudel
George Trusler
Maret Truuvert
Kenneth Tsang
Roslyn M.Tsao
Yen-Chow Tsao
Mary Tschappat
Albert Tucker
John Tuohy
Riki Turofsky
A. Douglas and Margaret Tushingham
W. R.Twiss
C.Ann Unger
Frederic Urban
Gary H. Usling
Claudia C.Vachon
K. C. and E. B.Vallis
Glen Van Arsdell
Shirley Geerdina Van Nuland
John Van Seters
James Ray Vanstone *
Margaret S.Veall
Clive Veroni
Deirdre W. J.Vincent
Jean-Marc Vincent
Robert A.Vineberg
Joanne Vingoe
Alex and Cristina Vitale
Walter Vogl
H. P. Von Schroeder
Mihkel E.Voore
David James Walker
Glenn Walker
John Walker
Nicholas E.Walker
Wentworth D.Walker
Robert and Ruth Walmsley
William D.Walt
Cameron K.Walter *
Paul W.Walters
H. M.Walton
Charles J.Wambeke
Mary M.Ward
Terence Wardrop
Andrew M.Watson *
Hubert S.Watson
Philip A.Watson
Mary C.Wayman
William Wayne
John Weatherall
Wendy C.Weaver *
Simon Weinberg
Ernest Weinrib
Richard D.Weisel
David A.Welch *
Jillian M.Welch
Howard Weld
Donna L.Wells
Tanny Wells
Anthony Wensley
David E.Wesson
Gordon F. and Katri West
Brian C.Westlake
The Honourable
Hilary M.Weston
Vaughan H.Weston
Alan White
Scott and Brenda White
Roderick James Whitehead
Wilhelmina M.Wiacek
Reginald E.Y.Wickett
John B.Wilkes
J. C.Willard
Dave Williams
G. Ronald and Joyce Williams *
Marguerite C.Williams
Peggy R.Williams
Peter Williams
Annita Wilson
Bill and Margaret Wilson
Donald L.Wilson
Isabel J.Wilson
John Roy Wilson
Peter A.Wilson
Robert Wilson *
Linda Wilson-Pauwels
Joan Winearls *
Barbara Keshin Wingrove
H. George Winnett
Isobel B.Winnett
Bruce Winter
Kenneth Winter
Kyle Winters and Howard Rideout
John and Anne Witt
Delphine Wojnicki
Michael Wolfish
Edward Y. C.Wong
Eugenia Wong
Felix Wong
Paul Wong
Percy Chi Hung Wong
Thomas Wong
Victor Yiu-Chi Wong
William Wing-Bill Wong
Neil Charles Wood
William Arthur Woodcock
Ruth G.Woods
Robert W.Worthy
Daniel P. Wright
Dorothy J.Wright
Michael Wright
The Wu Family
Liz Wylie *
Raymond J.Yakasovich
Robert Yalden
Ronald M.Yarascavitch
Malcolm Yasny
Peter K.Yeung
Alison J.Youngman
Sunny S.Yu
Chung Sut Yue
Cheong Kei Yuen
Cynthia Yu-Wang
Marita E. Zaffiro
Andrew Steven Zakrzewski
Alan S. Zekelman
Rosemary Zigrossi
Arthur Zimmerman *
Hugh E. Zimmerman
Jack Gerald and Louise Zosky
Ron and Gail Zuker

3Com Canada Inc.
3M Canada Company – Consumer Division
401 Richmond Ltd.
Abitibi-Consolidated Ltd.
Abo Akademi University
ACC TelEnterprises Ltd.
Accessory Concepts Inc.
Acres International Limited
Active Carpentry
Adamson Associates Architects
Agora Foundation
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
Ahavas Chesed Ge’Mach Fund
Aird & Berlis
Algoma Steel Incorporated
All the Associates of British Columbia
The Allendale Insurance Foundation
Alpha Omega Fraternity Toronto Alumni Chapter
ALTANA Pharma Inc.
AMCA-Canadian Friends of the University of Zagreb
American Association of Orthodontists Foundation
American Safety Razor Canada Limited
D. Elaine Andison Foundation
Anglican Foundation of Canada
Marc Anthony Cosmetics Inc.
ASO Corporation
Assaf Harofeh Hospital
Associated National Brokerage
Associates in Psychiatry
Associazione Nazionale
Alpini Sezione di Toronto
Associazione Nazionale
Baird Sampson Neuert Architects Inc.
Baker Turner Inc.
Basilian Fathers of Houston
Benign Essential
Blepharospasm Canadian Research Foundation, Established by Sam and Olga Meister
Bergemann USA Inc.
BHP Billiton
BIC Inc.
The Bick Charitable Foundation Inc.
Binney & Smith (Crayola)
BIO150Y Teaching Team
Biogen Canada Inc.
Biogen Inc.
Blaney McMurtry LLP
Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.
Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company
Bokhara Court No. 22 LOSNA
Bombardier Transport
Bowater Pulp and Paper Canada Inc.
Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
John O. Butler Company
C. G. Brokers
Canaccord Capital Corporation
Canada Cartage System Ltd.
Canadian Academy of Endodontics
The Canadian Association of Optometrists
Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry
Canadian Bar Association – Ontario
Canadian Centre for Architecture
Canadian Centre for Italian Culture & Education
Canadian Federation of University Women – Etobicoke *
Canadian Macedonian Federation
Canadian Mass Media Inc. (CMMI)
The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Canadians in France Program
Canapharm Mfg.
Can-Ar Coach Service
Cara Operations Limited
Jack and Rita Catherall Fund, part of the Toronto Community Foundation
Celebrity Watch International
Centrecorp Management
CH2M HILL Canada Limited
Champion International Corporation
Christ Church Deer Park
Christie’s Canada Inc. *
CIRV-FM Multicultural Radio (88.9 FM)
Cisco Systems Canada Co.
Clairvest Group Incorporated
Club Roma (St. Catharines) Inc.
COM DEV International Ltd.
Communications & Information Technology of Ontario
Community Foundation of Ottawa
Compugen Systems Ltd.
Congress Canada
Conn Smythe Foundation
Conwest Exploration Company Limited
Crombie Kennedy Nasmark Inc.
Crown Life Insurance Company
Crucible Management Solutions Inc.
cStar Technologies Inc. (cSTI)
Cultural Human Resources Council
DANA – Long Manufacturing Division
The Peter and Eleanor Daniels Charitable Foundation
Data Business Forms
Davis & Company
Deacon Capital Corporation
B. C. Decker Inc.
DELCAN Corporation
Dolente Concrete and Drain Company
R. R. Donnelley Foundation
Dufferin-Custom Concrete Group
Durex Canada
Dynatec Corporation
E*Trade Canada Securities Corporation
Eagle & Partners Inc.
Eastcurve Inc.
eBay Canada Limited
The Effort Trust Company
EIPROC Foundation
Electric Vehicle Association of Canada
Electrovaya Inc.
El-En Packaging Company Limited
EllisDon Construction Services Inc.
EllisDon Corporation
Embanet Corporation
Enersource Hydro Mississauga Inc.
Export Development Canada
Eye Foundation of Canada
Faculty of Music
Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association
Fallbrook Holdings Limited
Family Practice Associates
Matthew and Susan Featherbie
Fdn. (Ayco Charitable Foundation)
Federal Express Canada Limited
Charles F. Fell Charitable Trust
John E. Fetzer Institute Inc.
