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What the World Needs Now

How U of T’s Boundless campaign is lifting the university, the city and beyond

U of T’s Boundless campaign is bringing together the globe’s best thinkers in one of North America’s most dynamic cities. With the world facing greater unrest and uncertainty, this is Canada’s – and U of T’s – moment to shine.

Read on to discover what’s new for Boundless – how, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our community, the campaign has surpassed its $2-billion goal and has lifted the university, the city and beyond.

And find out what’s next as we expand the campaign to reach for a new goal of $2.4 billion and strengthen U of T’s standing as one of the best public universities in the world.

How U of T’s Boundless campaign is helping to…

Cultivate Global Citizens

What’s New: Munk One Students Think Locally, Act Globally

What’s Next: Pearson Scholarships Aim to Attract World’s Brightest Students to U of T

Documenting the War in Syria

Mend Hearts

What’s New: A Better Life for Children with Heart Defects

What’s Next: Big Data, Genetics and Personal Medicine Will Soon Transform Health Care

Healing from Home

Build Better Cities

What’s New: A Hub for Urban Innovation

What’s Next: A Bold Vision for Front Campus Moves Closer to Reality

U of T’s Ambitious Green Strategy

Create Opportunity for All

What’s New: “My Education Enabled Me to Break Down Walls”

What’s Next: Double the Impact of a Donation

Instil Hope

What’s New: A Community Grapples with Cancer

What’s Next: Advancing Drugs to Fight Cancer and other Diseases

Facing Up to Canada’s Past

Encourage New Leaders

What’s New: How Mentors Are Giving Students Confidence in Themselves

What’s Next: Forensic Accountants Fight Back Against Fraud

Giving Younger Academics a Boost

Spark Innovation

What’s New: Helping Machine-Learning Startups Succeed

What’s Next: Tailor Made for New Ideas

Inspire Creativity and Collaboration

What’s New: How Building Design Can Make Collaboration Easier

What’s Next: A New “Front Door” for UTSC

More Study Space Is on the Way

Promote Understanding

What’s New: Overcoming Bias with Teaching

What’s Next: Exploring Toronto’s Tamil Heritage

The Beauty of Language

Infographic by The Office of Gilbert Li. Click to view larger version.

Infographic by The Office of Gilbert Li. Click to view larger version.

Reader Comments

# 1
Posted by Scott Anderson on January 24th, 2017 @ 11:33 am

The cover of the Winter 2017 issue promotes six values as part of the Boundless campaign – hope, understanding, leadership, opportunity, creativity and innovation. It is noteworthy that all of these values focus on individualism and encouraging a “me” culture, which have been central to the growth of turbo-capitalism and globalization during the past four decades. Even more noteworthy is the absence of the traditional Canadian values that collectively help us to strive to build a “we” culture and a decent society – values such as solidarity, equity, environmentalism and a democracy based on a fair tax system.

Bob Stevenson
BA 1962 Victoria

# 2
Posted by Scott Anderson on January 24th, 2017 @ 11:33 am

Reading in the Winter 2017 issue about the amazing work being done by U of T researchers and innovators who have a passion for helping others – and who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place – is inspiring, to say the least.

In a world where the media spews mainly bad news and constantly reminds us of all the things we need to be concerned about, I consider U of T Magazine my “good news review.” It lifts my spirits and reminds me of the wonderful things that are possible when people have access to education and are encouraged to reach their potential and realize their dreams.

Rev. Marion Loree
MDiv 2007
Guelph, Ontario

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