The Financial Post
The Fitness Institute
The Fleck Family Foundation
Food Biotek Corporation
Foundation for the Indian Performing Arts
Foundation to Commemorate Chinese Railroad Workers In Canada
Ganong Bros. Limited
The Garden Club of Toronto
Gazzola Paving Limited
GE Lighting Canada
GENSCI OrthoBiologics
Gilbert’s Law Office
Global One
The Ira Gluskin and Maxine
Granovsky-Gluskin Charitable Foundation
Charles and Marilyn Gold Family Foundation
Goldcorp Incorporated
Golden Eagle Network Corporation
Goodman & Company Ltd.
The Wolfe & Millie Goodman Foundation
Graduate Geography and Planning Student Association
The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario
Great Gulf Homes
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Greenwin Property Management
GSI Lumonics Inc.
Guild Electric Ltd.
H & R REIT – Bell Mobility
Hamilton Community Foundation
The Harbinger Foundation
George Hare Endodontic Study Club
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Heinz North America – Division H. J. Heinz Company
Helyar Limited
Herzing Institutes of Canada
HoKuetsu Paper Mills Ltd.
Homestake Canada Incorporated
HooDoo Films
The Hospital for Sick Children
The Hostess Frito-Lay Company
Huntsville’s Hometown Drugs
Hydro One Inc.
IMS Health Canada
Industry Canada
International College of Dentists
International Paper
Jannock Limited
Jazz Photo Canada Corp.
Jocine Holdings Limited
The Jodamada Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Incorporated
JVC Canada Inc.
Kemira Chemicals Canada Inc.
Daniel E. Kert Medical Research Foundation
Kilmer Van Nostrand Company Limited
Kinross Gold Corporation
Knights of Columbus Cardinal McGuigan Assembly
Kohn Shnier Architects
Koskie Minsky
Kroll Computer Systems
Labatt Breweries of Canada
Lackawanna Products Corp.
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Lambda Alpha International, Simcoe Chapter
Landscape Architecture Student Society
Lauterbrunnen Development Inc.
Lexmark Canada/Axidata
LHM Technologies Inc.
The Loyalty Group
Lucliff Company Limited
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
Marel Contractors *
Maritime Life Assurance Company
Materials and Manufacturing Ontario
Matrix Logistics Services Ltd. Canada
Hazel McCallion Charity Golf Tournament
McKesson Automation Canada Inc.
McLean Budden Limited
MDS Inc.
Meds 9T7
The T. R. Meighen Foundation
Mennonite Central Committee
The Mennonite Heritage Centre
The Mentholatum Co. of Canada Ltd.
Meret Optical Communications Inc.
Metroland Printing Publishing & Distributing Limited
Miller Thomson
Mississauga Canadian Italian Association
Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Mod Ontario
Moffat Kinoshita Architects Inc. *
Mollenhauer Charitable Foundation, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation
Morrison Hershfield Limited
MPD Research Center
Nashua Corporation
New Dana Perfumes (Canada) Corp.
Newcourt Credit Group Katherine Newman Designs
Noma Industries Limited
North American Fur Products
North York General Hospital
The Northpoint Group
Nutramax Products
Nu-wall Contracting Limited
Omicron Kappa Upsilon
OMSW – 2002
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Dental Association
Ontario Insolvency Practitioners Association
Ontario Khalsa Darbar
Ontario Pharmacists Association
Ontario Power Generation Employees’ and Pensioners’ Charity Trust
Ontario Public Service Employees Union
Optech Incorporated
Oz Optics Limited
L.Victor Pathe and Associates Inc.
Pauwels Travel Bureau Ltd.
Perkins Eastman Black Architects Inc.
Perrigo Co.
Petro-Canada Research & Development *
Pharma Sales
Pharmascience Incorporated
Pharmasystems Inc.
Pizza Pizza Limited
Playtex Limited
Polaroid Canada Inc.
Power Centres Inc.
Precision Resource Canada Ltd.
Premier Holidays Ltd.
Prudential Sadie Moranis Realty
Quebecor Printing Incorporated
Region of Waterloo Pharmacists’ Association
Rep-Pharm Inc.
The Ripplewood Foundation Inc.
Rocket to Freedom Charitable Fund
John D. Rogers & Associates Inc.
Janet Rosenberg & Associates Landscape Architects Inc.
Roseto Valfortore (Foggia) Sports & Social Club of Ontario
Rostland Corporation
Rotary Club of Mississauga – Dixie
The Rotary Club of Mississauga – Meadowvale
The Royal Canadian Legion – General Wingate Branch 256
Francine Ruggles Holdings Ltd.
Rybka Smith & Ginsler Ltd.
Sailrail Automated
Systems Inc.
D. S. Sainthill & Co. Limited
Scarborough Campus
Student Union
Scarborough College Faculty Club
Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia
Schollen & Company Inc.
The Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation
Scriptpro Canada Ltd.
The Seagram Company Ltd. / La Compagnie Seagram Ltée
Servier Canada Incorporated
Shandex Group
Sinai Radiologists
Sitzer Group
Soberman Isenbum & Colomby
Somerset Entertainment Ltd.
The Sorbara Group
Sorbara Services Limited
Sound Solutions (1997) Inc.
Spacefile International Corp.
Speech Pathology Alumni Association
St. George’s on the Hill
St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto)
St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society of Toronto
Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc.
Strathcona Mineral Services Ltd.
Stryker Canada
Style-Kraft Sportswear Ltd.
Lynne Sullivan & Associates Inc.
Suntech Optics Inc.
Super-Pharm (Israel) Limited
The David Suzuki Foundation
Swiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.
The Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Family Charitable Foundation
Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc.
TD’s Caring and Sharing Hope Fund
Technical Resources International
Stephen Teeple Architect Inc.
John Templeton Foundation
Terenet Land Information Services Inc.
The Timbrell Education Trust
Patrick and Carole Tolbert Charitable Unitrust
Topax Export Packaging Systems
Torkin Manes Cohen & Arbus
Toronto Area Industrial Relations Association
Toronto Argonauts Football Club
Toronto Atmospheric Fund
Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club
Toronto East General & Orthopaedic Hospital Inc.
The Toronto Fund at Toronto Community Foundation
The Toronto Hospital – Nursing and Research Department
The Toronto Hospital – Ophthalmology Department
Toronto Korean United Church
Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
Toronto Society of Architects
The Toronto Sun
Tricaster Capital Corporation
Trillium Health Care Products Inc.
U. S. Cotton (Canada) Co.
UNICEF – Canada
United Parcel Services Canada Ltd.
Unity Scholarship Foundation
Universal Music Canada *
University College Literary Society
University Health Networks Neurosurgical Associates
UTM Residence Students
Uranerz Exploration & Mining Limited
W. H.Vanderbilt Trust
Vedanta Society of Toronto
The Velan Foundation
Vered Foundation
VWR International Inc.
Walker Nott Dragicevic Associates Limited
Wallenstein Feed Charitable Foundation
Western Inventory Service
The Whitaker Foundation
Wilson Associates Public Relations Limited
Wittington Properties Limited
Women’s Association of the Mining Industry of Canada Foundation
Women’s College Hospital
World Wildlife Fund (Canada)
Janet Wright & Associates Inc.
WZMH Architects
York University
Young & Rubicam Canada
Zeidler Grinnell Partnership
Numerous anonymous donors

Corporate Matching Gifts
The University of Toronto would like to express its thanks to all companies who support their employees’ charitable giving to the university by matching their donations.

3M Canada
Accenture Inc.
Alberta Energy Company
Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
American Express Foundation
American Home Products Corporation
Amoco Foundation
Archer-Daniels-Midland Foundation
Arthur Andersen
Arthur Andersen Charitable Foundation
AT&T Foundation
Bank of Montreal
Barclay Global Investors Canada Limited
BCE Incorporated
Bell Canada
Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd.
BMO Nesbitt Burns Incorporated
Boeing Company
Boise Cascade Corporation
BP Amoco
Brewers Retail Inc.
Campbell Soup Company Ltd.
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited
Celanese Canada Inc.
CGC Inc.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Canada Inc.
Corning Incorporated Foundation
DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc.
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Dow Chemical Canada Inc.
Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Fdn. Inc.
DuPont Canada Inc.
Dynamic Fund Foundation
Edison International
EnCana Cares Foundation
Falconbridge Limited
FM Global Foundation
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited
GE Canada
General Mills Canada Inc.
General Re Corporation
The GlaxoWellcome Foundation
Goldman Sachs Educational Matching Gift Program
Great-West Life & London Life
Harris Bank Foundation
Hartford Financial Services
H. J. Heinz Company Foundation
IBM Canada Limited
ICI Canada Inc.
Inco Limited
Kellogg Canada Inc.
Kodak Canada Inc.
The KPMG Foundation
Kraft Canada Inc.
Labatt Breweries of Canada
Listo Products Ltd.
Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon Limited
Lucent Technologies Foundation
Marsh & McLennan Companies
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.
Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Molson Companies Donations Fund
The MONY Group
J. P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Motorola Canada Limited
Motorola Foundation
Nabisco Ltd.
NEC Research Institute Inc.
The Newhall Land and Farming Company
The Noranda Foundation
Nortel Networks
NOVA Chemicals Corporation
Pacific Life Insurance Company
Pfizer Canada Incorporated
PPG Canada Inc.
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Procter & Gamble Inc.
Reuters Canada
Rio Algom Limited
Robin Hood Multifoods Inc.
The Rockefeller Foundation
Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Company of Canada
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Limited
SPX Foundation
Sullivan & Cromwell
Suncor Energy Foundation
Swarovski Canada Ltd.
Talisman Energy Inc.
The Tennant Foundation
The Toronto Star
Towers Perrin
TransCanada PipeLines Limited
Trimark Investment
UBS Matching Gift Program
UnumProvident Canada
Warner-Lambert Canada Incorporated
Xerox Canada Inc.

Gifts in Kind
This list recognizes donors who have made donations exclusively in kind to the University of Toronto between May 1, 1995 and December 31, 2003.

John Abrams
Earla Alexander
Max Allen
Federico Allodi
Ross K. Andersen
John Armstrong
Sally Sian Aw
Brian Baigrie
Don Bailey
Calvin Vane Balcom
Norman R. Ball
Douglas Barlow
Jack H. Batten
Joanne Beasley
Peter Bedrich
Donald A. Beecher
Robert Walker Bell and Jennifer Popper Bell
Olive Bennett
Glen Berall
Ronald and Maralyn Biderman
Hubert R. E. Bing
Peter Black
Katherine Bode
Don and Bronwyn Bogle
Richard Bramall
Stephen Bronfman
Robert Brown
L. Burdett-Coutts
Douglas Sidney Butcher
Ann Buttrick
Barry Joseph Morley Callaghan
Tony Calzetta
Elspeth Cameron
Charles Camilleri
Ronald D. Camilleri
Kenneth E. Carpenter
M. D. Cavlovic
Nancy Elizabeth Chadwick
Jeff Chaplin
Peter Charlebois
James Chios
Chun Wei Choo
Matina and James Chrones
Eileen Clark
Aryeh Cohen
Fred Collins
William B. Colvin
Paul Conway
Louis Cooper
Otino Corsano
Frank Costin
John Cozens
Neil Crory
Frances Dafoe
A. Hugho De Quehen
Anneliese de Viveiros
Manuel de Viveiros
Ken Dent
Margery E. deRoux
C. M. Donald
David Donnell
Guy Doxey
Arthur B. C. Drache
Kenneth Dukeshire
Pat Durr
Douglas Eliuk
Steven Evans
Robert Fenn
Shirley Ferrier
George Fetherling
Albert and Nancy Friedberg
Eames Gagnon
Eldon Garnet
James George
James H. Gladwell
Susan Glass
Kazimierz Glaz
Anne Marie-Christine Godlewska
Marie-Christine Godlewski
Mark J. C. Godlewski
Ted Godwin
Ari Gold
Will Gorlitz
Tom Gottlieb
Thomas A. Goudge
Victor E. Graham
Amy Grant
Edward Grant
Mark and Ruth Greenwald
Ben and Malka Hahn
Michael J. Hare
John E. Hare
David Harpp
Robin S. Harris
Mary Heimlich
Brendon Hemily
Karen Hochman
Samuel Hollander
Tom Hopkins
J. Kirk Howard
Mary Hutton
J. Allan Irving
David Irwin
David R. Jackson Sr.
David Reid Jackson
Franca Jackson
Naomi Jackson-Groves
Geoffrey James
Louis Jaques and Penni Jaques
James L. Jones
Young Kahng
Ron Kaplansky
Talivaldis Kenins
Dolly D. Kerzner
Max Kerzner
Ted Kogler
Teresa Kogler
Nick Kotsopoulos
Samuel Kuldijian
S. K. LaCombe
James Lahey
Allan Lake
Donald G. Lake
Julie Landmann
Janine M. B. Langan
Simon Langlois
Robert E. Lansdale
Robert Lantos
Joan M. Lawrence
Daniel N. Leeson
Gertrude Lewis
Henry E. Liss
Michel Lord
Don Jean Louis
Wailan Low
Helen Lucas
Perry Y. Lui
Anna R. MacLachlan
Michael Maclear
J. T. MacLeod
Gordon Robertson MacNamara
Marion B. MacRae
Abraham Maes
Julia Maes
P. R. Magocsi
L. A. Marchow
Charles J. Marino
Sandra L. Mark
Malka Marom
Alison Marshall
Richard H. Marshall Jr.
Peter Martyn
R. F. Maskell
Jan V. Matejcek
Andrew S. Mathers
Rob McConnell
R. McPherson
John Meagher
Barbara E. Mercer
Elizabeth Metcalfe
Norman Miller
Walter J. Mokrynski
Guido Molinari
Lorraine Monk
Anne Moon
Albert Moritz
James Raymond Morrison
Joan Arden Charlat Murray
Suniti Namjoshi
Thomas Navarro
Peter C. Newman
Morris Norman
G. O’Connor
Paul Odette
Elizabeth Ofenheim
Eric Ormsby
Michael and Aurelia Ostro
Irina Pass-Fishgal
Tillie Paulin
Martin Pearce
Luana Maria Peters
Anna M. Pezacki
Ed Pien
Robert Philippe Poirier
Dalia and Ginutis Procuta
Bob Quick
Laura Mae Rainey
Thomas E. Reed
John Reeves
Ray Renaud
Jim Reynolds
Philip James Richards
James A. Richardson
John Rier
Richard Roblin
June Rogers
Ruth and Stephen Rosen
Joseph Rosenblatt
Malcolm Ross
Reuven Rubelow
Barry Ruhl
Mary Ruscillo
Robin D. Russell
Robert G. Ryckman
John and Carol Sabean
Morris B. Saffer
William J. Samarin
Alan E. Samuel
Edgar Saslove
Adam Schneid
Jacob Schneid
Miriam Schneid-Ofseyer
Daniel Scully
Donna Scully
John W. Senders
Max Shafir
Randy M. Shiff and Donna Starkman-Shiff
Audrey in Memory of B. Napier Simpson Jr.
Marsha Skolnik
Barry Slater
Faye Smith Rosenblatt
Harry Smith
Lawrence B. Smith
Sam Sniderman
Amit Sofer
Vaire Solandt
Dan Solomon
Sarah Solomon
David Solway
Javenthey Soobiah
Garth Speight
Robert A. Spencer
Ronald Sperber
Alan Spergel
John Stanley
Ralph Gordon Stanton
Paul Starkman
Peggy Starr
Claude N. R. Stewart
Ron Stewart
Nicholas B. Stocks
Kohzoh Stonefield
Harry Sutherland
Elizabeth Taylor
Marianne Teubner
Denyse Thomasos
Scott Thompson
Elaine Thorne
Jeffrey and Dianne Tracey
Robert G. Tress
David Usher
Rosalind E. Vanderhoof
William Vazan
Douglas Walker
Christopher Wallace and Family
Douglas Wannamaker
Wesley Wark
Peter Weinrich
Bert Weir
Paul Weissman
G. Andrew Welsman
Roger R. Welsman
M. P. Wilkinson
Carol Wilson for the Estate of Gwendolyn MacEwen
Peter J. Wintemute
Henryk Wojcik
Eric S. Wright
David Young
Sheila Yuan
John Ziner
Moses Znaimer

Air Canada
Analytical Graphics (AGI)
Arts and Letters Club
Auto Desk Canada
Bioscrypt Inc.
Bodycote Ortech Inc.
Brassworks Music Ltd.
Bruker BioSpin Ltd.
Cineplex Odeon Corporation
Compaq Canada Inc.
Donbar Investments Ltd.
EDS PLM Solutions Canada
The Exton Charitable Foundation
ISOMASS Scientific Inc.
Lufthansa German Airlines
Materials Research Institute
Metso Minerals
Micromass Canada Inc.
Niagara SMD Technology, Inc.
Nienkamper Furniture and Accessories Inc.
Now Communications Inc.
Odon Wagner Gallery
Partners for the Advancement of CAD/CAM/CAE
Pattison Outdoor Advertising
SGI Canada Ltd.
The Tasting Room Restaurant
Tectrol Inc.
Theralase Inc.
Toronto Hydro Corporation
Toronto Hydro Telecom
The Westaim Corporation
Wind River Systems Inc.
Xilinx Incorporated

Estate Gifts
Throughout the campaign, the University of Toronto received many gifts from the estates of alumni and friends. These gifts help to support the university’s academic priorities. We are honoured to recognize the following individuals, whose estates provided for the university and whose gifts were received during the campaign period.

Mildred E. Adams
Harold G. Aggett
Doris K. Agnew
Eileen Roberta Jane Allen
Marjorie Almond
Wallace A. Anderson
W. E. Andreae
Brook Robertson Angus
Leslie Robert Angus
Doris Jane Armitage
Catherine Maude Armstrong
E. H. D. Arndt
Marion Elizabeth Arthur
Edith Margaret Ashall
Frederick Ashbaugh
George F. Atkinson
Harriet May Austin
Paul Baker
Panayoti Ballachey
Laura Ballantyne
Kathleen F. Banbury
Giorgio Bandini
Marvin W. Bannan
Ethel I. M. Barber
Valentine K. Barrow
Evangeline Bassett
Evelyn Bateman
Pauline Baxter Moore
Emma Bayley
William Hewitt Bayley
Jozef Bazylewicz
Colin Beaton
Kathleen E. Beck
Lily M. Bell
Agnes Maude Bellman
Arieh Ben-David
David Toner Bennett
Elizabeth McPhail Bennett
Gladys Bennett
Hilda Alice Bennett
Georgia Marianne Bentley
Richard C. Berkinshaw
Petro Bilaniuk
John W. Billes
Robert W. H. Binnie
Benjamin Herbert Birstein
Dorothy L. Bishop
Reta Jane Bishop
Ivy T. Blaiklock
Carroll Arthur Blair
William F. Blanch
Reginald A. Blyth
Anne Catherine Bolgan
Dorothy Helen Bolyea
Cleonia Veronica Booth
Frances Elizabeth Booth
Alberta Boothe
Dirk A. P. Bossen
Edmund H. Botterell
John E. M. Boundy
William N. Bowden
Edward H. Bowen
William Brown Boyd
Joseph Anthony Brabant
Ernest A. Bradshaw
William S. Brock
Josephine Mary Brophy
Barbara E. Brown
Howard F. Brown
Howard William Brown
Kenneth V. Brown
Evelyn E. Browne
Robert Bruce
Jerome Hamilton Buckley
William Knapp Buckley
Dorothy S. Bullen
Kenneth Reginald Bullock
Ralph Samuel Buntin
Arthur Burgett Fund
Ronald G. Burrows
C. L. Burton Trusts
G. Allan Burton
Alice M. Buscombe
Robert William Bygrave
Helen Bythell
Cameron H. Caesar
Margaret Cecelia Cahoon
Nora Cecilia Cairnes
Grace Cameron Calder
James Cameron
Betty M. Canning
M. Thelma Cardwell
Aileen Laglar Carruthers
Miriam Penelope Carter
Iva Cash
Samuel Castrilli
Richard R. C. Cave
Edwin H. Charleson
Harry Tycer Cherry
Michalena Chorostecki
Mary Kathleen Christie
Bernhard Cinader
Norah P. Clark
Roy G. Clark
Kenneth H. J. Clarke
Vonda McRae Clarke
Alexander George Climans
Samuel David Climans
James B. Clinton
Ralph L. Coad
Mary Coburn
Elizabeth Collard
Desmond J. and Mary Conacher
Gerald Russell Connor
Charles Abbott Conway
C. Donald Cook
Kathleen A. F. Cooke
Amy Frances Cooper
Carl R. Cooper
James Malcolm Bailey Corkill
Edith H. Cosens
Denis J. Cote
Claire E. Coughlin
Rena Coulter
Jean Stewart Coupe
Wilbur Elliot Cowie
Evelyn MacPherson Creed
William Douglas Crone
A. Elizabeth Crozier
Ethel May Cruickshank
Rosella Cunningham
Eldridge A. Currey
David Beatty Curry
Evelyn M. L. Cutten
Ethel Gertrude Cutter
Anna Czernyk
Douglas French Dadson
Eleanor Dan
Edna M. Davenport
Roland Eric Davey
Ruby Jean David
Dorothy L. Davidson
Elfa M. Davidson
Ruth Davidson
Arthur Whitley Davison
Mary and Crobsy B. Deacon
J. G. Demeza
Agnes Dennis
Joseph Dennis
Greta Kraus Dentay
Arthur Beresford Deverell
Mary Laura Devitt
George F. DeWolfe
Michael J. Dignam
Lily May Dill
Hamnett A. Dixon
Mildred Iona Dobbs
Margaret Enid Rose Dodson
Margaret M. Donnell
Helen Marriott Downie
Ian MacDonald Drummond
George Duff
William Annan Dunbar
David A. Dunlap
Sidney Dymond
Kathleen A. B. Dyson
Dorothea M. Edmonds
Ida Maud Lillian Ellam
Dorothy E. Elliott
John Joseph Earl Elliott
Elsa Elwell
Beverley A. Endersby
Edythe E. Fagan
E. R. Fairweather
George Gray Falle
George Arthur Fallis
Nellie L. Farthing
Robert Anthony Fenn
Eric W. Ferrand
Gladys A. Fidlar
Joseph Fiegehen
J. C. Fields
Robert Duer Claydon Finch
Grace A. Fletcher
Lorna Y. Fletcher
Agnes J. Foster
Thomas A. Foster
Helen A. Fournier
Gordon Lyle McLean Fowler
John Halloway Fox
Glen M. Frankfurter
Frieda H. Fraser
Janet Agnes Fraser
Verna Pearl Fraser
R. V. Frastacky
Georgina Frid
Madeleine Alberta Fritz
Joan Elizabeth Fry
H. Northrop Frye
Frederick C. Furlong
Henrietta Grace Fydel
Margaret Gwyneth Gamble
Frederick Goldwin Gardiner
Gordon Garbutt
Dorothy G. Gardner
Rene Gaulin
Marvin Bernard Gleber
John William Fraser Gettys
Mrinmay Ghosh
Hugh Harold Gibb
Margaret Giffen
Mary Ila Gifford
William T. Gifford
Laura Grace Giles
Alice Girard
Harry Girling
Jean Glasgow
Beatrice C. Glasier
Erma Goering
H. Carl Goldenberg
Helen Goldenberg
Shirley I. Goldsmith
Wolf Goldstein
Prudence Gooderham
Dorothy I. Gordon
Olive Mae Gordon
Charity Grant
Gwendolen M. Grant
Murray Greenbloom
Judith Greey
Clifford E. Griesbach
Byron Alexander Griffith
Frank Howard Guest
George M. Gunn
Eugene S. Hallman
Horace A. Hally
Lillian Frances Hammond
J. Victoria Hanna
Marion Hanna
H. O. Hanna
Eleanor T. Harman
Mary Alice Harris
Roland Allen Harris
Constance M. Harrison
Alan Cameron Harrop
Marion Hartney
Harold Albert Hawley
Helen Hawley
Louise S. Hawley
Marion Gertrude Hawley
John McKenna Hayes
Norma E. Heakes
Grace Heard
Mary C. Heasman
Louise M. Heath
Walter John Helm
Gertrude R. Henderson
Violet Isabel Ethel Henry
Albert Hershkovitz
Elliott G. Heslop
Hilda C. Hiltz
Francis August Hochstein
Veronica Richie Hodd
Lucie H. Hoerschinger
Gordon F. Hogarth
Helen S. Hogg
Mary C. Holford
Maebelle Beatrice Holling
Ethan Hollingshead
Margery Hope Honsinger
Roy A. Hope
Evelyn Edith Hopkin
Dorothy M. Horn
Elizabeth How
Agnes Eleanor Howard
Wilbur K. Howard
Thomas Howarth
William G. C. Howland
Margaret Mary Howlett
Adrian Stanley Hudson
Helen Huff
Donald Strong Hull
Hope H. Hunt
John F. M. Hunter
Neil B. Hutcheon
John Hutchinson
Helen Mary Huxtable
Janet Wallace Hyndman
Bernard E. Hynes
Mary Gertrude I’Anson
Frederick Palmer Ide
Agnes M. Ireland
Frances Ireland
Margaret A. Isaac
Marjorie Jackson
Marion James
Louis Jaques
Florence Myra Jarrett
Edward S. Jarvis
James F. Johnson
Miriam Elizabeth Johnson
Dorothea K. Johnston
John Howard Johnston
Kenneth P. Johnston
Donald S. Jones
Ellen M. Jones
F. Shirley Jones
Phyllis F. E. Jowett
Karolina Jus
Elizabeth Ruth Karch
Urjo Kareda
Elfreda Karn
Dorothy I. Karr
Benjamin G. Kayfetz
Joan E. Keagey
Kathleen M. Keeler
Margaret Willmott Kennedy
Robert S. Kenny
Mary Fleming Kerr
Ranbir S. Khanna
Arthur R. Kilgour
Lorna J. King
Helen A. Kinnear
Alan T. Kirk
Ruth L. Kitching
Allen H. Klopp
Ina M. M. Kniep
Edward Kylie Trust
Charles Leo Labine
Helena Lam
Eva Langbord
Cora Lango
Madeleine Lasserre
Carmelita Lawlor
Alan K. Laws
Margaret M. Lazarus
Welda Mae Leask
Dorothy Alice Lee
Robert F. Legget
Jean Malcolm Lehmann
Fred Leighton
Reuben Wells Leonard
Margaret Jean Leppington
Grace B. V. Lerner
Connie E. F. Leslie
Carol A. E. Letheren
Helen Katherine Lewis
Kenneth Lewis
Lylla Doreen Lewis
Dorothy C. H. Ley
Herta Leyss
Anne B. M. Liebeck
Jau Tong Lim
Charles and Maeve Lindenfield
Dorothea P. A. Linton
Arthur W. Livingston
Anna B. Loftus
Edward H. Logan
Genevieve Logan
Elizabeth W. M. Loosley
Frances D. Louden
A. Craig Lovgren
William R. Luscombe
Blanche O. Luxton
Clara H. Lyons
Margaret A. MacAulay
Alexander E. MacDonald
Catherine Jane MacDonald
Greta A. MacDonald
Mary L. MacDonald
William Thain MacDonald
Magdalene C. MacGown
Edwin R. MacGregor
Ellett Douglas MacInnes
Iain MacKay
David L. MacKenzie
Kathleen M. MacKenzie
Cyril R. MacLean
Florence L. MacLean
Dorothy Macpherson
Wallace C. MacPherson
William H. Mahon
Dora Malanchuk
Phoebe Marchant
Ruth Constance Markowitz-Kerwin
Oscar C. J. Marshall
Ruth Martin
Carol Elizabeth Martyn
Anthony Mason
Fay H. Masson
Beverley Matthews
Helen W. Maunz
Sadie Maura
James Mawhinney
Mamie May
Harry Cecil Maynard
J. Edgar McAllister
Florence McArthur
John Robertson McArthur
Rhoda Royce McArthur
Robert R. McBroom
Laurella McCelland
Clara Isobel McClure
Dorothy Grace McCrimmon
Helen McCrimmon
Anne Yvonne Elizabeth McCullough
Evelyn McDonald
Irene Mabel McDonald
Wilfred S. McDonnell
Irene H. McDormand
Brian J. McEwan
Andrew David McFall
Donalda Margaret McGeachy
Pauline M. McGibbon
Irene J. McGovern
Margaret McGrath
Bethiah (Bea) McGreevy
Raymond H. McIntosh
Isabel G. McLaughlin
Janey M. McLeod
Neil McLeod
David McMaster
Jessie Mildred McNeely
Frank C. McRitchie
Sarah Grace Mead
Hugh J. Meagher
Theophile James Meek
Clifford Megginson
Catherine Elsa Meikle
David Meltzer
Isabel Mendizabal
Alan W. Mewett
William C. Michell
Florence Olive Miller
Dorothy Milligan
Ada M. Milloy
Ralph S. Mills
Ethel Millward
Alfred James Mitchell
Alison Mitchell
Margaret Elsie Dean Monkhouse
James Joseph Montgomery
Pauline Baxter Moore
Hugh and Phyllis (Foreman) Moorhouse
Ethel Alva Mott Morgan
J. F. Morgan-Jones
Margaret I. Morris
Mary Stark Morris
Wallace Ronald Morris
Mabel Margaret Morrison
J. Ruth Morton
M. Mounfield
William K. Mounfield
Charles Park Muckle
Violet Munns
Zelma Thomson Murphy
Gordon A. Murray
Patricia J. Myhal
Flora Isabel Nichol
Jean M. Niskanen
J. Reginald H. Noble
Hannibal S. Noce
Viola M. Noden
Marilyn Anne Noell
Henry W. Norrington
Marian Jean O’Brian
Rita Frances O’Grady
Harriet F. Oliver
Harvey Olnick
Tony Mark Omilanow
Isa Cornelia Osborne
Peter James Russel Osbourne
Victoria Doris O’Sullivan
Edna FitzPatrick Otto
Derwyn Owen
Roma Elizabeth Jane Ower
Loren Oxley
Roman Paduch
John P. Page
Alfredo Pagnutti
Ruth Marguerite Park
Janet A. Parker
Guy A. Patriarche
Kathleen M. Patterson
Myrtle Alberta Patterson
Lloyd A. Pattison
Kenneth H. Peacock
Margery Pearson
Florence M. Peart
Ian Cleghorn Blanshard Pemberton
Marian Eva May Penney
Mary Myrtle Penny
Douglas Albert Peppiatt
Harold J. Perkin
Helen D. G. Phelan
Beverley Ann Phillips
Ronald Anthony Pigott
Mary Elizabeth Pitt
Albert William Plenty
Arthur Rudolph Plettner
Ruby Mercer Por
Raymond Stuart Potten
Harvey Frederick Potter
Jane Poulson
Frank H. R. Pounsett
Francis Clement Powell
Dorothy F. P. Pratt
Mildred Claire Pratt
Paul H. Preeble
Abraham Aron Price
Florence Evelyn Prideaux
William Leonard Prideaux
Maxwell Judah Pritzker
Manuel E. Pusitz
Dorothy Pyne
Olive Bea Quinlan
Ralph David Radford
William G. Rae
Norman Ramm
M. Alice Ratcliffe
Lorna May Raymer
Lily Rebick
Arthur Edward Redsell
Amy Beatrice Reed
Ellen A. Reed
Richard Andrews Reeve
Escott M. Reid
Jean Anabelle Reid
Ruth Reiffenstein
Carl Reinhardt
Hanna Reurink
Konstanty Reynert
Christine E. Rice
Harold V. Rice
Genevra Richards
Robert J. Richardson
Dorothy G. Riddell
Laure Riése
J. Wilson Riseborough
Allan F. S. Robertson
Eliza J. Robertson
Ruth Robertson
Gilbert de B. Robinson
Gladwyn Ludella Robinson
Margaret Jeanne Robinson
Robert Blain Robinson
Beatrice E. Rodgers
Dorothy M. Rogers
George Kenneth Rogers
Marjory P. S. Rogers
William S. Rogers
Edward A. Rolph
Kathryn S. Rolph
Jacob Rosenstadt
Alan C. M. Ross
Eila I. Ross
George A. Ross
Janet K. Ross
Marion Ross
Stanley Ross
Gladys V. Rossiter
Edward Morris Roth
Elva Mae Rowe
John Reed Rowell
Lily Rubenstein
Muriel Rupp
Benjamin A. Ruskin
Jean Russell
Theodore Ryder
John H. B. Rye
Jocelyn Ann Campbell Ryley
Joseph B. Salsberg
Alan Samuels
Terence A. G. Sandison
Peter E. Sandor
Roberto C. Santalo
Charles Edward Saunders
David Savan
Enid E. Schulze
Sylvia Schwartz
John W. Scott
Mary Ellen Scott
Rose Lynne Scott
Colin R. Sellar
N. Mark Seltzer
Alice Arpena Selyan
Harry Chantler Sharpe
Edison Shaw
Charles H. Shedden
Mary Sheen
Muriel F. Siddorn
Ruth E. Simpson
Ann Patricia Skene-Melvin
H. Gordon Skilling
Margaret Slater
Wolodymyr Sluzar
Andrew D. Smith
Anne B. Smith
Marguerite Hartland and Carlton G. Smith
Ernest Bamford Smith
G. H. Clifford Smith
Harold Smith
Margaret Craig Smith
Margaret Ethel Smith
Marie A. Smith
Ronald Smith
Waldo Edward Lovel Smith
John Robert Gilkison Smyth
Lillian Ysabel Snider
Hattie A. Sommerville
Pierre J. Souvairan
Reginald H. Soward
Gladys Sparks
Mary Alice Spaulding
J. Murray Speirs
Frank John Spicoluk
Margaret E. St. John
Merrill Clark Stafford
Marion E. Stanley
Dorothy M. Stapley
Anne C. M. Starr
Franklin A. P. Steele
Louis Steinberg
Judith Marie Stephenson
Renata Sternbach
Angeline M. Stevens
John C. Stevenson
Nora Rose Stewart
John Storey
Robert Ian Story
Ethel A. Stouffer
Ella M. Strathman
John Reginald Stratton
Helen Stubbs
Dorothy H. Sullivan
Miriam N. E. Swan
Seraphime Swartz
William E. Swinton
Katheleen S. Syme
Edward A. Synan
Grazina M. Szabo
Gertrude E. Tackaberry
Rhoda Talmage
Louis Taube
Georgia Muriel Taylor
Carolyn M. Temple
James G. C. Templeton
Maurice Teskey
George Thaniel
Eric Granville Thomas
Lionel G. Thomas
Marian I. Thomas
Sarah A. Thomas
Drew Thompson
Lindsay Thompson
Russel A. Thompson
Allan E. Tiffin
Stanley Kosta Todorow
Adam Marian Tomaszewski
Kathleen Jean Tory
Gladys Ruth Tovell
Harold Town
Mary Prudence Tracy
Mary Lillian Keep Trimmer
Yaroslawa Turko
Frances H. Twaites
Herbert S. Tweedie
Dorothy J. Tyers
Isabel Grace Uren
M. Doreen Van Der Voort
Marjorie L. Van Veen
Jeanne VanderBurgh
Vera F. Vanderlip
Nora E. Vaughan
Helen Isabel Vuckovich
Frank M. Waddell
Mary Alicia Fitzpatrick Waddell
Zane Wagman
Janet E. Waite
Albert W. Walker
Bernice E. Walker
Jay I. Wallace
Katharine Wallbridge
Christine Olive Waller
Evelyn Druscilla Walls
Gladys May Walter
Eleanor Ward
Margaret Evelyn Ward
Walter L. Ward
Isabel C. Warne
Margery J. Warren
John Gervase and Hortence Wastneys
Walter Frederick Watkins
Hazel Jeanne Watson
Jeannette Elizabeth Watson
Wilfred Watson
C. Edward Watters
Dora E. Wattie
Isobel L. Waugh
Gladys Mildred Webb
Alice Mary Wells
Montrose J. Werry
Leonard Wertheimer
Betty Irene West
Jean Ryrie West
Annie Gladys Westhead
Joseph A. Whealy
Mildred E. Wheatley
Anne Louise White and Walter Edmund White
Jack B. Whitely
Margaret Whiteman
R. Melvin Whiteside
Dorothy Margaret Whiting
James William Whytock
Clarence P. Wilson
Edith Marjorie Wilson
Margaret Jean Wilson
Edward David Winer
Sadie Winer
Mary W. Winspear
John B. Withrow
Agnes E. Wood
Edward Rogers Wood
Roy Wood
Arthur S. P. Woodhouse
Bernice Woods
J. A. Worrell Fund
Peter Yates
Edie Yolles
Charles E. Young

King’s College Circle Heritage Society
The King’s College Circle Heritage Society is designed to recognize and honour those alumni and friends who have thoughtfully made provision for the university through a future bequest, gift of life insurance or trust. This list represents confirmations received as of December 31, 2003. If you would like more information about deferred gifts, please contact your college or faculty advancement office or gift planning at 416-978-3846 or 1-800-463-6048.

Margaret J. Adams
Frank B. Adamstone
Alfred Aiken
Janet Ainslie
Phyllis D. Airhart
John E. Akitt
E. Joy Alexander
Ruth M. Alexander
Helen A. Stacey
Lillias Cringan Allward
Norman Altstedter
Richard M. H. Alway
Elsa M. Amadio
Chris Ambidge
D. J. Anastakis
E. Patricia Andrews
Robert S. Anglin
John and Barbara Armstrong
Doris A. Arnold
Gordon K. Askwith
Isaac Parrott Asselstine
M. Eleanor Austen
Jeanine C. Avigdor
Paul Avis
Edward L. Baker
O. Balcer
Anne-Louise Barcham
Gillian Bartlett
Francis J. Bayerl
John A. Beament
W. Donald Bean
Grace V. Becker
A. Phelps Bell
Bernice Bell
Ruth Bell
Howard Austin Bennett
Mary Agnes Bennett
William J. Bennett
Philip W. Benson
Ruth M. Bentley
Margaret E. Bickle
Susannah L. Biggs
C. Gordon Black
Lucille Blainey
Paul and Barbara Blake
William Blissett
Teena Ann Bogner
Mark S. Bonham
Douglas R. Booz
Charlotte Bouie
Sharon and Jim Bradley
Catherine Brayley
David Breslov
Charles J. Bridgland
James Briegel
Harry V. Brill Jr.
Charles F. Brookes
Carl F. Brown
Marion E. Brown
Gloria Jean Bubba
George F. Buckley
Frederick A. Burgess
William Henry Burgin
Malcolm D. Burrows
and Barbara J. Dick
Edward and Rita Bush
Shirley Byrne
Thomas C. Byrne
Paul M. Cadario
Marion D. Cameron
Robin Campbell
Barbara Carlton
Paul Hastings Dominic Carson
Victoria and Jim Carson
Mahadev Chakravarty
John and Vera Chau
Dennis Chitty
Anne K. Chun
Harold R. Clark
James A. Clark
William Arthur Cochrane
Martha Cohen
Zane and Joan Cohen
Louis J. Cole
Teca P. (Court) Coles
Frank Edward Collins
Kenneth B. Conn
G. E. Connell
Ronald Cooksey
Lillian Cooper
William J. Copeman
Patricia Rennie Cordingley
Dick Cousland
Harold MacDonald Coxeter
Crystal Hawk
John and Barbara Cronyn
John W. Cudmore
Verna-June Culley
Robert and Mary Dale
H. Stewart Dand
Gwen Davenport
Earl R. Davey and
Jean E. Davey
Larry Davies
Marion Davies
Annette Davis
Carlo De Pellegrin
Dorothy M. Deane
Reuben R. Dennis
William A. Devereaux
Shashi B. Dewan
Elsie F. Dickhout
Paul Dodd
Lillian Donnenfield
Madeleine N. Dovlet
Marguerite R.Dow
William J. Dowkes
Robert C. Dowsett
Martha Drake
Orville L. Drummond
Gerald and Marlene Dubois
Dora Dunbar
Maureen and James Dunn
Elizabeth Earle
B. Muriel Eastwood
Marta Judit Ecsedi
Margaret Edison
Mary Jane Edwards
Konrad Eisenbichler
Vladimir J. Elgart
Douglas Eliuk
Madeleine Ellis
Gino Empry
Mildred and Ronald English
Dorothy Evans
Lesley Evans
John F. Farlie
Jonathan Falk
Mary A. Falko
David E. Farmer
Victor R. Farr
Caroline Seidl Farrell-Burman
John A. Farrer
Henry Farrugia
Victor Feldbrill
Kingsley G. Ferguson
Madeline Field
Rosemary Fillmore
Mary Finlay
Beatrice Fischer
Julian Fisher
Sidney Fisher
G. Alan Fleming
Judy M. Fleming
George G. Flint
Jack Foote
Paul W. Fox
John W. Fraser
M. Constance Fraser
Norman Fraser
Robin Fraser
Gordon F. Frazer
Goldwin S. French
Alan Frizzell
Ronald J. Le Frois
Richard F. Gabbey
Margaret S. Gairns
George J. M. Gale
Katherine L. Gardiner
Douglas G. Gardner
Robert F. Garrison
Gilbert Gauvin
Anne Geddes
Mary Jane Thomson Geddes
Jerry T. R. Gerow
Gayle Gilchrist James
Victor A. Gladman
Judith G. Globerman
Jessie Mackenzie Daziel
Elaine Godwin
Frank Goerc
Shirley Goldenberg
Matthew M. Gonick
Peter J.M. Goreczny
N. H. Gotfrid
John F. Goudey
Alfred H. Graham
Kathleen Graham
Jane N.S.C. Grier
Sandra E. Griffiths
James Guillet
Helen Gurney
H. Donald Guthrie
George R. Haddad
Jean and Carl Hall
Mary E. Hamilton
Ruth F. Hammond
Charles M. T. Hanly
Tennys Hanson
Barbara M. Hardy
Helen D. Harrison
Jason Hart and Louise Buonvino
Jessie M. Hassell
Elaine M. Hayden
George Wilson Palmer Hayhurst
David M. Hayne
Robert A. Heard
Diane L. Heard
Kenneth F. Heddon
Vern and Elfrieda Heinrichs
John Donald M. Helston
Ann and Lyman Henderson
John and Catherine Heron
Arthur C. Hewitt
Glenn and Debby Hickling
John R. Hicks
Walter A. Higgins
Lauri J. Hiivala
Anna Alfreda Hillen
George R. B. Hodgson
John C. Hoffman
Marian Holleman
Ruth E. Hood
James T. Hooton
Ian G. M. Howey
Tom Hui
Beatrice G. Hunter
Charles Alexander Hunter
G. A. Hunter
Linda A. Hutcheon
Douglas V. Hutton
Frank Hylands
Nick A. Iozzo
Barbara E. Irwin and Alan W. Irwin
Ross Barrett Irwin
Richard Isaac
Arnold Iscove
Ethel B. Jackson
Helen Albright Jackson
Ronald Harry Jackson
C. Douglas Jay
Ruth H. Jay
Kingsley Joblin
Alexandra F. Johnston
Paul Jones and Rona Maynard
James H. Joyce
Elizabeth Julian
Edward R. Junkin
Miet and Wanda Kamienski
Edwin R. and Enid Kammin
Jon J. Kanitz
Katharyn Jefferies Karrys
Gerald Kates
Louisa West Davie Keith
Margaret Haviland Kennedy
Patricia Kennedy
David I. Ker
Harvey Kerpneck
Donald and Phylis Ketcheson
Yury Khvalov
Bruce Kidd
Elizabeth Kilbourn
Crad Kilodney
Ruth Kirkland
Maria O. Koel
Kathy Russell Korkis
Marianna Korman
Allen Kronman
D. Clare Lamb and Hans Kunov
Sigmund Kuperstein
Eva Kushner
Daniel Kwan
John Laing
Jo Lander
Byron and Inge Lane
Douglas and Ethel Lapp
Pierre Lassonde
Donald G. Lawson
Richard Lee
Donald Alexander Leitch
Samuel Librach
John Arthur Line
Robena M. Little
E. Cecil Longmuir
Madeline L. Lovell
Lily Low
Mary Lu and Bruce MacDonald
Carole Linton MacFarquhar
Frank MacGrath
David C. MacGregor
Garfield and Janet MacInnis
Murdo MacKinnon
Barbara Beth MacLennan
Frances M. MacNaughton
Linda E. MacRae
P. R. Magocsi
Tomoko Makabe
Jean Malone
Helen Mandarich
Alan Marcus
W. Gordon and Connie Young Marigold
E. Frederick Martin
Margaret Martin
Elsa A. Marziali
Beatrice Mascaro
Alice Matheson
A. David May
John and Melinda Mayhall
Ivy M. Maynier
Dipak and Pauline Mazumdar
Amy K. McArthur
R. V. McCleary
Mary F. McCrimmon
Muriel G. McCuaig
Helen J. McCutcheon
Douglas G. McEnteer
Jean Lennox McFall
Ivan O. McFarlane
D. W. McGibbon
Lorne McGolrick
Irene Isobel McHenry
Gordon McIlwain and Dagmar McIlwain
Robert John McKay
Marion E. McKinley
Pauline Mary Frances McKinnon
Duncan McLaren
Dallas McLean-Lowe
Gordon and Claire McLellan
Mackenzie McMurray
Jane Amys McMyn
O. Redmond and Leslie
B. McNeill
Dorothy McRobb
Douglas McTaggart
Ted Medland
Barbara E. Mercer
Jane Millgate
G. W. Mills
Margaret H. Mills
Roger C. Mitchell
Andrew Mitrovica and Sharon Gregory
William R. H. Montgomery
A. B. B. Moore
Marjorie E. Henderson
W. F. Morneau
Walter Morris
Karen A. Mulhallen
Mona Munro
Peter Munsche
Douglas A. Murdoch
Elizabeth Myles
H. E. Buzz Neal
Paul W. Newman
David W. Nicholls
Hilary V. Nicholls
James and Charlotte Norcop
J. Geoffrey Nugent
Mary Catherine T. O’Brien
Gene Dufty Odell
Edmond George Odette
L.L. Odette
Constance M. O’Donnell
Lilly Offenbach Strauss
Naomi J. Oliphant
Brian and Anneliese O’Malley
William P. O’Neill
Maryleah Bulloch Otto
Charles S. Pachter
John P. Page
Zofia Pakula
Donald M. Pamenter
Shou Yun Pang
Robert Michael Panko
Sibyl C. Y. Pantazzi
Alister John Parker
Edmund T. Parkin
Margaret L. Parkin
Florence G. Partridge
Norm Paterson
Helen Egan Patterson
Geoffrey B. Payzant
Florence E. Pennington
Elmer Phillips
Edward and Frances Phoenix
Aileen M. Piper
Archie Platt
Dora Burke Playfair
Beryl A. Plumptre
Rene Pomerleau
Nora Post
David W. Pretty
Eileen Prettyman
Nancy and Walter Pridham
Livia Prince and George D.V. Prince
Phyllis M. Purves
Helen Mary Holden Quinlan
Ewing A. Rae
Joan R. Randall
Paul Read
Ruth Redelmeier
Flavia Redelmeier
Peter A. Reich
Hubert Hugh A. Reid
Barry D. and Nancy H. Reive
James A. Rendall
Richard Renlund
Olive-Jane Reynolds
Russell A. Reynolds
Paul Richards
Emmet I. Robbins
C. MacGregor Roberts
Clifton Graham Roberts
William J. Roberts
Joyce Leah Robertson
Robert and Susan Roden
Josephine L. Rogers
Carol Rolheiser
R. Gordon Romans
J. Douglas Roseborough
Ann Rosenfield
Nathan Roth
Baiba Rozkalns
Ann Saddlemyer
Maxwell M. Salem
Leo and Alda R. Schenker
Vlasta Scheybal
Rupert M. K. Schieder
Ken Schnell
Louise Schryver
Manley S. Schultz
Judith R. Schwartz
Grace Workman Scott
Dan and Nicoletta Scrimger
Blair and Carol Seaborn
Susan J. Serena
G. M. Sernas
Ruth Eleanor Service
Shauna Sexsmith
Arthur A. Shapiro
Harry Shapiro
Charles A. Shearson
Robert and Jessica Shelley
Violet A. Shewchuk
Mary C. Shortt
C. Aberson Silber
Isobel Sim
Shirley Sims
Henry Sims
Miriam Anne Skey
Christopher J. Skrok
Josef V. Skvorecky
Helen Slattery
Marvin A. Smith
Sam Sniderman
Nell M. Snow
Michael V. Spence
John Spitzer
Richard B. and Verna M. Splane
William R. Stadelman
William L. and Jean V. Stager
Ronald G. Stagg
Margaret E. Stedman
Mary B. Stedman
Ruth K. Stedman
Joseph C. Steiner
J. I. Stewart
John D. Stewart
Orin Stout
Nicholas Stratas
C. Leighton Streight
Harold M. Strom
Ursula C. Stych
Dominic Su
Nancy (Coldecott) Sutherland
Ann D. Sutton
A. Alan and Therma L. I. Sutton
Margaret Swayze
Sui S. Szetu
Jan Walter and Dorothy
Meldrum Szymaszek
Ian Tate
Sydney Tattershall
Douglas A. Taylor
H. A. Taylor
Edward J. Tehovnik
Brian Tennyson
Eleanor and Burnett Thall
Mary Thomas
Arthur N. Thompson
Enid Thornton
E. Joan Tilt
Linda Lauren Timbs
Eric Tollefson
Denyse M. A. Toplis
Bernard and Angela Torbik
Robert O. Torrance
Robert Torrance
Clarence H. Trelford
J. A. Trist
Stephen M. Trivett
Mary A. Tschappat
R. S. Tse
Robert G. Tucker
M. Elizabeth Tully
John and Sandra Turley-Ewart
Irene A. Uchida
Frederic Urban
Ruth E. Vanderlip
Michael Vertin and
Margaret O’Gara
E. Patricia Vicari
Sheila and Victor Vierin
Gary and Pat Vipond
Elizabeth (Eastlake) Vosburgh
Peter R. Walker
W. J. (Jim) Walker
John and Marjorie Wallace
Anne Amys Walters
David D. Walters
Dorothy A. Walters
Karl Wanhala
Dorothy Ward
Harvey Ward
Stanley H. Ward
Germaine Warkentin
Andrew M. Watson
Hubert Watson
Alex R. Waugh
Wendy C. Weaver
Mary Margaret Webb
George Weider
John J. Weinzweig
Dorothy (Joblin) Westney
Margaret C. Wheeler
Jean I. Whiffin
Doreen M. Williams
Glynn T. Williams
Rea Wilmshurst
Gail E. Wilson
John C. and Mary Alice Wilson
Lee Wilson
Mary Alice Wilson
Nora R. Wilson
Jo Ann Wilton
Kyle J.Winters and Howard S. Rideout
Deanna M. Wong
B. Anne Wood
Helen M. Woodliffe
Marion Woodman
Michael T. Woodside
Ellen M. Woodsworth
Ron Wootton
Melvin George Wyatt
Dorothy M. Wylie
Tuan H. Yeap
Lauren Yee
Ruth Ann Young
Andrew Steven Zakrzewski
Janet and Adam Zimmerman
Paula Mitas Zoubek

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